Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Chestnut

Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Chestnut

The Combi USA Cocorro Convertible Car Seat weighs only 11 pounds and is lightweight, compact, and very portable. The compact design accommodates smaller, fuel efficient vehicles and allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles. The 5 point harness with chest clip offers a one pull harness adjustment. The Tru Safe Buckle and rear/forward facing lock offs are great features. The Tru Safe Side Impact Protection and removable Mommy’s Lap insert are unique features setting this convertible apart from most of the competition.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Compact design accommodates smaller fuel efficient vehicles
  • Allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles
  • Tru Safe Side Impact Protection (EPS)
  • Fast and easy vehicle installation
  • Removable Mommyand#8217;s Lap insert to

Verified reviews


Hard to use

I returned this car seat shortly after we purchased it. It was difficult to align the seat belt buckles together before latching in and I crushed my baby’s finger! The seat belt holders was not convient or easy to use. It was about the same size as the maxi cosi we ended up puchasing. The brown wasn’t as deep as I was expecting either.

Lora Lorena, TX

Cancer Causing…

On the Combi website it states: This product contains "TDCPP", a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Kristina Proctorville, NC

This is a great seat

We bought this seat for our son when he was about 3 months old. He is a big baby (17 lbs and 26 inches at 3 mos) and was getting cramped in his infant seat.He loves this seat and is so comfortable in it. He is so much happier in the car now. It fits great in the back of my Honda Accord and was easy to install with a little help from a pool noodle. I was also happy to note that rear facing he is still on the first set of slots for the shoulder straps. Even though it is a small seat and he is a big baby, I feel like he will still get lots of use out of it.We also purchased the Flash to go with it to use for traveling. It really makes the airport a snap. I can push the whole thing to the plane, then pop out the car seat and put it right in his plane seat with him still sitting in it. The seat is nice and light and the stroller frame is light and easy to use.The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the straps twist fairly easily. It is not difficult to untwist them, but it is a pain when you are trying to buckle a squirmy baby into the seat.

Angie Paragon, IN

Best car seat I’ve ever purchased

In my motherly endeavors, this is the 7th car seat I have purchased…and by far the BEST one. I wish I would’ve done more research when I was a young mother and known this car seat was around. It is a comfortable fit for my baby and works wonderfully both backwards and forwards. Best part is how compact it is. Fits with ease in both my Nissan Armada and my Pontiac G6. Would definitely recommend it to anyone else.

Erika Hoyt, KS

Best travel, small car seat ever!

After purchasing this seat nearly two years ago for my daughter, we’re so excited to be using it this fall for baby #2. It has held up so well and has been on 8 plane rides, several cars and 4 states over those couple years. Some installs have been tricky but once you realize it needs a rolled up towel or pool noodle in some cars it works great! Seats that sit at a recline work best. If you have a car that back seats are more of a 90 degree angle you may want to try installing before you buy (if you can or be willing to try and return).The best part about this seat? My TALL 2.5 year old still fits rear facing in it! Its not our main seat but I really didn’t expect her to be able to stay in it this long in our sitter’s car. Wow!Here are the pros:-Fits rearfacing on even small planes with arm rests up. Approved for flight and is EASY and quick to install on a plane.-Light enough to carry around with luggage on trips.-Rear facing to 2 years and beyond.-Comfy-my daughter loves this seat.-Comes in so many fun colors, easy to clean.-Mesh stays cool even in the hottest of cars on steamy summer days.Cons:-Tricky to install in some cars. Use youtube to figure out why its not fitting well in your car, when in doubt, get a pool noodle.-Eventually your child will outgrow it. Darn it! 😉

Francis Gilmanton, WI

something that works in our car!

We have a very small car, and after going to the baby stores and trying out all the seats, this is the only convertible seat that really fit rear facing. I like that the straps haven’t gone all twisty like our infant car seat, I really like the size, installation was super easy. The only drawback is that It took a bit to get it in the right angle because our seats go down a bit, and there is no solid base I had to experiment with putting things underneath it to get it right.

Nan Emmet, NE

Five Stars

The best and most compact car seat available!

Gussie Culloden, GA

Great car seat

Pretty easy to install (if you read the directions). Baby seems comfortable. I really like all the padding on the straps and under the buckle. I feel like I can strap her in as tight as I need to with out making her uncomfortable.

Shannon Letart, WV

Decent for a second carseat

I liked that this carseat was small for my husband’s mustang but I honestly think it was probably a waste of money. It lasted for about a year, but now that she is two her head is almost higher than the top of the seat. And with the curviness of the bottom of the carseat, I just don’t know if that’s the safest design because I feel like I could never get it angled correctly in the car. But for only using it a handful of times, I guess it was ok. I just ordered an evenflo maestro and it fits much better in his mustang and she seems way more comfortable and it goes up to 110 pounds and not just 40 lbs. Not to mention the recent recall is a pain. But the material seemed comfortable for her and it’s very light… but so is the evenflo I just ordered. They are good second carseats. Of course I love my britax for my car, it’s just too big for my husbands car.

Claire Esparto, CA