Clevamama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow, Cream

Clevamama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow, Cream

The ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow offers the optimum is comfort and support for your toddler. Perfect in size and design this pillow helps ensures as peaceful and restful night’s sleep and is the just right for your toddler’s first pillow. This is the only pillow that has been scientifically proven, by world renowned university Trinity College Dublin, to protect the round shape of your toddler’s head. This comfortable and luxurious pillow has the added benefit of Airflow which will draw away moisture and increase airflow for the ultimate “Snugability”.

Main features

  • Designed to keep your Child’s head and spine in the correct alignment
  • Protects the round shape of your baby’s soft head
  • Airflow draws away moisture and increases airflow for ultimate comfort
  • Lightweight and breathable

Verified reviews


A good first pillow for a toddler.

In a world where most toddler pillows are likeToddler/Child Pillow 14×20(way, way too thick), this foam pillow is a breath of fresh air. Ignore all of the pseudoscientific claims on the package (along the lines of: This pillow moves more air around your toddler’s brain, making him smarter!) and see it for what it is: a thin foam pillow, sized for a toddler’s bed.If you’re looking for a toddler pillow (for a kid who’s used to sleeping without a pillow), this is the one to try first. It’s the thinnest small pillow I’ve found and my toddler (22 months old when we got it) took to it right away. He’d shown signs of wanting a pillow, by using them on the couch and on adults’ beds, so we took his cue.The only problem with this pillow is that it doesn’t fit into “toddler” pillowcases. We ended up putting it width-wise into a king-size pillowcase and tucking the excess under the toddler mattress. That’s actually a pretty good solution because it forces the pillow to stay put.Bottom line: This thin foam pillow is great for toddlers.NOTE FOR PROSPECTIVE PARENTS: This is my one piece of advice that I wish I’d known when we were buying things in advance of our first child’s delivery. If you’re like most modern parents, you’re going to have a lot of tiny beds with different-sized mattresses, mattress pads, and sheets. You’re also going to be doing a lot of laundry. These various sheets are different sizes, but it can be hard to tell which is which when they come out of the dryer. You do not want to be fighting with the sheets when it comes time to remake a bed after a vomit or feces incident.The solution is to choose ONE color for the sheets of a particular size and stick to it. For instance, get all green crib sheets. Make all of your co-sleeper sheets cream. For the pack ‘n’ play? All brown. (The brown will hide travel smudges, too.) Buy white or yellow toddler sheet sets. Also, get alaundry markerand write a code for the size on the mattress pads’ labels.People got you fancy bedding sets (which, if they contain padded elements, can be dangerous for infants)? You bought into the hype and got all kinds of crazy sheets for the crib? Return them if you can. Or consign them. Or give them away. Seriously, having a unified color for each size sheet will simplify your life for YEARS to come, especially if you have more than one kid.

Claudine Fackler, AL

SPIDER inside the pillow!

Disgusting. The pillow arrived and I opened it to air it out b/c it is a bit stinky. I am so glad I took the pillowcase off of it because then I saw a dead SPIDER inside the sheer fabric that is sewn around the foam. A spider was sewn into the pillow and it died there.This pillow is MADE IN CHINA – so that was a dead Chinese spider that travelled all the way to Minnesota to freak me out.This pillow is being sent back unused and hopefully they don’t try to sell it to someone else.As for the pillow itself, the foam is a bit firmer than I expected but the thickness does seem right for a toddler. I was looking forward to letting my little guy sleep on it this weekend (after the chemical smell aired out for a couple days) – but not after I discovered the spider sewn into the pillow.

Rene Ira, TX

Can’t find a pillowcase that fits

I like the pillow, but can’t find a pillowcase that fits it. I bought the 14×21 Pillowcase Child/Toddler 100% cotton pillowcase, but that was about an inch too short. Ended up putting it in a regular pillowcase, which is too big, but it works. It does say that what’s on it is a pillowcase, but it doesn’t look like a pillowcase and my 2 year old kept saying I forgot to put a pillowcase on it. 🙂

Shirley Madison, AL

Great pillow

I bought this pillow for my one year old son. It is basically memory foam pillow with holes in it, which allow air go through. It has a good quality cover with zipper on the back. I washed and dried the cover in washing machine and drier without any problems. I use additional cotton cover on top of the basic cover. The size is just right for toddlers (the recommended age is from 12 months and up). The measurements are 20 x 12 inches and it is 2 inch thick. This company also makes a smaller and thinner pillow for infants (baby pillow), which I want to try with baby #2. The price is good for the quality of this pillow and I definitely recommend this to anyone with toddler looking for better quality pillow.

