Clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Wall Mount Frame – Black

Clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Wall Mount Frame – Black

This kit includes soft, pliable air-drying clay. The non-toxic clay is safe and easy to use to capture those precious little hands and feet. After you make the impressions, the clay dries into a stone-like material in a couple of days. Features: No mixing of materials and no baking. Just knead, flatten and create the impression! Kit includes: Two bags of air-drying clay, Black smooth finish wood photo wall mount frame that holds one 5″ x 7″ picture, Writing tool, Wooden rolling pin & Easy-to-follow instructions. Frame dimensions are 16 ” long x 8 ” high; acrylic cover over center photo opening only. The clay display areas are 4.6 x 6.5 inches. [[Clay Tips: To ensure a smooth dried finish, be sure the clay is rolled out evenly (not thinner on the edges, etc) and is as smooth on the surface as possible before making the print. Then, cover the clay with a slightly damp light-weight cloth for 24 hours, or until the clay surface becomes leathery hard. Also, the clay is held into the frame by being pressed into the edges of the wooden openings.]]

Main features

  • Includes soft, pliable, air-drying clay; No Mixing; No Baking
  • The clay is non-toxic, safe, easy to use & dries to a stone-like material.
  • Recommended Ages: 0-3yrs (and older if only displaying hand impressions).
  • Holds one 5×7 inch photo & two 4.5 x 6.5 inch clay impressions.
  • Available in Desktop: Black, Mahogany, Natural; or Wall Mount: White, Black

Verified reviews


The smell is HORRIBLE

As soon as I opened the box this horrible, horrible chemical smell came out, It was so awful. I took the whole thing out of the box and let it air out on the screen-in porch for about a week. I can’t imagine what this clay is made of, but there is no way I am putting my baby’s hands and feet in it. They claim it’s non-toxic, but I can’t imagine anything with that much of a chemical smell isn’t toxic. I like the idea of this product and have kept the frame portion, but threw the clay away. I plan to try and make a non-toxic salt dough and see if I can use that in place of the clay. I would NOT buy this again.

Theresa Freeport, FL

Not worth it.

The air dry clay is impossible to work with. No matter what I did (warmed it, kneaded it etc.) it was wrinkly. It was also impossible to get the clay to spread out evenly and neatly into the spaces with the little wooden dowel they included.I have also been buying plain wooden frames and putting sculpey in them, and while it’s not any easier, it’s a lot cheaper and the results look a lot better.In the picture part of this frame, there is plastic instead of glass, and mine was scratched. So much for a treasured keepsake!

Kathleen Altamont, IL

Don’t bother

After a superb amount of effort to get my son’s foot print and handprint in the clay, we let it dry and it cracked across his prints. Awful.

Arline Patterson, GA

Fun project for a special person.

I decided to buy this so that I could help my son make a special present for my husband. My son is almost 3. He had fun making this project for his dad. My son has big feet and his foot almost didn’t fit in the 5×7 space. Good thing I didn’t wait much longer to make this! I can’t wait to see my husband’s reaction to getting this come Christmas. Great quality, works great. Will be buying again for my next child.

Elma Lithia, FL

So easy to use! And so clean!

I did this with my 4 month old son for a Fathers Day gift. I didnt have any help and it was so easy to do and so clean! It came out great and everyone has commented on it!

Helen Staunton, VA

wish it wasn’t so hard to roll out the clay

They could add some extra clay to each packet to make it easier to roll out into the areas. A bigger roller would also help.

Isabelle North Brookfield, MA

Awesome for Fathers Day!

This will be my husbands 1st father’s day and I thought this would be a touching gift! 🙂 ….I love the idea and it is very easy to follow the instructions, but I will say since my daughter’s just a baby, I had to repeat the process a few times and it did take a lot of patience. Do not do this project if you don’t have the time to take.When I did the prints they came out just ok so I had to push down a lot harder then expected and also I had to press all around the prints to make them stand out a lot better. I also had to put a few drops of water afterwards to smooth out lines and cracks with my finger followed by a damp paper towel to wipe off any excess clay on frame.It took longer then I had envisioned but it looks pretty cute!

Mitzi Tomball, TX

very nice

i love these, they were easy to do and did not take long at all! turned out very good! Was a reasonable price.

Sheryl Falcon, MO

Loved it so much, I ordered more

The handprint and footprint came out so nice, that I have ordered two more to make one for each set of grandparents. Just a little tip – if the surface of the clay starts to crack while you are smoothing it into the frame, dab your finger in water and smooth it out. It really helps it look nicer.

