Combi Cosmo DX Lightweight Stroller, Graphite Scribble

Combi Cosmo DX Lightweight Stroller, Graphite Scribble

The lightweight Cosmo stroller with the quick 3 Second Fold, folds easily and compactly and is self standing. An easily adjustable, wider and reclining seat with breathable air mesh fabric, footrest, 5 point harness and infant safety boot make for a safe and comfortable environment for your child. The adjustable canopy includes a storage pocket, viewing window and designer lining. The carrying strap, storage basket, removable guardrail with full child’s tray and removable and washable seat cushion add convenience. Available in Sunset Scribble, Bamboo Scribble and Graphite Scribble. Compatible with the Combi Shuttle 33 infant car seat. For up to 55 pounds.

Main features

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  • Compatible with Shuttle 33 car seat
  • Folds easily and compactly
  • Removable guardrail with snack and cupholder
  • Multi position reclining seat
  • Infant safety boot

Verified reviews


Very Lightweight and compact! but no space in the undercarriage for anything.

I bought this stroller because I got tired to lugging around our Graco stroller. I love how the seats goes down to am almost flat position to make it more comfortable for my son to take a nap in while we are out and about. However, the basket underneath cannot hold much.Contrary to what another reviewer said, you do NOT need to take out the child’s tray prior to folding the stroller. The tray is flexible in the middle for that purpose.

Diann Park Rapids, MN

Eh, it’s ok

I think if you buy this starting from when a baby is little it’s a good buy, but I was buying it for an 18 month old and really was more stroller than I needed.Pros:Flat reclineinfant safety bootwashable seathigh handlebarcup holderstorage bag on back of seatstanding foldlightweight to lift in and outbumper barCons:basket is difficult to accesswheels aren’t that greatsteering one handed was difficultsunshade pretty uselessfold a bit cumbersome to docup holder on bumper bar is very shallow.For me, I need a stroller with a one hand steer as I’m pushing my 18 month old and holding the hand of my 3 year old. The steering was difficult on this one. I hate the storage basket. I love that its free standing when folded. I went ahead and purchased another first years ignite stroller, which I think is sufficient for an 18 month old.

Marquita Garden City, KS

Speedy open and close. Super light. Awesome for trips!

Bought this as an extra stroller, specifically for use when weight and ease of opening and closing are crucial. Love it! Worth every penny. Took it for a week+ trip to NYC and wouldn’t change a thing. Made travel on the subway system virtually painless. Shoulder strap was a big help for carrying on stairs. Packs compact in car for long road trips. Solid construction — we walked all over NYC and the sights, up and down curbs; easy one handed steering; fits thru narrow spaces. Baby is very comfortable sitting or lying down, which is also easy to adjust. Shoulder and waist straps keep baby secure. One touch center button makes it easy to release, and two simple clicks to fasten. LOVE IT!The bottom storage is a bit small, but expected and you can easily add on accessories for carrying drinks and other small items on the back of the handle. The visor is a bit small, so doesn’t cover completely from sun/rain but not a big deal.

Colleen Haddock, GA

Best baby purchase ever!

I purchased this stroller for my baby when he was 3 months old and I LOVE it. I was looking for something light and easy to fold and this one is perfect. The stroller is light but sturdy and super easy to fold. I traveled with it on an international flight and checked it at the gate. I love the look. The quality is ok. I read a bad review that made me hesitate as it talked about how this stroller does not run well on grass. This was not a problem for me; I don’t have the need to push a stroller in the grass; I use side walks. The basket at the bottom is sort of useless, but that’s ok for me since my Skip Hop diaper bag can be easily attached to the stroller’s handles. Also, I wish it provided better sun protection. If I have to use it again in hot and sunny caribbean weather I may have to add a sun shade. Despite this, I am glad I did not listen to the bad reviews!!! I am more than pleased with this product. I also own a Graco Dynamo(tm) Lite Classic Connect(tm) LX Travel System but the Combi is much easier to use. It fits in my trunk perfectly (I drive a compact car). I bought it for $99 plus a 20% discount, by far one of the best baby purchases I’ve made. I also own a McLaren Triumph but have not started using it since my baby is not 6 months yet, so I cannot compare these two.

Kathie West Creek, NJ

One of the best purchases I made as a new mom

I had a colicky and very chubby four month old, when we finally went stroller shopping. My mother, who nannied for over thirty years, my husband and I all stopped by a baby supermart and the two of them tried every stroller there – price was no object. My mother wisely insisted we find something easy to fold and light, but comfortable for the baby. They narrowed it down to about four strollers, then we took the kiddo for a test drive in each to see how it worked in action.We were stunned that this low cost wonder was the winner.
• It was less than 14 pounds
• We were able to shove the blanket, lunchbox and small diaper bag into he basket (although the location of a bar makes this a bit of a challenge, it can be done.
• It easily reclines to an almost flat bed, with a flap you could pull over the snack bar to elevate the baby’s feet, which made it double as a pram. My son never fell asleep curled into a car seat, but if we laid him down in this stroller and wheeled him around the block, he was out. Then we just rolled him into the house and let him nap.
• Most of the stroller could be easily removed for washing
• The carrying strap makes this easy to sling over your shoulder and take along if you get to a hiking area or are simply packing up.We bought a $10 sunshade to attach to the stroller shade when it was very sunny, but I love the fact that the original shade had a window with flap to peek at the baby.I eventually got a jogging stroller and a Maclaren, but this stroller beat them out. The jogging stroller was too bulky for the car and the Maclaren had no cushion to warm the baby, wasn’t washable, doesn’t recline, was hard to unlock and left the baby’s feet dangling. I walk quite a bit, so this stroller, which is small enough to weave through store aisles, has been a lifesaver for bags and coats even when the kiddo decides to walk (that full recline and foot lift makes it a three foot long basket). We loved it so much that we actually ordered a new one when we had a second child, because the old one was finally showing signs of wear after three years as my shopping cart/stroller.They customer service is superb. I ran over the stroller once after i forgot to put it in the trunk, and amazingly, the only damage was a slightly bent wheel. I called them and a human being answered the phone and offered to send me new wheels for $15.Overall, you really can’t go wrong buying this stroller. If you completely disagree with this review, you will still have a great portable second stroller for grandma or the babysitter, but truly, your child will love this.

Claire Beloit, KS

We wound up returning it…

We bought this for trips to the zoo and parks. The stroller itself is nicely made, it’s easy to fold and it stands up when folded which is a nice feature. However, we had to return it. It was good for a few days but the wheels wore out quickly. I can’t imagine the issue not occurring with a replacement so we switched to a completely different stroller and have had better luck.

Terry Tarkio, MO