Clevamama Clevafeed

Clevamama Clevafeed

The BPA free ClevaFeed is the safest and most hygienic way to introduce your child to solids including fruit and vegetables without the risk of choking. Easy to use simply open the handle and place food in the teat. Suitable from 6 plus months the ClevaFeed is also great when your baby is teething.

Main features

  • New hygienic silicone treat
  • Safe, helps prevent choking when weaning starts
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Ideal for out and about
  • Baby enjoys natural flavor, texture and goodness of fresh food safety without the risk of choking

Verified reviews


A step in the wrong direction

You already have a choking hazard regardless of what type of foods your baby or child is eating. I feel like this item is a step backward. You go from bottle, to cereals and mashed foods to this? Sucking out their food? It’d be like bottle feeding again. Do what normal people do and cut up the foods and watch your child. I feel like this is a product for the over anxious mother. Your child is going to have to learn how to eat. Somehow sucking out strawberry juice isn’t it.

Luisa Lashmeet, WV

Clevamama vs. Kidsme

We have this feeder and the Kidsme in the large size. My six month old loves eating bananas and avocado out of these feeders. I’m not sure why all the bad reviews, because I think they are very comparable. They are the same size and hold the same amount of food, are easy to use, and while messy, keep my son entertained in the high chair while I do things in the kitchen. They are both easy for him to hang onto and get into his mouth. I think he likes this one a little better because the handle is a bit bigger.As far as this one coming open or him opening it himself while in use, I have not experienced this. No, it does not lock like the Kidsme, but right now he is more interested in eating than trying to figure out how to open it. Maybe that will change, but for now we’re pretty happy with it.If I had to choose which one to buy, I’d buy the Clevamama. I like that you can buy replacement parts. My son has two bottom teeth, and he can already tear stuff up with them. I’m sure the silicone on these won’t last forever.

Cora Milford, IL

Great for teething and learning to eat solids

This is the second Clevamama product that we have and I really like them, they are simple but effective. It’s an English company which is a plus in my book since European safety regulations are a lot stricter than American. My daughter (6 months) loved the product since the beginning, I gave it to her and she intuitively knew what to do with it. It is sort of shaped like a big pacifier. It works well as a teether, since I give her really cold fruits and she loves fruit so for her its like eating candy. The device has nice quality materials and appealing colors that make the baby eager to play with the thing, she bites it all over and its even fun when its empty. The handles are great, super easy for the baby to grasp and can also be chewed on, the size is also pretty good for a baby, not too big, not too small and light enough for easy manipulation. I cut an apple and put it in, though I would make sure it is a really grainy apple or another easy to smash fruit, though something like banana might be too messy. I have not taken it on the go, but while it probably won’t replace a meal, it could probably help her stay distracted for a while and it is really easy to transport and it saves you from the hassle of transporting refrigerated milk or how to smash something on the go. Next, I am going to try it in the car.The other reviewers criticize how easy it is to open, I had no problems with that, and actually do not think it is that easy, though I do think that the woman with the 11 month old kid might be right as to that the product its for younger kids, I don’t think I would give it to a year old kid which is smart enough to know how to open things. But it does have something that locks it and no young baby can open it, this is for babies that are just learning to eat solids or just theething.Recommended.

Bridgett Hannacroix, NY

great idea for the product but safety should be evaluated

Where babies are concerned, safety should be a top priority. It’s a bit nerve-wrecking to have the growing baby try solid foods because they can easily get stuck in the wrong place and the baby can choke on them. The transitional Clevafeed allows the baby to suck on fruits and vegetables, thereby, getting appropriate nutrition and stepping closer to chewing solid food. It’s easy to clean and/or wash in the dishwasher.This product is a great idea, but the execution has one thing quite wrong with it. I will add to what the others have said — the safety should be a major concern. The latch opens up easily by little fingers. I’d recommend using caution and observing the baby when this product is in use, or skipping using the product altogether.

