Clek 2010 Oobr Booster Car Seat, Shadow

Clek 2010 Oobr Booster Car Seat, Shadow

oobr is a clek full back booster seat that provides superior protection for your child without sacrificing comfort convenience or style Designed with a removable back oobr easily converts to a backless booster to grow with your child And with our exclusive Elemental Safety System and proprietary use of Crypton Super Fabrics oobr is the new standard in booster seats

Main features

  • Rigid latch with recline feature
  • Magnesium back frame
  • Seating surface made with Crypton super fabrics
  • Comfort cube construction
  • Removable back

Verified reviews


We LOVE this seat.

We’ve had this seat for several months now and my 6 year old son loves it. The cup holder is fantastic! the seat was super easy to install. My only complaint is we had reached a point with his old car seat where he could put his own seatbelt on and with this one, the way the seatbelt feeds through the neck guide on the headrest (the red part you see in the photo) makes it hard for him to pull the belt out byhimself. It’s a learning process for him that I’m sure we’ll get past with a bit of patience.Basically we have no real complaints. Looks great, works great!

Myra Limestone, PA

The seat is a 5+ BUT shop around for price

We received our Snowberry Oobr a couple days ago, and the seat is VERY impressive.With the rigid LATCH system it feels as secure and solid as the Britax Regent we previously had our almost 7yo harnessed in; no sliding around as my child tries to get in it, it doesn’t budge. It also makes it an utter breeze to install or remove – it is literally a 5 second job. Plus, the rigid LATCH allows this booster to ‘recline’ which might come in handy for long road trips.The seat itself is heavier than the Graco TurboBooster we had occasionally used up to this point, but it is SO much more substantial feeling that it almost makes the TurboBooster feel like a ‘toy’ in comparison. It genuinely feels like more than just a ‘booster’ to position my child so that the seatbelt can protect her in a crash (though it does that too), but rather that the seat itself will provide protection like her harnessed seats up to this point. Plus, the Oobr doesn’t fall apart when carried by the back like the TurboBooster always does.The headrest adjusts just like, and feels just like, those on my car. Again not flimsy plastic that feels like it might break just being adjusted; this feels like something that could actually stand up to a crash. Plus, the sidewings are deep enough to ‘cradle’ my daugher’s head and look like they would provide protection in a crash, but do not seem to bother her or impede her view, etc.The fabric is made to withstand spills, etc, though we haven’t had any of those yet to test it out. I can say that it feels more like upholstery than just a ‘fabric’ cover.Finally there is a booster that I feel comfortable moving my daughter to (who, yes, has been harnessed far longer than many others; even though she is very tall for her age). I’d give the seat well over 5 stars, but I do recommend shopping around for pricing as there seems to be some variance out there.Edit to add 11/20/09: Like the other reviewer observed, we will likely be using this seat for 3 years (though my daughter is already about to turn 7), even though she will be allowed by
• law
• to ride w/o a booster in just over a year. Since automotive engineers design seatbelts for those 4’9″ and taller, it will likely be at
• least
• 9-10yo before my tall-for-her-age daugther meets the height for which seatbelts were designed to be used safely. Yes, that means she will be using this booster after we are legally obligated to do so. But, we’ve always gone by her safety over the minimums established by law (ie. she rear-faced longer than the minimum required by law, and was in a 5pt harness long after she met the legal minimum to move to a booster). Because we will get this long use out of it (and then likely get another 3 years use with her little sister, before the seat expires), we too feel it was worth the expense.Edit to add 12/23/09: Just a quick update since we just took it on our first long (8+ hr) trip – the slight recline and the deep head wings made it very easy for my 50″ tall almost 7yo to nap in the car! She was able to sleep without her head flopping about, and while remaining upright enough for the seatbelt to stay properly positioned. Also worth noting: the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety just named the Clek Oobr as one of their “best picks” in highback boosters for proper positioning (out of 60 seats evaluated).Edit to add 10/22/12: 3 years later, and we’re still VERY happy with the seat and with our decision to buy this one. Our almost 10yo has outgrown the need for it, but our 6.5yo still loves hers. We’re still getting use out of our 2nd one though, as it now ‘lives’ in Daddy’s car (for when our younger one rides in his car) – he doesn’t mind having it stay in there since it doesn’t slide/knock around the backseat thanks to the LATCH system. They still look brand new and I’m still just as confident in their safety!

Pam Fort Hunter, NY

Love this booster….SAFETY FIRST!!!!!

I love this booster. We have two and it’s well worth the money. I don’t know of any other booster seat that actually uses latches and that is why we went with this one. I didn’t want the booster moving around on the seat of the car. Easy to get in and out of the car as well. This one grows with you child. You can remove headrest, then removed back support separately when the time comes. You will not be disappointed.

Joyce Brooks, KY

Exactly As Pictured!

I have been waiting to get this booster for my almost (really tall) 3yr. old. I ordered this car seat from a different company on amazon and returned it because they sent me a used booster seat without a cup holder. I will only purchase from Amazon! Box was clean and new and car seat looked perfect and looked like it was out of the factory. The seat fits without a problem in our 4 door sudan infiniti and my son looks comfortable and happy. I love paul frank stuff and Clek is one of the best safety seats out their and I highly reccomend it!

Jenifer Carthage, NC

Clek oobr booster is amazing

My 5yo is in booster training with this seat. There are a couple of things that stand out vs. some other brands. The construction of this seat makes it feel super solid and that my son will be safe in an accident. The rigid latch system was unbelieveably simple and installed in 3seconds flat. I have used at least 6 other car seats and nothing was ever that simple and rock hard. It felt that it molded to my 2012 sienna seats. My son loves this seat. I purchased the oobr in drift, because I did not need the fancy fabric and it was a bargain compared to the other colors.

Autumn Sandyville, OH

Great seat

Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s super comfortable, really easy to use and well made. Worth the money all the way!!

Carolyn Clearwater, MN

This Expensive Car Seat is Worth It

Yes, the transition to booster is when most parents get excited about getting a new sleeker, easier, less expensive seat for their child. Not for us. When my son turned 5 and we decided to switch to a booster, I discovered that boosters do not use the latch system. I won’t get into all of my concerns with this except to say that I would never want to be in a seat in a car that was not somehow bolted or attached to the car in some way, regardless of a seat belt’s capabilties, so I began researching what booster does have the latch system. There is one Graco that does, but multiple reviews said the latch was poorly designed and basically useless. The only other booster offered with latch is this Clek. Yes, it’s very expensive. And heavy, and a little bulky compared to some other boosters. But it securely keeps my child’s booster attached to the seat, which for me is worth every penny. It doesn’t shift around if he shifts around, I don’t have to buckle it in or remove it from my car every time I drive without him in the seat (which is often as I’m a full-time working mother), and if we’re ever hit from the side, rear, or front, I know that seat will not fly out from underneath him (if he’s in it) or become a projectile (if he’s not in it). Plus the seat fabric is soft and so easy to clean. The white exterior is a little annoying because it shows dirt so easily, but there are too many wonderful features that I don’t care about the white. Also, it reclines! On long road trips, if your child is in a captain’s chair or seat that reclines, he too will recline in the booster. He can take a nap reclined and still be safe! Lastly, it’s very easy for him to buckle himself in and follow the guidelines on where the straps go, the cupholder is very nice and simple, and he loves the color. I attached two pictures to the main product information page.

Annie Bethera, SC