Cloud B – Twilight Ladybug Green

Cloud B – Twilight Ladybug Green

Soft, spotted ladybug has a luminous shell that projects a starry night sky on both ceiling and walls in three colors for a soothing bedtime effect. An illustrated star guide helps identify the constellations. Recommended for ages 2 and up. Comes with a sleep-timer that glows for up to 45 minutes. Approx. dimensions: 7 1/2`W x 12`L x 4`D. Runs on three AAA batteries (included). Polyester fibers; spot clean.

Main features

  • Twilight Ladybug gently transforms nurseries and bedrooms into a starry sanctuary that comforts and
  • Newly released green & aqua color plush and shell
  • Choose any one of three soothing color options blue, green and amber to create magical, tranquil env
  • Auto shut-off; 45 minutes sleep timer
  • Star guide, storybook, Adoption Certificate, and 3 AAA batteries included

Verified reviews


great toy.

this is a great toy!! WAY WAY Too expensive. At least the green ladybug is. I did not realize until I received it that this item is 20$ more just because its a different color…nothing else.

Kate Canmer, KY

Great for bed time!

This is a great night light. I think this helps keep my daughter in bed at night. It gives her something quiet to play with and she can select the color of stars she’s like projected on her ceiling and walls. Great purchase and great product!

Gina Orangevale, CA

My daughters love them!

I bought a purple turtle for my 4 yr old and the green and blue ladybug for my 1 1/2yr old and both are really cute. The constellations are very well done. At night their rooms are pitch black and these light up their rooms and add this magical feeling that every kid should feel when they are about to fall asleep. I wish they had these when I was a kid!The batteries have lasted for over 6 months and are still going strong. the lights are LED.Three different colors to choose from. red, green and blue.and they turn off automatically after 45 minutes so you don’t have to worry about the batteries wearing out, (45 minutes is enough time for the little ones to falls asleep peacefully).

Ruby Etna, WY

Big part of our little one night routine

My 17 month old has a cloud B turtle and we got this ladybug for my 4 month old little guy for christmas.We love how bright it makes the room and to watch the stars in the ceiling of the room. Since my oldest was about 5 months old every night just before I leave his room I turn this on and he just goes to sleep, he knows that once the stars appears its time for bed, no complaints, no tears.We haven’t had to replace the batteries yet which is great and its also great that it has more than one color option for the lights, we never use the red as I don’t care for it but love the green and blue. In the turtle the blue is the light that comes on once you turn it on but on the ladybug the standard on color is red so I have to switch it, again, that’s just me as I am sure that neither one of my kids would care what color the light is.By the way, it may be a coincidence but since we got this my little guy has been sleeping much better.In short, great product, strongly recommended.

Lori Fox Lake, IL

We love these!

I ordered 3 of these (2 turtles and 1 ladybug) for my 10, 7, and 16 month old and they all LOVE them! They put up stars and a moon on the ceiling and the kids think they are so cool. These make a wonderful nightlight, turns off in 45 minutes, and are very fun!

Althea Wells, MI


This was a great buy for our little girl. She loves it. She likes being able to turn it on and off and switch between the different colors (red,green and blue). I do wish it played some music (like twinkle twinkle little star) but still love it.

Christa Dundee, KY