Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Night Light, Ocean

Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Night Light, Ocean

Cloud b’s tranquil turtle Ocean. Projects underwater effect with a gentle wave motion. Shell glows in relaxing aquamarine color. Plays 2 soothing sounds.

Main features

  • Magical underwater light effect
  • Projects underwater effect with a gentle wave motion
  • Shell glows in relaxing Aquamarine color
  • Plays 2 soothing sounds: Tranquil Melody and Ocean Waves
  • 23 minute timer ensures complete darkness and silence during childs deep sleep, recommended by pediatricians

Verified reviews


Didn’t last… but still great!

This turtle is seriously cute and I would buy another one in a heartbeat if anything happens to the one we have now.I bought this for my infant daughter and she is completely MESMERIZED by this thing. The underwater lighting effect is very cool! It reminds me of being in the que for The Living Seas at Epcot in Disney World. :)So as others have said you can adjust the brightness of the light and the volume and it plays for 23 minutes. We have this purple turtle, but I saw the aqua one in the store and the color of light projected is the same for both turtles – a nice, solid, bright blue. In other words, no aqua lights or purple lights – you are just choosing the color of the plush! Both turtles have a BLUE shell.The shell is very sturdy, but ours did sustain a significant scratch while traveling to Grandma’s in the car (no idea how or what happened – it was riding in a heavily packed car in a laundry basket). However, it only shows when the light is on – but the scratch does not show in the projection on the ceiling – hooray! In other words – this guy is pretty sturdy and holds up.Other options included on the turtle are movement (the lights can make moving waves or just be a fixed water pattern on the ceiling) as well as sound – you can play ocean sounds (waves crashing, seagulls calling softly) or silence or music with ocean sounds (just a melodic, synthesizer, relaxing underwater music sound with waves crashing and gulls calling softly – hard to describe, but it’s nice).The turtle also comes with a glossy paged little booklet with a cute little story – which we read once and then tossed (I hate clutter in my home) – still it is a cute little rhyming story and a nice way to introduce the turtle.We’ve had our turtle for a month now and are still on the original, INCLUDED batteries. We use it at least once a night and sometimes twice.All three of my kids like this turtle better than their pillow pet dream lite, which projects stars on the ceiling, but I don’t know that the two are comparable – maybe personal preference?Anyway, buy one of these turtles – you’ll be so glad you did.UPDATE 6/30/13Well, I just replaced the batteries for the second time in this turtle, so they last about 3 months for us (I use cheap, store brand batteries – name brand may last longer). But mostly, I wanted to update my review to let others know that the rocking motion of the light has quit working. It stopped a little over a month ago – so I got 4.5 months of our turtle working flawlessly. At first I thought maybe just the battery that controls the motion had gone bad, but I didn’t want to bother with changing all three batteries right away until the lights were almost dead too (waste not, want not). However, a fresh set of batteries did not fix the little rocker motor.The light and sounds still work, and the texture of the shell that the light shines through still makes it look like water, but it doesn’t move – which WAS a very cool effect.I’d like to get another turtle – but am hesitant to shell out (no pun intended) the money again.However, my 10 month old still seems to like the turtle without the wave motion, so I only docked it one star. I have not tried contacting the company and will probably just live with it the way it is.

Luann Southaven, MS

Even better than expected!

I bought 2 of these Cloud B light turtles. The first one was the original tortoise colored one that projects the starry night sky. The second one was the Tranquil turtle. And between the two, I would have to say the ocean one is my favorite. Originally I ordered the purple tranquil turtle for my daughter because purple is her favorite color, but I was pleasantly surprised at how different and better-in my opinion- it is. The major differences between the this turtle and the original are:1. The tranquil turtle doesn’t project stars, it projects wavy “underwater” currents all over the room. The nice thing about this feature is that you have the option to set the waves to still or moving, both which are very relaxing to look at.2. The music option is a must for us. The 2 choices are soft ocean waves sound and gentle music. And there’s a volume control! There is also an option for no sound, which is great as well.3. The light has a dimmer feature, so you can make it brighter or less so depending on your needs.4. The auto shut off timer is only 23 minutes, unlike 23 and 45 min like other Cloud B soothers we have. Wish it went to 45 min, but perhaps it would eat up too much battery that way. Still 23 minutes is a good amount of time for most kids to fall asleep.5. It is just a tad smaller than the original, but it is so cute in person. The purple velour is so soft and plush, and I love the way it looks.

