Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Keylime

Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Keylime

The Combi USA Cocorro Convertible Car Seat weighs only 11 pounds and is lightweight, compact, and very portable. The compact design accommodates smaller, fuel efficient vehicles and allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles. The 5 point harness with chest clip offers a one pull harness adjustment. The Tru Safe Buckle and rear/forward facing lock offs are great features. The Tru Safe Side Impact Protection and removable Mommy’s Lap insert are unique features setting this convertible apart from most of the competition.

Main features

  • Compact design accommodates smaller fuel efficient vehicles
  • Allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles
  • Tru Safe Side Impact Protection (EPS)
  • Fast and easy vehicle installation
  • Removable Mommys Lap insert to

Verified reviews


Small but crotch buckle annoying

Love the compact size and bright color. The only annoying thing is the crotch buckle. You need to line up both sides and insert them simultaneously into the clip. As long as your kid is perfectly still and your hands are both free and not sweaty, it works great. BUT the reality is that one of those obstacles always seems to be present when you are trying to wrestle your kid into the car making it just a little harder than it should be. So far we have used this only rear facing for infant and toddler and taken it on an extended road and plane trip and have been happy with it.

Joanna White, PA

Compact seat great for compact cars; comfy and smooth…

“Comfy and smooth” in my title bear explanation. My two+ year old son has been riding is Cocorros for at least a year, and has never complained about any car seat we’ve put him in — including the nearly unpaded, dirt cheapCosco SceneraI use in my car. But to me, the Cocorro feels so cushy and generously padded that I wish **I** could snug up and ride in it. And by “smooth,” I refer to the belt system, which pulls tight without friction or undue strain, which is entirely unlike the aforementioned Scenera I use in my car.We came upon the Cocorro when searching for compact car seats that would fit in a rearward facing orientation in my wife’s ’06 Jetta, yet leave adequate for me in the passenger seat (I’m 6’0″). It seemed to fit the bill both in terms of depth and in girth — some reviewers have three of these strapped side-by-side in their compact vehicles. It certainly allowed me ample room to push my seat back, where many of the “thrones” we looked at at the baby stores were clearly not suitable for such an installation.In the rearward facing orientation, installation was good by the Cocorro never really felt “seated” due to its curved bottom. But I stuck my knee in it, cinched the LATCH belt system as tight as I could, and was happy that the seat didn’t rock *too much* side to side and was secure front-to-back. And I really liked that our son’s head was always well supported when he fell asleep, which is more than I can say for my Scenera.Once we flipped this into the forward-facing orientation, installation was much more satisfying as the Cocorro nested well into the Jetta’s back seat.With our son now at 34 inches and 30 pounds, our Cocorro is in the “max” positions with respect to shoulder harness height, with a bit more room to grow. From that standpoint, we’re getting good use from this purchase, and it has remained in good cosmetic and function condition for son #2 — no fraying or tearing or broken bits to report. Same can be said for the Cocorros we bought for my fater’s Ranger and my wife’s mother’s Civic — in total a bit of an investment, but these seats are all going to see about 4 years of use between two kids.In any case, even with larger vehicles I’d look to these Cocorro seats, since their small size makes them easy to stash in the trunk when needed, or if we had to slam one of these into a friend’s car, this would be our best bet at achieving a headache-free fit.Highly satisfied; highly recommended.

Eve Sherman, IL

Wish I bought this when baby was newborn

This car seat is amazing. I wish we would have purchased it for our infant when she was a newborn. It has a fantastic newborn insert. It is large and roomy for our baby, but compact enough for our tiny 2000 Dodge Neon! While I hope to never be in a crash with my baby, it seems very safely padded and secure. It sits well on the seat and doesn’t wobble any which way. Our last car seat I had to move my seat up as far as it would go for it to fit, but with this one I have ample leg room. Right now we are using it as rear facing and our baby, who has long legs, is not cramped up. It was easy to install. The straps are easy to adjust. Color is great! I will be purchasing another for our next child.

