Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker, Red

Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker, Red

If you’re looking for the absolutely coolest, high end baby walker for your child, look no further. The Ferrari f1 baby walker is the best of the best! in true Ferrari fashion, the f1 racing car walker was designed and built to perform and last the test of time!

Main features

  • Removable, vibrating activity center with lights, sounds, horn, and steering wheel
  • Full size snack tray under removable activity center
  • Fully padded, easy to clean, comfortable seat

Verified reviews


Ferrari Baby Walker

My son is a new dad and a huge Ferrari fan. I purchased this walker as a birthday gift for him and his new son. I’m not sure who’s going to enjoy this more, father or son?! One thing you should know about this walker is that it only travels in a forward motion.

Tonya Shartlesville, PA

My son loves this walker!!!

What little boy wouldn’t like zooming around in a formula-1 race car? Okay, what parent wouldn’t love seeing their child racing about?We bought this for him at six months as a Christmas gift…and at first he just hung out in it, tried jumping in it like his Fisher Price Rainfores Jumperoo. But then, he figured out how to move in it and can now maneuver throughout the hardwood and tiled areas of our home (always under supervision).It was easy to put together and looks great assembled! We’ve received many compliments on his new ride!I know its a little pricier than other options, but its by far the coolest walker out there.No regrets!!!

Lena Willsboro, NY

My son loves this!!!!

I did a lot of research on baby walkers before I got this one. Actually I bought this Ferrari walker and a combi rock and roll walker one for home and one for daycare.Nothing compares to this walker it’s great!!! Very well built, easy to move around, adjustable, great car entertainment sounds and easy to put together! It’s defiantly worth the price and I would highly recommend it for anyone especially boys. My son loves it!!! He loves the engine noises and its easy for him to move around! Don’t waste your time researching/ buying other walkers – this one is the best!

Kathi Monticello, IL

Best purchase ever!

My daughter is stll running around in this and she is almost 1(not quite walking yet) there are a lot of buttons and music, it vibrates when she shifts, she is using the back white bar and walking with it, so it is dual purpose and a life saver I put her in it for hours a day! Forget the cheesy walkers, this thing is so cool! She is th envy of the neighborhood, haha, we put her in it in the driveway and it works well there, even better, she is a wild woman on the tennis courts, it is great to wear her butt out! Careful, though, your child will probably try to run you down, it is great!!

Briana Falls City, OR

why not

because f1 ferrari baby walker. thats all the reason you need. buy it who cares about price. im bringing this anywhere great wheels not that cheapo plastic crap. this s*** has rubber wheels if you want a good walker for your kid dont buy a walmart special. get this bad boy worth every stinking penny

Deanne London, WV

Baby loves it!

We’ve had this walker for almost 5 months, and still is a greet source of entertainment for baby. Looks good in photos, but is really cute in real life. It’s a Ferrari for babies, how cute is that? This walker is easy to clean, and set up took about 15 minutes.

Tessa Oracle, AZ

Look out Top Gear

The six month old loves this thing, and so do his parents and his sister. Scoots around on th tile floor easily and the baby loves the movement. Clever walker.

Tanya Hunker, PA

Fun Walker

Our granddaughter has the best time in her walker. Excellent quality, lots of accessories for her to play with. Fun realistic car sounds. Highly recommend.

Janna O Brien, TX