Clay Handprint, Footprint or Paw Print Keepsake Kit – Dries Stone Hard – No Bake – Air Drying

Clay Handprint, Footprint or Paw Print Keepsake Kit – Dries Stone Hard – No Bake – Air Drying

Clay Hanging Keepsake Kit – Makes 2 Keepsakes — This kit includes 15oz of soft, pliable air-drying clay. The non-toxic clay is safe and easy to use to capture those precious little hands, feet or paws. After you make the impressions, the clay dries into a hard and durable stone-like material in 3-5 days. The keepsake can be displayed as a holiday ornament on a tree, as a wall hanging, or displayed on a table-top easel. Recommended ages: About 0-2 years (if using the 4″ ring). Also great for pets! Kit Includes: One bag of air-drying clay (makes 2 keepsakes of 4″ diameter, or 1 larger keepsake), Plastic cutting ring, 4″ diameter, Wooden rolling pin, Plastic straw hole punch, Three pieces of satin ribbon in yellow, blue & pink and Easy-to-follow instructions. [[How to best dry the clay: It is rare, but the clay can crack if dried too quickly (most likely) and/or unevenly. When the clay cracks while drying, the surface and/or edges have dried much more quickly than the center. To prevent cracking, be sure the clay is rolled out evenly (not thinner on the edges, etc) and is as smooth on the surface as possible before making the print. Keep the clay covered with plastic or a damp cloth while waiting to make the print and for about the first 24 hours of drying, or until the clay surface becomes leathery hard. After that time periods is over, be sure uncover the clay so that it can continue to dry. Never allow the clay to dry in or near a direct heat source such as a heat vent or in direct sunlight. Overall, allow to dry in the coolest area of the home when possible.]]

Main features

  • Soft, White, Easily Pliable, Non-Toxic AIR-DRYING Clay
  • Dries to a DURABLE STONE-LIKE MATERIAL in 2-5 days; Great for children and pets
  • Pre-mixed clay – NO MIXING, NO BAKING – Just knead, roll & make impression
  • MAKES 2 Keepsakes of 4″ diameter (or one larger plaque if using your own cutter)
  • Included: 15oz Clay, Cutting Ring, Hole Punch, Ribbons in Pink, Light Blue & Yellow, Written Directions

Verified reviews


Took a few tries and some water to get good results.

Skip the round mold and the straw that are included with this kit as they leave rough edges. Best to roll 1/3 – 1/2 of the clay into a ball in your hands with a sprinkle of water then flatten it out, ideally onto something non-stick, by hand or with a smooth bottomed plate that’s also been spritzed with water. Immediately press baby’s hand or foot into the clay in a gentle but firm rolling motion from heel to toe or palm to fingertips then quickly touch up any edge cracking with moistened finger tips.My disks took about a week to fully cure during dry mid-Winter. Even then they should be very carefully removed from whatever surface they’re drying on and the back may still not be entirely smooth. The included ribbon is "meh" in quality and color and you’ll need a thin acrylic paint from a craft or art store anyway if you don’t want to keep the matte white clay finish. To add ribbon holes I used a low volt power drill with progressively larger drill bits until I got the diameter I wanted.

Nadia Jay Em, WY

Best way to preserve your child’s hand or foot print forever!

This is one of the best ways to preserve your child’s hand or footprint. Easy to mold and shape, dries nicely. SOOOOOO much better than dealing with plaster!!!! This material is awesome!

Aline Four Corners, WY

Great Kit, Very Easy

The kit itself was easy, getting my newborn to unclinch her fist to make the hand print not so much. The kit had everything I needed and I was actually able to make 4 placques! My only reserve, was it seemed to crack a little bit when it dried. It’s not extremely noticeable, so I only took off one star. It could have also been user error. However, right after I bought and made this I saw a recipe for a handprint mold on pinterest with flour and water. Might try that next time before I buy another kit.

Lourdes Tok, AK

Waste of money

These were a pain to make and did not turn out well at all. I didn’t realize how awful the material was until I had opened the container, so it was too late to return. I found this to be a total waste of money.

Brandy Millersburg, IN

My wife loves these

These are great for creating memories in your home.My wife and I struggled with trying to get our child to put his hand into the print without bending his fingers (trying to grab the clay) but ultimately after trying a few times (rerolling the clay) succeeded. We bought an extra set to produce more so that instead of giving each of them (our set produced 2) to our parents and leaving her with none… she will now have this precious keepsake as well.Things to keep in mind here…-clay doesn’t dry in 1 o 2 days; ours took probably 5 days and had to be flipped over so that bottom could dry-product cracks slightly depending on how it dries (read instructions carefully)-Ribbon provided is green, yellow and pink so if you have a boy and produce two of these you’ll have to use the neutral color as wellGood product.. cost effective for ‘imprinting’ a moment in the life of your child and yours.

