Colgate Classica I – Lightweight Foam Crib Mattress with Waterproof Cover, White

Colgate Classica I – Lightweight Foam Crib Mattress with Waterproof Cover, White

This Colgate crib mattress is the most recognized and popular foam crib mattress by name in America. The multiple award-winning Classica I is a 5” thick, high-quality mattress designed with your littlest one in mind. The extra-firm foam provides the necessary support for proper infant safety and development while the mattress remains lightweight for easy sheet changes. The triple-layered cover is waterproof, tear-resistant, and non-allergenic, and cleans easily with a damp cloth and mild soap. The eyelet vents ensure the mattress stays fresh, while the cloth binding ensures the mattress is durable and long-lasting. This mattress fits snugly in all standard size American cribs and toddler beds. The Classica I is CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified to have no harmful emissions – and meets Colgate’s legendary, high-quality standards. Colgate products are proudly manufactured by a family-owned business in the USA.

Main features

  • Fits all standard American crib sizes
  • Lightweight for easy sheet changes
  • 5″ thick mattress provides essential support
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified for no harmful emissions and CertiPUR-US® certified safe foam
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Light weight, super fast shipping

I first want to thank Amazon for offering this product with APO shipping! I live overseas with the military and we’ve had nothing but trouble tring to get our baby gear (it’s our first, so we have aboslutely nothing to start with). Secondly, I must thank the other reviewers – especially those who’ve had this mattress for a while or are purchasing 2nd and 3rd ones. Thank you for sharing your feedback!I’ve only had the mattress for a few days and we’re still waiting for the baby to arrive, so we’ve not put it to use yet, but Amazon was able to ship the item to our APO box in about six days! And the mattress was so very light I had no trouble moving it around myself (at 9 mos. pregnant). It fit perfectly and snugly into our Million Dollar Baby (Da Vinci) “Kalani” crib. The square shape left no gaps. I expect it to be easy to change sheets due to the lightness of the mattress. I will be recommending this to any of my friends.

Christine Hartwick, NY

Wonderful mattress – Worth the price!

After reading baby bargains, we decided to buy a colgate mattress for our 4 month old daughter. We bought ours at Storkland – which was surprisingly about the same price at the time. My daughter is now almost three years old and still using this mattress! Despite the usual stuff you go through with a baby and toddler (vomiting, spit-up, poop, snot, jumping, crawling, etc.), the mattress shows no signs of wear and tear! I haven’t had any difficulty with the sheets fitting, but I did use average to a little bit higher priced sheets. The mattress fills up the crib perfectly – no holes, and my daughter was tiny (4 lbs 12 oz when we took her home). It is firm enough to be very safe but is also apparently comfortable because my daughter sleeps wonderfully in it! I thought at the time it was a bit pricey, but we are getting ready to buy another for my newborn son! It is definitely worth the investment.

Nancy Colebrook, NH


We have a colgate foam mattress for our oldest daughter that we got at buy buy baby, we love it. Then to save some money I found this one on amazon. And I’m really bummed out about it. Our one from buy buy baby is two sided, one side is for NB’s then you flip it when the baby is 1 years old for a softer mattress. So when I ordered this one I thought it would be just like that. But its SO hard and its not double sided. We’re using it for now, but I’m going to have to get something different our 4 month old just tosses all night in it, I feel like shes sleeping on concrete!

Katherine Clinton, MT


There’s firm, but then there’s
• . This matress is like a rock, and my baby has not sleep well in it. Trust me, I tried. ….at least until I added quite a bit of padding. We started out with a bassinet, then moved to crib. I suppose every baby is different though.There isn’t a standard definaition of “extra firm” crib matresses. I’ve felt other extra firm matresses that weren’t nearly this hard.Give this matress a shot, but do
• keep the box
• just in case your baby doesn’t like it. I want to return it but need a darn box now.

Addie Suffield, CT

Too firm, Baby won’t sleep.

I, like many others, bought this because of all the rave reviews and because it is rated the safest in regards to SIDS. Our Baby will sleep anywhere but on this mattress. If she is sleeping on the mattress, she will only sleep in 30 minute intervals. And since she began sitting up on her own, and then pulling up, she does not fall back to sleep easily. I would have returned the mattress but we got it a couple of months before I delivered, and she slept in a cradle for the first few months. It looks brand new, because it basically is, and I still have the box.Now I’m stuck with a co-sleeper because I could not get her to successfully sleep in her crib, even when it was in the room with me. We don’t even use it for naps.

