Combi Pod Bouncer in Wasabi

Combi Pod Bouncer in Wasabi

515007 Color: Wasabi Pictured in Wasabi Features: -Available in several colors. -Material: plastic / steel / polyester. -MP3 input. -Slip resistant feet. -Removable toy bar. -2-position recline. -3-point harness with padding. -Sound and vibration unit. -Seat back storage pouch. -Rear mounted electronic control.

Main features

  • MP3 input for your own customized music
  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Hammock style 2 position seat with 3-point logo harness
  • Removable toy bar with wooden toys
  • Built in sound and vibration unit

Verified reviews


Super chair

Although this chair does not “bounce” like one on the angled legs, this chair keeps my baby comfortable and happy. Now 3 months old, my baby has been digging this chair since he was born. He takes an afternoon snooze in it every once in a while. the design of the hammock style chair makes it really easy to set a sleeping baby down in without waking him up because it cuddles him just right. The lower incline is just enough to keep him from spiting his food back up too, which is s big problem for us after he eats.The vibrating helped to calm him when we first brought him home from the hospital, but we rarely use it now. I do love the MP3 hook up though, I can play calming music for him anywhere, although the music on the chair isn’t half bad, it doesn’t last long. And the battery life isn’t the greatest either, but it’s still nice to have the capability.My favorite thing about it is that the toys that come on the chair Velcro off, so I changed them out for strong contrasting image cards and my son LOVES to sit in the chair and look at and talk to them. I also add longer hanging toys for him to grab at. It’s a chair that will definitely grow with our son and I would recommend it to anyone with a new one on the way, it has helped me finish chores and get meals on the table with great pleasure!

Terri Harpersfield, NY

Unsafe Product

Got this bouncer at the baby shower last summer. While we are still using it (my son is 6 months old but has the size of a one year old child), we had to remove the toy bar when he was about 3-4 months old since he managed to grab both ends end remove it himself, almost injuring his eyes!!! I duck-taped it for a while but that makes it kind of hard to put the baby in or take it out! It it should not be the solution anyway!I reported this already to consumer safety, unfortunately Combi, the manufacturer, does not give you the option to write an email but just to call – and only between certain hours :-(, which makes it kind of hard to reach them!!!What I liked about it was the modern design, the fact that it is not made entirely of plastic and at least in theory the possibility of using it with your iPod – which never worked for us :-(. The music it comes with is OK, the sound average and the vibration fine for a young baby – at 3-4 months, my son got pretty bored of it.We ended up using it in front of the door, where I can put him in for a few seconds until I put my shoes on when we go for a walk….I would not recommend this product first of all because of the very easy to remove toy bar!!!

Charlotte Abilene, KS

Lady Bug Combi Pod is a wonderful chair for a baby who cannot quite sit up yet

Our grand baby loves this chair. The hanging bugs are wonderful for her to play with. Buy one. You will love it.

Alice Madill, OK

Attractive, vibrating bouncer

This little bouncer sure is cute. We have it in the wasabi green color and it is very cute and space-like with splayed metal legs. We actually have not used the MP3 player capabilities. The vibrating is good and strong and you can bounce the chair easily with your foot while baby vibrates. The construction of the toy loop is not perfect because it looks like a handle but IT IS NOT! It pulls off easily. Other than that, this is easy to put together (it took me 5 mins and I’m an idiot at these things) and quite effective with its strong vibration.

Jody Maben, MS

Stylish. Perfect for Beach/Park.

I purchased mine used from Craigslist and I thought this product was wonderful. I loved the colors and the mod look. It was already assembled for me so I don’t know how complicated it is to put together. I also didn’t receive a manual, but the lady showed me how to remove the padding because I always want to wash things. Turns out you can only hand wash the product because there’s some kind of plastic piece inside the seat part. It is also kind of hard to remove the fabric parts because you don’t want to ruin the wire running from the bottom of one side to the top, which is for the vibrate and music feature. I thought it would make more sense to have the buttons for music and vibrate down at the bottom, near the battery compartment (so you don’t have to worry about the wire, but it isn’t that way). The little music feature (standard chimes music, not mp3 music) is a little retarded that it only plays for a very short amount of time.Features that I do like is that it has a on/off button (if the button is off, then you won’t activate the music/vibrate feature). I also like the 2 positions. One position is when baby is sitting and the other is when baby is moreso lying down at slight angle (I use the second position when my little one wants to sleep). I like the removable canopy to shield him from the sun at the beach (cause we have a lot of sun here in hawaii).Overall, great product compared to those cheaper bouncers…it has more functionality.

Gladys Stitzer, WI