CoCaLo Perfect Calming Center

CoCaLo Perfect Calming Center

The Perfect Calming Center is a 4 in 1 product was created for baby and parents to gain a more restful sleep with minimal interruptions. The product is a remote controlled foam mat that fits perfectly under crib mattress that will lull your baby to sleep. The Calming Center has 4 key features: vibratining motion, comforting music, sound of heartbeat, and vibrates and plays sound together. It is also manual or cry activated.

Main features

  • Remote controlled pad fits under standard crib mattress
  • Designed to lull baby to sleep
  • Offers 4 settings: vibrating motion, comforting music, sound of heartbeat and vibrates and plays sound together
  • Offers 2 settings manual or cry activated

Verified reviews


It works! Not just for babies .

This simple little mat works really well. It uses batteries , 6 in all. I am very happy it is not a plug in electronic device since that would be really bad for health. My seven year old granddaughter helped me review this product. We put it under the twin bed mattress and tried every setting. She liked the vibration and music. I liked the heartbeat the best. We tried out the manual setting, then put the device on baby cry mode. My granddaughter whimpered softly and the settings kicked in immediately. she was soon asking to sleep over and to go to bed now! My grown daughter is going to try it next, as she has insomnia .

Taylor Fountain, NC

Love the idea, sort-of works for us

I have 7.5-month-old twins. One is an amazing sleeper and one is not. I’ve used theMunchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Padwith both of them, which is similar to this, but only vibrates (and not with a remote). It does well for my good sleeper and sometimes my bad sleeper, but the fact that I have to walk into the room and up to his crib makes him see me and want me to pick him up. I really like the fact that I can either put this on auto (cry) or manual and turn it on from my own bed across the hall. The cry setting is actually both noise and motion sensitive. My son can flip in the crib (he moves around a lot) and it turns on or he or my daughter (a few feet away) can cry and it will turn on.While this does not make my son go back to sleep, it does keep him from going full-on ballistic. The heartbeat is probably the best part of it. It sounds almost like that car that has its bass cranked up and you are driving next to it and can feel it. It is strong and loud even on the lowest setting, but it is very “soothing.” It makes me want to go to sleep. I think the heartbeat sound calms my son for long enough that I can get him a bottle and get back to him before he is defcon 5 and wakes the other kids (the 2-year-old waking is the worst because he really doesn’t want to go back to bed).I am giving this 4 stars because it does work and I am sure for those babies that are not as difficult as mine (he wants to eat a ton and still wants to eat in the middle of the night no matter what we do) this will work wonders. I obviously can’t give it 5 stars because it doesn’t work miracles and put my son back to sleep. It also is a little annoying that it is motion sensitive and that keeps it on for a while since my son likes to flip around a bit.Overall, I highly recommend this to parents of little babies who are learning to sleep in their own crib and need a little extra help.Update: The batteries died after about 2 weeks of use. Partly because I would forget to turn it off in the morning and it would turn on sporadically throughout the day. So, remember to turn it off when it isn’t in use.

Claudette Chaseley, ND

Hush Little Baby… No.. I mean it, HUSH!

This is a miracle worker. I put this under the crib mattress and I was a little convinced that it wouldn’t calm my fussy baby but it did! I was further convinced that the baby wouldn’t be able to even feel the vibration through the mattress but I was wrong. I have a fussy sleeper so the fact that this vibrates and plays white noise is a lifesaver. I especially like the heartbeat sound because it’s soothing and closest to comfort for the baby. Both the remote and the cry activation features work like a charm.Construction is sturdy, it requires 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries. The fit is perfect there is no hang over and it doesn’t interfere with the dust ruffle on the crib at all. The sensor comes out from the bottom so the baby can’t reach out and grab it at all. I highly recommend this product, especially for a colicky baby.

Amber Hillsville, VA

Good idea but it didn’t work for us

We didn’t have as much success as the other reviewers, unfortunately. Our 15 month old son is a notoriously bad sleeper and we had high hopes this pad would help extend the sleeping times. At best, I would say it doesn’t make it worse and I certainly can’t report any improvement.That said, I feel like it could have been beneficial if we could have used it when he was an infant. As other reviewers have noted, the concept is solid and the execution is pretty nice. The remote gives you access to all the settings including three volume settings (although I felt like even the lowest sound setting might be too loud.)If you have a new infant, it could be worth a try even though our experience wasn’t successful. Every baby is different.

Helga Park Hall, MD

This works for fussy babies.

This mattress fits underneath the top crib mattress.If your baby has a problem with going to sleep, this should work, as It did for our month old Granddaughter.Yes, at a month old she wanted to sleep with mommy!My Granddaughter is nursing the baby and was keeping the baby in there bed with them at night.When she would put the baby back into her crib she was Fussy, so brought her back into there bed.. Big mistake!Now with the CoCaLo Calming center it seems to comfort the baby with out her being fussy.She is going right to sleep..The batteries go underneath the calming center, which a child can not get to them.It makes lite sounds of a heart beat, lite music sounds, etc.It gives a soft movement to the mattress, which has a calming effect on the baby..Would buy this again.

