Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep

Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep

A compact version of the award winning original Sleep Sheep, this adorable travel companion brings its comforting sleep time sounds with you when you are away from home. Similar to the original Sleep Sheep, the On The Go version has four soothing sounds to help your child sleep easier; however its convenient size (8″ tall) fits easily in a diaper bag or luggage. On The Go is especially helpful in calming children to sleep in an unfamiliar environment.

Main features

  • Four soothing sound options
  • Adjustable volume Travel size
  • Easily fits in diaper bag or carry-on luggage
  • Scientifically proven to promote better sleep

Verified reviews


Wonderful idea…but imperfectly executed

This item is a WONDERFUL idea, and the on-the-go model is the perfect size for home (I don’t know who would need the size of the original, larger sleep sheep – it’s enormous) and travel, but it has two key flaws:1) there isn’t a continuous play mode!! There are only two timed options, then the sound turns off. My newborn needed the sound maintained continuously to STAY asleep, not just to FALL asleep. Thus, we would have to keep pressing the button over and over, waking up ourselves when the sound would turn off to keep her from waking up – beyond annoying.2) the travel (“on-the-go”) model does not have the heartbeat sound like the full size model does – why? Otherwise, the sounds are the same as the full size model (waves, rain and whales). As the heartbeat is a KEY sound to have for a newborn, why on earth would THAT be the sound they substituted out on the travel model for a redundant “gentle stream” sound (could it be to get you to buy both sizes?!?)?I gave it two stars because everything else is so wonderful and it has so much potential to be a fabulous product:–the sheep is adorable, soft, and it is great to be able to hang it from ANYWHERE with the velcro loop. Plus, it is battery operated, which is a huge blessing (batteries are pre-installed, and are very long lasting – we did not replace ours over three+ months of use).–the way the sound “machine” is removable from the body of the sheep is ingenious. This way, you can wash the sheep and reinsert the machine when dry.–LOVE the volume control: it’s a dial, so you have complete control (not just low and high like so many children’s products today).–The rain sound is the closest to generic “white noise.”This product would be perfect with the 1) heartbeat sound in lieu of the ‘gentle stream’, which is redundant to the rain, imo, and 2)a continuous play mode.Due to this, you are better off with Brookstones sound machine, which has not only timed settings, but continuous play, AND all the sounds you really need: heartbeat, in-utero (weird sloshing sound with “glub-glubs”), white noise, automobile and more. It’s not cute and plush (and you have to plug it in w/ battery backup), but is WORKS.

Agnes Crockett, TX

Works great!

I got this because the “Happiest Baby on the Block” method, which includes using white noise, has worked very well with our son. I wanted something that was easy to turn on and off that could be kept by the crib. He loves his sleep sheep! He has even figured out how to turn the sounds on himself. It has 2 timer settings and four sounds. It is also very soft. I would definitely recommend it.

Blanche Sylvester, WV

I should send this back…..

This is the worst music/soothiing toy we have purchased.We have many as our daughter loves music and ocean sounds, but this one is horrible, i would not recommend this to anyone. It make for a cute stuffed animal and thats about it.

Stacy Hellier, KY

X-Mas Gift – WOW!

I purchased this item for my newborn baby niece, it was the perfect price and i am sure she will love it!

Laverne Gatzke, MN

not good anymore.. my update!

UPDATE:i’m returning this sheep, i’m so angry!! this sheep gives me more headache than without it! first 45 min ok, after that – baby wakes up, mommy, daddy wakes up! mommy runs to switch it on, baby is already crying.. OR you can do as I did: every 45 min wake up and switch it on immediately after it stops! AND there is no heartbeat sound in travel sheep. I know it’s not a sheeps’ problem, it’s my problem..anyway, i don’t recommend it. spend more on something more “pro”.I bought Dohm Sound Conditioner instead. Calming noise all night long :)(previous)Baby likes the sound machine – sleep sheep.1 thing – music could be louder and longer, 45 min is almost ok, but not enough. But there are no other sound machines/toys who plays longer, right?And 1 more thing – the sound machine is a bit too big for sleep sheep (i’ve got the small – travel sheep). I barely can put it in the sheep, one corner is hanging out a little bit.

