Combi Twin Sport 2 Side by Side Double Stroller in Ember/Wasabi

Combi Twin Sport 2 Side by Side Double Stroller in Ember/Wasabi

Compatible with the Combi Centre ST and Combi Centre DX Infant Seats, the Combi Twin Sport Double Stroller will save you double the time when totin’ your babies around. Simply close this tri-fold stroller and swing the carrying strap around your shoulder for an easy hands free carrying solution, leaving your hands free for other things! Features: Lightweight and Portable Lifestyle Side by Side Twin Stroller Compatible with the Combi Centre ST and Combi Centre DX Infant Seats Quick and simple tri-fold Multi-Position, Deep Reclining Seats for resting Comfortably Will Accommodate Infants Convenient carrying strap for traveling Front swivel wheels for easy maneuvering Removable, Washable Padded Seat Cushion Independent wheel suspension system for a smooth and restful ride Includes Safety Boot in Both Seats Back Pocket on Canopies for Storing Small Items 2 Storage Baskets with Easy Access Removable Wheels Each Seat Holds up to 45 lbs. 5-point logo harness

Main features

  • Lightweight side-by-side twin stroller
  • Compatible with Combi Shuttle Infant Car Seat (sold separately)
  • Compact, quick and easy Tri-Fold design
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Independent fully reclining seats with removable washable pads

Verified reviews


Nephews present

My newphews love this. Especially the 2 year. It’s the best double stroller we’ve seen on the market.

Fannie Keyesport, IL

Great stroller except…

This stroller is hard to review because I really, really like it except for one thing and the one thing is extremely annoying.First the good: it folds quickly and easily, is fairly compact for a double and is very easy to push and steer. That’s pretty much what I want in a stroller. Once it’s folded, you can tip it back to push it instead of having to carry it and the bar across the back (rather than separate handles) makes it great for one-handed steering. The seats recline and the bar on the front comes off so toddlers can climb in by themselves and you can easily clean out the cup holders. The fold does require two hands, but you can open it with one. I have twins, but I did once use it with an infant and a three-year-old and it didn’t feel unbalanced, still easy to turn. So what’s the problem? The shoulder straps keep coming unhooked. Why do they even have hooks here? The harness should all be one strap in the first place. One of these days I’m going to figure out how to permanently attach these straps, and then I’ll love this stroller (as much as anyone can love a double stroller).

Christi Plymouth, NY

Outstanding Stroller

This stroller is fantastic. I searched for a double stroller that would accommodate a car seat and fit in the trunk of my 1988 Camry. This was the one! It also rides wonderfully for my toddler and infant. It is very easy to open and close. It is super lightweight and turns on a dime! I can go anywhere with this stroller. It is truly worth the money.

Gwendolyn Randolph, NJ

Great, Great, Great!