Ester Shandaken, NY

Was somewhat disappointed

It arrived with a one inch scrape flaw in the frame. When I went to see if I could return it, it was already past it’s time to return. I should of checked it right when I received it, but unfortunately, with a little one I had stuff to do and didn’t get to opening it up until a week later or so. It still looks cute when we got it all finished. It’s a bit tricky writing anything in the clay with the writing tool. You need to do it ASAP maybe before you put your little one’s foot/hand. The clay dries much quicker than I expected!

Juliette Sand Creek, WI

Classy, and makes nice gift

This is something I wish I’d gotten as a baby shower gift. I bought this when my baby was about 3 months, and was able to print both feet on one side and both hands on the other side. It was fairly easy to do, and looks great!

Erica Evadale, TX

A little frustrating, but mostly good result

Pros:-Not messy (this is a pretty big pro when you’re also wrangling wiggly babies).-It didn’t crack for me as I’ve seen others mention.Cons:-I had a very hard time getting this to spread nicely. It was very frustrating because I just could not get it smooth no matter how much time I spent on it. Eventually I gave up and just got it as smooth as I could.-I used this on my son’s 1st birthday and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the process. It took a few attempts because you need a lot of pressure to get a good impression (which was further complicated because every failed impression meant going through the rolling out/smoothing process again).Overall, I’m mostly happy with the end result. I wish it had come out smoother around the impression, but I did get a good impression of my son’s hand and foot that I am sure I will treasure forever. I’ve seen it mentioned in another review to use your finger and a little water to smooth around the impression afterwards and maybe I’ll try that if I do another of these in the future.

Lindsay Ballantine, MT

Cute, but best suited for a toddler or older baby

I tried this when my baby was too small and it was hard to get an imprint of her tiny hands and feet. I think it would be useful when she’s at least 1 year old. Would make a great gift especially for grandparents.

Chasity Shadyside, OH

it’s okay

The mud dries very quickly and you have to push your baby’s hand or foot very firmly which I didn’t like. after a couple of tries it turned out just okay for the money.

Fran Grants, NM

Push Hard To Get Good Print

I do like this product but may be easier to use with an older child. We tried to use it with our 6 week old and you really have to push to get a good print, we did this when she was sleeping, but she woke and pulled away making this a difficult task.

Jami Beaver Crossing, NE

Great for Father’s Day

I thought is smelled a bit funny at first but it was easy to use and my husband loved it.

Margaret Hillsboro, IA

Great product and great price

Loved this and it was very easy to do and clean up was very minimal. I like how you can re-do it if the first try didn’t come out good (good for a squirmy 2 month old). I deducted a star because the picture size that fits in there is very odd. I had to cut a photo down in order to fit it in. Also it does not have a stand, your only option is to hang it on a wall, which I don’t wanna do for fear that the cay pieces might fall out and break.

Madelyn Queen, PA

Makes a Beautiful Gift/Keepsake!

I got this last year around my daughter’s first birthday after researching lots of other clay/plaster kits to make handprints with and I chose this one. I’m so glad I did! The best thing about this kit is that there is no mixing like with the plaster kits and all you have to do is take the clay out of the foil package and knead it really well with your hands, flatten it out with the included roller into the tray, press your child’s hand/foot in, and let it harden. I love the concept of this and it makes a great gift and keepsake. There are 2 spots for clay prints so I did a hand and footprint and put a nice photo of my daughter in the center. I used gel fabric pens in several colors to write her first and middle name on one print and her age and date on the other. The frame was very easy to hang and looks great in the living room.As much as I love this kit and it was so easy to use, there are a few things I was a little disappointed in. First, the package says you can use a 5×7 photo but the slot for the photo is smaller than a 5×7, so be prepared to trim your photo. Also, you have to press the print very hard into the clay because the clay is stiff. Luckily, if you don’t get a good print the first time, you can re-roll the clay and do it again. Lastly, I don’t like that after you do the prints, the clay gets wrinkles all in it, so you have to wet your fingertips and try to smooth it out, but you won’t be able to get them all out. You won’t be able to really see them too much once it’s hanging on the wall.Despite its minor shortcomings, this is still the best kit I’ve used and highly recommend it!

Heidi Darlington, PA


This is really cute and a good size. My baby did not cooperate but it worked out because you can keep taking the clay out and starting over. Definitely recommend this for anyone wanting a keepsake.

Pamela Minden, TX