Geneva Pratt, KS

Great mattress!

We bought this mattress for the Davinci Kalani crib. It was a perfect fit! It’s a little firm, but that is how they’re supposed to be for babies. It is very lightweight making changing the sheet much easier! I would recommend this mattress!

Jacklyn Coy, AL

Best Baby Crib Mattress!

I did a TON of research on baby crib mattresses. This was a gift for my first grandchild. The package arrived in record time (with standard shipping). The box and mattress were in great shape after transit. The mattress is exactly as described and is light as a feather. There is no plastic smell (after unwrapping the item). I am very happy with my choice and this item. Love shopping with Amazon too because the price and service can’t be beat!

Rosemary Alton, AL

good price, great value, great mattress

We bought this because Baby Bargains recommended it, and we couldn’t be happier. No weird off-gassing smells, waterproof (though we put a waterproof pad on it) and firm enough to be safe. Our newborn sleeps like a champ!

Marisa Archer, NE

Very hard

When I was shopping for a crib mattress, I was on the hunt for a firm mattress with good reviews, as firm mattresses are recommended to help prevent SIDS. This mattress is indeed firm and I never thought anything of it when I received it. Our baby is now about 8 months old (this was purchased while I was still pregnant) and we have been trying to transition her to her crib from sleeping in our room either in the pack n play or bassinet, and she refuses. I am fairly certain the mattress is a large part of the problem. This thing is HARD. I would certainly not sleep on it. I wish I had realized this 8 months ago when I purchased it because I would have gone with something different but I was just trying to follow the recommended guide of buying a firm mattress.

Roseann Halliday, ND


I bought this crib mattress after seeing it recommended in the book “Baby Bargains”. I have now used it for 2 of my children, and my sister is using 2 of them for her twin girls. We LOVE these matresses. They are super lightweight, which means that changing sheets is super easy. That is really nice for the middle of the night accidents! I would recommend these crib mattresses to everyone!

Callie Lindenwood, IL

Nice Crib Mattress

This crib mattress is pretty firm. It fit perfectly in our standard-size crib. I can’t wait to let baby sleep on it and see how she likes it. UPDATE – too firm! It doesn’t feel like a foam mattress. Baby is 9 months now and finally sleeping in the crib, but with a nice pad underneath her.

Julie Goshen, NY

Extra firm and fits our crib perfectly

I love the firmness of this mattress. It fits our crib well and our baby seems comfortable on it.If you’re looking for some advice on other baby registry essentials, check out AllMomsArePerfect dot com. You’ll get the lowdown on what you really need and what you could save to buy later or avoid completely.

Dianna Burdette, AR

Better off sleeping on the floor. Mattress is unnecessarily HARD

I totally understand that crib mattresses need to be firm in order to be safe, but seriously, this thing is much harder than is necessary to be considered safe. We purchased the Nook pebble mattress for my 1st born (which I LOVE,) but during my 2nd pregnancy when we found out we were having twins, I went hunting for more affordable options. We decided on the Colgate Classica I based on the review in the Baby Bargains book. I wish I would have spent just a little more $$ or maybe just tested a few more mattresses out before buying 2 of these concrete slabs. The girls refuse to sleep on these. My son just transitioned into a twin bed, so we gave one of the girls his Nook mattress, but now I’ve got to look for a mattress topper for the other baby.On a positive note, this mattress is constructed well and is super light which makes for changing the sheets very easy.

Evangelina Sheldahl, IA

Very “Firm” – Love it!

We decided that when our boy reached 6 months we were going to change the mattress for a good one. This is very firm, I thought it was too hard for him, he hasnt complaint at all. Very happy with the purchase.

