Clip-On Stroller Fan

Clip-On Stroller Fan

It’s “cool” to have a personal fan…one that keeps kids comfortable, cool, and entertained! Our finger-safe stroller fan features soft foam fins and clips easily to all types of strollers, play yards, and gear. With a flexible neck that lets you angle the breeze. Requires 2 “AA” batteries (sold separately). A OneStepAhead Exclusive! Cooling and fascinating! Wipe clean with a damp cloth 9″L, with a 4 3/4″ diameter fan and a 4 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ clip-on base

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Works great, doesn’t harm lil hands

This fan works well at creating a breeze to keep your lil one comfortable. It is marketed to be a stroller fan, and it does a wonderful job at that, but we primarily use it in our car.We have an SUV with dark interior that is not quick to cool down in the back seats durring the summer months. Since the vehicles air vents all point back, and so does the car seat, our daughter was getting uncomfortable from never getting a cool breeze on her face. We clamped this to the back head rest post and it does a great job of keeping her cooler while the A/C fights to counter our Sacramento Valley summer highs.The foam blades won’t harm tiny fingers and the motor is strong enough to really get the air moving.I took 2 stars off for its hardy appetite for batteries, but added a star back because the battery compartment is screwed down; if our daughter does get ahold of it, there is no way she can accidentally get the batteries out and in her mouth unless she has also found a tiny phillips head screwdriver. And lets face it, if your baby has found a screw driver, batteries are your last concern.

Gwendolyn Unadilla, NY

terrible product

The product is terrible. I ordered 2 for my twins and one arrived broken (the battery cables were broken) and the second the fan blades would not stay attached.It is also the cheapest made fan I have ever seen.DO NOT BUY

Toni Westmoreland, NH

Doesn’t stay on Bugaboo Bee

We have the Bugaboo BEE Complete Stroller, Yellow, and I was hoping that this would provide a little relief in the middle of summer for our little one. It would, except for the fact that the grips on the clamp of the fan don’t stay on the frame of our stroller! The product itself works great – provides a breeze strong enough to rustle my little one’s hair just a bit. I’m docking a star because it doesn’t work with the Bee, which is our “everyday” stroller. Really, the only place to attach the fan on our “everyday” stroller or our jogging stroller (we have theBOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black) is the canopy/sunshade – we clamp it to the edge of it, but it’s not super secure/sturdy.I love love love the concept, just doesn’t work well with the strollers we have. Perhaps would work better with other stroller systems?

Petra Butte, MT

Great investment for summer!

This fan has been wonderful for us. Our daughter takes a medication which makes her overheat easily and we put the fan on her as soon as we put her in the stroller. We get SO many comments and compliments on how neat it is from strangers when we go out. She rides in style with her fan, stroller shade, and a cool drink in hand.

Mable Folsom, CA

A must have!

We love this fan! My daughter does not like hot days but with this fan she enjoys our walks during the summer. I use rechargeable batteries. It is not noisy.

Alejandra Florence, MO

Battery dies quickly

This fan works pretty well but the batterues die quickly. Also, has to be in perfect position in order to fan properly. Still would recommend.

Mae Medanales, NM

Just want we needed

This little fan is just want we need for this Mississippi summer! My babies head finally doesn’t sweat in the car seat and in the stroller. It gives off a nice breeze. I’ve even clipped it on my chair to fan the both of us when we’re sitting outside!

Angelina Centerville, MO

A must have for any mom

I wish I had gotten this sooner, as my now 3 1/2 mo old LOVES hers! She stops crying when we turn it on clipped on the car seat. We use it in the stroller all the time too. She plays with it & I don’t have to worry about her getting hurt. I just ordered 2 more for my sisters in law & their babies. I love how versatile it is too. When they get older we can use it ourselves! The only cons I have are that the batteries run out really quickly, I don’t like how you have to unscrew the back to change the batteries & sometimes when you position it certain ways, the adjusting arm gets caught & the fan won’t run. The pros greatly outweigh cons!!!

