Combi Chopsticks Training Set

Combi Chopsticks Training Set

Chop Sticks

Main features

  • Recommended usage 8 months and above
  • The chopsticks are actually a trainer set
  • Step 1 includes using the orange or green training bridge to encourage holding the chopsticks properly by using the thumb
  • Step 2 includes removing the orange bridge when child can properly use the chopsticks by using the correct fingers
  • Step 3 includes removing the circular yellow piece when child has completely mastered the art of eating with chopsticks

Verified reviews


Slippery material makes it difficult to use

We’ve found hit-and-miss uses for these chopsticks for our 2.5 year old son. I like that the connection piece helps to teach him proper technique but it’s a little bulky for his little fingers to wrap around. I tried adjusting them further down the chopsticks so that he wouldn’t have to grip/hold the chopsticks together so hard to hang on to a piece of food. That seemed to help a bit. However, we’ve found the material that the chopsticks are made out of to be too plastic-ky/slippery to be used with the foods that we eat. He’ll use them once or twice at the beginning of the meal and then, he gets frustrated and asks for his fork or spoon. It’s very exciting when he does get a piece of chicken or vegetable into his mouth though, so I’m hoping that he’ll use the chopsticks more as he grows up and can give a firmer grip to his food. It’s so sad when he finally picks up a piece of food with the chopsticks only to have it fall out just as he’s about to put it in his mouth.

Beatrice Cedar Point, IL

an end to rubber bands and cheap disposable chopsticks

i have 2yo twins who love using chopsticks, but as a wohm i don’t have the time to endlessly wrap rubber bands around disposable chopsticks to help them. i found these online and they’re great! even at 2yo, my boys are too old to use the stage #1 training bridge, but they love using chopsticks just like mommy and daddy and have gotten quite good at feeding themselves bite-size bits of chicken and sticky rice. we’re asian and trust me, these trainers have made my life much easier. to boot, we can adjust the grip of the chopsticks to accomodate their little hands so my kids can really learn technique, and not hold them like little tongs.

Janelle Battiest, OK

Great for kids

These are great training chopsticks for kids to use. They aren’t very big, so not too good for adults. But it can helps kids learn to use chopsticks pretty well!

Jessica Thousandsticks, KY

easy and fun for even a toddler to use

Patrica Chalmette, LA

Teaches the right form!

I learned to use chopsticks as a young child, because my parents loved to go out for Chinese Food. My mom had these little brackets with rubber bands (it was the 70s) that worked fine, but now as a mom, I know they were probably a pain. I got the combi sticks for my 4year old son, who loves them. The palm nub teaches the right form for using chopsticks alone- which he can do a little now. Eating with chopsticks is like holding a pen still and wiggling another pen back and forth next to it. This is what these sticks mimic. Unlike the one piece pinching sticks I’ve seen for kids. I’m ordering some more to keep in the car for last minute trips for Japanese!

Misty Centerville, MO

Let’s my daughter eat like mom & dad

When we eat with chopsticks my daughter loves to use hers! The thumb rest didn’t last long, but is not really needed for the child to use these. Sometimes the two sticks will press together and “overlap” but for the most part these work great and are great for daughter’s motor skills.

Margot Novi, MI

Bulky, not secure

These might be more appropriate for an older child. For my toddler, they were bulky in the grip and not secure enough–they would roll past each other once he got a grip on some food, causing the morsel to go flying out of his grip.

Iris Merrimac, MA

Great for beginners, even at age 2!

I will admit that my daughter (age 25 months when we purchased these) did not quite get it. She had used chopsticks before to kind of stab and spear food like watermelon and avocado, but of course hadn’t mastered how to use them correctly.When these first arrived, she was excited to play w/them, but didn’t get the squeeze concept. Just the other night though, she GOT IT! We didn’t have the training orange part on as that seemed to be more of a challenge for her to remove. She was eating steamed broccoli chunks that weren’t super duper soft, so the chopsticks grabbed hold pretty easily when she squeezed. She was so pleased w/herself she ate almost all of her broccoli in under 3 minutes using the chopsticks! I think she even managed a couple of goldfish crackers w/them.I was skeptical when she didn’t get it at first, but after maybe 5-7 times of being offered these over the course of 2-3 months, she seems to have gotten it! I could see these as easy for teen/adult beginners too, but would need longer chopsticks for them as these are pretty short.

Carrie Wall Lake, IA