Combi Cosmo DX Lightweight Stroller in Malibu

Combi Cosmo DX Lightweight Stroller in Malibu

Taller Handle Lightweight and portable lifestyle stroller Compatible with the Shuttle Quick and simple tri-fold Opens easily with one hand Deep recline will accommodate an infant Adjustable European Style Canopy with Viewing Window Basket with easy access Convenient carrying strap for traveling Removable Guardrail with Washable Fabric Cover Front swivel wheels for easy maneuvering Convenient footrest for toddler comfort Removable Cup Holder Removable, Washable Padded Seat Cushion Seat cushion has air mesh ventilation that allows baby to stay cool Independent wheel suspension system for a smooth and restful ride Includes Safety Boot 5-point logo harness

Main features

  • Lightweight and portable fully-reclining tri-fold stroller
  • Compatible with Combi Shuttle infant car seat (sold separately)
  • Quick, easy and compact tri-fold
  • Extra tall handle
  • Easily adjustable fully-reclining seat

Verified reviews


Hardly use it

The stupid handles pinch my fingers all the time because of the way you fold it up. My daughter does not like this stroller for some reason either, she never wants to sit in it, she manages to get out of the shoulder straps all the time, even when I tightened them. The basket is so tiny, hardly holds a thing. Should have returned it when I had the chance, but it looked nice.

Deanna Gordon, GA


this stroller is cheap, flimsy, and the fabric on the seat started to rip within a couple weeks of use. The whole canopy bent and the wheels started to squeak within 2 months of use. I paid $51.00 for this stroller on clearance at a store and i paid too much! The only positive thing about this stroller is that it folds up very small

Janell Northport, MI

Rickity Ride

Tested it out at a store and passed on it. What happended to the adult organizer that used to come with it??? Used to have an older model that came with a parent organizer, but the folding mechanism broke. Ultimately bought a Maclaren Quest as a replacement.Pros:LightweightBelly barNarrow/good for city & small shops.Cons:No cupholder for adultsVery poor manueverability/poor ridefolding mechamism breaksnot durable

Isabelle Nobleton, FL



Rhea Marysville, IN

Nice little lightweight stroller

I bought this stroller for my 5-6 month old daughter, since all we had previously was a car seat stroller frame. She was starting to be able to sit up on her own and I felt like she needed something she could see out of better and sit up in. I was looking for something light, easy to fold up, and good looking. I tested an equivalent model of this stroller at Babies R Us before I bought it (it is the same as the Combi Cosmo EX) but I liked this color and pattern better than what they had at BRU.Likes: Very light for travel/putting in the car, large canopy (for a lightweight stroller), window in canopy so that you can see baby while pushing, tall handles, bar style handle makes it easy to steer with one hand, multiposition recline, color and pattern of the Jade style, stands up on own when foldedDislikes: Basket is a little hard to get to and has a bar in the middle, wheels do look a little flimsy and don’t take long to get chewed up pretty good, have to lock wheels to fold up properlyI can’t decide if I like the folding mechanism or not. I seems easy enough, although you do have to lock the front wheel for it to work best. I like that it should “latch” together to stay folded automatically, but it often doesn’t work for me. I think I’d have to use another kind of stroller to see what type of fold I like better.There is also no parent cupholder on this stroller. You can always buy an attachable one.We don’t use a stroller too heavily- just for daily neighborhood walks and the occasional outing- and for these purposes this stroller works just fine. If you plan to put a stroller through a lot of use and travel, maybe a more expensive one would be sturdier (this one is holding up fine for me). It doesn’t have the best storage basket, so if you plan on loading up while using the stroller, this might not be the choice for you.If you want a simple, lightweight, nice looking, affordable stroller, I would recommend this one.

Rosa Lewistown, MO

My favorite!

I happen to adore this stroller. I also have a maclaren but much prefer my combi, I love the effortless way this stroller moves, I can easily maneuver it in small areas with one hand! It folds up small, and is very light! I cant say enough about how wonderful this stroller is! Ive taken it on several trips, and its always successful. It functions like a large stroller, but folds up, and weighs similar to an umbrella stroller. I like that I dont have to bend over to push it like I do most umbrella strollers, makes walking around very comfortable. The recline feature for naps is wonderful!I have few complaints, I always recommend this stroller to all of my friends!however I do wish the basket on the bottom was bigger, and I dislike how it folds up in the center, it can be a pain, I typically just fold it flat like I would a normal stroller. I also wish there was a cup holder for me near the handle. I usually just take a bottle I can completely close and put it in the handy pouch located on the back near the handle.

