Combi All in One Activity Walker, Black

Combi All in One Activity Walker, Black

The all in one activity walker with a colorful automotive theme provides a playful and stimulating experience for your toddler. This features a lockable bounce feature, anti skid pads, steering wheel with light and sounds and a attached fun mirror. The snack play tray under the removable hood makes it a safe and comfortable environment for your child. A wipe able seat cushion makes cleaning easy. This is recommended for children that can sit upright unassisted.

Main features

  • Walker, bouncer and entertainment center
  • Colorful automotive theme for a playful and stimulating experience
  • Snack and play tray under removable hood
  • Lights and sounds on steering wheel
  • Lockable bounce feature with 3 adjustable height positions

Verified reviews


Adorable, but seriously injurs heels on feet!

I bought this for my 9 month old. She immediately loved it. I love the soft supportive seat and we all know it’s absolutely ADORABLE. However, and this is a BIG however, The bar on the back is situated in such a position that the baby’s heels hit, and get stuck. I mean, my daughter screamed as soon as she moved forward because it cuts in to her acheles tendon! Aweful. I will be getting rid of this and opting for a Chicco walker instead. Such a shame. They really should have the seat centered instead of towards the rear. Awful Awful.

Sherry Highmore, SD

Found a fix for ankle problem

This car is soo adorable! My 6.5 mo old looks too cute in it.Her ankles/feet were hitting the bar in the back. We took the whole bar off and the car is 100% stable. The front and sides of the base are all one piece, which makes it sturdy without the back piece. She can now walk in it with all the leg room she’ll need. It worked for us to take the back piece off, but it is altering the design of the unit, so proceed with caution and use your best judgement.

Natalia Vinton, LA

So cool!

My son is 20 weeks and he thoroughly enjoys this walker! It is very easy to put together, but there are directions for anyone concerned. The hood pops on and off effortlessly, yet stays in place without any problem. I was worried my little guy might not be interested in all the bells and whistles on this product yet, but he proved me wrong! It’s entertaining for him to play in, and entertaining for me to watch him! Everyone loves this new addition to our baby gear!

Carla Philadelphia, MS

Combi All in One Activity Walker, Pink

My daughter started using this walker at 3 months. Yes, her feet barely touched the floor, but she could touch the floor and she learned to first walk in it backwards. She then started moving sideways, then moved to running forward in it at 5 months. She has now progressed out of the walker to her Radio Flyer Push Walker, which she loves, and started using easily at 6 1/4 months old. I only place our daughter in this walker when I don’t want her crawling around and I can’t keep a close eye on her, while I’m cooking or showering. This is by far one of the best purchases to date for our daughter. Oh, she loves the music that you can play, and just smiles and smiles when it starts playing.

Tia Bozrah, CT

We love it!

Ive read good n bad reviews b4 i ordered the walker but i still did n i dont regret. My daughter is 9 months now n we bough the walker a month ago, n the walker is beautiful n cool. It moves really smooth on the parket floor, she can eat on it n play it has nice two mirror n toy on the sides that she bites it has horns n music that she likes. My daughter is a big fluffy cute baby n i though that all walkers are made the same small as ive tried couple in the toy- store but not. This walker is great, really spacious, n you can clean it just with the wet papertowel. So my daughter rocks in it. N its unusual its a car! Sexy little car 🙂

Gabrielle Chambersburg, IL

Daughter loved it

My wife bought this walker I was not sure after reading some of the reviews about the problem with the heels. But its just fine it will hurt the baby if the baby is tall. Everything is also very easy to clean so even if they make a mess you can clean it with out problems the bouncer is not as good but we bought this mainly as walker but we didn’t care about that part.

Kristin Shelbyville, TN


This is the cutest walker I have ever seen. My little guy loves to push the button and the horn!

Lena Atlanta, LA

Combi All in One Activity Walker, Blue

Love this car!!!! I would have given this product a 5-Star rating BUT (fair warning) there is no off button for the music. LOL! The tune is catchy but once in a while it would be nice to NOT hear it. In all fairness, you CAN remove the steering wheel part (so there is just a tray) and then the music is gone. I would highly recommend this product.

Laverne Columbia, KY

Adorable and very versatile. I would recommend this product to any parent who wants a good and safe baby product. Adorable!!

Excellent quality and money well spent. Many stimulating activities for a baby.Extremely durable and easy to fold.I would highly recommend this product.

Alyson Colchester, IL


My 4mo old loves and I mean LOVES this bouncer/walker…he sits in it and plays with the horn, musical buttons, mirrors, and side bar soft rings. He gums the textured steering wheel sometimes too. It rolls very easily across our hardwood floors so easily that he pushes himself around. I did notice it is much harder to maneuver on carpet but I think I read people had found a few solutions to that. I highly recommend this cool car and have actually had a few friends purchase the same item for their kids.

