Colgate Eco Cover – Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Mattress Cover with Waterproof Backing, Natural

Colgate Eco Cover – Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Mattress Cover with Waterproof Backing, Natural

The Colgate Organic Cotton Crib Fitted Mattress Cover is a Cradletyme Naturals waterproof crib fitted mattress pad cover. It will fit all standard size American crib mattresses. The ultra soft cover is made with certified organic cotton and holds up well with repeated washing and tumble drying with minimal shrinkage and pilling. Elastic all the way around the perimeter of the back of the cover ensures a safe, good and tight fit to the mattress. The waterproofing is on the back side of the cover thus keeping organic cloth closest to baby’s skin while keeping any liquids from reaching the surface of the mattress. Parents can have confidence in this product because the Colgate Organic Cotton EcoCover is made by Colgate, the crib mattress specialist, a family owned and operated company with over half a century of crib mattress manufacturing experience. All Colgate crib mattresses, pads, and accessories are quality made, are non-toxic, pass all government safety standards for chemicals and flammability, and are manufactured in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Main features

  • Organic Cotton Fibers
  • Made in US
  • Crib fitted mattress pad cover fits all standard American crib mattresses and has elastic all around for safe snug fit
  • Made with certified organic cotton
  • Minimal shrinkage and easy clean machine wash warm and tumble dry low/no heat
  • Made by family owned and operated Colgate
  • Waterproof mattress covers

Verified reviews



Seems to be good material and it feels nice. It fits the Colgate Ultra II well. I will expand on review once the baby is here and I put it to the real test! To address the bad review…this is a cover, its meant to repel the water not asorb it.

Yvonne Glenwood, IN

Great Mattress Cover for a Baby

I was hesitant to buy this mattress cover because it is so expensive, but I wanted a cover that wasn’t full of weird chemicals, so I took the plunge.ProsIt fits my Serta mattress perfectly. There’s no extra material that’s dangerous for babies.It washed well. I followed the washing instructions and had no problems with it.It’s not too soft or padded. I originally bought a Serta mattress cover, but it had a soft quilted top that worried me. I was looking for a mattress cover that was organic and not-quilted or too soft so that it would be safe for a new baby not just a toddler. This one seems great.I haven’t had a chance to find out how water proof it is, but I’m hoping that it will protect our crib mattress without endangering our baby.

Amparo Crossville, IL

BEWARE, label states 100% polyester and cotton is not listed on the care label at all. Deceptive practice or mistake?

UPDATE 4/7/14: I now changed my two stars to one star after this morning. I called Colgate today and after holding on for a few minutes, I was told. “No, it’s organic cotton. Our other products have polyester. Maybe they put the wrong label on it. It doesn’t matter anyway because as soon as you get it, you cut the label off.” Seriously??? The woman was nice, but I clearly told her that’s not an acceptable solution. If I am paying top dollar for a product because it claims to be organic cotton and the label states 100% polyester, that’s a problem. If it is indeed a mistake on the label, then I told her they need to get to the manufacturing facility. Is there no quality control department? Or is this not really organic cotton at all? I am giving them one more chance and will return and place a new order for a different one to see if the label was really incorrect. I also just ordered a second Colgate Eco mattress, which is making me second guess my decision. I will need to check that label too.ORIGINAL: I have the Colgate Eco organic mattress and spent a lot of money on it ($250). I have been pleased with it and was looking forward to buying this cover to match. I received it the other day and noticed that the underside of the cover smelled a bit like plastic. Obviously this was due to the waterproof backing. I could maybe live with that, but….and this is a big one.I would like to know how this is sold as organic ?? The care instruction label states 100% polyester. That’s right 100%.I understand that it can’t be 100% organic cotton AND waterproof, but there is nothing remotely labeled “organic” cotton, or ever COTTON except the paper product insert and the top of the pad says certified organic cotton. It feels soft like cotton, but is it?I am very disappointed. I would hope that the company would get back to me regarding this because it is VERY misleading to sell something as organic cotton, while it states that is 100% polyester….unless the label is incorrect.Also, a heads up. I purchased three organic cotton mattress covers from three different company and I feel that many companies are jumping on the organic bandwagon and pushing out inferior products with a bit of false advertising. Another product I received – Snoozy organic cotton waterproof mattress pad – states 100% organic cotton surface, but if you look closely on the package, it says 20% organic cotton blend. Again, that is very misleading (and the pad is thick and bulky anyway). Naturpedic waterproof mattress pad felt like a piece of canvas. Not happy with any of them, which is unfortunate.

Marina Centenary, SC

expensive but quality construction

I like the organic cotton material closest to the baby so he is not sweating on latex. It protects the mattress from stains. we have not washed it very much yet so i’m not sure how it holds up after several washings. It is expensive but so far i like it.

Fannie Dixons Mills, AL

Colgate Organic Cotton Crib Fitted Mattress Cover, Ecru

These covers are a nice addition to our Colgate crib mattress. Same material as the cover on the mattress, but removable and washable. Every Colgate item we have purchased has been great! Made in the USA too!!!

Andrea Kuna, ID