Combi Flare Lightweight Stroller in Mandarin

Combi Flare Lightweight Stroller in Mandarin

Lightweight and portable lifestyle stroller, Quick and simple tri-fold, Opens easily with one hand, Deep recline will accommodate an infant, Adjustable canopy, Basket with easy access, Convenient carrying strap for traveling, 3-Point harness, Removable guardrail, Front swivel wheels for easy maneuvering, Front-wheel suspension system, Convenient footrest for toddler comfort, Compatible with Shuttle Infant Seat, Taller handle than previous Combi trollers. Removable Cup Holder

Main features

  • Lightweight and portable tri-fold Stroller
  • Compatible with Combi Shuttle infant car seat (sold separately)
  • Quick, easy and compact tri-fold
  • Extra tall handle
  • Easily adjustable reclining seat

Verified reviews


Excellent Stroller

We put this stroller through the works over the last year and a half and its still holding up.Its great for traveling as it compacts to nothing and is light.The only complaint are the wheels the rubber tends not to roll over pavement that is pitted.Over good surfaces the stroller glides effortlessly.

Desiree Lambsburg, VA

Works great for us!

I bought this stroller for traveling with my 18 month old. We had a cheapo $10 umbrella stroller for my son (now 4 years old) and my husband couldn’t figure out why we needed to spend more than that to replace it. After one walk (even though he forgot to unlock the front wheels) he agreed with me it was a good buy.My husband is 6’1″ and doesn’t kick the back of the stroller. I like that the back adjusts for a sleeping kid (the $10 one I had didn’t). And the steering is really smooth (especially when you remember to unlock the wheels!). And bonus? When my daughter is tired of riding and my son is tired of walking, they swap. It easily fits my 42 lb 4 year old.

Chasity Scammon Bay, AK

An umbrella stroller on steroids

As a parent of four toddlers, one can imagine how many strollers I have. We have at least one for every type of situation, including this beefed up lightweight stroller that we use for quick trips. Here’s a summary of our likes and dislikes:PROS- It’s really lightweight; can replace those flimsy $20 umbrella strollers that break after a week.- Even though it’s a little bigger than an umbrella stroller, when folded, it’s about the same size since it uses a tri-fold system.- It’s very durable. This has lasted several years with heavy use.- There’s more padding and more room than an umbrella stroller.- Its handles are higher so if you’re taller than 5’6, this is probably better for your lower back than umbrella strollers.- The shoulder strap is useful when the kid wants to walk and I don’t want to push this around anymore.- The kids’ cup holder is nice. My kids love putting their drinks in there.- Due to its size, it’s very easy to maneuver this in tight spaces.- Many light strollers don’t have a sunshade; this does.- The bottom basket is very big. Most umbrella strollers don’t have anything but a pouch on the back of the seat!- The net pouch is great for cell phones, napkins, etc.CONS- The tri-fold is hard to get used to. Can’t “one-hand” this thing open or close.- It only has a 3-point belt. I never thought I needed a 5-point belt but it would definitely help since my third child likes to reach out and grab things at stores.- At $75-100, it’s pretty expensive for a light stroller.RECOMMENDATION- We use this more than any other stroller. This will be the only “umbrella” stroller you will ever need.

Muriel Chippewa Lake, OH

I love mine! Great for quick shopping!

I had the graco melbourne stoller that thing was huge. It took up the whole trunk. This nice stroller fits in my backseat of my small honda and my husband’s mazda (trunk and or backseat). It seems like we don’t even have it with us when we travel.It is super lightweight. It has great wonderful wheels that move freely. Also all the wheels lock into place. Which on an umbrella stroller does not happen.My child is almost a year old and I still change his diaper in this stroller instead of using the nasty restroom changers they have.This stroller I stuck inside with my evenflo carseat at the airport in a bag and it was super light weight. I would buy this stroller again. It survived the trip to and from! I love the arm strap on it to carry around which that is not heard of.Also it can go into the washer and dryer. How many strollers do that? My old one I couldn’t take it off and laundry it.The only bad thing is that there is not really a useable basket, which is fine with me because I just stick reusable tote bags to the bag handle and it works.There is a really nice pocket in the back for parents to put keys into and so on. I can even stick a bottle water in there. It comes with a cupholder for the child.It fits super well down isles while shopping and people are amazed that they don’t have to move there shopping cart over for me to get around them.

