Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle

Twilight Turtle, the first plush constellation nightlight ever created, transforms any room into a starry night sky to help comfort children to sleep. From within his plastic shell, Twilight Turtle projects a magical constellation of stars onto bedroom ceiling and walls in three soothing color options. Twilight Turtles shell illuminates like a nightlight to help ease children’s fear of the dark. This interactive and educational toy includes eight actual constellations (such as The Big Dipper) embedded in the star pattern. Parents can sit with their children and identify these major constellations using the wonderfully illustrated Twilight Turtle Star Guide. Twilight Turtle helps make bedtime fun for children of all ages.

Main features

  • Transforms nurseries and bedrooms into a starry sanctuary that comforts and calms children
  • Projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room
  • Three soothing color options blue, green and amber to create magical, tranquil environments
  • 45 minute timer ensures complete darkness during child’sdeep sleep, recommended by pediatricians
  • Includes three AAA batteries. Ideal for ages 2 to adult

Verified reviews


I think this might have been used!

I ordered the ladybug new and directly from It came inside a somewhat crumpled box & even though it says it includes 3 AAA batteries, it didn’t.I get the sense that this thing was used!

Marquita Westville, NJ

cute but doesn’t soothe

Cute little item, however I purchased this to help my twin granddaughters fall asleep at night and I don’t think it helps at all. Yes it reflects nicely on the walls and ceiling as promised, but we still have to let the girls cry themselves to sleep which on average takes about 10-15 minutes every night. Which is the same amount of time they fussed before using this item. they do like playing with it during the day by turning it on and off and changing the colors. All in all not worth the money.

Queen Lewiston, UT


I purchased this for my kids to share (18m and 4 years) and have decided now I have to order the turtle as well. It is so nice and soothing, I honestly wish I’d gotten it much earlier… love it.

Mildred Junedale, PA

Cloud B Blue Twilight Turtle

BUYER BEWARE!!! I had the Cloud B Blue Twilight Turtle on a wish list for my grandson. The item was purchased by a family member so I don’t know which company was the seller, but what I do know is the item I received was a CHEAP FAKE NOT made by Cloud B.It did NOT look like the picture AND it did NOT state Cloud B on the box OR the turtle…except for a sticker slapped on the bottom of the box. I did return the CHEAP FAKE counterfeit blue turtle and ordered the Cloud B Twilight Turtle in classic mocha. I really wanted the blue one, but at least we now have an authentic Cloud B Twilight Turtle and not a CHEAP FAKE that cost more money!?!Want to know how to tell if you’ve received a CHEAP FAKE??? An authentic Cloud B Twilight Turtle has the Cloud B logo printed on ALL sides of the box, on the tag of the turtle AND embossed on the plastic shell of the turtle.We LOVE our authentic Cloud B Twilight Turtle…but wish it was blue.So why did I give it only 1 star??? Because I wanted it in blue and the blue turtle I received was a CHEAP FAKE!!!5 stars for an AUTHENTIC Cloud B Twilight Turtle.

Marjorie Dunreith, IN

Best Nightlight Ever

Dianna Ronceverte, WV

My son won’t sleep without it but there are some major flaws

I can no longer support this product. My son loves his turtle and won’t sleep alone without it. However, I have had issues getting batteries to work in the turtle, only brand that was working for me was EverReady. I emailed the company and they basically responded that this is a known issue with “some” turtles especially with Energizer and Duracell and they offered to send me one pack of batteries. I am going to be calling them to discuss this further but just be prepared that you too might get one that only accepts certain battery brands.

Michaela Pomona, KS

We are on our 3rd one…

I saw this and had to get it for my daughters room. Well she is 10 months now and we are on our third one…this is not a good thing. The first one we got shorted itself out and we tried to fix it but forget it…also we must have gotten an older version because the second I bought was awesome- was so much brighter and you could make out the stars. The second one did not last very long and this one sucked down batteries and again shorted out with in two months. We received one as a gift for christmas- which was fine…so far it’s worked but still sucking down batteries. It’s super cute and when the batteries aren’t dying the light is perfect. Make sure you get a newer model if anything.

Alisha Sylvania, PA



Louisa Colona, IL


Was broken when I got it and I had to send it back, the toggle switch was missing. This is also a super cheaply made product and not worth the price.

Alba Belding, MI

Use it Nightly

We bought this when our little one was about 8 months old. She is now 3 years old and still uses it every night. I have now purchased one for my nephew and my niece. They love theirs too. It’s a must-have for young children. I’ve replaced batteries only twice since we bought it.