Naomi Cedar Lake, IN

Great for Quality and Safety/Peace of Mind

We own 2 Colgate Classica I Foam Mattresses. One for our two year old son and one for our newborn daughter. We purchased this product because it came highly recommended for safety–both from a crib fit perspective and a firmness (because of SIDS perspective). When we were looking at furniture at baby specialty stores, every singly person we talked to recommended the Colgate Classica hands down. It is also highly endorsed by Baby Bargains as well.We felt like it was worth the extra investment from a safety standpoint alone, but we’ve been very happy with the quality as well. We’ve been using it over two years with our son and it hasn’t had any damage or breakdown at all. We’ve gotten a lot of good use out of it as a crib mattress and plan to use it for the next several years when he (finally!) transitions to a toddler bed.I would recommend getting a waterproof mattress pad to use between the mattress and sheet for protection. We’ve used both the CartersCarter’s Keep Me Dry Waterproof Fitted Quilted Crib Pad, Whiteand the SertaSerta Deluxe Waterproof Mattress Coverand were pleased with both. (We actually do two layers when we do laundry—mattress pad and sheet, then cover it with another mattress pad and sheet–in case we have to do middle of the night changes). With just the sheet alone, the fit is snug and there are no gaps. If you layer up, it will be even more snug, but you can fit it in there with a little effort.

Lynn Fullerton, ND

Great firm, lightweight mattress

I was very concerned about SIDs and wanted a very firm mattress for my newborn. When this mattress arrived, I was concerned that it might be too firm — it doesn’t have a lot of give at all. However, my 3 month old baby doesn’t seem to mind and sleeps through night on it for four weeks now and also takes her naps on it since she was a month old (we had her sleeping in our room at night for the first couple of months). Also, I feel great that I don’t have to worry at all that the mattress might be too soft.The fact that this mattress is so lightweight has been a huge bonus for me. It makes changing crib sheets and crib pads much easier.

Morgan Veguita, NM

Very nice!

We picked this because it was lightweight and it is easy to change the sheets. We really like it and it fits tightly in the crib.

Vonda Bean Station, TN

Great for our boys

I have two infant boys that sleep well on each of their mattresses.Having a stiff foam mattress gave me some peace of mind, especially in their first few months of life.They seems to be made really well and they fit our cribs perfectly.I would buy again.

Dale Eros, LA

Just what we needed…

This is an excellent mattress. Good firmness and support but not too hard. Baby sleeps wonderfully on it every night and most all naps. Standard sheets fit it well, and it’s light enough that’s it’s very easy to lift out of the crib for sheet changes. Great buy!

Marie Hanover, IN

Love it

I had no idea what mattress to get, they all look the same! I thought I’d prefer a coil sprung mattress but then found that this one had won awards so got this… I’m so glad I did. It fits the crib wonderfully, and is so light which is great considering how frequently I have to change the sheets. It delivered to a military box address too which was awesome. This seems well made and like it will last.

Lilian Passaic, NJ

Liked it so much we have 2!

This is a GREAT crib mattress. We got this for our first child as a shower gift from 1 set of grandparents. This thing went through 2.5 years of abuse from that child and is still in great condition! No tears, holes, cracks or “soft spots”. Those same grandparents purchased a 2nd mattress for us when they hear us talking about needing to get another for the baby on the way (we weren’t switching the other child to a bed yet as he wasn’t ready for it). The baby is over a year and the mattress is holding up just as well as the first one. I have no doubt they’ll still be in great condition if we decide to have another baby.

Holly Goldenrod, FL

Great Baby Mattress

We bought this mattress after reading a review in one of the Baby Bargains editions. Our daughter has been using it for the past six months and it’s been great.Pros:Firm – Some reviews say it is too firm. I don’t know how firm is too firm, but I will say it is firm, but our baby sleeps great on it, so to me it is just right. With the fear of SIDS, I’d rather error on the side of firmness caution.Foam – The foam makes for an excellent lightweight mattress that allows you to easily change the sheets and take the mattress in and out by yourself as necessary.Size – We bought an Ikea Gulliver crib and friends had cautioned it needed an odd size mattress. I don’t believe that to be the case as the Colgate fit like a glove. Standard crib sheets fit this mattress great as well.Value – good quality mattress for the priceCons: this may be the first review I’ve done that I didn’t have a con to include. I’m actually disappointed- with myself, not the mattress.