Ola Americus, GA

Fits small cars easily

I used this in the back of my mustang for two years (both directions). It is such a wonderful carseat…looks great and lots of great padding. My son and daughter each have one now in our Model S and they both do well in them. They can easily sleep in them without their heads falling forward and the infant insert keeps a little one’s head from bobbing all over. The colors are awesome, and the fabric easily comes off and goes in the washer. Definitely worth the extra money for the Cocorro.

Dena Olivehurst, CA

Lightweight and easy to install

We spent a lot of time reviewing convertible carseat options for our 2000 Corolla. It was crucial to us that two adults could sit comfortably in the front seat and one in the back seat with the carseat installed. We also wanted a seat that was easy to install with the seat-belt and that provided good safety features. After a lot of research, we felt that the cocorro delivered on all our criteria. We have been mostly happy with it. The installation is fairly easy and straightforward, although it took a while the first time. The rear facing fit with the seatbelt, on the corolla, is extremely tight. The fabric feels nice and the light green color insures my son won’t get as hot in the summer. A few reviews complain about pilling/dirt on the fabric but I haven’t noticed those issues, even after a airline travel with this seat. My son seems very comfortable in this seat and he generally falls asleep (unlike in his infant seat where he would just cry).One problem we have had is that it is fairly easy to crack the headrest foam during installation. When pressing against the sides of the car seat during installation, we heard a crack. I’m not sure if it was the EPS foam cracking or un-gluing from the frame. We continued using it because I read that slight cracks in the foam does not impact performance, but the plastic shell should really extend around the headrest.

Louella Liverpool, IL

could not achieve a safe install

I bought this seat because of reviews/claims that it’s compact & works well in smaller cars. Our issue has to do with my husband being tall & is not able to put his seat far back enough with a rear-facing carseat in the back.After about 45 min to an hour of struggle to install this rear facing, I gave up & sent this car seat back. Here are the issues:1. The manual is difficult to understand. This is my third carseat install, so I’m not that new at this, yet there were several times where I coudln’t quite be sure I was doing it right.2. There is a ‘tether’ on the lower latch-strap which causes the seatbelt material to fold over onto itself (the loop on the tether is too restrictive) causing the buckle mechanism to sieze up. In other words, the small loop squished the strap and made a crease. Then when you went to tighten, that doubled strap material caused the buckle/tightening mechanism to jam up. So to get it tight took quite a lot of effort and tinkering. Can’t imagine having to do that every time I moved this seat!3. When I got it as tight as I could, which took a very long time given problem #2 above, if I very lightly pulled back (towards the back of the car) on the back of the seat, it completely flipped over. I don’t know how that is safe!Bottom line, a seat’s only safe if you can get it installed properly, and adjusted readily as the kid grows. I simply couldn’t get this installed in my car despite a lot of trying. Went out and bought the admittedly much more expensive, PegPerego SIP Convertible seat. Went in in under 5 minutes, feels incredibly secure, and is actually affording more legroom than the Combi seemed to. Highly recommend the peg perego convertible seat.

Grace New Lothrop, MI

Stylish rear-facing for Prius, Accord with room to spare

The American Academy of Pediatrics (and studies of crash injuries) recommends that infants and toddlers should ride rear-facing for as long as possible to the maximum weight and height limit of rear-facing car seats.To that end, we searched hard for a high weight- and height-limit convertible car seat that would fit in both our Honda Accord and our Toyota Prius without having to push the front seats forward. The Combi Coccoro accomplishes everything and looks great, too. Tightening and releasing the seat straps are super easy. Just push the center button and pull the straps to loosen. The seat and fabric are well-designed, and in both of our cars, we have full range of motion for the front seats. This means, however, that in rear-facing mode, the baby’s legs are bent at the knees when sitting in the car seat. But with a weight limit of 33 pounds and a height limit of 40 inches in rear-facing mode, it’s usually a better bet that a child can survive a crash with broken legs while facing the rear, versus a broken neck when facing forward too soon.Here are the specs of the car seat (any color):Dimensions: 17 in (l) x 14.65 in (w) x 28.25 in (h)Product Weight: 11.75 lbRear-facing weight capacity: 5-33 lbForward-facing weight capacity: 1 year and 20-40 lbHeight allowance: 40 inWe use the seat belt and foam pool noodle method to secure the seat in rear-facing mode for our toddler.

