Combi Shuttle 33 Infant Car Seat, Sand

Combi Shuttle 33 Infant Car Seat, Sand

809737 Color: Sand Features: -Material: plastic / steel / poly cotton blend.-Adjustable canopy.-Tru-safe anti-rebound bar.-Tru-safe side impact protection.-5-point harness system with padding.-EZ harness height adjustment system.-Removable and washable seat cushion.-Compatible with all 2009 / 2010 Combi strollers.-Lightweight at 8 lbs and accommodates from birth to 33 lbs. Options: -Available in several colors.

Main features

  • Now accommodates infants from birth to 33 pounds and 33″
  • Lightweight at only 9 .25 pounds without base
  • 5 point harness system with padding
  • Tru-safe anti rebound bar
  • Tru-safe side impact protection

Verified reviews




Jeanette Oshkosh, WI

Great Car Seat

Our baby hasn’t arrived yet, so I will update this review when we can actually put this seat to use, but so far, we love it!I spent a great deal of time researching car seats, as safety, comfort, style, and size were all HUGE issues with us. Finally settled on the Combi Shuttle due to it’s safety ratings and overall features. Then, they came out with the Shuttle 33, which made our decision even tougher. We really wanted to be able to use the infant seat for the full first year of our babes life, so the fact that we can go up to 33 inches and 33 pounds was an awesome feature. We figured that the extra pound of car seat weight was worthwhile.Some have said they don’t like the handle always having to be up while in the car, but I am on the other end. Putting the handle down just extends the length of the seat, pushing the front car seats even further forward. I do love that you can use the handle to prop the seat up for the baby to sit or nap in.The buckle is a little tough, as are all puzzle lock buckles, but safety first! All the straps are super easy to adjust and we love the fabric. It is soft, easily removed and super washable.ETA ~ We’ve now been using this seat for over 10 months, and still love it. Everything is very easy to adjust, including the rise and length of the straps. We cloth diaper, so on days when we are out and use a disposable it makes it very simple to quick adjust. My son is very comfortable in this seat and we will probably be able to use it until he is well over a year.

Joni Agana Heights, GU

Hate this car seat, can’t wait to buy something else

After much research and asking friends, we left our beloved Graco and Britax and chose a Combi seat for our new baby. Awful decision that we regret every time we use the seat.1. Heavy beast, even without baby inside2. Hard to get baby in over the rebound bar3. When taking our baby out, his feet get caught under the rebound bar, a couple of times hard enough to make him cry in pain4. The buckle is a “puzzle buckle” and let’s just say it makes me want to throw the seat in the river.5. The way it works with the matching stroller is insane…poor design makes it hard to get in and out of the locking mechanism6. See #5 for the base, too…Clicks into base just fine but getting it out is like unscrewing a medicine bottle…push down while simultaneously pulling up7. Our sunshade broke almost immediately on one side. We still use it, but it’s now lopsided like someone sat on it.I do have one good thing to say…the fabric is easily washed and washes beautifully.

Leona Caledonia, IL

Love Combi – this, not so much

I REALLY wanted a Combi carseat. We have a Combi double stroller that I am thrilled with, and I also know that Combi has a good safety rating. Well, first of all, this carseat – the violet one – is not as pictured color-wise. The color is actually a BRIGHT periwinkle, and I think it’s much too girly for boys – at least for mine anyway. But even for being so bright, the carseat just looks very drab and boring. I know that’s not the most important consideration for a carseat, but if people didn’t consider what the pattern was, manufacturers wouldn’t have so many. Anyway, as far as use, I didn’t even install it in the car to try it out, because I thought the installation of the carseat itself into the base wasn’t as easy as it could have been. Also, this was a little too big – in my mind – for smaller babies, which mine were/are. They were preemies (but going home weights of 5 and 6 lbs), and this wasn’t going to work even though the lower weight limit was in line with them. It doesn’t have one of those inserts for newborns, so if you were to put a newborn in, they would look, very, very small and although the straps keep the baby in place, it’s always nice to have a little extra something to make them feel snug. Back to the Combi double stroller…it’s a side by side, and with twins I realy wanted a stroller that would accomodate 2 carseats, and there’s no way this was going to work out. The stroller will accommodate 1 carseat, but not very safely. The carseat didn’t snap in and I felt like it wasn’t stable. In addition, the carseats are too big for even one carseat to fit on one side and not take too much space from the other seat. I have a 2 year old as well, so if he were to be sitting on one side and the carseat was installed on the other, he would constantly have to lean away to the outer side of his spot. I think Combi makes some great stuff, but this wasn’t a winner for us. I gave it three stars because it does have a good safety rating and it feels structurally solid, but costmetics and functionality cost it those last two stars.

