Clevamama ClevaFoam Baby Pillow, Cream

Clevamama ClevaFoam Baby Pillow, Cream

The Clevamama Baby Pillow helps protect the round shape of your baby’s soft head with the use of ClevaFoam technology. New Research from Trinity College Dublin has found that using a Clevamama ClevaFoam pillow can protect the round shape of your baby’s soft head. Designed especially for babies, ClevaFoam is lightweight, breathable and with reduced heat retention and therefore suitable to use with babies. Also ideal for daytime head support. Note: To prevent suffocation always use under adult supervision. Do not leave unattended in crib.

Main features

  • Designed to keep your baby’s head and spine in the correct alignment
  • Protects the round shape of your baby’s soft head
  • Airflow draws away moisture and increases airflow for ultimate comfort
  • Lightweight and breathable

Verified reviews


Everyday product

I have been using Clevamama pillow since my son was three months’ old ( he didn’t use pillow within the first three months). This pillow is comfy and soft, also my boy has a good round head even he sleeps a lot.

Tommie Powells Point, NC

Great Baby Pillow

Perfect size! This is a great product to use for your baby’s head if you believe your baby has a flat head because it helps mold your baby’s head. My son have been using this pillow from 3 months (when we first found out his head was getting flat) and now he is currently 6 months old (which made a big improvement on his head…more round and less flat). It is pretty lightweight so when baby is old enough to use his/her hands s/he may roll around in it. I found a solution to place this pillow under the crib sheet so my son wouldn’t be able to grab and put around his face. This technique is working pretty well for us.

Glenna Denver, IN

Ok but produces a lot of heat

It’s an Ok pillow, if offers the correct support but when its hot, baby sweats a lot, need to remove it, even with a pillow case, my baby sweats to much while using this pillow

Elinor Palmer Lake, CO

Ok, but not great

According to the product description, it increases air-flow which will help to reduce the sweat on baby’s head. However, I don’t see it works that way. The pillow is soft and very comfortable, but the fabric does not help to ease the heat. My son still sweats a lot. I have ordered a cool pad. Hopefully it will help.

Susanna Indian Springs, NV

Just what I wanted for my 3 month old!

Although I do wish it were a few dollars cheaper, this pillow is high quality, not too thick and just what I wanted for my three, now turning four month old baby. It fits in bassinet well. I bought it to reduce pressure on baby’s skull. This fit the bill! When I’m done, I plan to use as a little accent pillow in his room.

Madeline Kingfisher, OK

Great product!

I bought this for my two year old daughter because she asked for a pillow. It’s not too fluffy, so I don’t worry about burying her face in it and suffocating. She loves it and so do I!

Sadie Honea Path, SC

love it

love the pillow, baby loves the pillow….i would not recommended for under 3 months though. For under 3 months its best to get a Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support. For over 3 or 4 months, this pillow is ideal because baby is maturing and rarely will want to stay in the noggin (it is not very comfortable). but at the same time, the foam pillow will take a form of a head and will continue preventing flat head which is still possible after 3 to 4 months….it is worth a try…definitely….

Latisha Orange Lake, FL

Great pillow!

My son uses this pillow every day to nap! Also to play on kick and play and whatever we need it for. I just bought another one! Highly recommend.

Iris Phillipsport, NY


I gave this 4 Stars due to the fact that she does not stay on it but moves around a lot in her sleep from birth and is now 5 months. Otherwise, it appears to keep her body aligned when she is placed on it and the material being foam is more comfortable for her neck.

Patti Brier Hill, PA

So soft, I wish I had one!

Love this pillow for my 8 month old! Wish I would have tried this sooner, he loves to sleep on pillow type products and because he has developed a flat spot I have tried them all and this has been by far the best product out there! I will purchase the toddler pillow when the time comes with him and for the new baby on the way this will be a must have to avoid a flat spot.

Shana Brittany, LA

Love it!

My son loves loves loves this pillow!! I had to buy two more for back up. Its lightweight and comfortable. Very soft! Great product!

Denise Benton, AR

Baby Loves It! Sleeps on it everyday!

Our 2 month old baby is a bit colicky and fussy and a hard sleeper. We always have to hold him to get him to sleep and he’ll frequently wake up easily. This pillow has helped him to sleep on his own next to us on the couch while we get those few precious hours to focus on work or other tasks while we watch him.

Jackie State Center, IA


I bought this pillow so I don’t have to turn my son every so often so that his head would not become flat on the back. Its so comfy to lie on that my older daughter likes it so much. I am planning to buy the toddler size of this pillow. I recommend this product to all the mommy looking for a foam pillow

Hilary Mansfield, MO

Great Baby Pillow

When my son was 4 months old, this pillow helped a lot in improving his flat spot on the back of his head. It didn’t make it go away but helped in not making it worse as my son used to sleep on his back all the time and hated to roll.My son is 7 months old now, and his head’s shape is almost perfect. He now sleeps on his sides and for some reason he now hates to sleep on this pillow, but I don’t care it served its purpose when he was younger.

Blanca Junction City, WI

super awesome pillow

Feels just like marshmellows. Feels just like memory foam. Love the holes designed into the foam allow the material to breath. Pillow is petite & just the correct size for a baby. Also the cover for the pillow

Madelyn Severn, MD

Five Stars

great soft and great for a new born baby

Claudia Davenport, NE

My baby loves it!

Although he keeps rolling away from the pillow he seems content once he’s on it. Very soft and elastic. A bit too high for young babies though. So i would not recommend using it until the baby is a few months old.

Haley Cumberland, IA

too thick for a 4 months old baby to use

my baby girl is now 4 months old and weight 15Lb 12Oz, this pillow is still too high for my little one. I’ll have to wait till she gets older to use it.I also bought the moon pillow for baby, and the thickness around her neck is fine.

Keri Tonkawa, OK

Love the pillow!! Great purchase!

Love the pillow. Very soft and memory foam like. Our little one sleeps so easily and it definitely supports her head without making it flat. Happy with the purchase and highly recommend it.

Sue Herlong, CA

Great pillow, not big enough though

I love this pillow and it’s nice for smaller babies, however, I will be returning it and getting the toddler sized one because it needs to be wider. My baby barely fits onto this one, he’s always very close to the edges and I feel like when putting him down we always have to make sure and center him right otherwise he won’t be on the pillow. (my baby isn’t that big, he’s of avg. wt for a 5 month old) Just so you have an idea about the size. Other than that it’s a very nice pillow. But if he was to toss and turn too much I know he wouldn’t be on the pillow anymore.

Delores Chapel Hill, TN

Baby looks so cute sleeping on it

It is super soft. My almost 4 mo old loves to sleep on it. I feel good knowing she is sleeping flat on her back while using this pillow.

Katharine Mechanicsville, VA

Awesome little pillow !

I love this pillow ! Very nice quality and I can tell it’s really helping with the shape of my daughters head … She loves it too I would recommend !

Janis Fox River Grove, IL