Tamra Maquon, IL

LOVE this seat

We just bought a second to go in our second car because we are so pleased with this seat. It is easy to get him in and out, and easy to adjust the harness to fit him snugly. Also, all of the surfaces that contact the baby are soft, so nothing’s digging into his face or shoulders. The buckle mechanism requires correct positioning of straps to close, guaranteeing a good fit.The only thing I wish were different is that there is not a lot of cushioning for bub’s tiny head while he’s an infant, and I hesitate to add accessories to something designed specifically for safety.

Terri Kaysville, UT


pretty color comfy.. light..compact..everyone asks me about it when they see it. great for infants that are tall and not so ready for convertable.

Lorie Menahga, MN

Great looking, functional chair

This is the only convertible carseat I’ve ever bought so I have nothing to compare it to but we are VERY pleased. We have it in keylime and are using it for our 14 month old. It is absolutely adorable. We bought it for the price and the looks – we have a large car. It is very sturdy as there is little chair movement once it is locked in place. My MAJOR concern is that my daughter could sleep in it and SLEEP SHE DOES! The side pieces on the headrest ensure she sleeps perfectly. Love this seat!!!

Anna Sutherlin, OR

Love this seat!

I absolutely love this seat. I bought it when I was expecting baby #3 and needed to fit a third car seat across the back of my 2008 subaru forrester. I was able to do this easily, with my boys graco nautilus( also an amazing car seat) on the outsides and my little pink coccoro in the center. My new little girl loves it and rarely fusses in it. The padding for newborns is really substantial and I would imagine very comfy. My little one was 7 lbs when we first used it and she fit very comfortably and smaller babies would be fine as well, she is now 14lbs and we are getting tomthe point where I may have to remove the infant padding, because she is a little to snug. We purchased a 2010 santa fe and switched the seats over it fits the 3 car seats across the back easily. The install can be tricky but once put in correctly is very snug, and seems safe. The buckling can be a little tricky because the bottom buckle has to be put together first then snapped into the buckle. Also it does get dirty easily but washing and removing the seat coverbis fairly simple so not to big a deal. I highly recommend this seat.Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Keylimethe fact that you can also use it with the combi flash stroller fame is great, and wonderful simble and chic carseat and snap and go stroller.Combi Coccoro Flash Stroller Frame, Beige

Jeannette Boardman, OR

Love this car seat, perfect for small compact car!!

We live overseas and wanted to buy a car seat to leave at my parents house because renting a car seat is highway robbery. We also wanted something that would fit an economy/compact rental car. This seat is perfect!!!!! Last trip we had a Fiat 500 2-door rental which is so incredibly tiny, and this car seat fit perfectly behind the passenger seat with enough room for the passenger (my 6-ft dad was able to still sit in the front seat). It was so super duper easy to install with LATCH (we’ve only used it RF so that’s my reference).I have only owned an infant car seat so I can’t say how it stands up to other convertibles but I think it’s a pretty great seat. I don’t really know if my baby was comfy because she can’t talk but she sure did look snugly and cozy, and she fell asleep basically every car ride so I think that means she was comfy. The material has such a nice feel to it- a nice squishy-ness. This sounds silly, but I’d happily sit in something that felt as soft as this car seat! I don’t see why people have issues with the buckle. Sometimes my baby was crying and we still got her in it as easily as in our infant car seat. The little loops to hold the buckle aside are a nice detail. Also the Keylime color is so super cute. I am really sad we couldn’t bring this back to Europe with us, I really wish they sold it here, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.I took someone’s advice from an older review and checked the manufacturer date on the box, something about it being after 8/2011 to make sure the tethers are included. Anyways mine was fine- maybe this is no longer an issue.

Alice Humboldt, IA

Best Car seat

This is the best car seat I have ever owned. This is my third child and i am so happy with this purchase. The color it beautiful and the seat is light and comfy. Truly a perfect car seat.