Luisa Poway, CA


3.5 starsLet me be perfectly honest with you, first of all, and say that I let my 1 year old try this thing out first. My youngest little one won’t meet the world for a few more days, Lord willing. I’d saw several of the other reviews beforehand, so I was watching mainly for the latching problem. He had the latch open almost immediately, and he wasn’t even trying to open it. Just chewing. So, I agree with the others about the bad latching! That said, as long as you’re watching your little one with this thing, I still don’t think it will be a huge issue. The opening to put the food is on the small side, so you have to stuff whatever you’re putting in there into the “pouch”. The only issue I could foresee is if you put a big chunk of apple or something similar, and your little one bit it in half, then opened it up, and swallowed a chunk of apple. A choking hazard, for sure, if you’re not watching him/her. Let me be clear again that I DO NOT recommend handing this to your baby unattended due to the latching issue. (And don’t misunderstand me. I know it’s simply not possible to watch your little one ALL the time. I just recommend it with this thing). Plus, let me remind you that while I do have experience with these types of feeders(#3 is on the way, and my oldest is 4), I haven’t used this particular one on my youngest yet.I’ve used the mesh kind of feeder before, and although there wasn’t the latching issue, I simply didn’t like it. I loved the fact that this one has a silicone feeder. It comes apart enough to clean well, which is a HUGE deal to me. When I don’t feel I can clean a product enough, it goes in the garbage! This is also a great teething “toy” for your little ones first teeth coming through. If there’s already teeth, I think they will chew through this particular silicone pretty quickly. On gums, though, I think it will be perfect. So, to make sure you get your money’s worth, you could always use this as a teething toy if teeth come first, or a teething toy after solids, if you don’t like the way it works for that purpose.Overall, it’s not a bad product, but I would like that latch to be more secure!

Natasha Rantoul, IL

An improvement over netting

These little feeding things have always intrigued me, and while my baby isn’t quite up to solid foods yet I was able to observe the baby of a close friend and I’m happy to say this is idea over the types with the nets which babies really can gnaw through. I found the snap open-and-shut container reliable to stay closed, and this has the perfect grip size for a young baby. Easy to clean, as promised, and really seems to allow Baby the right amount of food.

Lorie Lambert Lake, ME

If your child is old enough, only

I was somewhat ambivalent with this product. I have been told by my pediatrician that an infant should be at least twelve months old before they are started on any food other than Milk/formula. My daughter insisted that she didn’t want to wait that long so I got one for her. My daughter says she likes this product. That it works well. So per the Amazon review guide lines that equates to a four star review.I recommend this product for babies who are old enough to get off formula or breast feeding. Did you know that studies have consistently shown women who:Get pregnant and breast feed their babies for a minimum of ten(10) month have a reduced risk for Breast Cancer?Gunner May, 2013

Tracy Pima, AZ

Finally…I can clean this!!

My son absolutely adores eating food, especially bananas, from these little bag/handle combos. Unfortunately the ones that I have are absolutely horrible to clean. Those little mesh bags are just a disaster to try to clean, they stain so they never look nice, and are just overall a disaster. But since he loves it I just suck it up and soak, scrub, pick at, and stress over those little stupid mesh bags so he can enjoy himself. Now with the clevafeed I can clean up in seconds. My only complaint is that the opening to load food into is pretty tiny, but no big deal!

Lashonda East Durham, NY

Handy but messy…

This fit a small snack like strawberry or cookie. I like that I don’t have to break up ever snack but hate the mess it makes. The small holes allow the toddler to chew and get small bits of the snack out. It’s a great pacifier too! Make sure to use a bib, snacks and slobber make a mess.

Lolita Lebanon Junction, KY

Great baby food feeder

The idea of these things is great, give the baby some food in a strainer type device and let them suck out the food without worrying about them choking on chunks. For our first baby we used that kind that had a sort of cloth strainer (Munchkin 2 Pack Fresh Food Feeder, Colors May Vary) and honestly I found them disgusting to clean and couldn’t wait for my baby to get old enough to stop using them. For our new baby, we have switched to the silicone feeders which are so much easier to clean. This one is my favorite because the strainer is larger than the others and the loop on the holder makes it easier for my baby to hold compared to our other ones. A great product and deserving of 5 stars compared to competitors. I wish it could hold more because we end up reloading it every few minutes, but I think it is as large as possible and still fit in her mouth, so it’s not really a criticism as much as wishful thinking.