I received this stroller yesterday and liked it before we even used it. I really, really like the colors (we have it in papaya) – great for both boys and girls, which we needed since we have one of each. It is really lightweight, yet feels very sturdy. I really like that it has the bars and the cupholders. I am only giving it 4 stars, because they should have made the bars snack trays and there are just a couple of other small issues. There are 3 cupholders and one of them can be used for snacks, but it just would have been nicer to have more snack room. Are you reading this Combi? Add snack trays and a cupholder for the parent, and you’ll have the perfect system! I tried it out in the neighborhood last night (lots of hills, took it on and off the sidewalk) and had no problems maneuvering it at all. It turns great and was easy to push the entire time. I like the peek-a-boo mesh windows to view the kiddos if the canopies are out, and I like the basket – although it is a little hard to get to, but not enough trouble to justify not getting or keeping the system. I also like that the seats recline independently, and I like that it’s a pulley system; means you can adjust it to exactly where they want. AND, not only does it fold flat, but then it folds over again, so it basically folds down to the size of a single stroller and has a really convenient carrying strap. I do wish the canopies would disconnect from the back to go down lower in front if I needed them to, but they do give enough shade for me to be satisfied. We’re excited to head to the zoo with this! If you’re looking for a little more storage for a drink for you or your keys, cell phone, wallet, then I suggest the JL Childress Double Wide Bottles ‘N Bags Stroller Organizer. It fits perfectly acrossthe back of this stroller, and will hold any drink bottles you have just fine. If you’re hoping for it to hold a can or a cup with a straw, you might be a little disappointed. But it works perfectly for me, and perhaps the best thing about this particular organizer is that you don’t have to take it off when you fold the stroller up!**UPDATE – Over a year later, and I still love it. This has been to the zoo and around the neighborhood probably a hundred times. Still in perfect shape and exactly what I needed. It’s fantastic!!!**2nd Update – Nearly two years later – still a great stroller! Shows hardly any wear at all, and still going strong at the zoo!**3rd Update – March 12, 2012 – STILL IN GREAT SHAPE!!! This is an amazing stroller!! When I clean the fabric, it looks new again. I’ll be very sad if something happens to it, but if it does I will definitely replace it with a new Combi!**4th Update – April 5, 2014 – Yes, we STILL have this stroller. Yes, I STILL use it! (I probably wouldn’t if we didn’t have a surprise baby, so I’m glad we kept it!) It is actually starting to show some wear, but I’d say it was worth every penny to still be going strong nearly five years later. I did wash the fabric in the washing machine, and the sides got those little fabric balls all over them, but it’s fine. The recline feature still works for both seats. I’ve snapped off one of the break pedals for the middle set of wheels, and the handle and feet rests are getting scuffed. But structurally it’s still sound. I’m sure it’ll make it through another summer of zoo trips.

Tommie Sugar Land, TX

Love it!

Nice lightweight stroller that fits easily through doorways. Works for my 5 month old & 2 1/2 year old. Smooth ride on sidewalks but I doubt it would be good on dirt or grass. Baskets are small but mesh material allows a lot of smaller items to fit. Cup holders are great for snacks. I purchased an additional cup holder for coffeeSunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy& an extra sun hood because the ones on the stoller are small. Great travel stroller, folds smaller that most double strollers and fits easily in trunk of car.

Kay Savona, NY

Buy it. You’ll love it.

We had twins and spent HOURS researching double strollers. We were planning on buying an upper end model from another manufacturer, but in the meantime bought this one b/c it was such a great price and it got great reviews. We’ve only used it a few times this year but I really like it and I’m not sure if we’ll buy a more expensive stroller as we planned. This combi double has a great pattern, the seats recline, it’s light, and it folds nicely. The only thing we don’t like is that there is no cup holder for the adults and you can’t adjust the handle bars or canopy to see the babies and help protect the babies from the sun. I’d also recommend buying an insect net for it (found on combi’s site) b/c we had to bring the babies in on really nice days due to bugs.

Aurelia Columbia, SC

A must have for 2 little ones!

We bought this after 5 exhausting months of using a sit n stand. We are so much more pleased with this stroller. It is well made, my kids are comfortable, its lightweight (for a double stroller), fold easily, and is overall just a better stroller. I was so hesitant to even try a side by side stroller, due to the navigation issues that I thought we would have. However I think this one is easier to navigate than the sit n stand. It is wide, but fits easily down iles and through doorways. I like that there is a 5 point harness to keep my kids safe and I can convert it to a 3 point harness if we ever decide to. I also like how easy it is to remove and wash the stroller seat. My husband even likes this stroller, and he is hard to please! The one downside is there is no cup holder for parents. I plan to purchase an aftermarket attachable one to remedy that problem. I would say this stroller is a must have if you have 2 small children.

Paulette Clinton Township, MI

Flimsy stroller for price

I researched this stroller a lot before deciding to purchase it. It seemed to be great for my toddler and newborn. I like that the seats both recline all the way so both can take naps. It is lightweight and folds fairly small. My chicco carseat fits in it because there is a strap for holding in a carseat.But the cons outweigh the pros for me:*after using this 5 times just for walks on the sidewalk, the stroller started to seem rickity to me. Upon further inspection I found that one wheel does not touch the ground anymore.*The sunshades are flimsy and don’t provide much protection.*The frame just seems cheaply made and doesn’t go well over the tiniest sidewalk cracks. If this thing cost under $100 it would be worth it, but for the price it is NOT worth it.Oh yeah, and Combi customer service won’t do anything to help me out with this wheel problem, they just say it is normal for strollers to be like that (?). I don’t think a $220 stroller should have wheel problems after just one month!

