Colorado Tote

Colorado Tote

If you are going to be a parent for the first time, listen: you need tote bags. If you know someone who is going to be a parent for the first time, the same rule applies: they need tote bags. Several tote bags. Even if a parent already has a diaper bag or two, there are few things more convenient than a handy tote bag that can be grabbed quickly, shoved full of a few diapers and snacks, and taken on a quick outing to the playground. This pale green tote features a spacious main compartment that includes smaller pouches and pockets. On the exterior is a large zippered side pocket and smaller pouches on either side, perfect for carrying bottles, sippy cups, and assorted toys and crucial items. –Charlie Williams

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Stylish and Functional

This is a great bag with a unique style. There are some tacky diaper bags out there and I didn’t want the black backpack style everyone has nor the purse-like option either. Therefore, the husband won’t mind grabbing this if needed. Comfy to carry and there is plenty of room for baby’s items, as well as yours. My younger sister helped me pick it out, so I knew it was the stylish choice. When I am out and about I receive many compliments on it.

Ruth Van Orin, IL

Too stiff and smaller than it looks

I played with this bag in the store after seeing it online and I was disappointed. The shoulder strap is stiff and short–its fine hanging from your shoulder but you couldn’t wear it across your chest. It also wasn’t as roomy as I would have liked–I was looking for something to hold more than the hospital’s freebie diaper bags. I’m also not a fan of how bulky and padded diaper bags in general are–as if babies diapers and toys are made out of glass–please! I ended up buying a normal shoulder/tote type bag and have been very happy with it.

Tonya Branchport, NY

A great, large, stylish bag.

I have no complaints about this bag at all. I use the small, front zippered compartment as my “purse” (and it does have coin compartment, credit card slots, etc.), I love the little clip on the outside… I use that for spare pacifiers for quick access. Avent bottles and Playtex sippy cups fit well in the side pockets. (The bottles have to go on the mesh side, though… that side’s slightly larger.) The bag is stain resistant and has stayed clean over the past year.

Dena Pittsburg, IL

The reviews are true!

I read the previous reviews of this bag, so I decided to check it out at our local Babies R Us store. It really is an awesome bag! I bought it today, and switched all my stuff into it in the parking lot! I absolutely love it. It is very roomy, has pockets for everything, and the purse section (front pocket) is wonderful for organizing mommy’s stuff! There is plenty of room for lots of stuff–I fit 4 small board books, a soft big book, a bunch of teethers, flashcards, a rolie polie olie doll, a Wet Ones canister, my son’s shoes, 2 burp rags, a nursing shawl, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and my personal stuff (wallet, lipsticks, camera)ALL of it comfortably! The strap is nice and wide so it feels steadier and more comfortable carrying it. I just love it! I wish I’d found it sooner because this is bag #3 for us, and our son is only 1! It seems sturdy so I think it’ll last awhile!! I definitely recommend this bag!

Selina Hume, CA

We love it!

After 5 months it has held up very well, and there is room for everything. It’s also masculine enough for my DH to carry.

Olive Big Bear Lake, CA


Wow, the best diaper bag we’ve had!1. Excellent, versatile color!2. Washable material that keeps it’s shape and doesn’t fade!3. Can look, ‘Manly’ and ‘Feminine’ depending on who carries it!4. All the perfect pockets for everything at your fingertips!5. Our friends like it so much, they’ve bought matching Colorado totes and backpacks!!Can’t go wrong with this one, it’s one of our favourite baby items! 🙂

Rita Frederic, MI

Great Bag!

I love this bag! There is plenty of room in it to fit all my little one’s stuff (and I like to overpack).I really like the plastic pouch inside. It has come in handy several times when she has had accidents and we need somewhere to put wet clothes.At first I wondered why the strap had velcro on it. I was excited to discover that you can unclip and unvelcro it and attach it to the handle of your stroller! This is my favorite thing about the bag! It is very comfortable to carry too. I am so glad I picked it because it is great!

Georgina Concordia, KS

LOVE IT! It deserves 10 stars!

It is PERFECT for infants or toddlers! As a new first time mother I carried everything in the house with us when she was a baby! As a toddler we still have a pretty full bag! This is the ONLY bag we have found that everything fits in and the bag itself it not huge!The side pockets were great for bottles, sippys or a drink for mom. The front pouch is perfect to carry clippers, medicine and other small stuff. The inside pockets are perfect jars of food or for a bottle/sippy for that transition period. Plus you’ll still have room for your wallet, a couple of outfits, toys and anything else you might need.It’s also a pretty good color. It doesn’t really show alot of dirty and it washes nicely. Overall, we love the bag and wish they had it available in more colors!

Pam Daisytown, PA

Super bag – slim design with lots of space

This is a super diaper bag. It is durable in construction, yet sleek looking and colored neutral. Nice slender design and it has much more space than it may appear. I do wish it were a teensy bit larger, but I returned my first purchase of a ridiculously huge diaper bag. This bag seems to be working great so far, and does fit all the necessities for my newborn.Update March 06: still a great bag as baby continues to grow. We are now able to make room for additional food and toys. Lots of space in this slim design! Fits nicely in the stroller basket.

Bobbi Winchendon, MA

We love this bag

This is a great bag for longer trips. It holds so much and is very durable. The changing pad is a great size. Both my husband and I love the look of the bag. We feel a little more trendy when carrying this one.

Sheryl Sheffield Lake, OH