Freda Chattaroy, WA

Great night light for kids

Bought this night light for my nephew who was afraid of the dark. He loved it and how bedtime is a dream. Comes in other styles if you don’t like turtles. I like that it automatically turns off after 45 minutes which should be long after they fall asleep. Highly recommended.

Tessa Mc Allister, MT

Good Product

I purchased this for my son since I wasn’t totally happy with my daughters Dream Light. The turtle lets off a ton of stars, is very bright, but do wish it wasn’t go hard on such a large amount of the product (hope that made sense)

Sharon Hayesville, NC

this is so cute

i would give this 5 stars but there are some things that need to be fixed. i wish the light was brighter and it could hold more battery’s

Ola Pencil Bluff, AR

This is a great little turtle

This is an awesome short term night light. It is so neat starting it up and looking at the stars and constellations that it projects into the bedtime night. It has become an integral part of our nighttime routine to start up the turtle.

Janice Kenna, NM

Okay, but a little disappointing.

This turtle is cute and the display is wonderful. When I was looking at this, it said it has three colors. It does, but it does not change color on its own. If this played soft music it would be a little nicer. My son does enjoy it though and will not take a night time nap without it on now.

Paige Dodge Center, MN

Twilight Turtle is very cool!

I bought this because I just loved the idea of stars on the ceiling and for $30 its a great way to achieve that. The turtle is adorable and once its DARK the lights really shine. Blue looks the brightest though. My only complaint is that I wish it had an adaptor or bigger batteries and it should have an AUTOMATIC TIMER. I would love to be able to just walk away and let it shut off on its own. Would recommend this product for 3+.

Sherrie Kennard, IN

Cute, lights up and makes no noise. . . the perfect toy

I like this entire line of toys. I received the turtle for myown baby and I bought this ladybug as a shower gift for a friend. The three colors of lights are all really pretty, and they project to the ceiling quite well. The plush part of the animal is nice and soft, and even the harder "shell" ofthe back is smooth and contoured so that it is comfortable enough when teh kid is hugging it and dragging it around with him or her.I would recommend this toy as well because it casts enough light to be used as a night light when you want to check in on the little one or do a midnight diaper change. It also turns itself off after about 45 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about hte batteries dying too quickly. We have used ours for over a year, and it has not needed new batteries yet.

Melanie Wilson, WY

Good idea, poor construction

While the Constellation turtle is a cute idea, it is poorly made. The white lights are useless, but the blue and green work great. This is more of a night light, as the name states, not a learning toy, people planning to teach their children about the constellations should look elsewhere. Our turtle came unglued at the neck, around the plastic and the fabric and the stuffing started coming out. This item is recommended for children age 3 and up, it falls apart and the stuffing falls out it can be a choking hazard!

Marquita Westlake Village, CA

Under the stars

Got this for my grand daughter. Her older brother had the twilight turtle and loved it. My grand daughter loves her lady bug. The stars at night are great on the ceiling and walls. The only problem with this is if you want the stars on the ceiling you need to find a place in the middle of the room to put the lady bug. But other than that, the stars show up great. Great night light to help children go to sleep without being too bright.

Rosemarie Vest, KY

Big hit here!

My kiddos loved these. I had three of them (one for each kid). They all loved finding the moon and picking colors.Anyhow.. My original review (in March) was glowing. As all three have died.. I’m not pleased with this product.The first two, my kids threw around a bit. So avoid having this happen with the third, I put it on the dresser. It lasted a little under three months.All of them were the same when they died. The lights just started blinking. My first thought was .. Oh, it needs new batteries! So I change the batteries and it appears to work. Until I go in to check on my kids and the thing is blinking again.I would not recommend this if you plan to use it nightly. And it does not make for a nice toy once it has died. The shell is not soft.

Glenda Middleboro, MA

pretty but not much of a night light.

my daughter (who is 18 months) has this. its pretty and for the first while its great. but once she got to be toddler age and started becoming afraid of the dark, it stopped helping. it turns off after 45 minutes and if she wakes up (and she always does) she starts screaming because its dark. its more of a decoration now.

Tanisha Millstone, WV

Good purchase

Nice cheap alternative for stars…(you can not see stars in city…:()I also enjoyed this with my baby…Some of the lights are not as bright as others…but still works.Also have moon in there :)Don’t really give baby to play with it…Looking directly into hole is little painful as light is bright inside 😀 So we keep it away from baby.