Martina Gobler, MO

More pros than cons

I got to test drive this stroller with my son for a week when he was 18 months old. As other reviewers have said, this stroller has relatively cheap wheels and will not provide the smoothest ride on bumpy surfaces (though my baby never seemed to mind). Also, the sun shade isn’t very big, and if you live in a hot climate you’ll probably want to buy an extension to put on it in the summer.However, for a lightweight stroller, the Combi Cosmo has a lots of perks that other lightweight strollers don’t have — even the very expensive ones. It’s only 13.5 lbs., but it can recline flat and take a car seat, so you can use it with newborns and as a travel system. And it goes up to 55 lbs., which is a big child, so this can be the only stroller you’ll ever need from birth. Also, my son found the Combi seat extremely comfortable. It can sit more upright than a lot of other seats, and with the included bumper bar, he could really sit up and have a good look around, which he loved. The fold is easy and very compact, and the stroller can stand when folded, which is incredibly useful if you live in the city and/or will be taking public transportation.Final verdict: this is an affordable stroller, so the cheaper wheels and sunshade can be forgiven considering that it can be used for all ages, is lightweights, folds and stores easily, and is comfortable for baby.

Beverly Blythewood, SC

Easy to use, fold, lift

We have had 6 months to review this stroller.We have enjoyed this stroller and recommend it to our friends all the time. It is very easy to fold and lift. I am tiny and can lift it with one arm into the trunk! Sometimes the latch that keeps it folded won’t catch, but that is because I was being lazy and didn’t fold it properly. Make sure the front wheels are in the same position before you roll it back to fold. I found allowing a greater distance btw me and the stroller to roll it back towards me to fold made it easier and it always will latch if I do that.Attaching the car seat to the stroller is somewhat annoying. The mechanism it latches into is not very secure on the stroller, and it will pop up and move out of place. Kinda stinks when you are trying to put the car seat on there and you don’t realize it has moved. This is an easy fix though…I just haven’t taken the time to secured it yet. Another fix is don’t use the car seat. We found our baby fits well in the stroller at 3mos due to the 5-pt harness and the recline of the seat. He looked tiny in it, but was secure. We placed a blanket on his legs and off we went. He really enjoyed looking out while in the stores, but he is easily pleased.The only complaint I have about this buggy is the sun shade. It is great quality and I love the see-through mesh window BUT it doesn’t cover him from the sun totally. While at the park this weekend his legs were completely exposed, I had to put them in an extra onesie to keep them out of the sun. We were there all day and no matter where the sun was at his legs were in it. Perhaps combi will make an adjustable sun visor or an add-on. We are going to research how we can fix that. We did try to attach a blanket but it blocked his view and he eventually pulled it down or the wind blew it so it was useless.Until this weekend we were really happy with the buggy…we need to research options for the visor.

Sophie Saint Joseph, TN

Baby loves the stroller & for mom it’s decent

I bought this stroller after my baby (5 months at the time) used and loved one at my Mom’s house. We bought this as a secondary stroller for travel & short trips around town because our other BOB stroller is too heavy to cart around. I always wanted a Maclaren but didn’t want to spend 200+ on a travel stroller. I think this one works. It’s not perfect but it works. Here are the pros and cons:Pros:My baby (almost 8 months) loves the cushiony seat and head rest. She also loves putting her feet up on the drink holder.It reclines almost all the way back and my baby falls asleep easily in it.It’s light and has a nice carrying strap. Was comfortable to carry in the airport on two trips so far.The price – a lot cheaper than a MaclarenCons:The canopy is not very big and doesn’t do a good job of keeping sun off of babyIt’s not a one-hand open/close so it’s very hard to manage if you are traveling solo and trying to get through security. I had to ask a stranger to help me in the airport.The wheels get dirty easily and then the stroller doesn’t roll with ease.The way the wheels are placed it is easy to walk into the wheels when you are walking.I still am glad I purchased this but I would love to test it against the Maclaren to see if the extra $100 would make up for the cons or not.

Lorna Fulton, MI

Very Practical and Lightweight

Lightweight and durable material makes for an excellent combo. Appreciate it every time I need to pack the Stroller or Unpack it which I do both with only one hand!

Annmarie Pattison, TX

Decent but not great

We’ve been using the Combi stroller for about 5 months. We also have the infant seat and use them together in a system.Good:-shoulder strap is surprisingly useful-folds compactly-easy to unfold-washable fabric-sunshade is good size-smooth ride, turns easilyBad:-I hate HATE the way it works with the infant seat. Hard to get the seat in and out of the stroller.-seat reclines via a string-pull-basket is small and nearly impossible to access-some of the fabric is very flimsy, like that that forms the infant bassinet (the zipper and both velcros on ours went bust almost immediately…don’t think you’re really supposed to use the bassinet function)-the fold in the adult handle pinches my hands when I’m walking with the stroller-5 pt harness shoulder straps nearly useless…they don’t adjust nearly small enoughThere’s probably more bad but I’ve picked it apart enough already. We spent over $300 on the seat/stroller system and we just hate it. A friend recommended them, we played with them in the store, but sometimes you just have to use it to know for sure.

