Clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Desktop Frame – Black

Clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Desktop Frame – Black

This kit includes soft, pliable air-drying clay. The non-toxic clay is safe and easy to use to capture those precious little hands and feet. After you make the impressions, the clay dries into a stone-like material in a couple of days. Features: No mixing of materials and no baking. Just knead, flatten and create the impression! Kit includes: Two bags of air-drying clay, Black smooth finish wood desktop frame that holds one 5″ x 7″ picture, Writing tool, Wooden rolling pin & Easy-to-follow instructions. Frame dimensions are 17 ” long x 8 ” high; acrylic cover over center photo opening only. The clay display areas are 4.5 x 6.5 inches. [[Clay Tips: To ensure a smooth dried finish, be sure the clay is rolled out evenly (not thinner on the edges, etc) and is as smooth on the surface as possible before making the print. Then, cover the clay with a slightly damp light-weight cloth for 24 hours, or until the clay surface becomes leathery hard. Also, the clay is held into the frame by being pressed into the edges of the wooden openings.]]

Main features

  • Includes soft, pliable, air-drying clay; No Mixing; No Baking
  • The clay is non-toxic, safe, easy to use & dries to a stone-like material.
  • Recommended Ages: 0-3yrs (and older if only displaying hand impressions).
  • Holds one 5×7 inch photo & two 4.5 x 6.5 inch clay impressions.
  • Available in Desktop: Black, Mahogany, Natural; or Wall Mount: White, Black

Verified reviews


Easy to use, great for gifting

I bought this to use for my son’s 1st bday. The "clay" was very easy to use, just massage it out, flatten in the frame, and press hands or feet! It only took a day to dry. The picture cover is plastic, not glass (my only complaint) but you can’t tell unless you touch it.

Melinda Newton, WV

It’s easy to use and the prints turned out great

I didn’t struggle with this at all. It’s easy to use and the prints turned out great. The clay was great because I could re-roll it if the hand/foot print didn’t turn out right. My 9 month olds hand and foot fit the size of the frame perfectly so I wouldn’t recommend this using this product with an older child.

Carlene Owyhee, NV

Totally cheap

I got this as a gift for someone and I was embarrassed to give it. The frame is cheap and the material for the prints isn’t great either. I found a similar product at the discovery store that was way better. It is not worth the money.

Ann Alton, VA

Great Stuff

Very nice product, I like the fact that you can undo and start over if you don’t like what you get! I got nice footprints of my baby and it seems to last.

Mattie Egan, SD

Great Keep Sake Gift

I got this for Grandma on mother’s day and she loved it. Proclaimed it the best gift of the day even above the Michael Korr purse she asked for 🙂 Just make sure to do it when baby is sleeping. Although it is easy to redo if you mess up by adding a little water and re-rolling the clay. Having 2 people really helps.

Thelma Gainesville, VA