Cloud B Tranquil Turtle, Aqua

Cloud B Tranquil Turtle, Aqua

A compact version of the award winning original Sleep Sheep, this adorable travel companion brings its comforting sleep time sounds with you when you are away from home. Similar to the original Sleep Sheep, the On The Go version has four soothing sounds to help your child sleep eassier; however its convenient size (8″ tall) fits eassily in a diaper bag or luggage. On The Go is especially helpful in calming children to sleep in an unfamiliar environment.

Main features

  • Eassily attaches to car seats and strollers with Velcro strap
  • Includes 1 sleep sheep and 2 AA batteries
  • Pushbutton sound selection with volume control and 2 sleep timer options
  • Sleep sheep plays soothing sounds for baby
  • Removable inner pillow with soft cotton outer cassing

Verified reviews


Better than Twilight Turtle – I had both

I was so torn between Tranquil Turtle and Twilight Turtle that I bought both to use for a week to see which one my baby preferred. I was hoping he’d like the starry Twilight Turtle because it’s considerably cheaper, but in the end when put side by side, my baby invariably chose the watery Tranquil Turtle. He loves it and it is quite beautiful. It plays a new-agey music loop that isn’t annoying. It is now a permanent staple of our bedtime routine.ProsUnlike the Twilight Turtle which is stationary, there is gentle movement displayed on your child’s ceiling. It is mesmerizing to my baby. Also, there is a dial on the bottom of the turtle to adjust the brightness, and the ability to change the volume of the music. The Twilight Turtle does not have music which is another reason we ultimately went with the Tranquil Turtle despite price difference. My 10 month old quickly learned to press the small buttons to turn the turtle on and sooth himself back to sleep.ConsThey lose a star because it only plays for 23 minutes. At the very least it should play for 30 minutes. Also, the when the battery is running low the light flashes on and off. Not the best when you have a sleepy babe in your arms and realize you can’t readily change the battery (which requires a screwdriver). I would rather it just not turn on at all than suddenly turn the nursery into a strobe-light disco.Overall we love this turtle and it matches our coral reef themed nursery perfectly. It would make a great gift but does come with a rather hefty price tag. It’s worth it though.

Jacquelyn La Prairie, IL


We love tranquil turtle, the pattern on the ceiling is so soothing, the sound could be louder but we use a different sound machine that stays on all night, so for us thats no big deal. If you want the sound to be loud than this probably isn’t the product for you, we were more interested in the waves on the ceiling, which my son loves.

Amber Mobeetie, TX

We own two!

This is the second one of these we have bought. Our daughter loved hers so much that we got one for our son. It’s very tranquil and works as a good self-timed nightlight.

Jenna Kingston, MI

Relaxing little turtle

We got this for our 9 month old. The color is beautiful, the product is made well, the light motion is soothing and the sounds are peaceful. You can make the “water motion” stay still or move and you can brighten and dim the light. It comes with basic ocean/water sounds or a couple different soft melodies. We prefer the ocean/water sounds…helps put baby to sleep comfortably. The turtle is the perfect size-less than a foot long and about 8 inches wide. He is soft everywhere, but the plastic shell on his back. We have used it every night for at least a couple hours since we received it a few weeks ago and have had no problems and are still using the batteries it came with. I would recommend to friends and plan on getting these as shower gifts.*just a side note – we compared prices and found it cheapest on Amazon from this seller. It was nearly $15 more at a local baby store.

Stacey Hazleton, IN

Love it concept/music – but 2nd one I’ve had that motor stops on

Purchased and returned the first one and after about 2 months or so the motor/light quit working on the movement motion setting. Got a new one/replacement from Amazon, now we’ve had the 2nd one about 4 months or so and the motor stopped working on this one too. The light is staying on this time so at least it is half way working – glass half full view I suppose.I do love the sound, and the item is named perfectly – very tranquil and spa like.

Tamra Kimmswick, MO

I think I love it more than baby!

my baby got this as a christmas gift and wow I am impressed. i was hesitant to ask for it because it is kind of pricey- but i thought what they hey and put it on a wish list for the grandparents. i am so glad i did and ever gladder to have generous grandparents!upon opening it, all the adults agreed it is high quality, nice looking, and the sound and light effects are AWESOME! the dimmable light really does look like underwater waves and it actually is very tranquil and almost mesmerizing. the wave sounds are just right and i am surprised at how nice the tranquil music selection is- its not hokey or cheesy, it is pleasant and high quality with the light sounds of waves in the background. also a nice feature on both sound selections is that they seamlessly loop- you cannot tell where is stops/starts, something i have noticed on cheap white noise machines that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you are laying awake trying to fall asleep it actually is noticeable and annoying (maybe not to my baby- but to me!).i like that you can adjust the light level and music level, and i like that it is auto shut off, but i am sorry, i had to knock one star off because the only time length is 23 minutes. i had another cloud b product, the sleep sheep, that had an adjustable timer up to 45 minutes. that would be better because sometimes your sleep routine lasts longer than 23 minutes before your baby (or you…) fall asleep.i am not sure how much my 9 month old, who still sleeps with us, likes this since he can’t exactly talk. but he does like to play with it when he is awake, but not so much that it distracts him when the lights are out and its bedtime. it does seem to help him relax, as i am transitioning him to sleeping in a co-sleeper and not nursing to sleep and i think it does help him nod off quicker. but even if it didn’t, it definitely helps me zonk out which is great because i have a hard time falling asleep most nights.i would recommend this to anyone, ages 1 day to 100.

