Clownfish Tub Tatoos

Clownfish Tub Tatoos

Make bath time safer and more fun for your little ones with our friendly, peel-and-stick adhesive bath appliques. Designed to provide reliable slip protection in tubs, showers, and other slippery spots, our Clownfish Tub Tattoos will help keep your child safe and smiling, bath after bath! Each package contains 5 textured Clownfish appliques. Some desired layouts may require more than one package.

Main features

  • These non-slip little characters make bath time safer and more fun!
  • Each package contains 5 non-slip Clownfish Tub Tattoos.
  • Easy to install, just peel and stick. Easy to clean.
  • Designed for use on smooth surfaces. Some surface textures may affect adhesion.
  • 4″ diameter.

Verified reviews


You only get 5 fish!

I didn’t read the description closely enough – but that’s the downside of buying online. The pack is of only 5 fish which covers too small a space to be useful as an anti-slip guard. I ended up buying a full bathmat. I’ll have to figure out what to do with 5 cute clownfish stickers on another day.

Tamara Davidson, OK

Tub Tattoos Work Great

I purchased these over a year ago for my toddler triplets and they have been great. All three kids bath together and the tub tattoos have really kept them from slipping. During the bath we are always battling with the kids to sit down rather than stand up and jump and even with all that activity no one has slipped.I noticed a few reviewers commented on the adhesive being too weak, however, that has not been an issue for us. The tub tattoos have stayed in place since we put them down and they do not even have any peeling around the edges.I recently recommended my mother purchase a set after noticing she still uses the old fashioned bath mat with suction cups, which I do not think is safe at all.

Katelyn Amagon, AR

Great design but very weak adhesive

I really like the clownfish design. The applique is large and cute. But I have a problem getting it to stick. The edges keep coming up, even after putting weight on it for a week. I know this is a problem with this particular brand because I also got some appliques from Home Depot and those are sticking fine right next to these on the exact same surface. This is a brand new shower floor cleaned with alcohol. So until they improve the adhesive I wouldn’t call these tattoos, they should call them temporary decals.

Angelique Petersburg, IN


These fish tub tattoos are adorable. They are smiling which brings a smile to my face when I see them. The colors are vibrant and they stick really well to the bath tub floor. Now I feel more at ease knowing that my guests can take a shower in the guest bathroom and not slip.

Madeline Centerport, NY

Cute stickers but doesn’t sticks very well

We bought those for our guest bathroom which we mainly use for our daughter (2 years old). Maybe it’s because of the grainy surface but the stickers doesn’t sticks very well, my daughter was able to take off several of them. Too bad…

Florine Roxbury, ME

Cute but don’t really work

I bought these hoping they would give my little one some traction in the bath tub. I use them in the Primo bath tub. They stick really good in there.. I even tried putting some on the back of the tub and she still seems to slip and slide.

Claire Rantoul, IL

Cute little clown fish!

If you follow the manufacturers instructions on the back of the package you should have no problem at all with the stickers staying on the bottom of the tub. You will need more than one package for them to be effective. I ordered 4.

Vicky Braddock Heights, MD

Love the clownfish!

My two boys love the clown fish design and it helps them to not slip when standing in the bathtub.I bought two packs. I cleaned with rubbing alcohol then ajax and installed the fish. Almost a year later the fish are still stuck down tight!Good product.

Beth West Hamlin, WV

Super cute!

Very cute, but it will take at least 3 packs to cover the tub bottom to skid proof it. I wonder how tough they will be to remove….

Candace Tyrone, PA

Nemos in the bath

My daughter loves these and they keep her safe and they are low maintenance for me as the cleaning doesn’t involve anything extra.

Sylvia Tina, MO


Put these in the bath tub for our infant son and he loves looking at them and they help reduce the slipping as he wiggles around and splashes during bath time.