Millie Levelland, TX

Great little on-the-go noise machine for baby

We use the methods fromThe Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longerwith our 5.5 month old daughter. Shushing/white noise has been very helpful for our little one, particularly during the “fourth trimester” months. We’ve used the full sizeCloud b Sleep Sheep – Four Soothing Sounds From Naturesince birth and have been very happy with it.I purchased the Sleep Sheep On The Go when she was about 2.5 months old. We sent it to daycare to use with her for napping and it has proven helpful for the other babies as well; the baby whose crib is next to hers enjoyed hearing and was soothed by the sounds of our sheep when our baby was in her crib, so his parents bought one for him as well!The Sleep Sheep On The Go has a good volume range, is very frugal with battery use, and offers two automatic timer shutoff options. The noise maker can also be removed from the sheep and used by itself rather than toting the stuffed sheep around if for some reason that’s not desired.The one quibble I have with this product is that instead of the mother’s heartbeat sound that the large Sleep Sheep has, the On The Go has a bubbling brook/river sound. It is pleasant and is usually the one they play for our daughter’s naps at daycare, but as a newborn we almost always used the mother’s heartbeat sound with the Sleep Sheep that we have at home. We don’t like the whale songs, and the other two sounds (rain storm and ocean) are the same as the large Sleep Sheep. They should have just put all four of the same sounds in both Sleep Sheep, or better yet done away with the whale song and added the bubbling brook as the fourth sound for both. This is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, though.

Cortney Marshfield Hills, MA

MUST HAVE for newborn baby!

I had a baby boy on 10/21/09. Without the Sleep Sheep, the first 8 weeks would have been exceptionally more difficult. The beauty of this product is that it produces white noise that helps the baby soothe back to sleep. The white noise player is tucked into a pocket in the back of an adorable little plush sheep. There are 4 different types of white noise from which to choose.I highly recommend this product; in fact, I buy it for all my friends who are having babies. The reason to get the “On the Go” versus the regular Sheep is simple: portability. The larger sheep is designed to sit on or near the baby’s crib. The smaller one has a handy velcro strap that attaches very nicely to carseat handles, crib slats, swing bars, or even just acts as a handle for Mom and Dad to carry it around. I literally would just put the Sheep on, strap it around my wrist, and then carry my son around the house (swaddled up) when he started crying. It usually took less than 5 minutes to get him calmed down again.In one particular instance, the Sleep Sheep was a real lifesaver. I had to go back to the doctor for my post-C-Section checkup, and I had to take my baby with me. I got stuck waiting in the exam room for about an hour, and 20 minutes in, my son woke up. I turned the Sleep Sheep on (which was fastened to his car seat handle), and he was calmed down and back to sleep within just a few minutes.I really cannot emphasize enough how great this product (when used in conjunction with swaddling) is for newborn babies. We used it daily for about 8 weeks, and we still use it intermittently now that my son is 4 months old. As anyone can tell you, the first 8 weeks are the hardest, so do yourself a favor and get this product – it’s not that expensive, but it will help you a lot!

Lynn Rothbury, MI

Wish it played longer

This is a great portable sound machine. Buy the smaller one (the larger one is way too large). The velcro straps lets you hook it onto virtually anything. The sound quality is pretty good and loud (we mostly did the waves). My main complaint is that it shuts off too soon (43 min. is the longest). As soon as it shut off my daughter would wake up so we actually had to invest in a plug in sound machine that played cont. (rec. the marpac but if you don’t want to spend that much then go with the graco). This works for travel and in the stroller or carseat.

Annmarie Kill Buck, NY


I just received this as a gift for my daughter yesterday, and it has already proven its worth. My daughter is eight weeks old and she has a difficult time falling asleep by herself (normally 20-30 minutes of screaming before falling asleep). This toy has gotten her to sleep in ten minutes or less every time I’ve put her down for a nap in the past twenty-four hours. I know that it has only been one day, but she already seems so much happier when she is awake. If it continues to work this well, I will probably buy her the larger version when she is older.Features I like:-The controls are easily accessible on the outside of the toy.-The controls are able to be removed.-The volume is customizable with a knob that goes from barely detectable sounds to very loud.-There are four different sounds to choose from. (The rain and stream sounds seem to work best for us, so far.)-The timer may be set to 23 or 45 minutes. If the timer is turned off, the toy will automatically turn off after 23 minutes.-The toy is very soft.-The velcro strap allows it to be attached to things. (I think this is great because I don’t have to watch her sleep to keep her from burying her face in the toy.)Features I do not like:-The toy is not machine washable.-There is no way to keep the toy from turning off after 45 minutes.Update:We’ve been using this toy for about 7 weeks. It still works like a charm to get my daughter to fall asleep and stay asleep. We now only use this one when we’re out and about, because we bought her the full-size version to use at home (I have reviewed it as well).Update:I now machine wash this, as well as the full size Sleep Sheep. Simply remove the sound boxes, place the Sheep in its own mesh laundry bag (make sure all the Velcro is fastened so it won’t catch on the bag), wash in cold water on the delicate cycle, and hang to dry. Both the sheep still look brand new!

