Cloth Diaper Doublers

Cloth Diaper Doublers

For use with traditional flat diapers, prefold diapers or medium, large and toddler sized fitted and deluxe diapers. They are 4 by 14 inches made of four layers of soft absorbent 100% cotton flannel and a double thick terry cloth interior (6 total layers). Sold here in a pack of 6. The little extra needed to keep baby dry at night or during long naps. Our Diaper Doublers are a little thicker and a little larger than our Diaper Inserts. Diaper Doublers are a little large for newborn and small all in one diapers and also a little large for our small fitted diapers. We recommend diaper inserts for these smaller sized diapers. Made in the USA by stay at home moms.

Main features

  • Added absorbency where your baby needs it most
  • 2 interior layers of thirsty terry cloth and two outer layers of soft flannel
  • 100% cotton
  • Cloth diapers last longer when used with diaper doublers.
  • sold here in a pack of 6 doublers

Verified reviews


TEN Stars and not just for diapers

This is a bit of an odd review, because I have given these as gifts to new parents, because they make a diaper do double duty. But I also have bought some to use as cold or hot packs, because when I wet them and either place it the freezer to get cold or in the microwave for one minute, they do a better job that the more expensive cold/hot packs I have bought at the drug store. And a friend told me they are great for washable menstrual pads. Being environmentally minded I LOVE finding a product that can do more than one thing.

Adelaide North Reading, MA

6 were perfect; 6 were messed up

I got two sets of these doublers, one set works GREAT they are super absorbent and did exactly what I needed them to do. The second set after washing lost their shape. They were difficult to lay flat; they still worked but just not as well as the others. For the price they can’t be beat – I must have just gotten a bad batch.

Tasha Mc Kees Rocks, PA

I can make better ones myself

These are atually better then the “liners” of the same brand. They’re cheap, and abosorb quite a bit, they’re just small, I have to pair them with something else, and my 1 year old is not a heavy wetter. I can make better ones myself.

Sara Newton, AL

these are great!

Bought these after reading a review about using them for multiple purposes. I do not use a diaper without one of these doublers. They are great for sanitary pads as well, although should be used with some sort of waterproof layer between pad and panties. I have yet to use them for hot/cold pack. I will be buying more of these!

Olive Devens, MA

Bunched up after washing

I love the size of these and they absorb well, but they got all bunched up after prepping. The layers of material are not sown down and it rolled up inside. The company was very kind to refund my money because I do not use since I think it would be uncomfortable for my daughter in her diaper. Wanted to love though!

Alexis Grant, MI