Judi Rocklake, ND

Great anti-slip stick-ons

My toddler’s bathroom is ocean-themed, and I was looking for a cute way to spruce up the tub and add some anti-slip protection, especially since she still tries to stand up in the tub from time to time. I followed the directions and made sure I cleaned and prepped the surface of the tub before applying. I’ve had them for several months and there has been no sign of them peeling up. I got a few of the other tub tattoos, and three packages did the trick to cover the entire tub (there’s only five of them per pack). They’ve certainly served their purpose. There have been no problems with her slipping, and they aren’t too gritty for her sensitive skin. She hasn’t complained about sitting on them, and other than seeing the cute decoration on the bottom of the tub, has made no notice of them.

Ramona Lingleville, TX

These are so cute!

We bought these, the turtle and frog tub tattoos and my daughter loves them. She is pretty little, but she giggles and tries to grab them out of the tub. They stick very well to the tub surface and haven’t peeled off at all (they have been in the tub for a couple of weeks now). We haven’t tried to remove them, so I cannot comment as to any sort of damage that they may cause to the tub.

Brooke Guymon, OK

Good idea, too small to make a difference

These are absolutely adorable tub tatoos! I have both the fish and the turtle – both are cute and my kids like them. Unfortunately, they are so small that the do not do a very good job to prevent slipping in the tub (even with two packages of them in the tub).

Rhoda West Enfield, ME

Love it easy to out on the tub

got this for my little one and did the job perfectly – looks great in our tub – easy to put on so far so good

Stephanie Danese, WV

Non-slip tub stickers.

I already have them and I ordered more fishes because I moved some of them a few times that made them no more sticky.. so I had to repair..

Ida Sutton, NE

Five Stars

great product

Teresa Cuba, MO

Fun; large; good for application to toddler steps.

I’m really happy to have found these. We applied them to a KidKraft Storage Step Stool that has a slick-finished MDF wood surface with no anti-slip decals.These little fish, which measure about 4×3 inches, added friction and a touch of color to the often wet steps, and are sturdy enough that my 2-year old could help me apply them.The grippy surface texture isn’t quite “sandpaper” like traditional non-slip decals, but instead features a surface finish akin to a “burnt plastic” sort of roughness that’s not abrasive, but yet provides a passable amount of friction — especially for little feet. They’ve definitely cured a slippery situation.The decals were shipped quickly in a padded envelope and delivered to my mailbox.If I have one critique, it is that the fish are all exact copies of one another. It’d be nice if there were two or more different designs in the mix just to give the “school of fish” a little more visual variety. But I’m still really happy with the appearance of these large fish, and (to me) they’re certainly the most appealing of all the Tub Tattoo designs this vendor is offering.

Morgan Piney Point, MD

Pretty Nice

I like the texture of these stick-ons. I have not had any issue with it pealing up since I cleaned the surface really well and applied pressure. We used this is a baby bath tub because our daughter was slipping around when she would try to lean to the side. The texture is not like sandpaper it feels more like a smoother-bumpy texture on textured glass (not too rough for gentle skin). Our daughter doesn’t slide around anymore which was the goal.

Donna Newport, TN

Perfect Product

These are exactly what we were looking for. We cleaned the tub as instructed, followed by a wipe-down of alcohol. They’re still adhered great so far after quite a few baths. We purchased four packages (in various designs) to cover the floor of the tub, and that was perfect. Also, they aren’t too uncomfortable for our 4-year old to sit or stand on like some other similar products. Would recommend.

Marietta Anderson, AL

Great product!

This is a wonderful product! I love these tub tattoos. They’ve helped to make my toddler’s tub safe and slip free. It wasn’t hard to apply them, and they haven’t shifted a bit.

Marsha Ocean Park, ME

too small

They’re smaller than I thought so they only cover very little surface. I had to get more to keep my daughter safe

Socorro Somerville, TX

Fantastic Product

This things are great. I’ve been using them for over 6 months now and have not had issues. No peeling, etc. I did wipe down the tub with rubbing alcohol before applying them though.

Kari Cairo, MO

very cute

I got a set of clown fish and a set of frogs. They look very cute in the bath tub and stay put very well. Highly recommended

Jenifer El Dorado Springs, MO