Cloth Diaper Inserts Organic Bamboo Inserts Booster Doubler

Cloth Diaper Inserts Organic Bamboo Inserts Booster Doubler

These bamboo inserts or doublers are made of 2 layers bamboo and 2 layers microfiber materials – 4 layers that makes it super absorbent! The package includes 8 Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts, inside a paper gift bag, as shown in picture. Washing Instructions: (1) Hand wash or machine wash, regular wash cycle. (2) DO NOT Bleach!

Main features

  • Made of 100% Bamboo Fiber Outer Layer (it is therefore Antibacterial!) and inner microfiber layers
  • Super absorbent, it is about 5 times of normal terry towel
  • It is machine washable, reusable, and dry
  • Size of 13.5 x 5 inch
  • We provide 30 Day money return guarantee, as long as you find the purchased item is different from our listed description and condition.

Verified reviews


Great product!

Update: No issues with stains either from poopies! Another plus!Super soft and absorbent as stated in description. My 9mo son can use just one of these at night with a cover and have no leaks!! These are worth the money. I’ll be buying another pack.Recommend to anyone searching for a solution to heavy wetters!

Christy Alexandria, KY

Love Love Love

I absolutely love these inserts!!! I can use them in any diaper and they aren’t bulky. The absorption is great the only down side is they take a while to dry.

Katrina Lathrop, CA


These Inserts/Doublers are incredibly soft and amazingly absorbent. You will be in love with them immediately. They do take about a day to hang dry but they are worth it. I personally would see no logical reason to ever buy any other brand because these are of outstanding quality. I have several other different brands of inserts and while these are certainly on the most expensive end, they do not disappoint.I was so satisfied that I would have rated 5 Stars but they did not come with the cute little gift bag as promised in the description and seen in the photo. They were simply covered in a clear plastic and stuffed in a mailing envelope…very disappointing. As pricey as they are, they should come with Everything that they are supposed to. However, that of course is not a reflection on the product quality, just the company.

Cathryn Arden, NY

Extremely soft!

These are oh so soft and absorb much better than the cotton ones that came with my pocket diapers. I also use them to double up with prefolds and a cover. They’re so soft I’m happy to put them right up against my son’s hiney!

Casey Angola, NY

AMAZING! so soft and thick

LOVE these!!! Ive never had such Thick Soft Inserts! Im not sure if this is a Good price for them as im new to the cloth diaper world but they are really awesome! I just think they are going to be to long 🙁 But ill make them Work 🙂

Emilie Bland, VA

Great with the Bum Genius Pocket Diapers for Night

We use these inserts with the Bum Genius pocket diapers. We use two of these, a hemp insert, and a fleece liner above the pocket (right next to son’s skin) and this does the trick! We were hesitant about spending so much on the pocket diapers and everything else, but it has been so worth the money!! He hardly ever gets rashes any more. He used to wake up with bad rashes when we just used two pre-folds (and he had a HUGE diaper butt!). These inserts are very absorbent and we would definitely order more of these if we needed more.

Eula Stennis Space Center, MS


I bought these without seeing many reviews. I LOVE them. I am new to cloth diapering. I have applecheek diapers, they fit perfectly inside the pocket. I do not have to use anything else to help prevent leaks. These hold A LOT! I would say they aren’t too bulky, but my daughter has to wear the next size up in pants, but i am sure this is the case with many cloth diapers. My applecheeks were leaking and i was about to give up until i started using these inserts and realized my g diaper inserts were the issue. I would highly recommend these inserts and i will definitely be purchashing more!

Michelle Sergeantsville, NJ


These Inserts are super absorbant, i love them cause i can pair these with a thin pre-fold, and I have not had a leak yet, the reason I didn’t give these 5 stars is because when I put them in the washing machine for the first time, all of them were losing the stiching at the end of the seam,and I found a huge wad of cotton in the washer from that reason, but i just re-sewed them at the end of the seam, and all is good now!Other than that, I thought they were amazing, and I would definietly buy more!

Marguerite Alvarado, TX

Very soft and super absorbent.

I’m very pleased with this product. It’s really-really soft, and super absorbent. It’s quite long, so it fits different sizes. The bag looks nice too and could be reused for a gift.

Nadine Little Creek, DE

Five Stars

the best inserts on the market. no more leaks!

Katrina Rockville, RI