Winifred Parsonsfield, ME

Combi Cosmo DX Lightweight Stroller, Moonlight

i really love the colors of this stroller and i love the fact that it is very lightweight like an umbrella stroller but alot more sturdier and the handle is alot more comfortable to me and easier to steer than an umbrella stroller better to get this than an umbrella stroller.

Lindsey Genoa, WI

Handle pinches my hands

I would have given only two stars but for the very awesome fact that this stroller folds completely in half vertically (flat) and stands up while folded. The sheer convenience of those two perks made me keep this stroller for a year and a half. You do have to fold it with two hands but that was never a problem for me. But other things about this stroller have finally worn on me to the point of replacing it. First and foremost… This stroller squeaks when you push it, and not because of the wheels; it’s because of the handle which has a gap in the middle of it due to it’s folding ability. The plastic on either side of this gap rubs against itself and makes this awful sound, like the way cheap shoe soles sound on slick floors. It sucks. And this isn’t even the worst part. While pushing the stroller, the handle kind of shifts from side to side from the pushing motion which makes the plastic around the gaps squeeze together and pinches your hands! I’ve tried moving my hands to the outermost parts of the handle but I’m not comfortable pushing that way so my hands are always going back to the middle and I am repeatedly pinched by that plastic. I can’t believe other reviews don’t mention this problem. Last but not least, the storage basket is useless. It’s small, hard to access, and is blocked by a bar in the frame. I am getting rid of this stroller as soon as I can.

Juliana London, TX

Great lightweight stroller

This is a wonderful, very lightweight, stroller. I have the entire Combi Cosmo system with the car seat and base and it’s great that the car seat fits right into the stroller so I don’t have to take him out. We had a much older Combi stroller and this one rolls much smoother. I like that the seat reclines so he can sleep. Yes, the shade is small and definitely does not provide much cover, but that’s what a hat and blanket are for. We don’t tend to carry a whole bunch of stuff with us so the lack of storage space in the stroller is not an issue. The infant foot boot is a nice safety feature as our 5 month old could potentially squirm his way out.

Shari Eden, TX

One of my best purchases as a new mom

I had a colicky and very chubby four month old, when we finally went stroller shopping. My mother, who nannied for over thirty years, my husband and I all stopped by a baby supermart and the two of them tried every stroller there – price was no object. My mother wisely insisted we find something easy to fold and light, but comfortable for the baby. They narrowed it down to about four strollers, then we took the kiddo for a test drive in each to see how it worked in action.We were stunned that this low cost wonder was the winner.
• It was less than 14 pounds
• We were able to shove the blanket, lunchbox and small diaper bag into he basket (although the location of a bar makes this a bit of a challenge, it can be done.
• It easily reclines to an almost flat bed, with a flap you could pull over the snack bar to elevate the baby’s feet, which made it double as a pram. My son never fell asleep curled into a car seat, but if we laid him down in this stroller and wheeled him around the block, he was out. Then we just rolled him into the house and let him nap.
• Most of the stroller could be easily removed for washing
• The carrying strap makes this easy to sling over your shoulder and take along if you get to a hiking area or are simply packing up.We bought a $10 sunshade to attach to the stroller shade when it was very sunny, but I love the fact that the original shade had a window with flap to peek at the baby.I eventually got a jogging stroller and a Maclaren, but this stroller beat them out. The jogging stroller was too bulky for the car and the Maclaren had no cushion to warm the baby, wasn’t washable, doesn’t recline, was hard to unlock and left the baby’s feet dangling. I walk quite a bit, so this stroller, which is small enough to weave through store aisles, has been a lifesaver for bags and coats even when the kiddo decides to walk (that full recline and foot lift makes it a three foot long basket). We loved it so much that we actually ordered a new one when we had a second child, because the old one was finally showing signs of wear after three years as my shopping cart/stroller.They customer service is superb. I ran over the stroller once after i forgot to put it in the trunk, and amazingly, the only damage was a slightly bent wheel. I called them and a human being answered the phone and offered to send me new wheels for $15.Overall, you really can’t go wrong buying this stroller. If you completely disagree with this review, you will still have a great portable second stroller for grandma or the babysitter, but truly, your child will love this.

Ma Lakewood, WI