Clevamama Splash and Wrap Baby Bath Towel

Clevamama Splash and Wrap Baby Bath Towel

The original and multi-award winning Clevamama Splash and Wrap Baby Bath Towel is ideal for newborns to toddlers. The largest towel of its kind, it is designed to fasten around your neck like an apron allowing you to safely pick your baby up from the bath with two free hands. Completely wrap your baby and cover your baby’s head with the hood to keep in the all-important heat. This extra large towel also helps prevent mum or dad’s clothes getting wet by their splashing toddler. Made from 100% cotton, it is guaranteed to be gentle and absorbent on baby’s delicate skin.

Main features

  • 92% Cotton/8 % Polyester
  • Imported
  • Safest bath towel in the market, Allows you two free hands to safely lift baby out of bath, Perfect weave for getting between little fingers and toes, Excellent drier, Packed in a beautifully designed box

Verified reviews


Clever design, but far from perfect

This is a sort of cross between a towel and an apron. There’s a pair of straps that snap behind your neck, and some ties you can secure behind your waist, such that when you lean over to lift your baby out of the bath, the towel stays on you instead of falling in the water. I’m pretty surprised this isn’t how all baby towels are designed.It’s not perfect, thought. First off, it’s actually pretty thin, even right out of the box before washing. Most baby towels i’ve seen are very thick, plush things designed for parents who think that everything their infant touches must be softer than a giant fluffy cotton swab. This one, well, it’s on the thin side even for an adult towel.Second, it’s a bit of a nightmare in the washing machine. The straps and ties always end up tangled around everything else, turning the laundry into one big knot and sometimes tying it so tightly that the detergent can’t rinse out properly.Third, your arms can still get plenty wet, especially clutching baby to your chest with one hand while you use the other to wrap the towel around them. And given how thin the towel is, your shirt will probably end up at least a little damp. It definitely better than ending up soaked with a normal towel, but not quite the dream that marketing would have you believe.So, is it better than a normal towel that’s impossible to hold on to while you extract a wiggly little baby from their bath? Yes. Much much better. Is it perfect? No, not by a long shot.(And if anyone has any tips on how to keep it from earning knot-tying merit badges in the washing machine, please let me know in the comments.)

Pamala Random Lake, WI

Soooo Simple!

Pretty simple idea that it makes any mom weep and go “duh!”The towel itself is basically a baby towel with a hood…except the other end opposite the hood is bib-like so you can wear it.I got this when my son was about a year old and about 32 inches long. The first time I used it, I didn’t like it because it wasn’t long enough to maneuver him while wearing it. I also didn’t like the side ties…really, who actually uses them? The thick terry cloth was also a turnoff…because I had been using very thin baby hooded towels. Then I complained about the way it snaps onto your neck (via 2 snaps, instead of velcro).Oh the error of my ways…Since using it for several months now, I can honestly say this is one baby item that will actually continue to get lots of use past the baby’s first year (unlike soooo many other things).With a very active toddler, bath time gets very WET! Now I can’t imagine what I’d do without it! I use it every night because it keeps me completely dry during all the splashes and shenanigans. I have not had any issues with it not providing enough coverage. I feel like it’s really well proportioned that it’s not so huge but covers me perfectly. While I don’t use it the way the woman in the picture does — it comes in handily when I need to dry his front after laying him down on his towel that he wears. I think if I had this when he was small enough, it would have been very handy not using basically two towels.Plushness — This terry cloth is by far the plushest baby towel we own. I thought it was too big and bulky but now I love that it’s so absorbent that my toddler can splash alot of water around and my clothes are still dry!Neck snaps — At first I wished this was velcro but now dealing with all his bibs and other baby velcro items in the dryer, I’m so glad it’s not. Also, the snaps are really strong that my 15month old can tug and pull at my neck and the towel stays on.Washing/drying — I see that others have had issues but using this towel for more than 2 months, I have not had this problem at all. We have front-loading LG washer/dryer. My load varies, meaning I don’t only wash towels. Sometimes I stick it in with the baby’s clothes and other towels. No balling for me.Overall, I think this towel holds alot of value for both infant and toddler use. Unless you have the time, energy and inclination to make something similar…I think paying $20 for it is more than worth it.I plan to order 2 as baby shower gifts and having them monogrammed. I know I would have really loved that if someone got it for me.

