CityGrips Small Single Bar Grip Sleeve Covers for Stroller, Pram, and Buggy Handlebars – Just Black

CityGrips Small Single Bar Grip Sleeve Covers for Stroller, Pram, and Buggy Handlebars – Just Black

Soft, stylish & comfortable grip covers slip onto any stroller’s handlebars in seconds, preventing and protecting against everyday wear and tear. Avoid grimy, sweaty hands with durable and easy-to wash citygrips. Package includes 2 CityGrips per pack. Each measures 5.5-inch or 13cm.

Main features

  • Protect grip/foam from wear and tear
  • Wash germs and grime away
  • Keeps hands clean and comfortable
  • Add a stylish accent to your stroller
  • Comes 2 CityGrips per pack

Verified reviews


Great for my city mini

I had a baby jogger before and the bar had some cracks really easy and it feels so annoying in my hands. Now we get the baby jogger city select and I decided to prevent the same problem with this grips and those are a great solution, looks so fancy and is so soft to push the stroller. Good product, highly recommend it for protect you stroller and keep the handler in great condition

Sophie Bloomsdale, MO

Better than nothing.

We have a padded stroller handle on our Britax but it feels kind of weird (like it’s always dirty for some reason eventhough it’s not) so we thought about these. The barely fit the girth of the handle so much so that the velcro seems to be unsticking by itself after some time. The texture is less weird than the handle padding but now it feels a bit too slippery. The good thing is it is washable.

Patsy Limerick, ME

Totally Worth The Spend

These might seem like a frivolous waste of money, but they really aren’t. I have a Bugaboo and the horrible, impossible to clean handlebar grips that come with it. These stretched to fit perfectly and I’m really pleased with them. I love how these are so easy on/off and I can just toss them in the wash. They’re really soft and seem quality. I bought the plain black ones but have already come back for polka dot ones for my other stroller.Something else for Bugaboo owners, or owners of strollers with similar handlebars. The rubberized handlebar grips can suddenly split is dropped repeatedly on the ground (something easy to do when breaking down the Chameleon). These grips will help prevent you unintentionally breaking that part. So they’re worth it for that if nothing else.

Hilary Clarence, IA

Great for Britax B-Agile

I have the Britax B-Agile stroller and the handle bar often ends up touching the ground when opening or closing the stroller. These protect it and I love that they can be washed and/or replaced as needed.

Christa Central, UT

Provides color & nice cushing washable grips!

I have used these on my Joovy Groove with the horrible plastic handles, my Combi’s plastic handles, and now my Valco Baby Snap 3 stroller. I like how the foam parts of my Snap won’t get ripped up & my hands won’t get smelly from the foam. Plus, they are washable. Plus, I love the pop of color!

John Dungannon, VA

Great for my City Select stroller

Love these! I sold my Bugaboo Frog to buy a Baby Jogger City Select with second seat (for baby #2). The Bugaboo had a nice soft foam handle, but the City Select’s handle is rubber. My hands are very sensitive, and the rubber handles on the City Select were actually hurting me! These grip covers were the perfect solution!

Terrie Rudd, IA