Kelley Tiro, OH

Better than mesh…

With my previous babies I used those little mesh-bagged feeding toys and they were SO GROSS. The babies couldn’t get food out of the clogged up mesh and I couldn’t get the dang things clean. I ended up throwing them all away. What a waste of time and food. So THIS feeder is a vast improvement over that style. Easy to clean and the food comes out easily. However, you have to be careful about what age of baby eats from it, what sort of foods you put in it, and how big the chunks of food will be. Just be smart and mindful.Additionally, the latch on it isn’t very secure. I don’t feel comfortable taking my eyes off my baby while she has this thing in her mouth. I’d like to be able to turn around and do the dishes for a minute, but i just can’t. If they could improve the latch i’d give this product 4 or 5 stars.EDIT: Now that we’ve been using this for a few months I have to give it another star. It’s a pretty great little invention, honestly. We use it EVERY SINGLE DAY in this house and the latch doesn’t seem to be as finicky as I originally thought. I really love this product, and so does my baby! She uses this to eat bananas, avocado, peaches, melon, all kinds of stuff.

Casey Hannawa Falls, NY

Not truly safe enough

This has been criticized by several others and I would not consider it safe enough or practical enough a product for a great grandchild. The idea was good, and of course cleaning is a factor. But the fact that baby fingers could get it open makes it a product to use only under very close supervision.

Isabel Lake Creek, TX

Good for some foods

I liked the idea of these when our baby girl was just about to try solids. I have to agree with the other complaints. The latch isn’t very secure and in general this is a fair bit more work. The goal with something like this should be, I think, the ability to trust it enough with a wide variety of foods, so that other tasks can get done. This requires much more attention and while it tends to be good with some foods, like bananas or other softish fruits, it’s not really good for something that’s juicy.So, this serves a purpose as a transition way of eating, but it’s not nearly as user-friendly (for baby or parent) as one might expect.Overall, I thought the kidsme food feeder is a better made product overall for every purpose.

Elisa East Nassau, NY

An improvement over the mesh, but not 100% safe

I’m not a big fan of these types of products, but I prefer this one to the ones most people are used to. This is waaay better than the mesh stuff. Less messy and I feel like my baby can accomplish practicing eating with this product. It can work well with teething babies as well cause the plastic is nice and chewy. It is also pretty simple to clean. Now, for the negative. I’m not exactly sure of how safe this product is. The secure latch is not all that great, and choking is a huge potential risk. Supervision is a must at all times, and best to keep this feeder away from babies who are very curious as to how this thing opens!

