Cloud b Polar Cuddle Bear Sleep Aid – Gently Shivers For Comforting Touch

Cloud b Polar Cuddle Bear Sleep Aid – Gently Shivers For Comforting Touch

7383-ZZ Features: -Polar cub.-Eco-friendly anti-bacterial Soy-based fabric.-Vibration device with 2 gentle rhythmic options.-Time and hug activation options.-Memory foam hands and feet.-Storybook and adoption certificate.-Ideal for ages 3 and up. Includes: -Two AAA batteries included.

Main features

  • Huggably soft hypoallergenic azlon fabric
  • Vibration device with two gentle rhythmic options
  • Time and hug activation options
  • Memory foam hands and feet
  • Fully illustrated Polar Cuddle Cub storybook and adoption certificate

Verified reviews


A cuddly, soothing and hugable comforter for babies

I bought this little bear because of the three previous five-star reviews. It was meant as a present for my young grandson, visiting us for the first time. He took to this little guy right away, hugging it until he fell asleep clutching it. It’s amazing what a little “humming” technology can do to help a young child relax, especially in a new environment. He ended up taking this little bear back with him to comfort him on the plane ride.Although the “purring” sound was sometimes hard to activate, the softness and the hugability of this bear is what attracted my grandson to this comforter.On the back of the package is a small green caveat “Ideal for Ages 3 and up.” That is, I assume, because of the low-lying grey ribbon around the bear’s neck, and the possiblity that a determined toddler may be able to wrestle the powerbox inside the bear’s tummy open. The tough velcro, however, will keep the belly closed tightly.

Octavia Hineston, LA

Returned this product after having it for one night

I love cloud b products and highly recommend their other sleep aid animals just not this bear. The noise it made terrified my son and he ran screaming from it, he would not come near it let alone cuddle and sleep peacefully. I purchased the monkey and the giraffe and he loves them. The heartbeat and white noise in them were fine.

Tonya Marcus Hook, PA

Cute toy for the nursery

I love everything by Cloud B and this comforting polar bear is no exception. It’s cute, made of bamboo to be environmentally friendly and the hug feature is great. It looks wonderful in our nursery and one day I’m sure our little one will love it. I guess I bought it a little early though, because it’s not really a baby toy, but it will serve as nice decoration in the meantime. 🙂

Bridget Pratts, VA

baby shower

I did a polar bear theme for my gifts for my cousin’s lady and their little one and this was absolutely adorable

Letha Dubach, LA

I couldn’t find a more perfect polar bear if i went to Alaska 🙂

I truly love this polar bear, probably much more than my son does at this point. He is still only 4 months and does not get much use of it, especially since it is intended for older babies. But, I am confident that he will love it as soon as he better understands his surroundings and becomes more interactive with his toys. This bear has very small eyes, like they are closed, or perhaps he is very sleepy, which is very cute :-)The most important part of the bear, of course, is his gentle shivering touch. He has a velcro lining on his side that opens up and there is a (heart shaped) device that allows the bear to “shiver” or vibrate gently for a reasonable amount of time (about a minute or so). There are many options for the settings on the bear vibrations: timer, off, and hug allow you to control how long the vibrations will last. Vibrate and heartbeat allow you to control the patterns vibration on the bear; Vibrate is a constant vibration while heartbeat allows a pause, like a real heartbeat.The actual fur is very nice, it does NOT shed with regular wear and tear. Perhaps if you pinch and pull on his fur this will happen, which has not been a problem for me. This toy is great for babies and toddlers to fall asleep with. Heck, I’d probably sleep with it if my husband let me :-)ENJOY!

Renae Reform, AL

loved it at first, but it does not wash up well at all

We loved this bear at first. My son loved to hug him and make him vibrate and the bears nose is perfectly kissable for a one year old. My only complaint is that this polar bear does not wash up well at all. I’ve washed ours maybe 5 times and the polar bear looks like he’s been around for generations. Totally disappointed!

Dawn Michael, IL