Cheri Carlton, AL

Not a magic elixer, but still a good product

I had a very colicky baby that was very difficult to get to sleep for the first several months. After that much sleep deprivation, I was DESPERATE for anything that might help get him to sleep. So I bought this sheep hoping the white noise would help. It wasn’t anything magical, but I do think he liked it. I’m not sure it made him fall asleep, but I do think it helped him stay asleep a bit longer. The white noise both helped mask our sounds when we were tiptoeing around the bassinet in our bedroom, and also helped provide nice background noise for sleeping for him. He mostly liked the rain noise. My baby also had a hard time with all the noise at daycare, so we brought this with him for naps and it helped drown out some of the ambient noise and encouraged him to keep napping. I think its a very useful product. I do think the small size is probably sufficient though, and frankly I wouldn’t have wanted anything bigger in his crib.

Harriet Idaville, IN

Tunes are tinny

The toy is nice, but the tunes are tinny and not good quality. I would not recommend this to a friend.

Rosalind Havana, FL

Great sounds did not last long

This sheep was great for the first 5 weeks of our baby’s life. There is a great variety in sounds- they are all very soothing and my baby girl loved falling asleep to the sounds of waves crashing. However, all of a sudden whenever we would try to adjust the volume the whole thing would shut off. Then we would have to mess with the volume button and try again- it was not cool when the baby is just asleep and we were trying to lower it and it shut off and she woke up. I am not sure if this was a defect in the one specific sheep I received, but I would not purchase this item again. We use different cell phone aps now.

Jeri El Dorado Springs, MO

Came broken

The sheep is lovely but the music box came broken. We did not open it until our son was born, so too late for returns.

Loraine Nunn, CO


Wow, this little sheep really DOES work!!! My 6 week old baby loves listening to the ocean sound at full volume. It helps her fall asleep faster and stay asleep better. This is so worth giving it a try. If it works for your baby, you’ll thank your lucky stars you found this product. I’d highly recommend it. Its also VERY adorable and the velcro straps allow you to attach this to practically anything your baby is in. I’m in love with this product.

Carrie Juda, WI

The Best!!!

I have been using this in my son’s crib for 26 months now. It’s one of the best items I could have purchased for him when he was born.Compared to the normal size sheep, this thing is tiny but I prefer it that way. There are so many dolls, pillows and blankets that can eventually fill the crib that the last thing I needed was another bulky doll.On the back of the sheep is velcro that allows you to attach it pretty much anywhere. This was great when my son was first born, as we could hang it up and out of his reach so that we didn’t need to worry. As my son got older, this was less of a worry and he started crawling and standing and reaching for the sheep. The piece of velcro is long enough so that uncoordinated hands aren’t able to just tug it apart.For the first year, year and a half, we exclusively put on the sounds of waves because it’s what I preferred. Then one day, once my son was standing and more coordinated, he decided he had his own favorite. For several months, that was the bubbling sound. Then one morning, I woke to the sounds of whale noises on the baby monitor and that phase lasted for a few months. Next was the sound of rain. He really had phases where he preferred all of them.Some reviews mention the lack of a heartbeat sound…. I didn’t even notice, and don’t even care. The sounds included are great as is.Now, at 26 months, Sleep Sheep (aka "Sheepy") is still hanging in my son’s crib. On occasion, he pulls apart the velcro, pulls the sound component out of the sheep and plays with it, turning it on, off, volume up, etc. But I don’t worry about it because the battery compartment is securely screwed into place so there’s no fear of batteries coming loose.I absolutely adore this product and so does my son, STILL! On nights when he wakes up from a bad dream, a simple hug and turning the sleep sheep back on does the trick. And I love how there are two timer settings on it. When I put him to bed, I leave it on longer, but when he just needs to get back to sleep after a bad dream I put it on the 20 min setting.Get one of these! You won’t regret it! Also, I found the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse to be AMAZING for newborns… my son used it for over a year (and it’s still in the crib). Together, I feel that these two toys are the best things I could have purchased for my son when he was born and have no regrets!!

Dee Papaaloa, HI


We use this almost every day with our newborn and it has saved us many times. The sounds are natural sounding and calm our infant when nothing else will. You can take the sound part out of the stuffed animal and tuck it more easily into your diaper bag, etc.

Janell Taos Ski Valley, NM

Baby Loves It

I have the normal size and the travel, and both are great for generating white noise. My only complaint is there is no way to set it for continuous…it auto-shuts itself off.