Kristi Valentine, AZ

Will make great presents

So the kit has the ability to make two keepsakes, which is great as it will make Christmas presents for both set of grandparents. Really easy to use. Just have to make sure the clay is soft. Made impressions of my lo’s hands then left them out to dry. Once dry, I’ll attach the ribbons and wrap for presents. Wonderful idea.Update: they dried really well and truly hard. Both sets of grandparents absolutely loved it and can’t wait to display it. So good that I’m buying another set to keep for myself.

Madge Grand Junction, CO

Just what I was looking for!

These were great and just what I had been looking for. I’ve seen it since in stores for similar price but I was many, many months pregnant at the time I bought. Much more convenient to order from Amazon. I was able to get 2 molds from it. Highly recommend.

Keisha Lake Arthur, LA

Easy to use

I made two hand print ornaments from this kit. The dough was easy to roll, and I really liked the final product. The ornament was a bit boring, so I painted it with glitter and glazed it for shine.

Maria Branch, AR

dry and crusty

These did not turn out good at all even after following all the directions. They dried very cracked as opposed to a smooth surface as pictured. I do not recommend.

Desiree Eunice, LA

easy and looks cute!

follow the directions closely and you shouldn’t have any issues.Mine turned out very lovely and i couldn’t be happier. i did a bunch of them for christmas gifts too ( you can only make 2 from each box tho, i’m saying i bought more to use as christmas gifts)don’t put them near direct heat or direct cold and they will last in better condition.

Felicia Bladenboro, NC

So cute! 🙂

We haven’t made these yet… they are going to be Christmas presents for the grandparents. Can’t wait to make them with my son! 🙂 (He’s 8 weeks)

Araceli Winchester, IN

Must Have

This is another must have, we put her little foot prints up every Christmas, I’m so glad I got this!

Violet East Concord, NY

Easy to work with, Definitely recommend!

Used these when my baby was 2 weeks old. Very easy to work with, and they turned out great. Definitely recommend!

Lawanda Unionville, MO


Finally I found one that worked! It was great. There wasn’t a strict time limit so if I wasn’t able to get a good print, I just started over again until it was right. It dried in a few days and stayed hard. I would do it again.

Rosemary Compton, IL

Making Memories

Since I was having my first child, I wanted to do everything. I got these around Christmas and tried them. the first time was a disaster. I followed the directions but the clay kept getting stuck to the cutter. finally I used my head and sprayed pam on the round cutter before cutting into the clay. best idea ever! if you get this, remember what I said. itll come in handy.

Tammi Ohatchee, AL

Great Product

I loved making keepsakes of my baby’s hand and foot. The instructions were clear, and easy to do. There were 3 ribbons to choose from. Pink, blue, and yellow.

Marva Bell Buckle, TN

Easy to use but not amazing looking

The clay is easy to use and roll out, but I did not think that they impressions came out too clearly. Overall a good bet due to the fact that they are easy to use and inexpensive, but you sacrifice detail due to the nature of the clay, which almost has a spongy quality to it.

Beatriz Palm Desert, CA

Great memento purchase

This kit makes a great Christmas gift or a way to commemorate baby’s itsy-bitsy feet and hands for yourself and loved ones. I purchased the keepsake kit for a memento of my son’s hands and feet. It contains a sealed package of the molding clay, three ribbons (pink, yellow, and blue), a pointy straw for making a hole, a dinky little roller that’s not up to the task of rolling out the clay efficiently, a large round cardboard cutter, and basic instructions on how to create the ornaments.I strongly advise adding parchment paper to the list, not just to protect your countertops or table, but also for allowing the ornaments to dry. The hardening period takes anywhere from 4 to 7 days, and the parchment paper ensured the back of the clay was not exposed, disturbed, or crumbly. Parchment paper also makes for easy transfer.Making an ornament is straightforward. Roll out the clay to desired thickness, fight with your squirmy baby’s reflexes to spontaneously curl his toes or contract her precious little hand into a fist, press down gently for an impression while your newborn honks blue murder, and then examine the results. With some luck, you may have a reasonable impression and an infuriated spouse co-opted into this special form of infantile torment. Didn’t know that babies generally refuse to spread their fingers and adorable little toes when asked? Well, now you do. My husband decided to roll out the clay again for a second impression, and a third, at my insistence because the ravenous claw marks scratched over the white surface rather resembled an attack by a very tiny, very persistent velociraptor. Not exactly what I had in mind for enshrining my 8-week-old’s most precious extremities.Once you do manage to gain an impression – preferably after a bottle of wine, I’ll note, but not if you’re the nursing mother – then keep it inside the wooden frame for best results. Drying may be a smidge slower, but without risk of cracking or falling apart by some act of circumstance. We used a large round cookie cutter in addition to the cardboard ornament cutter provided; between the two, the metal cookie cutter worked far better for clean edges and punching through the clay. The cardboard was shorter and flimsier.The results are very attractive though. Note for an average sized 2 month old baby, two plaques is all we managed to eke out without some creative positioning.

