Clevamama Clevabath Mat and Kneeler

Clevamama Clevabath Mat and Kneeler

The vibrant ClevaBath is the longest bath mat available and is designed to prevent toddlers and young children from slipping during bath time. The cushiony mat has suction pads that hold the mat firmly in place in your bath. The ClevaBath completely covers the base of your bath and comes with a free kneeling cushion to ensure comfort for you too.

Main features

  • Extra long non-slip bath mat
  • Ideal for bathing two toddlers
  • Non-slip, light weight and quick drying
  • Makes bath time safer

Verified reviews


Stays stuck!

I purchased this mat because our tub has a textured pattern on the bottom and it can be kind of uncomfortable to sit on, and also to help keep my 16 mo. old from slipping around so much during his bath. I was worried that the suction cups (there are 60) wouldn’t stick on the textured surface but it stays on well. It is almost the full length of our tub and my son seems more comfortable in the bath now. When bath time is over I just give it a quick rinse and hang it to dry. The price seems reasonable as this mat seems durable. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I am not sure what material it is made of and I couldn’t find the information anywhere on the packagaing or on their web site. However, I saw some reviews for other mats where the reviewers complained of a strong “plastic-y” odor from the mat, and this one had no odor whatsoever.UPDATE: I contacted the manufacturer and they responsed that this mat is made of PVC.

Elsa Rexburg, ID

didn’t stick to my tub

my tub floor has a texture. The mat did not stick. I loved the little kneeler and it was a great price for both items, but I had to return due to it not working out for me.

Lindsey Oakland, MD

another perfect item.

my baby doesn’t slip in the tub while he’s getting bathed. comfy kneeler although i do like to use knee pads also as i have hardwood floor in the bathroom

Latoya Mount Pleasant, UT

Its not perfect but works for me

Its OK. It doesn’t stay put perfectly, you have to readjust it every time, but it works for me.I don’t think there are any that would stay put perfectly and I Like the size of this one. I feel much better with my baby in the tub when we have this.The kneeling pad is not very good. I’ve always used the Skiphop whale one which is larger and stays in place, this one is smaller.

Molly Beaver, PA

Knee saver and prevents slips!

I like this product and it keeps the babies tushie from touching the cold bath tub. Also the knee support is really needed after a long day and doesn’t make your knees feel too much pressure.

Anne Belmont, WI


I was liking the product until it was time for bath. I liked that it covered almost the entire bottom of the tub and that it has a kneeler to rest on while I splash and play in the water with my baby and wash her without causing my knees to hurt. The downfall to this product is that the kneeler is not long enough to rest on comfortably and as soon as the water was in the tub the mat would float up and no longer adhered to the tub floor. SO disappointed.

Angel Meadow Grove, NE

Well…it’s okay.

I bought this for our child to sit on while taking a bath and the knee pillow.The color is not that stylish but comfort wise it’s very nice. Feels great on the feet and when I sat and took a bath on it. The knee pillow is 100% awesome, durable, and drys fast. So feels great and good for the kids and yourself.The bad, the mat will not stay stuck, I read other reviews and didn’t think much of it, but I will promise you after the third or fourth time you fall, slip, or halfway die in the tub you will trash the mat and buy a new one that sticks.I would buy this if its for a bath only situation but its impossible to use this safely if of stand up and take showers in the same tub. The knee pillow rules, but the bath mat is almost okay. Pass…

Elsie Rollins Fork, VA

Love it

I was very hesitant buying this but now am so glad I did. I bought this months ago and having been using it daily I will definitely recommend it my boys loved it, it doesn’t move around,the kneel pad was a great addition. Very easy to wash and the quality is great no complaint.

Liza Rodney, MI

great for twins

We love this mat. It is very cushy and covers enough ground to bathe both of my twins at the same time. I read some reviews about the suctions cups not sticking- I usually wait until the tub starts filling to put the mat down, then stick the outside cups down. They don’t always all stay stuck, but enough of them stick to that it doesn’t float. Then once the boys at in the tub it never comes up. We hang it by the suction cups on the side of the shower to dry after every bath (and that is where we store it) and we haven’t had any issues with mold or smell. I’d definitely buy it again.We have not tried this in a shower- just for the baths.

