Colgate Eco Classica I – Natural Foam Crib Mattress with Waterproof Cover, Beige

Colgate Eco Classica I – Natural Foam Crib Mattress with Waterproof Cover, Beige

Lightweight and extra firm crib mattress. Cloth binding ensures strong seams and durability. Waterproof damask cloth cover puts cloth closest to baby providing barrier and prevents anything from getting inside mattress. Passes all federal and state requirements for flammability and chemical composition. GREENGUARD children and schools certified to have no harmful air emissions. 5 in. thickness. Made from ecologically friendlier foam and plant oils. CertiPUR-US certified safe and high quality eco-foam. Beige color. Made in USA. 51.63 in. L x 27.25 in. W (8 lbs.). The Colgate EcoClassica I is one of the Colgate Cradletyme Naturals collection of eco-friendlier crib mattresses, pads and accessories. The Colgate EcoClassica I is a celebrated winner of an iParenting Media Award. This is an ecologically friendlier version of the most recognized and popular foam crib mattress by name in America. The Colgate Classica I lightweight and extra firm foam crib mattress was rated #1 of all crib mattresses tested by one of the nation’s leading consumer products magazines and has been a recommended buy for over fifteen years by another popular baby products publication. It is high quality and extra firm as recommended by most medical experts. The crib mattress is actually a more important product that are specifically for the benefit of the child and not just for the convenience of the parents. The child will spend the first three to five years of their lives sleeping and playing on this mattress are the best reasons to buy a quality crib mattress.

Main features

  • Standard size orthopedic style five inch thick lightweight (8 lbs) foam crib mattress fits all standard size cribs and toddler beds
  • GREENGUARD children and schools certified the toughest GREENGUARD standard – passes all standards for indoor air quality and more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds
  • Ecologically friendlier high quality, safe CertiPUR-US certified foam made with plant oils replacing much of the petroleum based oils used to make foam
  • Damask cloth sleep surface cover with a waterproof backing puts cloth closest to baby
  • Easy sheet changes due to extra light weight of only 8 pounds

Verified reviews



The thing about having a baby, you just never know what to expect, especially for your first one. My baby is eight months old now and I waited this long on purpose to write the reviews on baby items that we ordered. This mattress is lovely. It is SO light, it makes changing the sheets a snap. It is free of fumes due to the organic manufacture, and if you think about it, they spend SO much time faceplanted in it, that I wanted my baby to not be inhaling all those fumes from the time that he was a few weeks old! It is nice and firm, and even know that he is rolling over in the middle of the night, we aren’t that worried about it smothering him in any way. It is slightly more expensive that other baby mattresses, but truly has held up great, and I would buy it again ten times over. Do not hesitate to purchase this mattress.

Cecilia Flicksville, PA


My daughter is not here yet but it feels like it should be comfortable and fit well in my crib.

Traci Happy Camp, CA

Just what we wanted

Fits the crib perfectly, no smells and I sleep better (or I will when the baby sleeps) knowing that she’s got a "healthy" mattress. Really shopped a lot to find out the "right" one and couldn’t be happier with this choice.

Roberta Circleville, WV

Great mattress – first time parents can buy with confidence!

Thanks in part to the great reviews of this mattress on Amazon I bought this in preparation for my first child. There was no noticeable smell when we received it as has been mentioned by other reviewers. My girl has been sleeping on it for just over 2 months now and we’re very happy with it. Firm, safe, and eco-friendly – love!! Fits perfectly in the DaVinci crib we bought (which is now discontinued) with no gaps. We have the Bargoose Natural Cotton Top Fitted Crib Pad on it and it gives it a little cushion without being too soft.Update 7/6/2013 – my daughter is now in a “big girl bed” and this mattress is tucked away in the event we decide to have more children. It’s held its shape and has remained firm, transitioned perfectly for a toddler bed, and also survived many nighttime accidents thanks to the Bargoose fitted crib pad (which we will also keep for any future siblings). Can’t recommend it enough.

Alyson Parkhill, PA

So far so good

The mattress fits the crib well and everything seems in order. We will update the post if anything goes wrong with it once it is used.

Inez Hamel, MN


we like the mattress and the fact that is eco friendly. easy to fit and take out of the crib.

Terry Franklin, MI

Buying my second mattress for my second child

This mattress is great. It’s held up very well with 1.5 years of constant use. I’m buying a second one today for my new baby since I plan to keep my toddler in her crib as long as possible. It is very, very firm but my daughter hasn’t minded one bit. Firm is safest for tiny babies and perfectly fine for older ones too. I especially love how light it is, particularly when I have to reach all the way down into the crib to haul it out and change the sheets.

Loretta Easton, IL

SAFE mattress for our little one!

My husband and I are very conscious of what we expose our child to, so choosing a mattress that was not going to give off toxic gases was a priority. Colgate mattresses are highly rated in Baby Bargains, so we chose the Eco version, and we are pleased with it. It fit our Bonavita crib perfectly.

Shawn Cedar Springs, GA


I am so glad I got this mattress for my baby. It fits my Young America crib perfectly, and it is light weight so changing the sheets is easy. I have a Naturepedic fitted mattress pad covering the mattress and that fits perfectly as well.There is no smell coming out of this mattress and it is made in the USA!

Millicent Happy, TX

Good, but recommend the Eco Classica III

Ended up purchasing the Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress, Ecru’ by Colgate instead. While the Eco Classica I seemed fine (liked the cotton covering a lot), it was very firm. The Eco Classica III has the benefit of being dual-sided, for only $10 more – in addition, the firmer side seemed to be not quite as hard as the Eco Classica I.

Ericka Redvale, CO

Durable product!

I just bought my second Colgate Eco Classica I mattress for our new baby and am still using the one we bought for our first child. We bought the first mattress on Amazon two years ago, and are now using it in our son’s toddler bed. The mattress comes out of the packaging without any noxious, chemical smells, it’s very light-weight (handy when you are changing crib sheets in the middle of the night!), and it hasn’t sagged or worn in the slightest. Yes, it is firm, but not any more than other crib mattresses we looked at. We bought a very soft, organic mattress pad to help make it more comfortable, and our two year old has been sleeping well on it since day one.Would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an environmentally-friendly option that is both light-weight and durable.

Jeri Draper, VA