Combi Mug, Step 1

Combi Mug, Step 1

The Baby Mug Step 1 is designed for your child’s drinking development. It allows a natural transition from the bottle to a cup. The curved handles make it easy to hold and the angle of the nipple makes it easy to drink from. FDA approved, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. A sterile cap is included. Holds 8 oz. Dishwasher-safe Sterile cap included Holds 8 oz. of liquids

Main features

  • Recommended age 3 months and up
  • Cross-cut nipple design controls flow
  • Bisphenol-a (BPA) free
  • Helps baby learn to drink using handles as early as 3 months

Verified reviews


Cool product but lost straw after one week

This cup is great, my 6 mos old used it all on her own very well, better than the others we’ve tried but we lost the internal straw after a week. As the other reviewer mentioned the straw separated for cleaning which is great but also very easy to lose in the dishwasher. Replacement parts are available for $2 bucks each plus $8 shipping from Combi and then tax so basically if you lose that one tiny piece the cup is useless. I’ve been much happier with the Avent cups that have replacement mouthpieces widely available. Have never lost any of those pieces and replacements are inexpensive.

Keisha Benge, WA

The ONLY Sippy we use!

Though it is not “spill proof” it is also not a waterfall either… it has a really soft spout that my 5 mos old “biter” can handle without hurt to him or the cup… the handles curve towards him so he can easily grab the cup & aim it at his mouth, and the cap… let’s just say I hauled this around in my open backpack all day & it didn’t spill or leak once! Because it is not “spill proof” he can actually get water out of the cup… cause + effect = reward!It will be my new standard baby shower gift! Highly recommend this sippy above all others!

Willie Melissa, TX

Combi Mug Step 3

One of my friend recommended this combi cup, but I don’t really like it. It has too many parts to put together and you have to lined up it perfectly, and even after you did all of that, it still leaks!!!!I gave it two star because the straw is a pretty unqiue design and does help babies to learn to use a straw.

Jan West Sunbury, PA

Designed for baby but not for moms. Too difficult to wash.

The combi cup is very cute and baby has no problem using it. I used it to feed my baby water, milk, and juice. All is well initially. After a while, black mold started growing in the straw and soft plastic parts. It’s disgusting. To wash it thoroughly I need to use Q-tip and the tiny brush from Dr. Brown’s bottle. I do not recommend this cup to busy moms.

Annabelle Oquawka, IL

Best Cup

This is the best straw cup with handles out there on the market. It takes some getting used to putting it together, but once you figure it out, it works awesome.

Crystal Lexington, TN