Gayle New Era, MI

Quality Foam Pillow!

My son just turned 2 and I was tired of trying to find ways to elevate his head every time he had a stuffy nose. I was looking for a low profile toddler pillow and this is perfect. It’s approx 2″ tall and comes with a thicker quality pillowcase. This is firm but not too firm. This pillow is wide enough for my son to lay on his side and play with his toy cars on top of it before falling asleep. The pillow and pillowcase seems to be high quality and well made. If you’re looking for a simple low profile foam pillow, this is the one for you! I am deducting 1 star because it doesn’t seem breathable at all. Although the foam has holes throughout the pillow, my son sweats alot when he uses this. Therefore I recommend getting a back up pillowcase.

Eunice Pence Springs, WV

Great Pillow for my 2 Yr Old

Good quality memory foam. Not too small, not too big. He actually likes sleeping on it and sleeps better, thankfully!!

Casey Hunlock Creek, PA

Large, comfortable, not high as others

The pillow is large and comfortable for my daughter yet it is not high which was my other main requirement. The only negative thing is the pillow cover material. While it is nice and soft, the loose hair easily stuck to it.

Susan Mountainside, NJ

Didn’t help at 11 months, neutral at 15 months- tummy sleeper

I got this for my daughter because I was desperate for her to sleep through the night. When I opened the package, it stunk to high hades like burnt rubber. It took about three days for it to air out and she wouldn’t go near it until the stench went away. She wouldn’t stay on it until she was 14 months old. I’d put her down and ten minutes later she’d have rolled off it. Eventually, she started to stay on it but she still tends to flop to the other end the bed by morning. I don’t really think she cares about this pillow any more than she would any other one.

Ester Schley, VA

Perfect Toddler pillow

I selected this toddler pillow for my 2 year’s old first pillow. It’s the perfect size for his crib and not too flat or high. Only big negative is that it STINKS! Whatever type of foam it’s made from has a strong chemical smell to it. The pillow does come with it’s own thick covered pillowcase which helps decrease the smell but I felt better about putting a large allergen waterproof pillowcase over it which blocks out all the chemical scent. I just couldn’t find any other toddler pillow that seem an appropriate size and not just full of poly stuffing. Will keep looking but my son really likes it.

Ann Ravenden, AR

Good thickness but irregular shape is a challenge

Pros – I like the thickness of this pillow. It’s relatively thin, which is a good thickness for a toddler’s small head. Also, my toddler likes to lie on it.Cons- the pillow is an irregular size and the company doesn’t sell pillowcases that match, only zippered outer covers like the one that came with the pillow. Infant pillow covers aren’t wide enough to fit the entire pillow. I use a full-sized pillowcase and fold the ends under. Also, the outer cover pilled after the first wash and the dry discolored the pillowcase with circular holes on a low setting.

Angelina Webster, TX

I like it but it needs an aditional cover to be used

The pillow is perfect, I was expected that my baby just used the pillow, but, how in my mind I could expect that he will leave away his Winnie the Pooh?… silly mommy….:) so he sleeps with his pillow and his friend at the same time, he seems sleep comfortable, I really will recommend this pillow, the material is great and it is not hot for him, it is not high and brings him good support. I read from some customers about the cover of pillow and the this had a nice cover, yes it has, but for normal use, the cover doesn’t work, even if you wash it normally, with one month of use, this looks like a Christmas tree (full of fabric balls), the fabric of this cover gets in very bad shape, so it really needs a additional cotton cover.

Edith Millington, TN

My 19mo old loves it! Not breathable.

My son wanted a pillow, and this one is perfect…it isn’t plush or dangerous, so I feel safe giving it to him, and he LOVES it. That said, I don’t understand how they advertise it as "breathable"…it’s memory foam. That doesn’t breathe. I smashed my face into it and quickly felt the need to remove the pillow so that I could breathe. But, it is flat enough and light enough that toddlers will be able to manage this pillow; so I am not much concerned about this…but I do feel it is misleading.

Christi Port Elizabeth, NJ

Wonderful toddler pillow

Bought two if these for my daughters who are 20 months. They have been showing signs for a pillow for a while but all I could find were pillows that were too big or too fluffy. This pillow fit perfectly in their crib, and is flat. They love snuggling into it. Very hard to find a pillow case for them, I just opted not to buy one since it comes with one, so I use just that. Would buy again!

