Combi Rock N Roll Walker, Red

Combi Rock N Roll Walker, Red

The 3-in-1 Rock N Roll Walker provides a fun, playful and stimulating experience for your growing child. The ability to convert from walker to rocker to stationary entertainment center allows customization of the child’s play experience, depending on the needs of child and parent. Additional features include, fun automotive themed activity tray with lights and sounds, anti-skid pads for safety and a snack/play tray for use of your child’s favorite toys or snacks.

Main features

  • 3-in1 rocker, walker and entertainment center
  • Retractable rockers let child remain active, while restricting mobility
  • Toys include mirrors, traffic signal, steering wheel with horn and buttons that activate lights and sound

Verified reviews


Love it!

This is the cutest thing ever! My son loves this. I bought this when he was four months as he was already standing with assistance. He’s now five months and is 17 lbs and 27 inches. He reaches the floor just fine, and it only sags in a little when he stops standing. It was very easy to put together, though I’m not a fan of the "traffic signal" and would have avoided putting it on if I had realized it blocks the view a bit and is impossible to take back out. My son can move it backwards, and is now starting to learn to move it forwards. There is also a knob that allows you to make it stationary for safety reasons. The lights and sounds are great, and the steering wheel has a cute little horn. I love that the side mirrors push in, just like in a real car. It’s very comfortable and sturdy. I’m glad I bought this, it was worth the money.

Ilene Ravenden, AR

Good product

Bought one of these for our twin grandsons and later purchased another. They both LOVE them! The sounds on the dash board can be a bit annoying but you can just turn them off. They are easy for the boys to maneuver and don’t damage anything when they slam into furniture, etc. Would highly recommend.

Antionette Wickenburg, AZ

Simple and funny

My son loves his walker. It was easy to set up and is adjustable so he can use it for a few months. It’s great to see him laugh and smile when he’s in it cruising around the house. He’s gotten really good at hanging corners with speed and the Combi allows him to do so with ease. The best part is the "brake" in the back of the walker. In the mornings when he needs a bottle, I can put the brake on the walker so I don’t have to go chasing after him once his bottle is done. It’s brilliant!I’m giving it only 4 out of 5 stars because the music got annoying pretty quick. I mean, really, the Macarena? Otherwise, it’s a must have as far as I’m concerned.On a side note, I am not buying into this whole "walkers slow down children’s development". My son has great coordination with his feet thanks to running around on this thing and he’s progressing just fine.

Christy Waller, TX

Son likes it but gets bored

I like this product, it was easy to put together and my son seems happy enough in it. I just wish it did more and had more bells and whistles as he gets bored and this is not good for longer than 20-30 minutes tops. And the black stop light attachment is really just an invitation to get pulled on and twisted. I don’t think it’ll last too long. I do like that I can put the brakes on this and it becomes a stationary play place and it can even rock. It also has three heights so it can grow with him. Has good anti-tip devices as well. If it just had a little more going on for my baby to "do" I would have given it five stars.

Jennie Seminole, FL

Not the best walker, lower the price by $50 and it’s a good deal.

For the price it’s not worth it. I was really trying to find a walker with all swivel wheels but I guess they don’t make them anymore. Only the front wheels spin 360 degrees while the back ones only go forward/backward. Kind of hard for babies to understand the mechanics of his first car, I mean I told him it was going to be a 4 point turn to get out of that corner but he didn’t "get it".Also, there are indentions in the back of plastic where you can imagine the rear of the car having lights, etc. Well they don’t even provide you with stickers (like they do on most plastic toys) and also on the rear view mirror, they could have a cute mirror like silver sticker on it, but they just leave it black. how boring. If it’s because they are afraid the babies will get it wet or peel it, they do have one sticker on it already on the little play tray so why not give more?I returned this walker for a refund and looking for an alternative. I also received a black car instead of red. The red looks cooler.

Chris Meadows, NH