Cloud b Baby Turtle with Quiet Rattle

Cloud b Baby Turtle with Quiet Rattle

Bring on big laughs and smiles with these beautiful baby rattles. Our plush rattles are specially designed for developing little fingers to grab onto and the dampened sound of our ‘quiet’ rattle helps keep parents sane (we thought of everything!). They’re perfect to keep on hand to help shake up playtime.

Main features

  • Specially designed for little fingers to grab on to
  • 100% Polyester surface is soft, yet durable and easy to spot clean
  • Small Plush with Quiet Rattle measures 5″ in length
  • Excellent for basic motor skill development
  • Small Plush w/ Quite Rattle
  • Small for little hands to grab onto
  • Good for motorskills
  • Cute gift
  • Plush; Rattle; Gift; Cloud b; Turtle

Verified reviews


Love it!

Based on the picture, I thought it would be a little bigger but it’s actually a great size and very cute!

Nora Lyons, SD

Very cute

Turtle was very cute and super soft. Rattle is also a nice quite sound unlike some of the rattles out there.

Ginger Moseley, VA


I don’t know why I thought this was going to be more like a stuffed animal but, we love it! Our little girl is due in May and this will be one of the first toys we give her. It’s super quiet, incredibly soft, and just so stinking cute!

Elsa Orogrande, NM

Very soft; size unexpected.

This rattle is very soft, very cute, and the rattle is not too loud. The picture is a bit misleading, but it does have the measurements below. This rattle is very small–but perfect for small hands! 🙂

Vicki Green Cove Springs, FL

Super Cute Rattle!

This rattle is adorable! It’s the perfect size for tiny hands, and although my baby hasn’t reached the age where he can actually hold things yet, he likes to hug it to his chest and he likes looking at it when I make it rattle. Aside from it being a rattle, it’s really well made and is just too stinkin’ cute! We collect turtles, so this is a baby toy that will probably remain out with our collection instead of getting packed up once the baby outgrows it.

Lauri Pinsonfork, KY


Turtle is smaller than I thought it would be, but it’s cute. The rattle is easy to hear but not really loud and obnoxious. Easy for baby to hold and soft.

Anastasia Anacoco, LA

Baby loves it

We’re trying to fix up my one-year-old’s sleep. She didn’t have a lovey, and we needed to ditch her pacifier. She loves, loves, loves her Twilight Turtle (“turtle” and “star” were among her first words thanks to that), so I decided to get some more “huggable” turtles to use as loveys. I got this rattle one, a small keychain turtle, and a larger pillow turtle (all Cloud b products in the Twilight Turtle family). Well, the pillow was too big for a lovey, the keychain turtle too small, and while this guy was a little smaller than I would have liked, it still makes a great lovey. It’s soft, she can shake it and the sound can comfort her in the dark when she can’t see, and it’s just big enough that it doesn’t immediately fall through the crib bars. Wish it were just a little larger, but for the price you won’t hear me complain.

Molly Coalgate, OK