Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Carrot Cake

Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Carrot Cake

The Combi USA Cocorro Convertible Car Seat weighs only 11 pounds and is lightweight, compact, and very portable. The compact design accommodates smaller, fuel efficient vehicles and allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles. The 5 point harness with chest clip offers a one pull harness adjustment. The Tru Safe Buckle and rear/forward facing lock offs are great features. The Tru Safe Side Impact Protection and removable Mommy’s Lap insert are unique features setting this convertible apart from most of the competition.

Main features

  • Compact design accommodates smaller fuel efficient vehicles
  • Allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles
  • Tru Safe Side Impact Protection (EPS)
  • Fast and easy vehicle installation
  • Removable Mommys Lap insert to

Verified reviews


Tight installation in Honda Civic!

We just received this item. It was $122 after 15% Amazon mom discount and a $25 gift card we received. We purchased the Chestnut because it had the lowest price. I believe price is related to the car seat manufacture and expiration date. This seat expires in 7 years. However, it was manufactured 3/13 so it’s almost a year old.
• Initial installation took me about 1/2 hour and it barely moves at all in any direction. We were able to use the tether.
• The seat has a light chemical odor; however it’s not strong as other reviews stated.
• We were unable to use the LATCH as we wanted a center seat install and the connectors are more than 11" apart in this seat position.
• The color of this seat is chocolate around the very edges and on the harness strap covers. It’s mocha on the main seat. The insert is cream colored.
• I believe there are two potential choking hazards that are not mentioned in the booklet. The first is the tightening strap located at the front center of the seat when it’s snapped. The snap seems like it will be convenient but it still is something I’m going to watch out for and definitely not leave the child alone around the seat. In addition, the head rest is secured with a cord you tie in the back. It could be a possible choking hazard as well.Disclaimer–we haven’t used the seat for a child yet. I’ll edit my review after we have. I haven’t taken the opportunity to sit next to the seat but it appears there is enough room for two adults.

Kimberlee Louisville, KS

Cutest car seat

I love the color of this seat! I get compliments on it all the time. I also love how the fabric is so thick- my baby seems really comfortable. She’s been using it from birth and unlike some of the larger convertible car seats I’ve seen, she never looked swamped by it and always seemed comfy.It’s pretty easy to clean (just toss the cover in the wash), but the straps do get tangled pretty frequently, which is annoying.

Manuela Briggsdale, CO

Little seat, big love

My daughter absolutely hates being in her infant carrier car seat. As she was approaching 5 months old, I went on a quest to find a great convertible car seat at a reasonable price that would fit into a small backseat. This seat fit all the requirements. I love the color (we chose carrot cake). The infant insert is great as our daughter is prone to blow-outs. This lets us just wash the insert instead of having to strip down the entire seat. If we did have to strip it down, it wouldn’t be a problem since the cover is designed to be easily removed.People seem to have issue with the “puzzle” buckle, but I found it very easy to operate. The seat seems to be comfortable for my daughter. She is a tall, skinny baby and has plenty of room to grow with this seat. The best part is that my husband can sit with the front seat adjusted to his comfort level (he is over 6ft) and there is room to spare between the car seat and the back of the front seat.Installation. It was a pain. The manual, while thorough, is poorly done. For instance, when installing the seat with Latch, does the latch belt run between the seat and the pad, or over part of the pad, etc. I finally figured it out, but it took much longer than it should have. I tried to install the seat 3 times (and read the manual 6 times) before I felt like I had a good install. That seems typical for most of the reviews I read for this seat. Now that I understand the install, I feel like I could re-do it in any car much quicker. We chose the latch install with the upper tether anchored to the floor (with the included tether adapter strap). The seat is solid.

Abbie North Vassalboro, ME

Excellent option for SX4

We were limited on options for rear facing our son in our SX4. The graco bucket seat we had was a monster and forced us to but the passenger seat really far forward, creating an almost unsafe condition for someone to ride in the front seat. We didn’t want the same issues with the next car seat. We also wanted to keep our son rear facing as long as possible. This seat can comfortably sit behind the drivers side, rear facing and still fit my husband (5’9″)and myself behind (5’6″) the wheel. We could also easily puzzle three across if we wanted to. My son finds the seat very comfortable and doesn’t mind being in it for longer car rides (2-3 hours). I love that the cover can easily be removed and washed. I also love that their are pockets to hold the latch and rear facing tethers when not in use.

Mona Adams, WI

Bought for use in sedan for 3 across

First off I admit installing this car seat rear-facing is slightly difficult, but not much. We personally used a thick baby blanket rolled up. Now moving on- I love the newborn insert, it looks super bulky but when baby is comfortably in it you can tell its really comfortable for them. The fabric is soft and seems to be doing pretty well with stains even though I got the carrot cake color. I personally chose this car seat to fit in both our 2012 Dodge Avenger and the 2013 Chrysler 200 because we have to do 3 across the back seat. Currently I use all seat belt installs with this behind the driver rear facing, a Graco turbo booster with the back still attached in the middle and a basic radian forward facing behind the passengers seat. My older child can buckle himself with the turbo booster with all of these seats installed and it has truly been great! I also get a nice tight install with the seat belt too, honestly even better than I do with latch on this car seat.

Eula Como, TN

Great, safe seat–very narrow for fitting three across

We bought this seat so that we could fit three kids across in a 2010 Subaru Outback. For us, the safety and width of the seat were the most important features, as were its adjustability and comfort. This seat is less than 15″ across and fits in our backseat with our huge Evenflo Triumph Advance convertible seat and our Graco Snugride infant seat and base. It had excellent safety reviews, and the side impact protection looks really good–the sides are nice and deep, not obscuring the child’s view but offering protection from head to waist.It was not hard to install forward facing using the belt paths or LATCH (we tried it both ways). Minor adjustments to accommodate coats, etc., are easily accomplished with a tug on the belt at the base of the seat, but to move the straps from one position to another as the child grows, you would need to access the back of the seat. The buckles are okay–chest clip is fine, but the bottom clips need to be puzzled together before clicking them in, which is one small unnecessary step. It’s very easy to unbuckle, though, and it has an indicator that shows if the buckle isn’t all the way in.Overall, the seat is really nicely designed, with a pocket on the back for the top tether (if not being used) and the instruction manual. It seems comfortable (my 3-year-old really likes it), and for infants it comes with a soft seat pad that angles the baby correctly as well as a head positioner.It can only be used up to 40 lbs.

Kathrine Teller, AK