Classy Kid Keep Me Coloring Creative Germ Defense Placemat – Pack of 10

Classy Kid Keep Me Coloring Creative Germ Defense Placemat – Pack of 10

Classy Kid Coloring Placemats are great to use at home or dining out. This 10 count package can easily be taken anywhere. Included is one package of 4 “stay put” crayons will not roll off the table. The placemat will wrap around the table edge. Earth Friendlier and will break down in months, not decades!

Main features

  • Engages child and inspires creativity while it helps protect against germs
  • Waterproof eating surface that is FDA approved material
  • Adheres to table top and can be used at home or while dining out
  • Comes with four non-toxic triangular crayons that do not roll away
  • Classy Kid green and clean disposable products break down and decompose in a matter of months, not decades

Verified reviews


Great place mats!

I am a huge fan of these placemats. They are not smelly and plasticky and do the job. They seem to hold up well with lots of food smeared all over them. I would love the stickem to be a bit more tacky but we make it work. They are also biodegradeable and affordable.

Lakisha Kosciusko, MS

Attractive, stays put

We’ve used these several times when going out to restaurants with the kids. They work really well and keep the kids occupied while we wait for the food. The only thing I don’t really like is that if the kids put their food on the placemat, they can sometimes get crayon in their food! But it’s either that or they put their food directly on the table, which may or may not be clean. The adhesive stays put during the meal and comes off easily. They’re priced well and worth the time to use. I’d recommend them!

Celeste Como, MS

Best disposable placemat out there!

We picked some of these up at Babies R Us and we love them. My son is now 2 years old but we’ve been using these since he started eating solid food. Their biggest advantage is that (unlike Table Toppers) they are meant to color on and they are big. I also like that they are made of paper and not plastic.Previously we had usedNeat Solutions Baby Einstein Biodegradable Table Topper Disposable Stick-on Placemat 30-Count. These Classy Kid placemats are much better than the Table Toppers for a number of reasons.These placemate are wonderful because they:- have adhesive on all four sides of the placemat (Table Topper only has adhesive on top and bottom sides).- are big and cover a nice size area; pretty much all the area a young toddler can reach from his high chair.- are made to go over the edge of the table. So if your kids likes to play with the edge of the table or even tries to chew on the edge of the table these placemats have you covered.- Best of all these are made to color on. They come with a pack of triangular crayons. My son loves to color these. It has saved us a lot of trouble when food is taking a long time to come out.- have different settings with either farm animals, or jungle animals, or undersea creatures on them. It gives you lots to talk about with your toddler and lots to color!We will continue to use these placemats as long as my son continues to eat food off the table. He’s getting better at using a plate but still. We really have not found anything better than these. Although they are a bit hard to find you can either buy them online or at Babies R Us.

Adelaide Naalehu, HI

Best ever!

If you take your kids to eat out you have to get these placemats! They are the best out there.Pros:They are huge! They cover every part of the table your child will touch including the side of the table!The pictures they have to color are fun and entertain my daughterThey come with crayons! Which is great into its self but not only that they are triangle shaped crayons so they don’t roll off the tableThey also are easy to store in my diaper bagCons:The only con is that the bottom part that is supposed to stick on the table is not as sticky as it could be. The rest sticks fine but the bottom one you have to press very firmly to begin with and also during the meal depending on how long we stay we end up pressing two more times but its not that big of a deal because most placemats out there don’t even have the option to cover the side of the table. Anyways I highly recommend this product.

Violet Elmsford, NY

Fantastic and more earth-friendly than plastic alternatives

I love these placemats. It’s easy to peel off adhesives and stick these to a table. The adhesive sticks fairly well. When very determined my little one can pull up the adhesive, but it actually re-sticks pretty well. I appreciate that these are are disposable and biodegradeable. We don’t use these at home, but do use them when eating out to allow our little one to eat off the table without worrying about germs! My older daughter no longer needs these, but sometimes asks to use them to color on, which can be a welcomed distractions. These are one of my favorite kid products!

Carmela Greendell, NJ

Great protection and entertainment for your kiddies

This has been one of the few ‘convenience’ baby items that has really lived up to expectations. They are so easy to keep in the diaper bag (unlike some non-disposable place mats that inevitably get taken out because they take up so much room) and unfold into a nice big rectangle.They are very waterproof – we are always pleased to find that when we peel up the place mat and it doesn’t show any signs of falling apart or leaking through. However, even though they may get covered in water and other liquids, we were surprised to find that we were still able to color on them. Even though my son is not yet 16 months, we can keep him entertained for at least a couple of minutes with coloring on the mats and talking about the different animals and plants depicted on them. The crayons that come with the mats are triangular shaped so that they do not roll off the table – another bonus. Ours included a red, blue, green and yellow crayon. They do have a bit of a waxy feel to them, but we haven’t tried our Crayola crayons on the mats yet to see if they are more or less compatible with them. I will update the review if we get around to it.As an extra bonus, I don’t feel the guilt that I would if I purchased the plastic place mats because they are biodegradable.If there was any kids of negative, it would be that sometimes the adhesive backing strips on the bottom may be the teeniest tiniest hard to peel off. Just a warning if you have terrible hand dexterity or hand-eye coordination… Once peeled off and placed down, the mat has always stayed down – even covering the table edge (which my man sometimes still likes to bite down on at times.)Fabulous product!

Lina Camp Pendleton, CA

Great for restaurants

They’re huge, they glue down on all four sides, the images give me and my daughter something to talk about during lunches out, and they’re biodegradable. What more can you ask for?

Aileen Colwell, IA