Kristen Etna, ME

Pros and Cons for the Clevafeed

Having loaned my net-style feeders from my 4-year-old to a friend, I was thrilled to try out this new one for my 4-month-old who is eagerly starting solids. I gave my younger daughter a “cutie” slice for its intitial try, I tested it myself with some pineapple, and then gave it back to my daughter with some banana chunks. Since I have it I’ll continue using it, especially as my daughter gets older and more proficient at eating. Given the choice between the two styles, however, I prefer the net style.Pros:1. Only two pieces to keep up with, though the part where the food goes can be removed for a deep clean.2. There is a snap-on cap so you can store it, put it in a diaper bag, etc. without dirtying the food part or getting food on anything.3. The colorful handle is textured and long so it is easy for little hands to grasp.4. Smaller holes mean smaller food particles can be placed in feeder (the net style is easier to squish together with your gums). This was also a pro for the cutie slice as we don’t want infants choking on the food. I found it difficult, however, to really eat the pineapple. The mushier banana seemed to be eaten nearly in its entirety. The exception can be seen in #2 of the cons.5. It is easy to clean. Any leftover food can just be dumped out, scooped out with a shrimp fork, or you can press on the bottom of the plastic towards the top – it practically turns inside-out. Then clean as you would your other baby feeding products.Cons:1. The opening is smaller than my other feeders, which meant that not only did I have to cut up foods into smaller pieces (to me this is one of the reasons that feeders were invented, to prevent this step), and I wasn’t able to put frozen milk into it (to soothe teething) despite them being what I considered small.2. While the feeder is narrow at the top, the bottom is quite wide which is difficult for small mouths. My daughter has never enjoyed pacifiers, and even gagged on them when she was younger, so some children may have this problem. As the food is consumed, it gets pushed towards the top, which means the wide section needs to go into the mouth in its entirety for the food to be reached. If infants can’t work this out for themselves then parents have to push it into the mouth, which most likely will not be a pleasant experience at worst, or of no use at best, as really the food needs to be pushed with the lips back down to the bottom where the holes are. If the holes were throughout like a net, this may not be as big a problem.3. While I doubt the pacifier-consistency feeder will get stained like net feeders can, I have to wonder if this plastic can eventually wear down with washing (it is dishwasher safe) or be chewed away once those sharp teeth arrive. I know my older daughter basically used her pacifiers as a teether until they were torn apart. While the plastic is very thick, I fear this could happen, especially since there are already holes in the product.

Maude Jonesville, MI

Good for babies who are just learning how to eat baby food!

This is a pretty clever invention. My little one was just trying out solids for the first time, like rice cereal and pureed vegetables. At first, she didn’t seem to understand that she was supposed to swallow the food on the spoon.This was perfect for her at that moment. She instantly realized when I placed it in her mouth that she was supposed to suck on it and get the baby food. She gobbled the food right down. It worked well and it was a clever idea.Now that she has grasped eating from a spoon, I’m going to have to try out other ways of using this. The picture suggests putting a strawberry in it and letting older babies suck the juice out of the fruit through the holes. I may try that later. It is also supposed to be good for travel.The only negative thing I can say is that when my daughter sucked on this eagerly, the top layer of food got pushed up into the top of the dispenser and she couldn’t get to it. I had to open it up and push the rest of the food down so she could eat it. Otherwise this worked very well for her first baby food.

Debbie Dresden, ME

Great teether product

We have been through teething four children and we love these things. Unfortunately some brands tend to snap apart dropping the food out of them easier than others. We love to put frozen fresh fruits in them and let our little ones chew away. So far, this has been a well made, easy to clean product that we would look for again.

Rosalind Bossier City, LA

Must have been invented by a Mom

With all the stress over introducing foods to children, proper “hardware” is a must. Spoons have been improved over the years to make them more comfortable and easier to use. For those who use the recommendations that food be introduced at six months or more, the mess with strained and junior food is almost unavoidable despite the new spoons. When feeding at home or traveling with a baby this “feeder” can make it so much easier and also let the child continue their quest for independent eating which starts about the time they can eat real food. This feeder cleans up easily, can be sanitized in a dishwasher and the protective cover is secure if you are traveling with it. As easy as a bottle.

Mina Cordova, MD

Perfect for new eaters.

I used the mesh bag version of these before finding this. The plastic is nice because it feels like a bottle nipple and the food comes out of it easier. Each bite of a strawberry or other foods comes out in a good size and she can easily get this into her mouth (the size is perfect). Cleans up easily and holds up well. Worth every penny!

Elvira Hobson, MT

Best purchase ever!

These are awesome! My six month old twins love it! Very easy to use and clean and no problems with the latch. Best purchase ever!

Peggy Golf, IL

Why didn’t I invent this?

I have a one-year-old that i started giving fruits to. I’ve been worried about him chocking on the fruits, so i used to cut the fruits into small pieces. And i would still worry and observe him while he ate. This thing is awesome, i put the fruit into this thingy and don’t have to worry about him choking on anything. The only thing is, initially when he chews on it, the juice form the fruit flows down his shirt. This is especially bad for fruits with lot of juice like orange.