Krystal Ryan, IA

Good for young baby, not for older

I was given one of these at my shower. It was great for very specific uses: when I was bathing my infant baby alone, when he was quite little. Then it was definitely handy. But if dad was there, I’d just pass baby to him to be wrapped up (which was easier than using this, as you still have to wrap baby up one handed), and when baby got older it was sort of pointless (now I put towel on toilet seat, and plunk my toddler down on top of the towel and wrap him up if I’m alone).It was soft and washed well.

Mae Esopus, NY

pretty awesome that it’s also an apron!

Towel is pretty light, dries quickly, and, most importantly, you can clip it around your neck. That’s a lifesaver because (a) you don’t have to reach for the towel after you’re done bathing the baby and (b) you can lift the baby to your chest without getting wet. We love it!

Christie Oakham, MA

Cuddly for cuddly babies

I have used hooded baby towels before but this is top of the line. Extra plush, very well made. I love that it snaps around my neck like an apron – it makes holding my twin grandbabies that much more secure. I also like that the toweling is 100% cotton – it’s super absorbent.It is large – 40″ x 37 1/2″ – actually big enough for babies all the way to toddlers. There was only one small negative. The towel has two ties on the side corners of the towel made of same material the towel is bound with (facing tape). They are basically just lightly sewn on and I assume they are to be used to tie towel around baby. They are flimsy and unneeded (you just wrap and swaddle the baby anyway).There is a plush appliqued teddy bear on the hood part of the towel with nicely done machine embroidery in an ecru color. The towel is white.The towel is so nice that I wish they made larger ones for adults, namely me.

Latonya Lund, NV

Warm and absorbent

Because the actual user of this towel is about one year old, I can’t offer a detailed description of exactly how it feels to be wrapped in this post-bath. But the little one seems happy enough, and this towel is thick and absorbent enough to make the post-bath dry-off relatively smooth. It looks to be well-made, and will hopefully last many bath times.

Jesse Herndon, PA

Good idea!

This hooded towel takes bathing little ones to a whole nother level. The towel snaps around your neck, allowing both hands to be free. You can just pick up your child and wrap them up! Simple and inventive. Great gift for new moms!

Leeann Booneville, MS

Nice, large towel

I like the large size of the towel which makes it easy to wrap my baby up. The material quality is good. I don’t use the neck strap which is fine because it doesn’t get in the way. Overall, this is a quality item and would make a great gift.

Fanny Menasha, WI

Do NOT buy this! Lint everywhere!

Upon opening the package, the product ruined my favorite black nursing top because there is lint everywhere. Needless to say, it is returned. It is a low quality bath towel.

Fannie Littleton, MA

Awesome idea – A towel that frees up your hands!

Once again, Amazon shipped fast, and the towel arrived on time and in good shape. My son is almost two and he is at that stage where he is trying to get out of the tub by himself. He is a handful getting out and I pick him up and he drips all over the place. This towel solves that problem by freeing up my hands. Like others have said, just throw it around your neck, pick the child up and it pretty much wraps him up! Great idea, wish I was the one who invented it. The quality is soft and comfy and is not scratchy. After two washes, it has held up well. Overall, great value!! 5 star!

Kristina Deer Park, CA

I guess she needs more practice. . .

I got this for my wife, since she is constantly bathing babies. . . and changing her clothes afterward since she is sopping wet from hugging a wet baby to herself while trying to wrap him in a towel. So, obviously this product should excite her. And it did, until she used it. She snapped it on, tied it around, then leaned over to pull baby out and got half of it soaking wet. Oops. “Well, I still think it’s a good idea,” She says. So, she tries it again. . . not exactly the same problem, but the thing is awkward to juggle and even though it is wonderfully huge, it just doesn’t wrap up a 19 lb baby as well as you would expect from the picture. . . particularly not if you are trying to wear it around your neck and get the hood on the kid’s head. “Logistic nightmare,” she says. She does use the towel all the time, the way you would use a normal towel, wrapping it around the three year old after she climbs out of the tub. It’s a nice size for that age with out being bulky like an adult towel. And it has a hood!

Susanne Feura Bush, NY

Better than the regular towels we used

I was really interested to get this after reading the product description, designed to fasten around your neck like an apron allowing you to safely pick your baby up from the bath with two free hands.Does it really work as expected? Is it better than the average towel we have used in the past?It is definitely better than a regular baby towel and the idea is great, the towel is big enough to cover the baby and it does allow you to have both hands free.Having said that, I am afraid it does not fulfill the expectations it sets completely. We have always looked for towels that are soft and feel gentle on the skin of the baby, and while this one is made of cotton and does feel soft, it is quite thin. The kind of thin that makes you wonder how long it will last before starting to see holes in it caused by constant use; additionally, your clothes may end getting wet regardless as a result of the towel being so thin. Another reviewer mentioned a problem when washing it in a washing machine, we had that problem too the first time but resolved it by using a laundry bag.Bottom-line, we have been using this towel and will continue doing so; we think the idea is great and it does work much better that the towel we used before, however, the product description gave us a different expectation from what we ended up getting.