Neva Murdock, FL

So Calming

My 2 wk old really hasn’t taken to this guy yet but my husband and I are in love with it. Even before my son was born, when first trying him out, my husband and I ended up sitting in the nursery every night with this on saying this would be our shower gift we get others from now on.

Briana Fairfield, NC

Soothes like a charm

We immediately fell in love with this guy once it arrived but better yet, the song it plays truly soothes the baby!We were playing the song for the last 5 weeks of the pregnancy, right by the belly, and on his first day bag during one of his crying spells, we played the song. He immediately quieted and tilted his head toward the turtle – amazing.

Dorthy West Salem, IL

It’s cute, hasn’t helped with sleep yet.

I purchased this item to try and help my 21 month old son calm down and sleep at night. When we received it, he lived it right away and wanted to play with it. It looks nice and the effects are cool. But it hasn’t really helped settle our son or help him to fall asleep. A cool toy, but so far no help with sleep.

Robyn Camino, CA

Catch the Zzzs dude!

Tranquil Turtle is awesome. I love the ocean sound in conjunction with the lights moving across the ceiling. It is seriously relaxing and I enjoying keeping it in my room. The kid will have to wait for me to get him another one. He does like it though (he is only 3 weeks old but he acts like he likes it and doesn’t fuss!)It is worth the price. Compared to the knock-offs and cheaper versions (Summer brand) this thing is miles above. It plays for about 23 minutes then shuts off. I wish there was a button that cycled times. In 2013 that isn’t asking to much. Other than that complaint and the fact that the music version of the ocean repeats way to often for me to listen to it, I don’t know if a child would be annoyed by it but I would be. I just love the lights with the ocean and he is awesome and soft.

Sophia Dallas, GA

So great

I wasn’t sure what my son would think of this, but we both love it! The turtle is a good size and it truly is relaxing! My 13 month old was excited about it the first couple nights and kept pointing and "ohhing" and "ahhing" over the waves. Now, he just lays backs and relaxes, enamored with the waves gliding over the walls and ceiliing. We got this over the other cloub B turtles because this has the wave sounds and the lullaby (his fav). I think it was definitely worth the extra in the price. Naps are easier with this too!

Annette Elgin, NE

AMazing sleep aid

I purchased the original Twilight Turtle for my kids and they loved it. I was amazed at how well the stars showed up, and decided to check out this guy. I read through the reviews and was amazed to see that even adults were using him. So I ordered. I LOVE this turtle. I originally bought for my kids. But I actually use him in my room. The underwater wave motion that it projects all over the walls and ceiling are so soothing and I LOVE the music combined with the real sounds of the ocean and seagulls. It is so soothing. I have a 2 week old and it helps to calm her at night and I swear she sleeps longer while it is on. The only draw back is that it does have a self timer and shuts itself off after a certain amount of time. But a quick hit of the button and he comes back to life. I live by the Atlantic Ocean, and this is just as realistic sounding as the real thing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Aileen Grand Island, NY

I wish the other Cloud B turtles were like this!

The water ripples are sooo beautiful! The sounds it has is a soothing water hitting shore (like a lake) and a nice, tranquil tune for option. It is really bright though

Lakesha Meadow Bridge, WV

Great soothing nightlight with sound

We got this for our two year old son who had been fighting his bedtime. He is the type of kid that is go-go-go during the day and we wanted something that would soothe him while he lays in bed. This worked! He will lay in bed after his bedtime stories and watch the waves dance on the ceiling and walls and drift off to sleep.

Jeri Binford, ND

Five Stars

Love tranquil turtle – he falls asleep with it every night.

Paulette Jefferson, IA

We are buying a second for our room

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The turtle is wonderful. The wave effects and ocean sounds are very soothing. The automatic timer is great, although I wish it had options. It has one set time. We are, usually, able to put our one month down while still awake and he ‘puts himself to sleep’ when we have this on. He is currently sleeping in our room, and my husband and I find it very relaxing as well. When our son moves into his nursery, we are planning to buy a second for ourselves. I am not one to buy ‘non-practical’ baby items, this was one of the few things I decided to splurge on and I am very glad I did.