Shannon Alberta, VA

Best stroller fan you’ll find!

I searched & searched for a good stroller fan. It has been very hot in the Midwest this year & being outdoors had me nervous. Not only was it very hot but the air was just so stale.This fan is very convenient & light weight. I will let you know that especially during the first several uses your little one(s) will probably be super curious & want to play w/ it. The good news is the fan is made of material that won’t hurt them (of course there is always something that can happen you didn’t think of & caution is always necessary), but if played with I could see this breaking relatively easily. I just did my best to not have them play with it; however, they still do as they are completely intrigued by it….LOL. I can’t blame them as it is very interesting with spinning & blowing air @ them – who wouldn’t be interested in that?!!! I do try to explain it is not a toy & if they play with it we won’t have it anymore.As for fuctionality, it puts out a decent amount of air. If it is HOT & I mean really hot then it might not necessary “cool” off, but it will help circulate some air. That is important too. I wish I would have bought this sooner.As some others have reviewed you do have to make sure it is relatively close to them & that the air is actually blowing on them. I several times stopped & made sure to see if the air was close enough to them to make a difference. I could see why some had negatives reviews for this, but you just have to make sure it is close enough & aimed right.We went to an outdoor event w/ 88 degrees & it helped a lot. Everyone made a comment & wanted to know where I got it. Every stroller in warm weather should have a fan for little one’s!Also, thank you to those that provided a review/feedback to use in the car – GREAT IDEA!!!! I am definitely going to do that.Overall, I think this is probably the best stroller fan you’ll find (I bought from One Step Ahead) & while depending on how hot it is it might not completely cool you down, but it does circulate the air. Any comfort you can provide your children on a hot day is very, very important.

Sylvia Fort Blackmore, VA

Very pleased

I am very pleased with this stroller fan. It provides enough wind to cool my kids, but is super safe (they always stick their hands in it). The blades are soft, so they cannot injure a curious kid. I’ve only used it 2x so far, but each time I’ve used it, I got stopped by a few other moms asking where I got the fan. I would definitely recommend this purchase for those hot summer days at the zoo, park, or on walks.

Genevieve Winchester, VA

So far, so good.

This product had it’s first day out today. It attaches to my Britax B-Agile stroller canopy.The cons:1. The clip, it could use some work. I honestly wish it was a bit tighter. The clip is pretty loose and easy to take off, which also makes it easy for my son to rip off and toss. Or kick off by accident.2. The fan makes a small but noticeable clicking noise when it’s up right in certain positions. This is not from the fan blades hitting anything [I’ve checked, extensively.] My fan hangs upside down from the canopy though, so this clicking is a non-issue for me. If it was attached to a tray though, as pictured in the seller’s product page, it would be a problem for me.3. There’s two wires in the back, within the clip that connect the fan to the batteries. These wires are incredibly exposed and it seems they could easily be tugged on by my son and ripped out of place, thus breaking the fan. If this happens I will not be purchasing a replacement. I find it silly that they’ve left wires exposed for a children’s product. I see this as a possible issue in the near future.4. A pro/con. The battery compartment is a screw in. This means that on top of carrying batteries I will need to find a very small screw driver to place on my key ring in case the fan runs out of batteries while I’m out. Considering I only use the fan while out and about, I’m positive the batteries will be running dry while I’m out. BUT. This also means that the batteries will not be popping out if my son gets a hold of the item behind my back.Pros:1. The fan blades are very soft and stop with little pressure placed on them. The fan then starts up again very easily. It startles my son to touch the moving blades but doesn’t hurt him at all.2. The batteries so far have lasted a total of three hours, running time. They’re still going strong as well. Considering they’re double A’s in a moving fan, I consider this damn good and they haven’t even run dry yet.3. Lasted a whole day so far with my son playing with it fairly often. A WHOLE DAY! Wow, I know, right?

Lillian Ascutney, VT