Dixie Normangee, TX


My daughter loooooooves this sheep! We only use the "rain" sound, so I can’t comment on any of the others, but this is a definite MUST HAVE. The second I turn this one she is out like a light, if she fusses in the middle of the night I just turn it back on and she goes right back to sleep. It also works great for naps during the day. I have it hanging on her crib and she usually likes to snuggle as close as possible to it and put her hand on it, it’s adorable. You will not regret buying this!

Patrica Courtland, MN


I like it and my little one likes it. I do wish it came with a timer longer than 45 min. This is the only reason why I gave it four stars. My little one wakes up almost immediately after it shuts off. There are times he needs an hour nap but won’t sleep at all without "white noise" of some sort so this product gives us at least some nap time. The wales are pretty cool and the stream is neat too. Really, the sounds are based on preference but are not obnoxious like some I have encountered. The volume dial is very versatile from soft to loud. Nice product. Worth the buy.

Roseann Silex, MO

Good looking

It is beautiful, but the sound is not high quality, It is soft and has a nice size for your baby. You can take off the speaker and it is even lighter so your baby can carry on with him everywhere.

Abigail Scotrun, PA


I received this as a gift and I am SO HAPPY I did! I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself or thought of buying a soothing machine. I absolutely LOVE this and LOVE that fact that it’s easily portable! My Mother-in-Law, who babysits for me, got used to hearing it in the baby monitor that she even said she needs one of her own for her own house because it helped her sleep! Highly recommend the Sleep Sheep!

Harriett Alma, NY

Easy nap time

This product is such a life saver when it comes to on the go napping. I mostly attach it to the stroller when I push my little one to get him to sleep and it gets him every time. He is used to falling asleep with the big sleep sheep in his room so this travel version really helps with a stroller or whenever we fly some place and I don’t want to pack the big sheep. The sounds are very nice..we mostly go with the ocean sound. The battery seems to last for a while. It has two options for a timer (25 and 45 minutes I believe) and I kind of wish that it would play for as long as you let it but at the same time it is the travel version…so 45 minutes it plenty most of the time. It’s nice and soft and looks cute. It’s a baby essential for sure.

Winnie Bogalusa, LA


This is precious and I am SO happy I got it because it turns out that the mother-to-be is doing a "lamb" theme for the baby’s room! Very sweet little doll, I would definitely purchase again for a gift.

Kay Mendocino, CA

This is a must have!!!

Our daughter loves this so much we ordered a second one just to be sure that we have our bases covered if anything happens to the first one. It’s perfect for car rides and grocery shopping trips. As she’s growing up, it’s fun to watch her relationship with it develop. She is 5 months and pets it and fiddles with the ears as she is following asleep.

Renae Five Points, CA

Amazing for Baby and Parents!

My son has the giraffe and this sheep, and the sheep is definitely best for him. The giraffe only has one sound that my son likes when he goes to bed, versus the sheep, which offers four sounds that my son loves. It’s super soft and a great thing for my son to hold tight when he goes to bed. He loves to hug this little guy when I rock him and when he’s in his crib. His favorite sound is the ocean noise, which I have to say, is my favorite as well. It attaches easily to his crib, stroller, and car seat so he can hear it wherever he goes, and it actually surprised me how loud the sound machine can get. Not loud enough to hurt his ears, but loud enough to drown out most noises at the mall, and just some general noises that would otherwise inhibit sleep. It features the sounds of a gentle stream, rain, ocean waves and whales, all of which put him to sleep fairly easily and actually help my husband and I relax after a busy day as well. A great buy overall and I would definitely recommend it to any parent!

Tamra Idaho Falls, ID

So soft. Works great!

LOVE THIS THING!!! It’s great for white noise so my son sleeps better. It has worked great at soothing him to sleep and keeping him asleep. (He’s 8 weeks old and we’ve been using it for almost a month).

Minnie Alma, WI

is cool

My wife and i,love the sheepfor my New baby born im so happy. Thank you so much Donna

Olga Mexico, IN

Don’t waste the money on the big size

My son would only sleep with the sound of rain or an oscillating fan. The travel sheep is half the price of the big sheep and works just as well. We have both. The sound is just as good. So if you need a sleep sheep, get this size!The only con is that the sound stops after 45 minutes. I prefer the sound machines that never stop.

Eve Gleneden Beach, OR

Life saver

It works wonders for those nights when our LO doesn’t want to fall asleep. Generally speaking I find any kind of noise annoying when I sleep but I’m ok with the stream sounds and that’s the one I always use to put our LO to sleep.Love the strap with Velcro and the fact that the noise box can be taken out easily so the toy can be washed.

Charlene Mountain Top, PA


so sweet and cute and small. It is an easy size to take along anywhere , attache to stroller, car seat or crib.

Abby Taylor, ND