Ruthie Arvin, CA

Great family keepsake

Product worked exactly as the package stated. I had plenty of clay to make 2 keepsakes and had a little clay left over. You do have to press firmly on your child’s hand to get the imprint but the clay was moist enough that I could try again if I didn’t like results the first time. Since my daughter is only 6 months old, I had enough room on the edges of my keepsakes to add little christmas buttons for some color. Fun project.

Laurel Warrens, WI

Did the job, but it’s heavy and has cracks

Pros:- Enough clay to do the job- Good parts and instructions- Easy to use- Dries fairly quickly i guess (2 days)Cons:- As it dried it got small visible cracks, nothing chipped off nor did it break, just visible cracks- It’s HEAVY. May have to screw the tree to the ground so it doesn’t tip over (haha)We’ve since bought a “bake it” kit and we like the results much better. It’s much lighter, no cracks and seems more sturdy.

Leanne Herald, IL

love this!

I bought this and it was so easy to use! The only hard part was getting my 7 month old to not move her hand when I was trying to make the imprint, though the foot was no problem. I think it would be smarter if next time I did it with a with a sleeping baby! I was actually able to get four great ornaments out of this set, though I did not make extremely thick ornaments. I made 4, 1/8 inch thick ornaments, The clay was very easy to use. I used a bigger straw than the one given as it was much easier to thread the ribbon through.

Verna Hennessey, OK

Good Gift

I really enjoyed making my son’s handprint and footprint from this kit. I’m glad it is something I can look at every Christmas.

Chasity Egypt, AR

My son had trouble with it but it’s a good product.

It went together easy and even held up to multiple kneading. My son tended to grab it once we made the impression and so we had to redo it multiple times. Eventually had to hold him upside down so the his catch reflex triggered and he held his hands out. LOL. But we got it and then it was easy to use the tools to cut it and the hole for the ribbon out and the ribbons were great. We were actually able to make two with one kit.

Mara Estcourt Station, ME

Worked as expected

I actually spread the clay out to make 3 ornaments for Christmas. It was easy. It took about 3 days for the clay to dry in a moist climate.

Carol Badger, MN

Good but overpriced

This “kit” consists of:-A sealed package of molding material-A “hole punch.” It is actually part of a drinking straw. Literally. It is the bottom few inches of a flimsy, striped plastic drinking straw.-A “rolling pin.” This is a piece of dowel, about 1/2″ in diameter.-A wooden cookie-cutter. Adequate for the job but leave sloppy edges.-Three lengths of ribbon: 1 blue, 1 pink, and 1 cream/yellowish in colorThe material is easy to work with and is a good consistency. I was able to make 2 ornaments with a bit left over. (I would not have had enough material to make 3.) So, this kit will definitely provide what you need to make 2 plaques as advertised. But given what it includes, it’s difficult to see what justifies the price. It’s a chunk of synthetic clay plus a few pennies’ worth of add-ons.Okay, a couple of tips for use of this product:1. If you have a round biscuit cutter or cookie-cutter of an appropriate size, definitely use that instead of the cutter they provide – you’ll get much cleaner edges!2. The packaging said that the ornaments would dry in 1-2 days. I did not find this to be true. It took nearly a week before mine were fully hardened and dry. I live in a desert climate, so I do not think humidity was the issue. So, if you are planning to make these as a gift, DO NOT wait until the last minute — give yourself plenty of lead time for them to dry!!

Ester Petersburg, PA

very cute

very cute project. We did this with our one month old. It was very hard to do it with a one month old. came out okay. Had to give it a couple of tries. Dried well. Love the ribbons.

Marcella Adams, ND

Great product–very easy to use!

Our family loved getting these for Christmas! They were pretty easy to make, although we didn’t like the cutters that they provided because they left the edges really ragged. We just formed our own little circles. I would use them early on though because our 4-mo-old’s feet were nearly too big for the ornament!

Susie Cynthiana, KY


I though this clay came with the stand; the picture is misleading. It takes a few tries before you get it right, but works well!

Audra Monticello, MN

works great

the clay molds very well, and the circle cutter and straw work great to create a classy-looking ornament. 4 stars because the circle was too small for my (large) 4.5 month-old’s foot! (says it’s good for up to two years old) so now I have one really nice hand ornament and one messy looking foot ornament. Overall would buy again though.

Jeri Apalachin, NY

Easy to use, hard clay

This kit is very user friendly. Easy to use. However, the clay is too hard. I’m debating whether to purchase another one because I think I need to apply more pressure when doing the hand prints to get deeper better prints. However, I pushed down on the sleeping baby’s hand pretty hard. The cutter was bad as all the other reviews say, I used a box cutter to cut away the excess left from the circular cutter provided in the kit. Forget about using the "rolling pin" they provide unless you want weird dents in your clay and uneven clay..I used my own rolling pin. Given the price and the fact that 2 of the items included in the kit I had to use my own household item or improvise I give it 3 stars majority going towards ease of use. Note: apply pressure when doing hand prints! Don’t hurt your little one though!!

Verna Elsmere, NE