Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine Soother, Gentle Giraffe

Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine Soother, Gentle Giraffe

A compact version of the award winning Gentle Giraffe, this adorable travel companion brings its comforting sleep time sounds with you when you are away from home. Similar to the original Gentle Giraffe, the On The Go version has four soothing sounds to help your child sleep easier. Gentle Giraffe On The Go helps recreate sleep time routines by bringing familiar soothing sounds while away from home. Gentle Giraffe’s unique Safari sounds will take your child on a magical journey while effortlessly transforming unknown surroundings to a more familiar environment. Ideal for baby strollers, car seats, and diaper bags.

Main features

  • 100 % Polyester
  • Imported
  • Four soothing sound options
  • Adjustable volume Travel size
  • Easily fits in diaper bag or carry-on luggage
  • Scientifically proven to promote better sleep

Verified reviews


A great baby product that soothes and prevents fussiness

I purchased the giraffe instead of the sheep or the dolphin because my son loves Sophie the giraffe. I also bought it to replace the LeapFrog Learning Baby Tad which has a night mode. The LeapFrog only has 2 volume settings and low was almost as loud as high.PROS:-The volume can be changed with the volume dial-Sleep timer: 23 and 45 minutes-4 sound tracks: safari with drum beats, jungle waterfall with a frog, white noise track and heartbeat.-Removable sound box; you can wash the giraffe and keep it clean (unlike LeapFrog)! It measures 4.5″x3″x0.9″ and weights 5.3oz-The velcro straps are long enough (6″x2) to attach the giraffe to a crib and hang itWhen I put him to sleep or when he starts to fuss, I pick one of the soundtracks and play it for 23 minutes. The sound track helps him fall asleep.CONS:-So far noneI would definitely recommend it to new moms! A must have!

Addie Steuben, ME

good giraffe

this is a great idea. i like that it has timers but wish there was a setting for it to stay on. i no longer use it because when it shuts off my baby wakes up.

Avis Powell Butte, OR

Very portable, versatile, cuddly!

Velcros around the pack ‘n play corner (and the crib rail) nicely, out of the box ready to go ease, including batteries! I have zero complaints and I’m very much enjoying not having to put my iPhone in with baby for white noise. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Rachelle Monroe, LA



Leanna Sligo, PA

Great quality sound & oh so soothing!!

We love this giraffe. It is cute. Music box is removable so the giraffe is washable. Sound quality is great. Love the giraffe/jungle themed "song" choices – play (a drumming beat), calm (crickets & giraffe sounds), relax (stream) & sleep (waterfall/white noise). We use the top two noises often while driving or our son is playing on the floor with toys and the bottom two noises when we are trying to unwind him for sleep or he is sleeping. Now that he is older (11-months), he can turn it on himself too (not off though because he can’t turn the volume knob).We like that it has a timer for. 23 or 45 minutes. We find that 23 minutes is long enough for the car or those middle of the night wakings, but 45 minutes is best for naptime and bedtime.As a bonus, we take the sound box out of the giraffe and use it at a white noise machine when we travel and don’t have room for the giraffe. We like it too 🙂

Leila Kenton, KY

I can not believe I lived without this before!!

I have another, larger, light and sound machine for my son. I purchased this for a trip so I didn’t have to lug around the other one. I love that this is soft, the sound part is removable, and the velcro strap is fantastic. This has 4 different sound choices, 2 timer options (24min & 48min), and a dial sound level. It is large enough that I do not lose it in the airports and small enough to shove into my diaper bag. I have had this since Jan ’13 (Now Apr) and the batteries it came with are still going strong! Amazing since I use it EVERY DAY and SEVERAL TIMES A DAY! My other one eats batteries, max a week of use, and is now only used when this one is getting cleaned(teething baby).

Cathy Wallkill, NY

My son adores this

I bought this smaller size to replace the larger size Cloud B Gentle Giraffe that we had. The sound pack burned out on it and wasn’t able to be fixed. We didn’t want to buy the full size again so we bought this one. It makes the same gentle sounds and my son loves it. It helps calm him and get him to sleep and reduce background noise issues. My son cuddles with it and presses the buttons himself. My only complaint is how short the timer settings are. I wish you could leave it on for an hour or two.