Cortney Desert Hot Springs, CA

Easy to get around the city with this stroller

I searched and searched for a lighter weight stroller for us to use when traveling by car and on the subway. I also needed a stroller with brakes placed in such a way the stroller can be bumped up and down a few steps with the baby in it so we can leave our NYC house without having to first take the stroller outside then the toddler. Most strollers have huge brakes that catch on stairs. The Combi Flare brakes will catch on stairs with a large lip on them like unfortunately the subway stairs, but otherwise work great on our own front stairs which has already made my days 10 times easier. I can fold it small and carry it easily for the subway so I’ve dealt with that okay. It also surprisingly does just fine on very bumpy, historic bluestone sidewalks and pushing over the grass in the park, all of which I worried about when buying a lightweight umbrella stroller. It is narrow in width but that’s a matter of perspective and priority; I am thrilled with its narrow width because it’s much more maneuverable through doors and store aisles or into restaurants. And of course doesn’t take up so much room in the foyer. My son is 18 months old, average percentile in weight like around 60th percentile, and tall, 99th percentile in length and he fits this stroller great. He’s not snug in the seat, there’s a bit of room still on the sides. He’s very comfortable. He’d let me know if he wasn’t. My husband and I are both tall and the height of the handlebars is higher than Maclarens or most strollers so we’re very comfortable pushing it. This stroller is also less tippy than the Maclaren. I can hang a fair amount of weight on the handles and it won’t tip backwards even when the our son isn’t sitting in it. The basket is small and just a nylon fabric but I find I can still fit a carton of milk and a few groceries in it. The sun canopy is typically tiny and there is no window in it. It wouldn’t keep me from recommending this stroller but if Combi made the wheels bigger so it could take the subway stairs better and if the visor were bigger and with a window it would be the perfect city stroller.

Kerri Allendale, MI

Just what I needed for a great price

This stroller fits my needs perfectly: I needed a lightweight, yet sturdy stroller for my 13 month old daughter. Although I absolutely love our Graco Quattro, it was just too heavy to be lifting in and out of the car while I’m pregnant with our second child. This stroller is sturdy enough (after all, it IS a lightweight model), steers well, very easy to assemble, and is a great height for myself at 5’6″ and my husband who is 6’3″. This is the only lightweight stroller I could find within this price range that had a front bar across the seat, as my daughter loves to lean forward. Even though my daughter is on the smaller side, this stroller has plenty of room for her to grow, and she is very comfortable in it. There are no parent cup holders, but I purchased a stroller organizer that attaches to the handle and fits across the back perfectly. I don’t use the basket much, although it is small and not as easily accessible as a basket in a full size stroller. For errands around town and taking my daughter to church, this stroller is a great value and just what I was looking for.

Staci Eatontown, NJ

Not the best…

This stroller looks nice and classy but sucks. It is so difficult to push it with two hands, imagine one?!Not the best in the market, make sure you review it well and even test drive it, if you have the option.

Jessie Belmont, CA

Nice lightweight stroller for the money (tall infant)

I like our combi stroller, it had just about everything I expected for the price. It is a bit difficult to completely fold it if you only have one hand free. We traveled with it several times on a plane and in a car, works great. I use it mainly in the city and we walk a lot. We started to use it when our daughter was 9 months old and she seemed to really feel comfortable (the baby sits low, forward and in front compared to a full sized stroller). At some point, around 17 months of age, her foot started to dangle below the foot rest and twice is got stuck near the wheel (ouch, nothing serious though!) I realize a lot of these umbrella strollers have the same type of feet rest. She is now 33″ tall in case that helps any of the parents with tall infants/toddlers. Also, after much use, the rubber bar is a bit bent from her pulling on it a lot. I agree with some of the reviewers that the canopy is not very flexible and that could have been better designed.

Gayle Redlands, CA

Won’t buy again…

The folding mechanism broke on it, but we did use it a lot. Very poor ride/manueverability.Pros:lightweightbellybarCons:Not built for medium/heavy useVERY poor manueverabilityfolding mechanism breaks

Delores Honeoye, NY