Haley Randolph, NE

You have to have this for your baby

My baby just loved this product! He loves watching the waves move and just to be honest so do my husband and I 🙂

Tonia Norwood, NY

LOVE it—super relaxing for the while family

We LOVE this turtle! We’ve made it part of the bed time routine for our 5 month old, and I swear my husband falls asleep faster than our son if he’s in the room because it’s so soothing:) I turn off the other lights and turn on this turtle during our bed time nursing session. It calms us both and makes bed time more enjoyable for me. The sounds are very calming and the moving waves of blue light are relaxing to watch. The shutoff timer is the right length for us and the volume settings are good, too. I think as our son gets older he’ll like it even more.

Tammi Phoenix, NY


I wish I got this instead of the crib mobile! It’s the coolest thing to see ripples of water dance across the walls. The only thing I wish it had was a plug-in option so we could keep it on all night – like a night light. Other than that, it’s a baby product I would recommend to all parents!

Pansy Dale, SC

The kids like the light at bedtime

We have two of these and the music and lights work, but the wave motion doesn’t. The kids like the light at bedtime, and I can adjust the brightness, which I put on low. I’d get them again.

Emilie Myra, KY

I need one of these for my room!

How relaxing is this! Got this for my 2 1/2 yr old grandson and now I want one! I can’t even describe how this will light up the whole ceiling and even half down the walls (if laid on floor and smaller room). The movement of the very distinct waves along with the music is just brilliant!

Rhonda Jefferson, PA

Tranquil Turtle

My kids love this turtle. I have a 6.5 year old and a 2 month old. My 6 year old kept it in his room to "test" it before my daughter arrived. Now, I keep it in my daughters crib and use it almost every night to help sooth her to sleep and it works perfectly. I would recommend this turtle to anyone with small kids. The age range can span for years, making it the perfect gift or toy that kids will not quickly outgrow. (Which makes it worth the price.)

Celina Cedaredge, CO

Tranquil turtle

Bought this for my 6 month old daughter to help her sleep. She was having trouble staying asleep after laying her in crib, and this adorable, soothing turtle helps! Soothing waves and light motion is so nice. A little over priced, but I think it helps. I play it for every nap and at bedtime. Timer is just enough to lull her to sleep. I think the motion scares her a bit at this point, so I turn it off, which is another nice option. Volume and brightness controls are wonderful features as well. Would definately reccommend this little guy!

Gertrude Kathleen, GA

Daughter Loves it!

2 month old really enjoys watching it as she falls asleep. Sometimes when we put her to down she starts winding up to be mad – turn this on and it relaxes her where she can put herself to sleep.If I could leave 4.5 stars i would for one reason – if you really watch the movement on the wall its a little jerky as the wheel rotating the light hits the peak of the oval or cam that’s turning on. Not terribly noticeable, but putting a newborn down isn’t always a speedy process and so you get some time to notice these things.

Pearlie Groveland, MA

Four Stars

Love the tranquil turtle…very soothing. Only complaint is that the batteries didn’t work. Highly recommend.

Adrian East Wilton, ME


My daughter is 20 months old. This arrived while she was napping. I snuck into her room and put it on her bed. When she woke up she was so excited! She absolutely loves it!

Cherry Jamestown, RI

Bought for my infant, but my 2 year old loves it more

I bought this for my 3 month old and I didn’t really notice if it helped her go to sleep or not since she was already going to bed on her own. I enjoyed it though at nights when I’d go in to nurse her and the lights would be enough that it wouldn’t wake her up and it was comforting to me as well. Even my 2 year old loves her ‘baby sissy’s turtle" and so now sometimes to bribe her at nights that she isn’t very sleeppy I tell her she can watch the turtle’s waves and off to sleep she goes. I also really like it!

Willa Mayfield, NY

Needs to stay on longer

This turtle would be perfect if only it stayed on longer, it automatically shuts off after 23 minutes which isn’t enough time! Also, the batteries die very quickly which is also a hassle. Other than that, our daughter loves to watch the waves on her bedroom walls, very soothing

Ashley Hampton, KY

So soothing!

This is such a nice product–so soothing and it is just like light reflecting on water waves at night! I just wish that there was an option for the waves sound without the light because sometimes the light is too distracting and keeps her up instead of lulling her to sleep. So we supplement with the giraffe.

Veronica Acton, ME

So peaceful!

I got this as a nightlight/soothing machine for my newborn, but I think I like it more than her! It gives off enough light to be able to see her, but the light is a soothing blue glow from the wave pattern. It reminds me of being in an aquarium in one of those walk through tunnels. The wave crashing sound is realistic and very calming. We use it every night at bedtime for our 6 week old. She has started definitely watching the patterns on the ceiling as she falls asleep. Great product for babies and parents!

Lorene Mallory, WV