Combi Activity Walker Mint

Combi Activity Walker Mint

Features: Colorful automotive theme for playful, stimulating experience Retractable seat for walking function Removable hood for access to snack and play tray Adjustable footrest for multiple play modes Lights and Sound in footrest for interactive foot play Steering wheel turns and features lights and sound Anti-skid pads on bottom for child’s safety Handles to aid walking child Play mirror for child’s enjoyment Lockable bounce feature Easy to clean fabric seating surface

Main features

  • 3-in-1 walker operates as stationary bouncer play environment, standard infant walker, and walk-behind push toy
  • Lockable bounce feature offers worry-free movement
  • Mint green automotive design; removable hood reveals large open play and snack tray
  • Includes toy car tray, lower base, upper plate, 2 support legs, horn, 2 handrail toy bars, side mirror, and 4 globe wheels
  • For babies up to 25 pounds; 1-year limited warranty

Verified reviews


PIMP MY RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG….This walker is the cutest. My daughter absolutely loves it. I read reviews on here about the seat clips and the toys. I had no problems with broken clips and I got a horn and a mirror. I read a complaint that the horn was too hard for a baby to handle…that’s not true. The price seems a bit steep for a walker but definitely worth it. As far as lacking toys…every walker I researched and/or bought had the same amount of toys or even less. I had originally purchased the Disney Princess walker which a was a complete waste of money. I didn’t understand how any baby/child would be able to turn it even on tile floors which is what I have. My daughter is able to walk around the house now with ease. I absolutely love the car concept and the colors are not boring. When you lift the hood….it’s amazing how big the tray is for your child to have a snack on or to put toys on, etc…Well to wrap this up…I guarantee you will LOVE this as much as we do. You can’t go wrong.

Briana Chatham, MS

Zoey says 5 stars!

I got this in yellow for my little girl. She LOVES it, she cruises all over the place, it rolls nicely and the leather like seat is nice! Since it does roll well, she can move pretty fast in it. She likes the side mirrors, too, she is always looking at herself:) Its awesome that it bounces also. The hood comes off to make a snack tray, for when you get tired of listening to the horn get pushed every 5 seconds. Overall, Zoey loves it!

Patricia Sherman Station, ME

I didn’t buy this item

I saw this in a store and was convinced I had to have it for my 6 month old son. I brought my husband and son to the store to check it out. We did not purchase for the following reasons1. small wheels, didn’t look like it would handle rolling on carpet well2. smll seat, my son is 50 percentile weight and 90 percentile height, the seat does not adjust back and he just fit, and his feetjust touched the ground with his toes, we wondered if by the time his feet were fully on the ground would he still fit in the seat?3. Other walkers are $30-$50, this just wasn’t special enough to justify the high priceNow we loved the look, quality seemed good, when we put our son in the display one he immediately grabbed for the toys, so if you have hard floors and a small baby it would be a great toy

Juana Phippsburg, CO

Cute, but that’s about it

That’s right– it’s cute to look at for a little boy, which is why we put it on our registry. Well, our son has been using it since about 4.5 months. Not much fun as a stationary entertainer– not enough for baby to do, and many of the toys are repetitive. So, we thought, maybe better once he gets mobile? No, not any better at all. Still kind of boring, rough plastic edges (scratch your child and your hardwood floors), and forget about rolling on carpet at all– that requires monumental effort, even from an adult. The stationary “jump” setting is also a joke; we own a FP Jumperoo and when we put my son in here to jump, I kid you not, he looked at us like “you have got to be kidding me.” Given all these factors, I think there are much better walkers/activity centers on the market– buy something else. For the price, this walker/entertainer is a very poor value.

Marie Northfield Falls, VT

Very cool

This is adorable. I really like the side view mirrors for the baby to look at himself and the primary color buttons on the steering wheel. My little one will get hours of fun in this. Solid construction. Springs for the jump sides are a little stiff but will break in with use.

Mai Drayton, ND

OK as a walker (NOT on rugs!) poor as a bouncer.

OK, this thing took about 7 minutes to assemble and did not require the instructions. It’s that easy. The problem – unlike many other walkers, the wheels are small and have little clearance. When on a carpet, they just don’t move that well. On a hard floor, they’re perfect. The baby can hardly move on the carpet, and the slightest threshold stops the walker in it’s tracks.It has height adjustments (the accordion looking supports) that double as the bouncer. Only not that well. A real bouncer works much better. This also leans forward when bouncing and moves around. Tried it once as a bouncer and never again. Yea, it has a cute factor. If you’re not going to use this on carpets, and don’t plan on using the bouncer “feature”, then it’s OK.Quality – So so. The “windshield” pops off easily, and the entire thing feels pretty flimsy. NOT worth the money – at all!

Paulette Arcola, PA

Ok walker, iffy bouncer

This was a little disappointing of a purchase, my daughter did like the walker although it is a little bulky and too heavy for her to get around in as well as the bounce feature is not much of a bounce.We used it maybe 4 times tops, we for sure wouldn’t recommend this product for someone.If you’re trusting in Walkers, and have a safe enough environment for them, try a lighter weight one with less bulk.Hope that helps you with your purchasing decision.Thanks for reading!

Liliana Cliffside Park, NJ

A Few Minor Glitches

I love the look of this walker and my son likes the sounds and lights. I do wish it had more toys. I didn’t have any problem with the clips like others did but I do have an issue with the locks staying engaged on the height adjustment. My son is only 3.5 months so I put it on the lowest setting but every once in awhile I notice he’s got a lean to him and I realize that the lock on one side or the other has disengaged. I still think it’s cute and can’t wait until my son is cruising around the house in it.

Sonja Turnerville, GA