Combi BPA Free Teether, 4 Months

Combi BPA Free Teether, 4 Months

The 4 Month Teether is designed to wean your baby from the pacifier. The teether provides stimulus to the lips and tongue which promotes the transition from nursing to chewing and prepares baby for eating. The nipple is shaped for licking and biting and the unique textured design provides comfort to the surface of the gums. The teether makes noise when shaken and with left and right side holes, it’s easy to hold. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe. A sterile case is included. For 4 months and up.

Main features

  • Recommended usage 4 months and above
  • Provides stimulus to the lips and tongue which promotes the transitioning from nursing to chewing
  • Prepares babies for eating
  • Designed to wean baby from pacifier
  • Unique textured design provides comfort to gum surface

Verified reviews


pick something else

my son couldnt care less about this teether. he likes the giraffe one much better….so lesson learned. He uses it more to throw at things than to chew on. If you buy this it could go either way.

Alissa Macedon, NY

Must Have

What would we have done without this? When my son was 7-9 months, we’d strap it to him like a pacifer when we went out. He’s never been a paci baby, always a biter. So good for teething little ones. By 10-11 months he was over it, but he was onto cutting molars then, and this must not reach back that far. It was so soothing for him, and it’s dishwasherable.

Dollie Jasper, MO

Not bad

I think I like this better than my baby does! Its cute and small and has a cool texture but she’s just not that into it. The little rattle on it has these tiny little quiet beads. Just enough to make a small sound but not enough to annoy. She is only 4.5 mos so she might take to it later on.

Petra Mount Olive, NC

One of my baby’s faves!

My baby is 8 months (not sure why they labeled this 6 months…) and this is one of her favorite teethers. It’s easy to hold, and the entire thing has good textures for chewing. The little balls for rattling are kinda fun, too. (altho her other rattles are certainly more effective, she does like to stop chewing and shake it, which is better than dropping it like she does with other teethers)The plastic case is a nice touch, too, keeps it clean if it falls into the dark depths of the diaper bag.

Wilda Richardsville, VA

Great Teether

This teether works great for babies of all ages. It is especially good for younger babies due to it’s small size.My son has been using this teether since he was about 3 months old and absolutely loves it. He’s able to easily hold and manipulate it on his own. He can reach both his front and his back teeth with it.The orange part of the teether is appximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The yellow nubs are approximately 1 inch. The opening in the center is approximately 1 1/2 inches.The only thing I don’t like about this teether is the rattle. There are two small holes on the bottom of the rattle. Water gets into these holes when I clean the teether and is very difficult to get the water back out creating a potential breeding ground for mold. If your baby chews on this part of the teether then the rattle can also fill up with drool which is very difficult to clean out. I check this part of the teether frequently to make sure there is no mold developing.

Sheena Bovill, ID

Combi are the only ones she’ll take!

My baby loves this teether. In fact, this teether — and the green 4 month Combi teether – are the only ones she’s ever actually used. The quiet rattle and shape keep her attention and make her reach for it when I hold it up. Plus, the ring shape makes it very easy for her to grip and crawl around with. A good girlfriend recommended this product to me when I told her I couldn’t find a pacifier or teether my daughter would use(and believe me, we’d tried a lot–MAM, Green Sprouts, Nuby, and on and on). I’m so glad she did!

Berta Hollowville, NY

It’s alright…

I like the fact that it has a carrying case. It’s a bit thinner than the other teethers like Munchkins, Nuby, etc.

Krista Maria Stein, OH

awesome teether!

i got both this one and the 4 month Combi teether and my baby likes this one the best. he’s only 3 1/2 months but already starting to teethe. don’t let the age limit you to just buying for an older baby. its a great size, he can fit it all the way back to his back teeth but without choking or gagging. and, its super flexible unlike a lot of teethers out there. my guess is that it’s made of silicone or something similar. (but i’m living in Japan and bought it from a local store so i’m not sure – can’t read the packaging lol). definitely a 5 star product!!! 🙂

Hazel War, WV

Combi Teether, 6 months

My daughter was teething at about 5-6 months and she used this sparingly. She would chew on it and then just drop it to find something else to chew on. It’s durable and easy to clean and will keep her busy for a few minutes at a time, but that’s about it.

Tamera Florence, TX