Meagan East Windsor Hill, CT

Still going strong with baby #2

We used this car seat with our oldest child until she became too tall for it and her shoulders were above the highest shoulder strap holes. Now we are using it with our youngest child, so it has seen about 2.5 years of continuous service.We have a 2010 Yaris hatchback, and unfortunately it doesn’t fit in the middle and we had to install it next to the window. Now that we have two car seats in the back that is okay, but when we had just one it didn’t feel as safe. We aren’t sure if a different seat would have fit in the middle; it may not be the car seat’s fault as the LATCH points are strangely positioned in the car.Speaking of LATCH, the car seat feels much more solidly installed rear-facing since we got the Tether Connector Strap from Combi. Newer versions of this car seat come with the Tether Connector Strap in the box, and it is very effective in letting us install the seat solidly.

Beverley Mountain Grove, MO

Great & Cute

Love that this product is for small vehicles and can fit into our 2007 Honda fit with 2 Diono Radian R100’s! Its amazing and its always a plus when the product is cute. Love the mothers lap feature it comes with much more comfortable than the other seats we owned for newborn babies.

Polly Van, WV

Safe seat, compact size, fun colors, but difficult to use

We bought this seat because we had two compact cars and were having difficulty finding any car seats that actually fit our vehicles when rear facing. We used a Chicco Keyfit 30 when our son was an infant, but he hit the height limit on that seat at around 9 months. We had looked at the Coccoro when we were initially car seat shopping, so it seemed like a logical next pick, as we knew it fit our cars. The only real problem with this seat is that it’s really difficult to use. The belt design requires that you snap the two parts of the belt together before inserting them into the buckle – doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have a wiggly 11 month old trying to move around as you’re trying to get him in his seat! The springs on the sections that attach to the LATCH system are also quite tight, making it challenging to get installed. It’s a safe seat, a good seat, ideal if you have a compact car – but it has a number of design quirks that make it a hassle to use.Pros:
• Safe seat
• Perfect size for most compact cars
• Color range is great (we went with lime green!)
• Easy to clean
• Lightweight (for this style of seat)Cons:
• Belt design makes it a hassle to get your child strapped in
• Upper weight limit isn’t that high (33 lbs rear facing, 40 lbs forward facing), meaning you’ll need to buy another seat in the not-so-distant future
• Latch you press to release the belt (to loosen it to get your child out) is really poorly design, very very difficult to press & use
• Tight LATCH connectors make it difficult to install & uninstall

Kristin Loveland, OH

Great convertible seat! Super lightweight, super easy to install! Installs in one minute.

Lightweight, easy to install, great color, can use with snap and go– I ordered several colors before finding this one. It’s really a pretty light green color.

Patricia Sterling, NY

Compact car seat!

I have 3 different car seats: this Combi one, Britax Marathon, and a cheap one for traveling.I like Combi the best for 3 reasons:1. The color choices: I love the Keylime and the carrot cake color. They look refreshing!2. The padding: it has great padding and my daughter looks very comfortable in it. And with the extra padding, you are able to fit a younger and smaller baby in it!3. Compact size: we have BMW 525, BMW X3 in the family and a Lexus IS 240. Since the recommendation now is rear facing until 2 years old, this Combi Cocorro is the only one that can fit in the BMW 525 and Lexus 240 and allows 3 passengers to fit in the cars. The only way to have Britax Marathon fits into the BMW and Lexus is to have no one sits in the front passenger seat. We were able to fit Britax into the BMW X3 in the center, but it makes it hard for back passengers to put on their seat belts.The only down side for this car seat is that it seems to fit a shorter child. If your child is taller, you may not be able to use this convertible car seat for a long time – I will update the review when my daughter switches to front facing (she is 27 months now and is still rear facing).

Patrica Tennga, GA

Light weight, super cushy, and stylish!

We LOVE this carseat! It’s light weight and compact. Doesn’t take up the whole back seat. It’s very secure once installed. I feel confident about putting my baby in it! It’s also extremely padded making an extra comfy ride for baby. Not to mention, it comes in great colors!

Christa Victoria, MN