Krystal Blue Eye, MO

My baby lives this!

Very glad I took a chance ordering this for my four month old baby. She is so in love with every little feature. Keeps her happy and busy playing for hours. Even though she is in 90% for height, she can’t use the bounce feature cause she’s a tad too short. Very well made for the price and easy to put together. Need a small phillipshead screwdriver and two AA batteries.

Tori Olar, SC


We purchased this walker for our daughter. She started crawling and pulling up at a very early age so we were concerned about other walkers not working for her. This was very easy to put together and the different levels ensures that she could use it from her early age and still uses it today. The beeping and music part is her favorite. Overall we are VERY satisfied with this purchase!

Cynthia Groveton, NH

Wish I brought this sooner

I think my kid definite grew much stronger leg muscles because he is on this so often and loves it. He would run across the room to see his mother and runs back to see me. He starts to have a sense of mobility and a sense of independence. I think it is a win win for both child development and a little break from holding him.

Constance Summerfield, LA

You can “customize” the mirrors to move

After reading all the reviews on this walker I decided to take a chance on it and I’m glad we did. Other reviewers commented that the mirrors don’t face the baby and that they cant be moved after they are placed So after inspecting the design my husband decided to shave a tiny piece of plastic off the bottom of the mirror stand. (a piece that locks the mirror into a rear facing position) before snapping the mirrors into the sockets. the mirrors still lock in the socket but now our mirrors rotate 360 degrees so my baby can move them to see things. I cant see that it makes the toy any less safe. The only reason I can figure they locked them in a position is that when they rotate, the petals on the outside of the mirror tap the windshield. We love this walker. We have been using it for about 3 days now and my 4 month old son seems to really enjoy the lights and sounds. He can stand up in it at lowest setting (he is 24 inches)and it rolls very smoothly over our wood floors. Just slap a bumper sticker on the back and hes ready to move.

Ella Winston, OR

LOVE this car!

This is such a great car / walker. My 9 month old loves it and so does all his baby friends that come over and use it. It’s super cute, has lots of different sounds and keeps him entertained. Downfalls are the visor comes off too easily, my son at 8 months could pull it off, so we don’t use it anymore. Other downfall is it only works on floors, doesn’t even work on really low carpets or mats so he gets stuck if there is a area carpet or door mat. It’s a cute car though and we’re overall happy with it.

Marie Bruno, MN

I love this walker

This walker has been a great investment! My son loves to stand up and with the walker he is able to stand up and play while I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning house. It makes me feel comfortable knowing that he is less Lilly to get hurt and he can play while I get stuff done. The toys on there are great and the horn beeps, along with other buttons on the wheel that play music. The only down fall is that You need to wear shoes or house shoes when it is in use due to the fact that it really hurts your heels and toes when you are ran over or ran into.

Araceli Southfields, NY

Great toy!

This is the cutest walker I have ever seen. My son loves it! However, it is heavier than some of the other walkers so it may take your child a little longer to start moving it around themselves. I love how it has the jumping feature as well, but it is noisey when they are jumping. Overall, I love the product and I am very happy with it

Rosalind Lagrange, ME

Exceeded My Expectations!

This was a “splurge” present for my 6 month old (who really needs a $75 walker, right?) but man, I’m glad we spent the extra money. This thing is great!First, it was super easy to snap together with lovely, actual picture instructions (clearly written by someone who speaks English).Second, my son, who is average height for a 6 month old, can easily reach the floor on the lower setting.Third, it looks awesome. The coolest baby toy we own. People are sure to be jealous :)Fourth, it rolls easily (a little harder on carpet but doable). Wheels are higher quality than most.Fifth, the horn honk and songs are great sounding (not tinny).And finally, as an added and unexpected bonus, the steering wheel part comes on and off (revealing a tray underneath). This is awesome because now my 3 year old can “drive” the steering wheel part on the floor. And because that made it fun for him, now when his little brother in in his car, he “drives” (aka pushes) him all around while the baby screams with pure glee. Seriously one of the cutest moments I’ve ever caught on camera.Get it–you’ll be pleased. 🙂

Debra Tabernash, CO

Love it

I bought this for my 5 month old son. I love the color of the car and he looks cute in it. He can not quite touch the ground but he love being in it.

Alisha Mexia, TX

Granddaughter loved it.

Just bought this for my 6 month old granddaughter and she loves it. It was out of stock at amazon so bought from walmart. The only thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t have a lock for the wheels, other than that it is a good purchase.

Rebecca Creal Springs, IL

Wheels don’t work on carpet.

Wheels are too small and don’t roll well on the carpet, and since our house is all carpet except for the kitchen my son doesn’t get much use out of it. The seat is nice, and everything else is nice quality though. If you have a house with wood, laminate, tile, ect it will be a good purchase.