Suzanne Shonto, AZ

Love it, just like our temperpedic, but made for a toddler.

Our son uses his pillow every night and loves it. Before this, he went from a small sewn pillow with light fill that my mother made for him. The transition was seamless. We love how thin, yet solid and comfortable the pillow is. It is also really well made.

Allyson Horsepen, VA

Good sleeping pillow for toddler

We had a similar pillow for our first toddler and he loved sleeping on it. With our second child we decided to get another one. We decided to purchase this one as it is slightly longer than our previous one we purchased (different brand). Since the pillow is a little longer it fits on the twin bed for our older one much better and he sleeps well through the night with it.We didn’t notice any smell upon removing the pillow from the packaging. Great pillow for a toddler.

Amber Elkfork, KY

Clevamama Foam Pillow

I have been looking for a good toddler pillow…most of them are cheap and way to thick. Its memory foam that molds perfectly to the childs head and shoulders. My daughter loves it! Pillow cases are not easy to find, it comes with it’s own…but for me I prefer a traditional cotton or polyester cover. I purchased a few pillowcases and one Amazon had recommended that would fit…none of them did. However, I finally found one that did fit…you can get it at Walmart, its a travel pillowcase 15X20, polyester, and its a perfect fit, zips up and all!

Dixie Fountain, NC


so happy to find a pillow that is safe, comfortable, easy to clean and I could go on and on and on. My 3yo sleeps so much better with this pillow. I opened and let it sit out for about a day before putting in his room and there is no odor.

Catherine Alabaster, AL

Toddler pillow

Does its job, its like a mini memory foam pillow. Wish it had a neck arch to it (like a slant) on one side for little heads. Daughter is 2 and uses this as her pillow every night but sometimes she rolls off it, does not always stay in place. I’m sure there’s an even better design they can come up with to accommodate the head of a 2-3 year old.

Maude Gladeville, TN

Pillow is great for toddlers!

Other toddler pillows are too fluffy and hard for kids to get situated. This pillow is flat but soft. The memory foam breathes and keeps my little one’s head cool. It has been great now that he is finally able to get some rest. I am ordering an extra for naps on the couch! I highly recommend this pillow!

Evangeline Beacon, IA

Awesome pillow!

I love this pillow! Its shaped well and firm with a touch of softness from the foam. And the height is the best I can find for a little toddler. Would definitely buy again and recommend to my friends.

Melva Pacolet, SC


Wonderful pillow, it’s soft but not too soft that my toddler’s head sinks into the pillow .

Bethany Cairo, NY

you can breathe through it but, would you want to?

This is a soft foam, you can shove your face in it and still breathe through it but you might die of the fumes. This smells like some sort of plastic abomination. I still like the pillow, i just recommend buying it a few months before you need it and airing it out until the fumes can evaporate.

Carole Maury, NC

nice pillow

Nice pillow for my 2 year old. No problems, he sleeps very well on it. It washes nicely so far.

Rebekah Newtown, PA

Good First Pillow

Bought this for my son when he was about 14 months old.He is now 21.5 months and still using this pillow. So far it has held up very well.It is definitely on the firm side, the foam is vented. It comes with a fuzzy fleece like encasing (pillow cover). But I still put it in a regular pillow case since the fleece fuzzy cover made his hair look funky.Over I’m very satisfied with the purchase

Autumn Berger, MO

Exactly what we needed

My 12month old son started falling asleep much faster with this pillow. It arrived in a nice box and did not smell of harsh chemicals (very mild aromatizator seems to be used but it did not affect my son – no sneezing or sniffing)

Kristy Dunn Center, ND

Wonderful Pillow

My toddler loves this pillow. It’s nice and soft, providing him with a bit of elevation without tilting his head too far. I find that his colds are a little easier for him, because this lets him breathe more easily at night.I’ve had good success washing this pillow in the machine, and even drying it (on low).The only objection is that it’s a bit hard to find pillowcases for it; I have had to make my own.

Sharron Frankfort, MI

Perfect Toddler Pillow!

Bought this for our 2 year old daughter a few months ago, and it’s great! Gives her perfect support and seems to sleep better since getting it! It is excellent quality too. Highly recommend.

Celeste Franklin Springs, GA