Mavis Clam Gulch, AK

Excellent crib/toddler mattress even after 2 years

After 2+ years of use our son still sleeps peacefully on this mattress. It has held up great and we plan to continue to use it until he transitions out of his toddler bed. It is very firm, we add a mattress pad under it to add a little cushion but he seems to be happy and comfortable sleeping each night. It is very lightweight and I haven’t found a crib sheet that doesn’t fit it good and snug. Fits snug in the crib/toddler bed conversion.We did a lot of online research about what mattress is best for the buck and this one was mentioned time and time again. And we have been very satisfied over the last 2 years and hope to use it for additional kiddos in the future.

Winifred Clintonville, WI

Freaking AWESOME

I love this mattress. I have a Nadia 3 in 1 crib and this mattress fits great. I love that it has square corners to get a tighter fit in my crib. The outside is vinyl looking (waterproof looking) but has ringed holes around it. IT IS SO LIGHTWEIGHT. I could chuck this mattress across the room probably because it is so light weight. It makes it really easy to change the sheets. This mattress is also firm, which I made an issue of finding a mattress that had good reviews of this (and I researched quite a bit). I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Valeria Parks, AR

Light and Durable and Firm

Easy to change sheets. Fits very tight in my crib. I really hate spring mattresses so this is a nice alternative.

Eula Capon Bridge, WV

Great Mattress

I was very happy when this mattress arrived; it is recommended by the book Baby Bargains as the best mattress to get due to its firmness. Because of the firmness level the mattress is as is also supposed to help prevent SIDS. This mattress fits perfectly in the Davinci Cameron 4 in 1 Convertible Crib with Under Drawer that I purchased from Amazon’s partner site I am very happy with the mattress and would recommend it to any parent.

Erin Hammond, MT

Great mattress

We have only been using this mattress for about a couple of months but so far we love it. It is very firm and the corners fit tightly into our crib (Graco Lauren). It really gives me piece of mind to have such a snug fitting mattress (so snug that you actually have to work a little to pull it out to change the sheets). The only caveat I would mention is that we use an Angelcare Movement Monitor and until recently we have been having real difficulty with false alarms (we did not have this problem when we used an older version of the alarm with our son many years ago on a different foam mattress and crib). When I went to the Angelcare website it had the following: “Q: Can the Sensor pad detect my baby’s movements through any type of mattress? A: The Sensor pad must be used with a regulatory standard baby mattress. DO NOT use the sensor pad with foam or a hollow mattress.” That being said, we have not had many false alarms (maybe one?) during the past couple of weeks and so I am hopeful that the false alarm problem is behind us. Just something to consider if you plan to use the Angelcare monitor and hate false alarms.

Corina Gunnison, UT

Nice, but EXTREMELY firm

My daughter loves to sleep in her new bed with this mattress. She sleeps very good on it too, but she will also pass out on the floor for a couple hours sometimes!When I opened this mattress, I thought for sure we would return it-but we gave it a shot and let our daughter decide. I put this mattress on the floor and laid my fat 300+ pound butt on it and it didn’t even smush down halfway! My wife laid on it too and said "there is no way…"So we put it in our 2 year olds room, and thought we’d at least give it a night. We are expecting another baby, so we left the crib intact and that was our back-up plan. She went right to sleep that night, and the next, and the next… A month later, she still loves it (and it’s not softening up at all).

Jenna Skandia, MI


I am on board with all the positive reviews i saw about this mattress. i was nervous because of SIDS, but i pray alot, so i knew we’d be okay. this mattress is firm, but thats what they recommend for infants. and let me say, baby girl sleeps ALL NIGHT on this thing. its a little hard, but if she loves it, i won’t complain. she snores ever so lightly and i love that sound. this mattress is safe and firm and is just what the doctor ordered for scared new moms like me. EXCELLENT!!!! the mattress cover and sheets all fit perfectly too by the way. we are very very happy with our purchase and we plan to use it for as long as we can.

Juliana Reading, MA

Just What We Needed!

The Colgate Classica I is a perfect fit in our Jenny Lind crib. It’s definitely firm, but baby mattresses are supposed to be firm! Our little guy has slept well on it since he started sleeping in his crib. It’s super lightweight, and all of our crib sheets (all from Meijer!) have fit easily.

Marjorie Great Lakes, IL