Clek Foonf 2014 Convertible Car Seat, Blue/White Blue Moon

Clek Foonf 2014 Convertible Car Seat, Blue/White Blue Moon

Clek combines safety for children with ease of use for parents in the foonf convertible car seat to create the most advanced child safety seat ever made. Features include: rear-facing 14 to 50 pounds; forward-facing 20 to 65 pounds. Unique rigid-latch system makes proper forward-facing installation effortless (the seat slides into place, and the rigid-latch system securely grips the car’s built-in lower latch connectors). For improved rear-facing installation, the cushion pops off to provide easy access to the belt path. One of the most effective innovations in automotive safety is the crumple zone–the area of the vehicle that deforms and crumples upon impact, absorbing energy from the impact and preventing force from being transmitted to the vehicle’s occupants. Foonf’s react safety system borrows that principle to provide optimal safety in forward-facing collision. With the react safety system, an aluminum honeycomb crumples upon impact absorbing the sudden change in momentum, resulting in less force transferred to the child. Optimal side-impact protection – designed with a rigid metal substructure and strategically positioned energy-absorbing foam layers in the body of the seat and in the adjustable headrest- includes a steel anti-rebound bar that braces against the vehicle seat’s back, limiting the rotation of the child seat, helping to protect your child’s head from impact. Designed at 17″ wide (widest point) making 3-across possible- easy-to-operate recline function- height adjustable crotch buckle – made with green guard select certified crypton super fabrics, which provide permanent protection against stains, moisture, and bacteria; and are free of brominated and chlorinated flame-retardants- foonf is recyclable through Clek’s recycling network- 9-year expiration and 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty- manufactured in Canada

Main features

  • Rigid latch forward facing installation-can properly install your child seat in seconds with peace of mind
  • Like the crumple zone built into vehicles, the react safety system absorbs energy from a collision, significantly reducing the forces in frontal collision
  • Optimal side impact head protection-metal substructure, 2 body layers of energy absorbing foam and EPP-protected adjustable headrest
  • 3-across seating-best in class width of under 17″ at its widest point
  • Extended rear-facing use up to 50pounds with steel anti-rebound bar-improves stability in a collision by limiting rotation of the child seat

Verified reviews


Wanted to love this But did not

My little girl was horrified when she sat in it. Very uncomfortable. And for the price and being brand new….the fabric was fraying. Also, the area where the bottom buckle comes out…I know my kid…her little hands will pull that lining out given a bored moment. This was a replacement for a britax….(we used it for 6 months and after a long car ride she had an access on her neck). Since our goals are safety and comfort I can’t say that this is the one for us. I write this review with regret. Maybe we got a bad one. I feel like we should support greener initiatives the don’t compromise on safety. But a kid trapped in the back of the car has to be comfortable. Further, with the price it has to last. Ps…I took photos and amazon won’t let me upload for some reason. In the pictures on the website you cannot see the lining of the interior foam around the buckle. It is the first thing I saw when I unpacked this. (The fabric is dark and the interior is white) you can put plenty of little fingers in there.. Amazon please let us load photos.

Rhea New London, NH

wanted to like this seat

This is a cool seat. Just not for me. My first problem was I couldn’t get this seat to latch easily into my vehicle, because my seats are so vertical the car seat wouldn’t slide back when using rigid latch. I had to wrestle it in, push and push, it actually hurt my back. In a vehicle seat that was a bit reclined, it would of been a snap. The second problem and the reason i returned it was because the entire seat is hard like a rock. My child wouldn’t even sit in it. The hole seat is lined with foam liner, like a bike helmet. Which is awesome. supper safe. BUT the seat part under you kids butt is also hard as a bike helmet. My kids are use to britax padding and would not ride on it. It is literally hard as a rock and has no padding.

Cecilia Sesser, IL

Feeling the Foonf love

I am a certified technician and have tried many many convertible car seats. I decided to spring for the Foonf finally after hearing about it for a long time and I’ve been very pleased. I have a situation in my car where I need to have 3 seats across the back and the Foonf is a great fit in the middle because it sits up so high so it makes it really easy to access the buckles and harness while reaching over the other car seats. I love the very easy to tighten harness and the solid feel of the seat. There is a bit of learning curve but I find it very easy to use and install now that I know what I am doing. Clek’s customer service is also excellent. This is easily one of the top 2 seats I have tried. It’s also awesome that it’s such a long lasting seat for rear facing as well. I am very pleased.

Kitty Adams, KY

great material and very durable

The material this car seat is made of is very good. My son spilled milk on it twice and the milk slides off onto the side not ever leaving a wet mark nor stains. I drive a 2008 dodge charger and its a perfect fit, just in case anyone is wondering if it will fit in there backseat. If i ever have another baby, i will order this brand again. Great item. I am very happy with my selection.

Rosanne Essex, MD

Great seat!

The car seat is expensive but the safety features are worth it to us. We have last year’s model (2013) in blue and we had some issues with the metal on the straps getting caught when tightening. This particular 2014 model does not have that problem. We are still rear facing, and while some reviewers think the seat sits up too high, I disagree as there is still quite a bit of room between the seat and the roof (in a trailblazer) and I’m glad my son can see out the back window – it keeps him occupied during our commute. He generally seems comfortable in the seat. I haven’t had any spills yet so I don’t have a review of the ease of cleaning. I do wish the straps release latch was a bit easier to reach, but that’s a minimal issue. It is also very heavy – we probably will not use it for air travel. Overall, we are happy with this seat.Update 3/14: I recently rented a Chevy Malibu and used the Foonf in the rear center seat. I was surprised at how much space there was above the seat given how high it sits.Update 5/4: We took the Foonf on a plane trip and it actually went really well. It is really heavy and I could not have handled it alone with a toddler, but my husband was able to pre-board on most flights and get it set up while I stayed in the terminal and entertained our son. We used a $20 luggage cart to roll the Foonf and we were able to put another carry-on bag in the seat so we didn’t have to carry it through the airport. It did not fit through the security x-ray machines so leave some extra time for manual screening. It was also too wide to fit through some plane aisles so we had to carry it above the seat (again, I could not have done this alone), but it fit well in the seat. We set it on recline position 2 in the seat, and although our son didn’t sleep at all, he seemed quite comfortable. We also used it in the rear passenger-side seat of a Camry, and it was a bit tight getting him into the seat under the door frame.

Dolly Dalmatia, PA


Only complaint is that the strap between between the legs is to short but it is the very best car seat I have ever owned by far !

Marquita Delta, UT

Can’t recommend enough! So much better than the Maxi Cosi Pria 70.

BEST. CAR SEAT. EVER. Seriously, I am praying that Clek will come out with an infant seat so that I can purchase that, too! I’m not going to deny that seat breaks my back when I have to carry it anywhere because it weighs something like 40 pounds, so it’s probably not the easiest option if you will need to move it between cars often, but that’s the price you pay for the safety of a car seat reinforced with steel! I recently had to use a Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and I must say that I’ve never loved my Foonf more after dealing with THAT thing. The Foonf is so easy to install using the seat belt, unlike the Maxi Cosi Pria 70. I LOVE that it can be used so long rear-facing (anyone else who is passionate about keeping their kids safe in the car will totally understand this) and I can’t recommend this car seat enough! One thing I think could be better are the strap covers. They’re pretty much useless! However the Clek Foonf is easily the best investment we’ve made as parents for our child’s safety so far.

Terry Pratt, KS