Dollie Petrified Forest Natl Pk, AZ

Love it!

I recently purchased this to go in my daughter’s nursery. She isn’t here yet, so I can’t attest to how well it works for her but I love it! The “water motion” that is projected is just beautiful and very relaxing and can also be set to a stationary projection for more of a night light. This has two sound options, waves and tranquil melody- both are very nice and aren’t annoying or distracting to listen to. It looks just adorable, the plush is very soft too. A bit on the pricey side, but I feel that the quality is good and can see using this for my daughter, and myself for several years. Also comes with a little story booklet which I thought was a great touch for older children.

Milagros Powderly, KY

Super Soft

This turttle is very soft and it sooths my 5 month old to sleep everytime. I really appericate the timer. The timer allows me to go to bed right after i put the baby down so that i dont have to stay up and wait to turn it off once baby falls asleep.

Donna Hinsdale, MA


It really does work, helps my 6 year old falls to sleep quick. I have always had such a hard time making him go to bed but this turtle has helped him relax and go to sleep. I would recommend this product! It’s soft and music last quite a whole, enough for my son to go to sleep.

Lily Loiza, PR

Almost perfect

We were looking for a new projector/sound machine for our 2.5 year old twin girls. We considered the ones with stars, but wanted one with sound. My husband also prefers things that run on AA batteries (can find better deals on those). So, we chose this one.There are a lot of great things about it. The underwater effect is really neat. It covers the ceiling and some of the walls. Our girls really like it and start asking for their water or turtle before we can get it out. You have the ability to control the brightness of it, so if you think it is too bright, you can turn a dial and make it dimmer.The sounds are nice. You have a choice between ocean sounds, soothing music (like something you hear in a day spa) or no sound. There is a volume control on the sound.This isn’t a problem, but although they say he is purple, he looks more like a deep blue. He is exactly the color of the photo Amazon provides, if that helps.My only complaint is the auto shut off feature. It automatically cuts off at 23 minutes. At that point my kids are usually pretty much out, but they notice it turn off and start to cry. If it lasted 5 more minutes, I think we would make it. The star ones last 45 minutes. I wish this one did.Overall it is wonderful. My only suggestion to them would be to lengthen the shut off timer or maybe offer 2 time options ( 23 or 45 minutes).Update: 1 year later: my kids are 3.5 now and the auto shut off isn’t a problem. They are use to it going off and if they are still awake it doesn’t bother them . The batteries (they are AA despite the Amazon description) last a long time. we still use it every night.

Dee Denhoff, ND

looks cool..but.

Really just an ok thing. our kid never really got into it. I’d probably go with a sound machine, something that doesn’t go in the crib.

Judith Ora, IN

LOVE this Turtle!

My husband and I are expecting our first child this November. We had seen the items similar to this in the store that project stars but then I saw the Tranquil Turtle in a Maternity Magazine and we loved that it projects waves! We couldn’t find it in stores so ofcourse I checked AMAZON and found it. We bought it and I love it so much I want my own!! It projects a calming wave like image makes me think of being under water and looking up to the sky. You can choose how bright you want it to be and if you want the waves to move or not. It also can play ocean sounds or no sound at all. It runs for 23 minutes and shuts itself off. We love to heave the waves moving with the ocean sounds (you can adjust the volume) and it is so relaxing to listen to and watch at bed time. I highly recommend this!

Ella Binger, OK


My 17 month old daughter loves her turtle, and loves pressing the buttons to turn him on and off. She points at the projection on the ceiling and oohs and ahhs. She loves it! I love it as well – it is very peaceful with the wave projection and music/ waves. It is more of a toy to her than an actual sleep aid, but as an adult, I can say that this helps me go to sleep. It gets my baby very excited, so it’s not a good sleep aid now, but I’m sure she’ll use it more for that when she’s older.

Twila Midlothian, VA

Purchased in Purple

I went ahead and purchased this little turtle in purple because it was over $15 less on Amazon PRIME than the blue…it is not too gender specific of a purple (almost a very dark blue/purple) and works great for our 3 year old son with Autism.We wanted something to use in his therapy room for sensory and calming lighting…however we have ended up using this in our room and his room as well. He loves it and immediately lays down on his bed to look at the “water” – AMAZING as it helps calm him down and relaxes him as soon as it is turned on.