Danielle Forest City, NC

This has been a lifesaver

My two month old loves movement and vibration. We had her sleeping in a bassinet with a vibrate function, but we really wanted her in her crib and out of our room. I bought the munchkin crib buzzer and it broke within a couple weeks, then I replaced it and again it broke within a couple weeks. You get what you pay for in this case! We have been using this now for over a month and it works, and works well. It shows no signs of slowing down at all. The vibrations are gentle and calming. Moving her to her crib was no issue once we had this, and she is sleeping through the night. When she wakes up and makes some noise it comes on and calms her right back to sleep. We are all sleeping better because of this mat. The controls are safely out of reach of the baby, yet easy to find for parents. Noises outside the room do not seem to set off the mat. So a dog barking or a toddler running by her room will not cause it to start vibrating and wake her up, it only starts if she makes noise.Overall this mat is exceptionally high quality, and should hold up for a very long time. It is smartly designed and easy to use. I highly recommend it to parents with babies that like that little buzz to help them sleep.

Deloris South Rutland, NY

This really works!

My son is just now waking up after staying in his crib all night! And he even went down without hardly any fuss and no pacifier. You know how they say you should put your baby down drowsy? I have never been able to do that unless I was putting him in a swing or vibrating chair. My son is 3 months old and I’ve read that this is the best time to start teaching sleep skills. This mattress pad is great for that because there are three vibration settings. I’m starting him on the highest setting but will gradually use lower settings as he gets older.The music is nice but we already have a sound soother that plugs into a wall that he adores, so we’re not using the built in music. Should also help save battery power. Regardless, this is a great tool for transitioning to the crib without letting your baby scream and fuss.He did wake up at one point and the automatic cry feature wasn’t enough to calm him though; he still wanted his pacifier. After I put it in his mouth though, I didn’t even have to pick him up. Very easy to get him back to sleep with this on.As for the design, the only way it could be better would be if it plugged into a wall and used batteries, and if there was an option to turn it on without having to use the remote. Still a great product though. I am completely happy with it!

Minerva Redvale, CO

calming cente

fits perfectly under mattress. Functually it works perfectly. I LOVE the remote.This allows me to access it without making noise walking in the room. It is extemely safe.

Twila La Veta, CO

Returning this

Works fine but my baby doesn’t care one way or the other about it. The heartbeat sound does NOT sound anything like a heartbeat, and the music is distorted sounding, even at the lowest volume setting. The "cry response" feature doesn’t work.

Isabelle Pottsboro, TX

Buy this one…not the smaller one

We bought the lulavibe first, but it was very thick & we use the Angelcare monitor. (We used the vibrate to get him to sleep & then turned it off & turned on the monitor. ) We decided to try this out since it seemed like a better version & it definitely is. My one issue is it can be loud vibrating the springs, but once we put our son on the mattress it did lessen the noise. We did eventually return both because by the time I broke down & bought this & the lulavibe he became a much better sleeper. I do wish I had this from the beginning though. I think it would have been a lifesaver all those nights I spent trying to manually trying to vibrate/jiggle his bassenet & crib mattress.

Ashleigh Garden City, NY

A great alternative to a noise machine…

There are a variety of noise machines and noise maker stuffed animals on the market. This works on the same concept plus a vibration feature with the added bonus of being much safer. I love the baby cry mode which allows the mat to kick on when baby fusses while saving on batteries. Because it uses batteries and goes under the mattress, there is no risk for strangulation from cords or suffocation like from the stuffed animals. Great idea, CoCaLo! This is a terrific product!

Roseann Louisville, TN

Good to end co-sleeping!

I am using this to get my 17 month old out of our bed and into his own. I put it in the section of our bed he sleeps in and turn it on, I moved it to his toddler bed next to our bed and he takes naps there instead of on me or in our bed. Next step is to keep him in his bed with this in place all night. I think it makes the shift easier since it is the constant variable that reminds him of sleeping in our bed. I think it is well made and will last a long time — I wish we had had it with our daughter!

Jana Pinckney, MI

Please don’t waste your money

Concept is great and it works but batteries last 10m, literally. It is impossible to keep buying batteries for this product. If you play the vibration and other funtion that’s it… it will last like 10m… I consider this a waste of money.

Nola Alborn, MN

Didn’t work for my newborn

There was a span of about a month when my husband and I would take nightly drives to calm down our colicky newborn and get him to sleep. We thought, "Hey, look at this calming center! Maybe it mimics the car’s vibrations and we won’t need to waste all that gas!" Well, we thought wrong. I think this scared our newborn more than anything.So, with that said, it seems well made and maybe it works for some people. It just didn’t work for us.

Dianna Volcano, CA

Strong chemical smell

We have been using the Munchkin Lullavibe for a while, and our 5 month old loves it. I decided to go for this one despite the higher price, because of the cry-activated feature. First, out of the box – there was a very strong chemical smell. I put it outside over night and it still smelled the next day. I had it in the garage for an entire week (without the car, obviously) and it still smelled. I was concerned about what chemical was applied to this item, so I emailed CoCaLo. No response. Finally I called, and someone just quickly responded that it wasn’t treated with anything — she said "we don’t treat any of our items with fire retardants" (which is the only chemical I could think that would make that intense of a smell). I wasn’t all that convinced, and frankly, I was mad that I couldn’t get anything in writing that they do not add flame retardants. Off gassing plus babies aren’t the greatest combo.Anyway! It’s not the right product for us. I thought it worked well otherwise — cry feature worked great. It seems to have a less powerful vibration than the Lullavibe. It takes 4 batteries, and Lullavibe takes 3. The Lullavibe requires a screwdriver to change the batteries, the CoCaLo does not.

Irene Eufaula, AL