Marissa Rexford, KS

It’s huge!

Chalk this up to Baby items you don’t need, but are nice nonetheless.This towel is huge. You snap it around your neck (like the picture, and it will hang to the floor (at least, it does on my 5 foot 3 body)). And it’s wide, with ties you can tie around your waist, to use like an apron, which will keep you from wet while giving baby a bath. This makes it very handy, and easily the best towel I’ve used.Have I mentioned it’s huge? That’s honestly why it’s so easy to use — plenty of towel to cover you while bathing, and to dry off baby after lifting from tub. I’ve got a small guy (15lbs at 9 months) but if you’ve got a bigger baby, you wil especially appreciate the size. I’m pretty sure I will be using this towel until my little guy is 3 years, at least.Only downside is that it’s white, so it will get dirty quickly if exposed to things other than water. But, on the upside, it will fit in with any bathroom decor!Recommended.

Sonia Hurley, MO

Great idea!

This solves an age-old dilemma — how do you get a baby out of the bathtub while holding a towel, without either three arms or a prehensile chin? If you don’t have the towel ready, you get soaked; if you do try to tuck it under your chin, chances are good you’re either going to trail it into the bathtub or drop it altogether.The Clevamama towel has a bib-like closure on one side that goes around your neck, and a hood on the other side. You snap it on, lift Baby out of the tub and then put the little hood on his or her head, with no danger of dropping the towel or getting sopping wet.The material is thick and soft, and my daughter seems to really like her own little towel. However, I do wish the towel was a bit longer, for older babies. My daughter just turned 1, and it’s quite a stretch to get the little hood on her anymore while one of us is wearing it. Also, it would be nice if one side had a color or pattern or something, so it’s easier to see that you have it on right. We’ve frequently put it on backward, with the hood on the wrong side, which is a bit of a pain.

Melanie Hamlin, PA

Soft versatile towel; Decent size

Despite the fact that this towel makes your kid look like a cute little Klan member, it’s a great towel that is soft and can be used in a number of ways. It’s also large enough to accommodate my big, joochy, 30lb 19 month old with room to grow.I’ve used a number of these types of towels. While this one isn’t decorated too crazily or in the shape of some strange creature, it does get the job done quite nicely. It’s both soft and absorbent and includes a number of features that may or may not come in handy depending on your routine.My typical usage is plopping my kid out of the bath and placing the hood over her head. The towel is more diamond shaped than square, so you have to pull the corners around the child in order to wrap them up. The bottom corner — opposite the hood — has a feature for velcroing the towel around your baby’s neck so that you can place the towel on your child while they are still in the tub and then pull them out without getting yourself wet. It’s a clever addition, but typically reserved for younger kids that have trouble standing on their own while in the tub.After a number of cycles in the wash, the towel maintains its integrity quite well. It hasn’t frayed or degraded significantly, still has excellent absorbency and still feels soft. I would definitely recommend this towel for consideration as it works great for most kids probably up to 3 or years old (maybe more).

Gale Laurinburg, NC

This is very nice material and excellent size

This is very nice material and excellent size and a nice colour.The material is soft and the apron style gives more grip.

Traci Hilltown, PA

Perfect, Practical Gift for New Mom

This is a super soft cotton towel,blanket,apron.It offers so much versatility, that it’s really a joy for a new mom.It has snaps at the back of the neck to hold it in position as well as a tie around the waist. You should not get soaked wet in using this.It is very generous in size and allows you to walk, holding baby, sit with baby in lap and dry.The towel also dries quickly after being wet. I did a test run on it with my yorkie.I am not a mom, but I’m quite familiar with babies, two nieces with experience in bathing, diapering, etc. From that I can just imagine how much and how useful a mother would find this apron/towel.Highly recommended!

Margaret Rockaway Beach, OR

better designed hooded towel than an average one

i used to wear an apron while giving baths to kids. yes, some splashing during bath time is involved, but the primary reason was to avoid getting soaked while picking up the baby to dry. this clever design gets rid of the need for the apron.i also don’t like typical hooded towels because they’re often made of thick t-shirt-ish cotton jersey-ish material. why not more towels that feel like a terry towel? at thus this one felt closer to a terry towel, though not as thick and plush as a grown-up towel.still, it’s a better kid’s towel than those flimsy multipack ones. once you’re done with the baby phase, you can cut the strings off to use it like a typical hooded towel.