Lily Elkton, OH

A must have for any baby or child’s room

The blue underwater affect is calming on the eyes and the ocean waves are soothing to the ears. You can adjust both the brightness and volume. We could not love ours more.

Emilia Ness City, KS

So soothing

I just love this turtle. I have an 8 week old daughter, using this at bedtime and naptime during her transition from mostly co sleeping, to sleeping mostly in her rock’n’play sleeper, to her crib. It has really helped to make it a smooth transition. I love that the light can be made dim or brighter, and the ocean and music sounds are repetitive in a soothing way, not an irritating way. The only thing I don’t love is the flashing light, when the batteries are dying. That is why it gets only 4 stars. Otherwise, an excellent purchase.

Rosa Latham, MO

Too cute, great price!

I love this turtle. I will say it looks a little creepy on the faces of people near it in the dark but the sounds are so soothing and makes an ocean-like look to the ceiling. My daughter who was 19 months was quite scared of it in the dark at first but by the time she was 2 she asked for it at night. For half the price on here I’d never buy it anywhere else again. Great quality, great price! Thank you, Amazon!

Lorie Thornville, OH

bad batarie life

This is a very cute night light, but it goes through batteries very fast. Another thing I don’t like is that it can only be on for 30min, so I find myself tuning in back on.

Michell Hope, AR

I LITERALLY saw stars…..

Beware! If you are playing that game where your 2.5 year old tosses all of his pillows and blankies and stuffed animals on top of you – WATCH OUT FOR TRANQUIL TURTLE! I saw stars, man, when that hard shell unexpectedly beaned me in the cheekbone. I literally burst into tears and my own kid got me a tissue. That aside, we love this guy and the beautiful watery effect he casts in the room. However, my son finds the the music "too sad". He likes the ocean sounds and even just listening to the motor. Whatever!

Millicent Eagle Rock, VA

My twins love these

We bought these as an upgrade to the fisher price sea horses. My twins are 2.5 and needed something longer and more appealing. We love these. Small and easily transported.

Leta Santiago, MN

Great product

I was looking for something to help my 2 1/2 yr. old fall back to sleep on his on in the middle of the night. It didn’t work for him for that purpose, but he loves it & it helps him fall asleep at bedtime.

Janelle Jones, OK

Love the turtle!

We bought this because she is starting to be more alert by the day and we thought it might be good to help put her to sleep at night. She is only a month old and is very interested in the light the turtle puts off. We tilt the turtle up against her changing pad so it shines somewhat in the crib. I would love to see Cloud B make a smaller version that can hang on the crib similar to the Cloud B Sleep Sheep that we have. It would make it easier for the newborns who don’t have super good head control. It’s so peaceful that we aren’t shocked that adults use it to sleep.

Angelia Cerro Gordo, IL

Fabulous! LOVE It! Even better than the originals

We had one of the original turtles (that placed stars on the ceiling in your choice of three colors) and my daughter loved it. When we received this one as a gift, I was worried that we didn’t need it. I was wrong! This turtle is fabulous! I LOVE the waves on the ceiling and the wavesounds/music. I love this so much I sometimes put it in my room. Highly recommend- you cannot go wrong giving this as a gift. Wonderful, calming nightlight with an adjustable volume too! We actually use both turtles now as the green from the original turtle makes the water waves even cooler with the dual colors.

Dominique Waterloo, IA

Tranquil Turtle – Great for Easing Fear of the Dark

My 4 year old is going through a “fear of shadows in the dark” stage. We’ve tried all kinds of lights, but she still gets scared of shadows–sometimes even more afraid when we use night lights or even the star projection lights. Because this is a wavy, moving light, it draws attention away from the shadows and makes her less afraid. We use a different sound machine at night, but the Tranquil Turtle sounds are great at nap time. This is an all around winner, not just for infants, but also for toddlers and preschoolers.

Deanne Golden, CO


I like this product. it is really cute and a great idea. The motor seems to get "stuck" however. Sometimes it will move and sometimes not.

Carmen Modoc, SC