Clay Hand & Footprint Photo Keepsake Desktop Frame

Clay Hand & Footprint Photo Keepsake Desktop Frame

This kit includes soft, pliable air-drying clay. The non-toxic clay is safe and easy to use to capture those precious little hands and feet. After you make the impressions, the clay dries into a stone-like material in a couple of days. Features: No mixing of materials and no baking. Just knead, flatten and create the impression! Kit includes: Two bags of air-drying clay, mahogany smooth finish wood photo desktop frame that holds one 5″ x 7″ picture, Writing tool, Wooden rolling pin & Easy-to-follow instructions. Frame dimensions are 17 ” long x 8 ” high; acrylic cover over center photo opening only. The clay display areas are 4.5 x 6.5 inches. [[Clay Tips: To ensure a smooth dried finish, be sure the clay is rolled out evenly (not thinner on the edges, etc) and is as smooth on the surface as possible before making the print. Then, cover the clay with a slightly damp light-weight cloth for 24 hours, or until the clay surface becomes leathery hard. Also, the clay is held into the frame by being pressed into the edges of the wooden openings.]]

Main features

  • Includes soft, pliable, air-drying clay; No Mixing; No Baking
  • The clay is non-toxic, safe, easy to use & dries to a stone-like material.
  • Recommended Ages: 0-3yrs (and older if only displaying hand impressions).
  • Holds one 5×7 inch photo & two 4.5 x 6.5 inch clay impressions.
  • Available in Desktop: Black, Mahogany, Natural; or Wall Mount: White, Black

Verified reviews


Hard to make it flat

It hard to flat the surface. And if your do it again, it will has some crack on the surface. But it looks like the picture which shown on the package, so you can not expect it is better than the product picture if you want higher quality.

Graciela North Garden, VA

Must Have

This is a must have! I still look at my babies foot prints with her baby photo, its amazing how fast time goes, capture the moment with this frame, its well worth the money.

Dona Longstreet, LA

great gift for that new parent

We purchased this frame for my nephew to give to him on the day of his christening. The frame is a great keepsake because not only do you get to view that cute photo but you also get to see exactly how small he was at the time. With kids growing so fast it is simply amazing to see that they stay small for such a short time. My brother and wife will enjoy this for years to come.I am only ranking this product with 4 stars because it would have been nice to have a glass cover for the picture. I also think the frame could have been made just a little better. That is being really picky though. I am sure that whomever you are giving this gift to will enjoy it for years and years.

Marcie Armour, SD

Its okay …… maybe look into another product

The clay does dry very fast so you have to have everything ready while doing the casting. Unfortunalely we have cracks on the on one of the casting.

Kathy Richmond, IL

Loved It

I originally purchased this as a gift and loved it so much I bought myself one. Easy to do and the more it dries the better it looks. Try to do it when the baby’s asleep if you are using it during the first few months when the baby keeps his fist tightly closed. Having 2 people, patience, and a little water will help.

Kerri Cushing, TX

Super cute

This turned out super cute. I bought two and my sister and I both had our daughters do both sides of one. Then we unscrewed and exchanges one side so the grandparents could have both babies. The color isn’t exact between the two but looks good. Prints turned out nicely. Wish I had gotten one for me too. Quality of wood is cheep up close but not noticeable at normal distance.

Mariana Lovelady, TX