Cloud b Plush Aroma Pillow Sleep Aid, Twilight Ladybug

Cloud b Plush Aroma Pillow Sleep Aid, Twilight Ladybug

Cloud B’s Twilight Ladybug plush aroma pillow will help lull children to sleep with a soft and relaxing scent. Cloud B’s Twilight Ladybug Plush Aroma Pillow is ideally sized for use in your home or on the go. Pillow includes removable lavender scented pouch.

Main features

  • Pediatrician recommended pillow size
  • Removable scent pouch with Cloud b’s exclusive aromatherapy lavender blend
  • Plush cover is surface washable
  • Removable inner pillow with soft cotton outer casing

Verified reviews


Cute and soft, but my toddler won’t use it!

It’s a cute and soft “pillow”. It looks more like a flat stuffed sheep. The lavender smell is too strong for me so I took the pouch out, which is good that you can remove it if you want to. I put it on the crib and he won’t have anything to do with it, he’s 18 mons so maybe when he gets older he will? not sure, if he doesn’t then this must be the most expensive stuffed animal he’ll have.Update: My toddler is 21 months old now and loves his pillow. He uses it now every night to sleep, so finally not a total waste of money 🙂

Bridgette Des Allemands, LA

Cute but doesn’t help sleep

This is really cute and cuddly, but I bought it for the main purpose of helping my son sleep. It didn’t seem to help at all. He would cuddle with it and play with it but his sleeping habits didn’t improve.

Hilda Angelica, NY

not what I expected..

I wish this pillow was more “cushy” or fluffy. AND I wish it smelled more strongly, it hardly gives off the lavender scent. It’s still cute though.

Nannie Harvey, IA

very cute but too flat!

i got this for my 2 yr old he loves it, its a perfect size. The material is very soft on the velvety sidewhich my son lays on but the other side got a little ruff and catches dirt easily so it doesnt look too good. but its cute anyway. the lavender packet i removed right away to me it sounds too strong for a toddler to sleep on. i do think its too flat,needs improvement..

Clarice Toddville, IA

Cute and soft

I got the sheep for my one year old son. This pillow is very cute, good quality and very soft and cuddly. It can be used as toy when tied up. It has a lavender scent pouch inside which is removable. I like the pouch and the scent, but I removed it because it was creating hard bump in the pillow. It feels like there is a real natural lavender in the pouch which is great. I leave it there for little bit before use, and then remove it, that way the scent is not too strong and there is no hard bump, when he lays down on it. It is a little but small, but my son only uses it for cuddling and naps. The price is right only when this pillow is on sale. Not sure if I would pay the full price for this, but I would recommend this pillow for older babies, toddlers, older children and even adults.

Concetta Fairmont, WV

I absolutely adore this sheep

I originally got this Sleepy Sheep through Citrus Lane’s monthly distro box, but loved it SO much I had to hunt it down and sent it to a girlfriend. Perfect night time pillow for the little ones, and folds up for a little stuffed animal as well. Looks super chic with our pewter/white/gold be dressing, although can’t say I planned that one!

Inez Felton, CA

nice toddler pillow

My 17 month old loves this pillow. Now instead of squishing blankets together she sleeps on this super cute, not too fluffy as to cause problems, sleep sheep pillow. Nicely matches the musical sleep sheep. I do recommend!

Vera Kirtland Afb, NM

Too high

This pillow is too high, and the head of the sheep occupies too much space. For a baby that moves a lot, this is simply not comfortable. Maybe for an older kid or a toddler.

Kari Terreton, ID

I like it better than my baby does

I purchased this in the hopes our 14 month old would stop stealing my pillow at night when she’s restless. No such luck. I’m giving it 4 stars because it is very cute and well made. A little hard in the center due to the scented pack but that can be removed. Our child likes it enough to give it hugs but not enough to sleep on. Prefers the memory foam pillow!

Tonia Harrisburg, NE

Smells So Good

I actually couldnt get my child to sleep with this. She didnt want much to do with it. I kept it by her bed but I didnt notice that she was sleeping better. It is just ok, it smells good and looks nice but that sums up what it does

Leigh Swoope, VA

Perfect toddler pillow!

I bought the sheep sheep pillow and it is soo cute and aodrable! alot smaller than a regular pillow pet but perfect for a toddler and so stinkin cuteSmells really good but not too overpoweringScent is removable

Freda Carville, LA

Nice little pillow

My 16-month old daughter loves this pillow. The lavender fragrance was a little strong at first, but not so much anymore (plus you can remove the lavender pouch). The fabric is soft and it’s just the right size. I recommend it!

Cindy Glyndon, MN

Meh, it’s okay

I am usually a fan of Cloud B products. Maybe this one just wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s small, definitely either baby or travel size. Bit small for my toddler but the cover is very plush and cozy. The pillow is a bit flat, which is fine if you don’t have the aroma sachet in there. With the aroma sachet in the pocket you can’t actually use this as a pillow. The bulk of the sachet can’t be compensated for by the stuffing in the pillow as it is so flat. Might be better if they found another solution for that, it does smell good.

Elva Hyder, AK

Scent does not last very long

This sheep is adorable and it had a lovely, very strong lavender scent when we opened it. The scent was so strong that we actually found it overpowering in my baby’s room, but then a few days later the scent was almost gone. Not sure if it helped my baby sleep, but it’s a cute stuffed animal/pillow pet toy.

Connie Muncy, PA

sleep sheep pillow

Got this for my daughter for Christmas, she was 21 months old at the time. She absolutely loves it. Its a little smaller then I anticipated but perfect for her small head. It smells so good too! Since she got this pillow she seems to fall asleep easier (most nights) and sleeps well. Only 4 stats because it is a little small, by the time she is 4 or so she will need a bigger pillow

Justine Utica, MI

My 1 1/2 year old loves it.

My daughter loves it. According to my pediatrician toddlers should still not use pillows, however something this small and flat is okay. My daughter sometimes sleeps on it, but she mostly cuddles it. The lavender smell is not strong, I don’t know what the other complaints for the odor are about, however if it is strong to you, then just remove the scented pouch. I would recommend to anyone with a youngster.

Elisha Callao, VA


I’m not loving it and neither is my daughter.I don’t have a problem with the lavender smell, although it’s not the nicest lavender smell. My main complaint is that the black line that runs down the back is really rough! It’s not cozy at all to lay on b/c of that. Rather than use a folded piece of material or fabric covered piping for that detail it’s the edge of a thick material. It’s very scratchy. Other than that, it’s meh – sort of cute. It’s fine for the price I paid.

Luisa Prospect, NY