Saundra Elkins, NH

Much better than the mesh version

We got a mesh feeder when our first daughter was born. I loved the concept but only used it a couple of times because it was such a pain to clean. I was excited to see that in the last 5 years, they have come up with other feeder options. This one is nice. It is much easier to clean than the mesh version. My 8 month old daughter likes it a lot. I gave it to her a couple of months ago without anything in it and she loved to just chew on it. Now it is a great thing to keep her occupied while the rest of us eat dinner. As with all baby feeding, they should be closely monitored while using this.

Noelle Trimble, TN

Love the silicon design!

I haven’t had any trouble with the safety latch coming undone too easily as some have complained. But like anything else, it should be used under direct supervision. I absolutely love the silicon design, I HATED the gross mesh ones. They were so disgusted to keep clean. So glad to be able to toss those and just use these. I do wonder if the latch closure will become looser with use, but like I said, no problems so far!

Diane Cherokee, TX

Cool Idea

This was easy to load and my grandaughter was just the right age to try this- she is 5 months and the doctor recommended she start adding food…I added fresh mashed bananas and she sucked it dry…not gas issues…I also tried applesauce and it went well

Thelma White Water, CA

Prefer it over the mesh

I got this feeder and liked the design. The plastic feeder is a lot easier to clean than the mesh I have used in the past. It is shaped a lot like a large pacifier. The holes are a nice size that allow the flavor through. I have used it will apple and peas. The peas were better because there were smaller and able to move around. If I did apple I think I would cut it up onto small pieces. The handle is nice and chunky for my baby to hold. The whole for the food is very small so you have cut up the food small. It does snap shut but I can see that as my baby gets holder and has more strength and better motor control she may be able to open it. Over all I think that this is a nice feeder. I can put it in the dishwasher and it has a cover so I can through it in the diaper bag for later. I would not leave my child unsupervised with it but it does provide some entertainment and introduction to more solid food.

Pamala Saint George Island, AK

Handy tool for a Mom and fun for baby (awesome baby shower gift!)

I thought it was too big for my 6 month old’s mouth, but we recently filled it with banana and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Does require refilling frequently if filled with something as squishy as banana. These are great for keeping them busy at the table while you finish your meal or cook or whatnot.

Erna Mill Creek, PA

Perfect for Introducing Foods

I love this feeder, it’s perfect for introducing new foods to your baby without having to worry about your little one choking! It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy for baby to hold and suck and chew on. Highly recommended!

Kelly Alta, CA

Extreme love for this product

How brilliant is this thing? For over a decade, I’ve been getting my babies those Munchkin mesh bag feeders, because they were the only option. Those bags were a huge pain to get clear of food and ultimately had to be tossed and replaced with extreme frequency. Clevafeed is just perfect. The silicone feeder top is removable and fits right in a dishwasher basket with you bottle tops. You sacrifice a little room for food inside the feeder top compared to the mesh bag feeders, but I’d much rather refill this feeder than constantly replace mesh bags. This product is a total winner for me.

Guadalupe Hazelhurst, WI

The baby likes it. A lot.

I haven’t had the “it just pops open!” problem that other have reported. To me, the latch seems fairly secure, and the kid hasn’t managed to open it yet. She loves this though: easy to grasp, and a perfect size and texture for her mouth (oh, and it holds food!). The only negative is that she cries when I take it away.I haven’t tried any of the similarmesh-type feeding things, but think I would prefer this silicone style anyway.

Carolyn Enville, TN

Entertaining product

This product is great – it allows infants to self feed without the risk of choking. It is also great for teething since you can use frozen foods for baby to chew on. My baby is very entertained by this product. It is also easy to clean. It has a silicone head, which is the most inert substance to use if you don’t want nasty chemical leaching into your baby’s mouth. One competing product (the nuby) has a net instead of a silicone piece, and it is very hard to clean. This product is superior to nuby.

Susanna Iaeger, WV