Lenore Boaz, KY

such a nice idea!

love the soft towel and tabs so I can put it on myself before giving baby a bath. She comes right on to my shoulder after her bath and is nice and cozy. she loves it!

Marina Beavertown, PA

Great Baby Shower Gift

This is a fantastic idea. First of all, hooded towels are always a must, for babies and toddlers. Not only do they have a “built in” hanger in the hood, but they are also fun for the kids to wear, if you get them used to it from the beginning. Having a few around works best if you want to wash them frequently. Personally, we like the thinner nature of this towel because it dries faster and never starts to smell, so it lasts longer between washings.One note (personal): I don’t like wearing anything on my neck, even necklaces, so I definitely don’t use all the features of this towel. But I can attest to the fact that it keeps all the splashing from the baby and todller off my clothes, which I no longer have to change after each bath.A fantastic idea, can’t go wrong with this as a shower gift!

Erna Weskan, KS

Clevamama Hooded Towel

The Clevamama Splash and Wrap Hooded Towel (White) was very well received as a gift to my friend who has a newborn. The texture was extremely soft but still absorbent, not like a cheap towel that doesn’t really ever get you dry. It is big enough that it can be used for a variety of baby sizes. This is the perfect gift for anyone with a baby, especially since there is no need to worry about colors for boys versus girls if you go with the simple white color.

Amanda Capulin, CO

Clever Idea but not practical.

I used this towel last weekend with my 6 mo old grandson, who is a slippery little guy. The towel is large and soft. Very nice quality terry. I strapped the towel around my neck as directed, and felt it was a little tight. Pick up a squirming, wet baby, and it pulls on your neck. I had to unfasten it. The hood was a little small and difficult to orient over his head. But the towel performed great as far as absorbancy and softness.

Nora Gober, TX

still struggling to figure it out

so far I tried it with no good results.. I guess my boy needs to be older because it’s hard to accomodate

Geraldine Southwick, MA


we’ve been using this exclusively since baby’s birth. It’s big and soft, love the hoodie, it helps to dry her hair quickly. She loves the snuggling feeling too!

Kathie Brainard, NE

great product!

this towel is very soft and functions perfectly! great to pick up my little guy from the tub and have him covered easily as i hold him.

Carmela Hilliards, PA

Love it !! Very helpful

I am so glad i bought it . Infact after using it for two months , i bought another one , i bath my baby twice , morning and evening , and only use these towels , it is so easy , to hold baby in it , you can snuggle with him . The best part your clothes don’t get messed up .

Odessa Belle Center, OH

A wonderful gift for a baby shower

I purchased two of these for my daughter-in-law. She loves that it helps prevent her (or hubby) from getting soaked during bath time, and it makes her feel safer and more secure that she has both hands free to hold onto her squirming little bundle of joy. This was a really terrific idea!

Morgan Cumby, TX

Very useful!

We were excited to try this with our nephew when we babysit him. This towel is really useful and very nice quality.You snap the towel around your neck like an apron. The towel for the baby is a continuation of the apron – it’s all one piece. You strap the towel on, pick your baby up out of the water and wrap the towel around him/her, and you don’t get wet! It’s the first time I’ve bathed my nephew without getting wet. It’s a really, really great idea and now we won’t give a bath without it!The towel is very soft and high quality. We’ve washed it several times, and it has stood up quite well. Some of the thin pieces of the towel (the neck strap) get a little twisted up during the wash, but it’s not a big deal.Highly recommended!

Gertrude Westfield, VT

Bath towel

I had high hopes for this towel and it was just ok. Perhaps we should have been using it when our grandson was newborn and we waited too long. He was several months old when I bought it and it just wasn’t the lifesaver I thought it would be. It is a nice size though and we still use it, just not hooked around our necks like an apron. It washes nice and keeps its shape very well.

Deirdre Boyertown, PA

Hooded Towel w/ Added Benefit

We have 3-4 ‘animal’ hooded towels, where our daughter can be a reindeer/butterfly/flower, and probably a few more. These allow her to be wrapped up, look cute, and offers something fun. However those towel’s are just designed for wrapping up your child.This towel takes it a step further and adds a neck strap for the adult so that you can snuggle your child in without getting your clothes all wet. It’s a great feature, although you loose all the cute little animal styles.

Nadia Jerome, MO