Lynda Cave Creek, AZ

will not stick to the tub

As other reviewers have mentioned, this mat does not stay "attached" to my tub. No matter how many times I’ve tried to get the suction cups to stick, the mat is always floating around where my daughter is sitting. I’ve tried to get them to stick with water in the tub, no water, a little water… nothing seems to work.

Brandie Coffeyville, KS

Comfortable and sticks well

Perfect for toddler that walks/stands in tub. Bonus is kneeler. Easy to clean and comfortable. Suction cups work well. .

Selma Chatham, VA

Love the kneeler

I bought this mainly for the kneeler. My older kids said that they like the shower mat especially when the tub gets slippery from shampoo. The kneeler is awesome and saves my knees when I’m giving the baby a bath.

Lisa Falcon Heights, TX

Smells so bad

This is soft, but the smell that comes off it is so overpowering and the smell stays on your body or babies body and irritates the eye. We will not use this and will be very hesitant to use this company again.

Ronda Pennington, TX

Good size

We like this mat because of the size. Our tub is large and although the mat seems as narrow as many, the length is longer than others. The only reason I gave this a 4 star is because it takes a few times to push the mat down to stay down.I do like the knee pad, however at first I thought to myself "technically I could just roll up a towel," so at times our son will use it as a play toy in the tub. He likes to sit his rubber ducks on it. I have used it for it’s real purpose and it’s nice.When we are all done with bath time, we stick the mat to the inside wall of our tub so it can dry off. Our tub is tall enough so the side does not sit on the bottom of the tub.

Dena La Grange, NC

Good set!

This is a great set for the price. The bath mat does have some strouble sticking occasionally, but I’ve found if I just resecure the suction cups before each use It doesn’t seem to be a problem. With past bath mats I’ve owned they worked in the shower, but not in the bath, as soon as I would fill the tub with water the mat would float right to the top, that hasn’t been a problem with this mat. The kneeler is perfect for bathing my little one and is very comfortable saving my knees from the hard tile floor. All in all, I would buy this product again.

Debra Pfeifer, KS

Kneeler is good

The kneeler in this set is good but the mat doesn’t stick to the bottom of our tub. It floats.

Jennifer Trampas, NM

Easy, does what it says

Easy to put down and take up, and hang over the curtain rod. The kneeler is ok, nothing special, but helps your knees not hurt so much. Baby can easily sit or stand with no slipping, can walk along this again with no slipping. I think it’s a good length as well, doesn’t cover the full bath tub but sufficient for what we need. Overall I think it’s a good value compared to some of the other more expensive options.

Leona Vansant, VA

Perfect for my toddler

We had slipping concerns and we tried another bath mat but it got slippery fast, so I tried this softer one and so far it’s worked great. My daughter can easily feel where the mat ends so she doesn’t step beyond that (there’s about 6 inches on the top and bottom of the tub that the may doesn’t cover). I used a suggestion that another review had about pulling it up after the bath, sticking it to the side of the shower and letting it air out each time. The knee pad, I don’t use it. The texture reminds me of those non skid mats for under carpets or padded cabinet liners for a kitchen. It’s a good product.

Arlene Aleppo, PA

Mat works great

Used in kids bath and works great, no more slips, did have it lift up a few times when we first got it but not anymore. Has not gone moldy or stinky since we bought it several months ago and we live on top of a hill 40 miles from the coast in Oregon in mold central so that is good =) Also it feels much more comfortable to sit or stand on than the hard plastic type, will be getting another for our big walk in shower, haven’t really used the knee pad yet.

Laurie North Palm Springs, CA

I love the kneeler! The mat on the other hand…

The mat doesn’t seem any different than the garden-variety Wal-Mart ones. The suction cups don’t stay stuck like they are supposed to and the mat continually floats up, which is annoying. I had hoped it was thicker as well. Oh well, I guess the search for the perfect bath mat begins….

Antonia Commerce City, CO

Don’t waste your money!

So cheap! Didn’t even stick to the tub. Ended up throwing it away a few days ago. It’s definitely worth it so spend a couple extra dollars on a different mat.

Kayla Vernon Hill, VA