Clek Foonf Drink Thingy Cup Holder, Black

Clek Foonf Drink Thingy Cup Holder, Black

Drink-thingy additional cup-holder is available to snap onto either side of the Clek foonf convertible child seat. Dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Rigid latch forward facing installation-can properly install your child seat in seconds with peace of mind
  • Like the crumple zone built into vehicles, the react safety system absorbs energy from a collision, significantly reducing the forces in frontal collision
  • Optimal side impact head protection-metal substructure, 2 body layers of energy absorbing foam and EPP-protected adjustable headrest
  • 3-across seating-best in class width of under 17″ at its widest point
  • Extended rear-facing use up to 50pounds with steel anti-rebound bar-improves stability in a collision by limiting rotation of the child seat

Verified reviews


Poor Design, $$$

After dropping that much dough on a carseat you would think it would come with a cup holder, but no. So you spend ANOTHER $25 and you get a poorly designed pain in the butt cup holder that a child younger than 2.5-3 won’t even be able to reach. The cup holder comes with two "adapters" one for the right side and one for the left side that clip into the rear-facing belt path. There are several problems, #1 when the seat is rear facing and installed using the seatbelt, the cup holder has to be on the side nearest the buckle, which means next to the door for outboard seats and you have to load the kid over the cup holder – bad design. #2 the adapters are REALLY FREAKING HARD to get back out. Like break-a-nail, swear, possibly sob trying to get the stupid thing out. And it is very narrow, so most sippy cups will fit, but definitely not all. And it is very hard to reach, my 3.5 yo can reach it, but its awkward. It is better than nothing and I’d buy it again because for as long as I plan to use this carseat, I need something, but it is a very frustrating purchase.

Freida Claremont, VA

A must

Definitely a must for kids and parents on the go. I love my Clek Foonf but wanted a cup holder so was thrilled when I found that you could buy this accessory.

Kitty Rosebud, SD

Love it

I wish there would be more accessories for the Foonf. But Im happy FINALLY the released these cup holders, they work and you can choose which side to install it.

Christy Dell, AR

Foonf drink thingy;

Buyer beware, the photo is of the cup holder for the Oobr booster seat, the description lists that it’s for the Foonf car seat.I’ll remove this review when the photo or description is corrected.

Eva Longford, KS


Well made and useful. Could be a hair wider.

Wilma Florence, AZ