Lourdes Frenchtown, NJ

makes Giraffe Sounds, WHY???

Have you heard a giraffe sound? It is a grunt/growl sound, it made the dogs upset. We will not be using this around the baby if at all. 2 of the 4 sounds are the giraffe. Buy the Cloud B Sheep, it has whale sounds in place of the giraffe. If you are still considering this, I suggest going to ‘you tube’ and listen to a giraffe sound before you purchase.

Myrna Vandervoort, AR

Best thing EVER!

I think I would have bought this for myself even if I didn’t just have a baby. It is super soft, really cute, and the white noise is essential for good sleep. The sounds are really fun, I like the drums for the play setting, and the other settings are very peaceful. This came in super handy this winter when our power went out, otherwise I don’t think we would have got a wink of sleep!The only thing that could be improved is if there was an on/off switch. The buttons are super easy to press, which means it’s easy to accidentally turn it on and then it’s on for the next 25-45 minutes.

Alissa Riley, KS

Love this giraffe

We love the giraffe, and our baby loves it, too. We use the white noise sound the most because it sounds like a fan humming. We turn it on every time our baby goes to sleep, whether a nap or at night. Two things I don’t like that cause me to not give it five stars. I wish it had an option to let it run continuously. I am sure this is to save batteries, but it would be nice to have that setting as an option because sometimes my baby wakes up when the timer is done. Second, I wish there was an easy on/off switch. If you want to turn it off, you have to turn the volume knob all the way down and off. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to not have to turn it back on with the volume knob because then you have to readjust the volume next time you use the giraffe. It is convenient that the battery pack comes out easily so the giraffe can be washed, and this version comes with a velcro loop to attach him to a car seat or elsewhere. One of the sounds is a jungle drum beat with giraffe sounds mixed in. I can’t say I had any idea what a giraffe sounded like before I heard this toy!

Myra Marbury, AL

Stop working after a month.

This is the second time I bought this product, from this company, and both products stop working. The timers are off on the different sounds. I do not recommend this product.

Erica Vaiden, MS

very cute

This was a gift also, and I could see it well thru the packaging, it is what I was looking for and I am sure my niece will love it

Rhea Johnsonville, SC

Nice soothing sounds

I originally bought this product to help my 5 month old sleep better at night. The “sleep” setting was very soothing for him. Unfortunately after only a few days use the sound machine stopped working. Amazon’s exchage/return policy is great and and I was able to have it replaced quickly. This is pretty big, but well worth the money.

Casey Williams, CA

This is cute

This giraffe is pretty cute! Bought it for the new grand baby and it’s soft . His big sister seems to like it!!

Mina Healy, KS

The sounds didn’t work for our baby

We received this item as a gift for our baby. We tried to use it from the time he was 6 weeks old until the time he was 9 weeks old. Unfortunately, he never liked it. Sometimes, he would simply stay awake and continue to be fussy when we turned on this giraffe. Other times, the sounds this giraffe made outright upset our baby and he would cry. More often than not, he would cry a lot when we turned on this giraffe. Luckily, we bought the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Snuggle Cub Soother Mobile (;=1391973130&sr;=8-5&keywords;=fisher+price+mobile) and he loves the sounds the Fisher-Price mobile makes.The reason I’m not giving this giraffe less stars is because our son’s cousin (who was 6 weeks old at the time) loves this same giraffe. She likes listening to its sounds and takes it everywhere. So, even though it didn’t work for our baby, it might work for yours.

Dina Ernest, PA

Little one loves it

The giraffe is adorable and my infant loves to hold it and chew on it. The velcro to hang the giraffe is nice because it extends to fit around larger areas. So it will fit around any crib bar or carrier. Velcro is strong and baby can’t pull it apart. We use the 4th sound button for his naps, you can set it to shut off after 25min or 45min. It has a turn knob to adjust the volume. Came with a cute story-rhyme, you play the different songs while you read it. Its not small by any means… I thought it was going to be very little since its the travel one but its around 10″ tall. I’m thinking about getting the lamb one as well, so we can keep this one in the crib and one on the carrier. I highly recommend it.