Phoebe Cheriton, VA

Cutest walker/bouncer ever

We bought these for our twin granddaughters! They are adorable and well constructed. The seat has nice padding and the steering wheel with lights and horn are great( takes 2aa batteries).

Mallory Kellyton, AL

baby loves loves it and so does everyone else who comes to visit!

this is such an adorable and functional walker! The baby can also jump while in the seat also- ( there is an option to adjust so its not that stiff for that kind of movement!anyone who comes to visit with their own babies all want to have their own babies to have their picture taken in it! they all ask me where did I get it!!!THERE IS ONE little issue with this!!! the bottom part is of course wider than the car itself.. so when baby comes speeding towards you– JUMP OUT THE WAY!! that bottom part really hurts when you are barefoot and baby bumps into you!! just be aware and dont have your foot too close to the driver! "_ other than that I would so recommend it!!

Lauren Grapevine, TX

An adorable multifunctional walker!

I absolutely love the classic car theme of this entertainment center. It is adorable and depending on your color choice {The CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker is available in black, yellow, pink, red, and blue} this activity walker can be gender neutral or full on team pink or team blue. The steering wheel lights up and makes noises, the mirrors have spinners, and there are even little taillights {the tail lights do not light up, but are an adorable nod to the whole car theme}. It is totally cute and incredibly engaging for my little girl.I love that the hood {electronic play tray} of the car can be removed so that the activity walker can be turned into a large snack and drink tray. This is a great place for my little one to grab a snack.There is an adjustable lock feature on the side that turns the activity walker into a jumper. We lock the jump feature to use it in activity walker mode and unlock it to let our baby work those little leg muscles and jump to her heart’s content. This is also where you can adjust the height of the walker. There are three height positions available. This is great for longevity.I am a very big fan of the seat itself. It is a soft cushioned mesh seat that can be removed for easy cleanup. It breathes well and is a wonderfully soft place for my baby to sit up and relax. We love our activity walker and my older boys love the idea of their little sister cruising around in a car while they play with one another.I was provided a sample for the purposes of a blog review (Mom Mart) regardless all opinions are my own.

Kristin Pathfork, KY


I really like this walker. Besides being super cute the quality of it overall is really good especially the seat. The jumpy feature works ok. The music and lights could be a little louder but my son enjoys it. I’m happy with the purchase!

Paige Spotswood, NJ

So fun!

We bought this one because of other reviews and well, it is simply the coolest looking walker out there. Our little boy loves it! We have recently put him in using the "bouncer" setting and it is a riot to watch him jump up and down.

Louise Lowry, MN

Great until they start getting around

My first son didn’t really get to use this walker as much as my 2nd. We didn’t have the hard woods through out the house. It will not move on carpet, don’t think any walker will. However the “knobs” on the side that adjust the height and lock them in, is a little annoying. If he bumps into a chair or wall it pushes the knobs in causing him to either change the height too low or unlock it all together. Its not just every now any then. I am constantly fixing it and re locking them 🙁 Since my 2nd son loves it so much, debating on buying a new walker!

Toni De Ruyter, NY

Coolest girl in the house

This walker makes my daughter look like a cool young lady, driving around the house in her red sports car. Beep beep, get out of the way!Easy installation… just needed someone with more strength for one part of the installation. There are four catchy jingles on the steering wheel that my daughter (who is not using the walker anymore) still love to go to it in the corner of the house and push the steering wheel to get the jingles going.Walker moves well on hardwood… but it does not move on carpet unless we come and push the baby along. Overall though, it moves much easier than some of the other walkers we saw in stores.

Ronda Belleville, IL

Beep beep coming through!

My little guy just loves rolling around in this thing. We got it for him when he was around 6 months and he just hated it, but now at 9 months its his favorite toy. The base is extends far enough past the body to keep him from banging up walls and cabinets and the seat is big enough to fit him comfortably even though he’s a pretty huge baby. Just be warned that this thing loves to smash toes so watch out especially if your baby is a speed demon like my little guy is.

Jennifer Crown, PA

Great walker, not too big like most

my 9 month old is 28 in and he has no problem getting around our wood floors, in alot of toys his feet didnt quite touch on lowest setting but not so on this item, do read instructions as u have to batteries in before fully assembling it, my genious dh did not and left me looking for the battery compartment that wasnt there because you have to take it back apart to get it. it has these spinning things on it and my son just loves to twirl them, it doesnt make alot of noise, but he loves it just the same and omg it just looks so cute. he rolles around and helps me all over the house now it is def worth the price in my opinion and would work for an even smaller baby than my son, id say 6months, and to the person saying this is unsafe, i have not had any problems course my son is always very closeby. he also does not wear shoes. it doesnt bounce too much but that is fine he has a completely different toy for the bouncing lol

Summer Pattison, TX