Tommie Sparks, NV

Very cool

I bought this for my 7 month old baby to distract him and help him wind down when he’s being fussy before bedtime. The colors are vivid and soothing, and it’s the perfect amount of light to help him see a little without being so bright that he can’t fall asleep. We put the turtle up on his dresser and the stars cover his whole ceiling. I love that it turns itself off after a while so the light doesn’t bother him while he sleeps. I hope this lasts him a long time because I can see him enjoying it when he’s older as well.Update: I just figured out that if you hit the “on” button twice in a row, the light automatically changes colors every few seconds! So pretty! I really love this thing.

Jean Avon, MT

PIECE OF JUNK! Would give it a NEGATIVE ONE star if I could….

This thing is so temperamental it’s ridiculous. I DREAD changing the batteries. It worked intermittently every time and now it just stopped working. Last time I changed the batteries, it did the same thing, but now it is just dead (though the bulbs were working and only the yellow would shine brightly enough to be seen). Complaints to Cloud b fell on deaf ears and even the Better Business Bureau couldn’t get them to step up! Cloud b should NOT be marketing toys to children. They are unreliable and poorly made. This also had a big scratch in it and the battery cover (which requires a screwdriver to remove) will not lie flat-not to mention that I had to cut part of the cloth from the turtle’s belly because I could not get the screw in-it was blocking the hole! I hate to throw it out. My son (age 2-1/2) is so disappointed. Even he said today when it failed to light yet AGAIN: "I can’t do anything with this dumb turtle!" What a GIANT disappointment. It never worked right from day one. Do yourself a favor. If you have had ANY problems with it, contact the company within the ridiculous "warranty period" (which starts at the DATE OF MANUFACTURE, NOT PURCHASE DATE!) and get a new one. If you wait, you can get only a 30% coupon off from their website IF YOU HAVE YOUR RECEIPT (Ours was a gift and I had no receipt, so we were OUT OF LUCK. I probably would have declined anyhow; why bother buying another hunk of junk from the same junky manufacturer? The prices are insane and you have to pay shipping!!!!) I am going to go to their site and post a review.

Selena Galivants Ferry, SC


This thing is sooo overrated. It’s not very bright, so the stars don’t actually show up on the ceiling, only on the wall right next to it. And the light colors clash with the design of the toy – no yellow or natural light option.

Rachael Ocate, NM

Super cute, so fun

Super cute, so fun. It was a lot lighter than I expected, but it is very adorable. It really provides a calming light and fun to a room. We love it.

Sonja Clinton, AL


This really is cool. My son sleeps with us and my husband and I enjoy this thing too. It’s really cool. Also, it’s much nicer than those glow in the dark stickers – what a pain to put up and take down. This is much more convenient and much brighter and prettier. Even has a moon and it’s always fun asking the kids "where is the moon?" I like this one BETTER than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one… This one is timeless.

Dena Rockford, AL

Great item

I purchased this for my son because as a newborn it helped him to have a little light to focus on in order to get sleepy. Now the turtle, after 7 months, has become part of his nightly routine – more for his Dad and I to use as a night light to help us put him to bed. We assume that it will ease his fear of the dark in the future as well. We love that there are three color options for the lights as well.We go through batteries for the turtle about once every two weeks – BUT we use rechargeable batteries which don’t last all that long, so we can’t speak to how often you need new batteries.Our friend’s daughter loved the turtle while visiting, so we bought her the lady bug for Christmas. I would buy this item again if mine broke, was misplaced, or if I had someone else to buy it for – love it!

Jeanie Odessa, NY

Nightly companion

I do wish the lights moved and/or twinkled on this, but I can’t seem to find any products that do that. It’s really very cute, and a good size. I feel comfortable leaving in the crib at all times, as it seems to be safe and sturdy with nothing to hurt the baby with. The light color options are fun, and nice and bright. I turn a different color on every night and she is always asleep before the lights time out after 40 minutes. Sometimes she wakes up later or in the morning and amuses herself playing quietly with it.

Roxie New Geneva, PA

GREAT night light!

I got this for my sons 2 year birthday and I am so happy with the purchase! His room is fairly dark at night and the night light is really great when it is on in his room. It makes starts all over the ceiling and part of the walls. It is really pretty and relaxing to look at, I want one for my room!!I plan on buying this for 2 people that recently had babies.You won’t regret this purchase!- note: to get the full effect, the room has to be pretty dark.

Cheryl Ringgold, TX