Renae Grayson, GA

Safe, solid car seat

We have had 6 months to review this car seat. It is a car seat…they are heavy and annoying to carry, all of them. The handle is nice because it doesn’t get slippery in my hand when hot out due to the grey skid pad. The weight is heavy, but lighter than other modles. I have to carry it up stairs at times and I usually take the baby up seperatly.The fabric cleans up rather well. We have had to remove all the pads a few times due to blow outs. Removing them is fairly easy. They dry quickly too.Getting the baby in and out of the seat is not too bad. At first the clasps were a real pain, but after a few weeks I am use to it and it’s really nothing to complain about.The baby does tend to get hot while in the seat, so we dress him in layers when necessary.Fitting the car seat into the stroller is a pain. However, not enough where I wouldn’t buy this travel system. The plastic connector doesn’t stay in place on the stroller and can pop up and move. This is an easy fix, I just haven’t had to time to ‘secure’ it.The car seat is very stable, the base is extremly easy to install in the car (as are most bases these days). I have also used the seat belt attachment, and that is somewhat easy. It was hard for me to push the seat down to get it secure but I’m a tiny person. I had a neighbor help me.A complaint I have for this seat is the handle bar. I wish you didn’t have to use two hands to push it down (a button on each side must be compressed). However, it looks like most other car seats have the exact same design, I assume it is a safety issue. It is really hard to push the bar down when you are holding the baby. I’ve tried using a knee (doesn’t work) or balancing the baby on my lap (takes mad skill) but the thing that works best is having a routine where the bar is left down whenever the baby is removed from the seat. Although, husbands tend to forget this and then you resort to the balancing act.All in all, this is a good travel system. The stroller is SUPER light and easy to fold, super easy! Attaching the car seat to the stroller has a minor flaw, but one you can secure a fix for. The fabric washes well and dries very fast. Dress your baby in layers so he doesn’t get too hot (easy layers, button jackets, etc). The price is comparable to other brands but this brand takes into account additional safety features (further foam insulation to protect the whole back, not just to the neck).I also did a detailed review of the stroller.

Gussie Crab Orchard, TN

Outstanding car seat

This is a great car seat! It fit my HUGE baby and still does at 8 months (he is now 24.5 lbs and 30 inches long)! I am impressed at the size of the car seat itself. It was a full 8 inches SHORTER than the graco safeseat. I am very pleased with the performance and it is SUPER easy to use. This is great for someone with a small car and needs a means to fit a baby rear-facing along with a toddler front facing and 2 adults! This is a definite!

Beth Eddyville, IA

Great, Safe seat

I was reading other reviews for this seat and decided to write my own and let people now how great this seat is!
• Its NOT hard to get baby in or out the car seat, because feet get stuck ( i never had that hapen, i guess people just need to be careful )
• Never had problems buckling my baby in the seat because of the puzle buckle, You just get used to it, and its safe and secure
• yes it is tricky to put this car seat to the matching stroller, but hey, its not too bad. Just try again
• And its not that heavy, there is car seats what is heavier that this!I know what i am talking about, i have this seat for more than a year now, and my baby is still in this seat and is happy.But there always will be two sides, people who hate this seat and people who loves it! I amd the one who loves it!

Colette Fletcher, NC

Great style but not so great usability

I like the styling of Combi products but have not been happy with the infant carrier car seat use-wise. It seems a bit small even for my 50th percentile daughter. She was comfortable in it up until about 8-9 months. Definitely can’t imagine 33lb infant fitting in this! Also, really dislike how you have to pull apart the seat to re-thread the harness. Not so easy to do which means I didn’t adjust it very often which isn’t so good for baby. Also, found it not so easy to slide and click the car seat into the base. Often required a couple of tries. At 12 months, we switched to a Britax Marathon 70 which is so much more user friendly.

Phoebe Cahone, CO

Combi Shuttle 33

I bought this car seat for my first child. We have owned it for just under 8 months. My son is about 1-2″ away from outgrowing the height limit but he still only weighs about 18-19lbs. He fits (and always has, with the seat inserts)well and actually prefers this car seat to the convertible car seat in our SUV. The combi fits well in the back of my VW Passat and when I had the installation checked at the firehouse the officers were actually calling people over to demo the anti-rebound bar 🙂 . I really like this car seat (SUPER light compared to the other car seats we looked at) and actually have a friend with the same seat whose 2 year old somehow still fits in it! She doesn’t like the buckle mechanism but I don’t really have any issues with it. The only thing I am disappointed about is I can’t adjust the handle or canopy (had to detach it) with the headrest expanded to the height required for my son. My husband loves this car seat and so does my son. We highly recommend it.

Dona Vici, OK