Vicky North Lewisburg, OH

Great little on-the-go giraffe!

We have the larger version that our little one drifts off to every night. This was wonderful to take on our recent vacation, we attached it to her stroller and had it next to the crib at night. Very portable! Only comment is that the sounds are slightly different than our larger gentle giraffe, not sure why this is…

Lilia Hope, ID

Love It

I Love The giraffe, It has many different noises, the white noise is my favorite to use. It has a velcro strap that I just strap to her crib.

Ann La Mesa, NM


I was given this as a gift and I am sorry to add to the other one star reviews that it is a completely useless product. With no constant ‘on’ setting, all it does is wake baby when it switches off, totally defeating the purpose of having the machine in the first place.Also I have had problems with shorting as well, leaving me to believe that this product is not well made and wouldn’t last even if I had used it more than a dozen times.

Marissa Hattiesburg, MS

A must have

I can’t say enough good things about this giraffe. We have used it with my daughter since she was born in the hospital and now at 5 months she is starting to snuggle with it. We don’t use the four different sounds for their stated purpose- drums to play, water to relax- because all of them are so repetative they all put her to sleep and I just mix it up so she doesn’t HAVE to have a certain noise. We take the giraffe on walks and in the carseat. It is better than the monkey because she sucks on it and that hair/fur isn’t as long. I also like it better than the lamb because she has the long kneck to grab. I think the travel size is best. A must have.

Mable Monticello, NM

Love this soother

This is a great soother. I love the sounds and the look of the giraffe is so cute and up to date. I like that this soother doesn’t have any annoying music or super bright colors. It’s the perfect combination of cute and calming for a baby. Also noteworthy is that my daughter loves to put things in her mouth and the fur does not come out. The quality of this toy is great and worth the price. I highly recommend it.

Paige Cooksville, MD

Love love love this giraffe

This giraffe is a really great item in my son’s nursery. It’s really cute and works well. After months of use, we have not had to replace the batteries and it works just as the day we received it as a baby shower gift. The music is great, my son seems to like it. We use it on a daily basis.

Chasity North Adams, MA


I love this giraffe. The sounds remind me of being in Africa so I enjoy listening to the giraffe. It’s easy to travel with this, although I think it’s too big to hang from the carseat.

Yvonne Union Center, SD

Love this little Giraffe

We used this for the car seat when our boys were newborns, and then on road trips. Batteries last forever and the timer can go up to 45 minutes. I wish it did go longer, but still great. I reccomend the sleep sheep as well.

Lena Upton, MA

Cute, but not great for white noise

Cute little giraffe. My babies like it. They are attracted to the music. My biggest complaint is that the music is way too quiet, even on the loudest setting. White noise works best at much, much higher volume. For entertainment, it’s fine, but it doesn’t replace proper white noise.

Kelsey Lyndonville, VT


Just the right size, my kids love it for their baby. Not too loud and there is a volume dial anyway. She loves all the sounds and puts her right out at nap time or night!

Sabrina Brockway, PA

Great for travel

This giraffe is adorable and very helpful for keeping baby sleeping on the go. I only wish it were a little louder. We only use the white noise sound right now but I can foresee the other sounds being enjoyable when my daughter is older!

Jannie Ridgely, TN

Great sounds & adorable

Great for the hospital and everywhere else. Love all the sounds, but preferred least the waterfall, which just sounds like white noise.

Wilma Bryantsville, KY

cute and relaxing

I hooked this in the corner of my son’s crib and turn it on when he is sleeping or laying in his crib. Its soft, cute and plays many sounds. He loves it and I love it. It can also go on a stroller or car seat or wherever you want. Great buy!

Hope Cookstown, NJ

Super Cute!

This product is adorable and the jungle sounds that it plays are cute. It is a little large for travel purposes, but does have the Velcro strap so you can bring along if you want.

Dale Middlebury, IN