Luz Blue Island, IL

a great stroller

I did so much research on double strollers before i settled on this one! I LOVE it~! I don’t have twins, my main reason for this stroller purchase was a trip to Disney w/ my 3 kids, 8, 4, & 10 month old. My 4 year old didn’t want to be in it all the time, but it came in handy on several occasions.This stroller just seems to glide along, I never have any trouble w/ it. It folds up quickly, the baskets are a nice size. The only thing I would have changed would be bigger sun shades and cup holders for parents. I solved the cup holder issue with an added purchase and it works great! I highly recommend this stroller!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Dunn, NC

Good stroller

I have this stroller for more then a year now, and its still in good shape, and We use this stroller alot ( going to stores, to parks like Safari Park in San Diego almost every week, shopping , just for walks)Its great size, fits true the doors, folds up nice and small!Yes it does havd little underneeth storage and no cup holders for parents, but for us it was not an issue.Its comfy. Kids have slept in it couple times 🙂 especially baby.It has small wheels so its a bit bumpy when You are not on a paved road or sidewalk.

Molly Lakewood, NM

All things considered, a good value for the money

I came to Amazon tonight to read reviews of other strollers because I was unhappy with some aspects of my Combi twin side-by-side. After reading the negative reviews of the Bob, BabyJogger CityMini, Bumbleride, Peg Perosi, and some others whose names I can’t remember now, I’m thinking my Combi is pretty okay after all.The Pros:-Easy to fold up and reasonably lightweight for a twin stroller. No other double stroller folds down AND in half, and this one also has a carrying strap so you can throw it over your shoulder. I’m very small and weak but find I can pop this down, and over, snap shut, and throw into the trunk of my compact car in a minute or less. Not so with the CityMini, which I struggled with for a long time and then found it wouldn’t fit into my trunk!-Love the lap bar with the three cupholders which we use for snacks.-Seats recline but also allow for child to sit straight up and view the world going by, unlike the jogging strollers which force them to recline.-Price was good.-Twins are 18 months old now and the stroller is still holding together.-Storage below actually holds a fair amount of stuff – if you can get it in there. The opening is pretty narrow.-Fits into most doors.Cons:-Maneuverability is pretty horrible. This thing is a bear to turn.-Hard to push. The wheels are crap. Don’t even think about rolling this over a rough surface. It chokes and spits if it even hits a single piece of gravel. If you are going to the mall and rolling over completely smooth surfaces, okay, but anything even slightly rough and the wheels will get stuck.-The footrest is tiny so that now my boys can put their feet down onto the wheel directly, which serves to brake it. There is no way to get them to stop doing this. I think it’s a poor design. The footrest should cover the wheels.-There is no divider between the seats and I can understand that this is an impossibility given the design so it’s not a criticism of the stroller per se, but just something to think about. Twins fight. I hate that they can reach each other, hit, bite, scratch, steal toys and butt heads (literally).-The visor expands but is fixed into position, unlike some other strollers which allow you to move the visor all the way down to the lap.-The straps are not very easy to use. They seem like they are in backward, which is confusing.-The straps in the back which control the recline are now having a hard time sliding through the plastic device that holds the straps in position. The squeeze thing is giving resistance and that’s frustrating now.-The stroller overall does not feel very sturdy anymore for active twin toddler boys. They are beating the heck out of it and I’m worried it’s going to break somewhere. They have already pulled the snack bar off but thankfully it snapped back into position. The snackbar is flexible fabric so they can easily just pull on it and fold it in half.Overall, I am thinking this is a pretty good stroller, even with the cons, because it is SO much less than the other big name double strollers I mentioned above. The other strollers that cost upwards of $500 also have negatives that I wouldn’t have thought of so I’m thankful for the Amazon reviews. This Combi has been very easy to travel with through airports because of the way it folds compactly. My biggest complaint about it is really the wheels and the fact that it can’t handle any kind of rough terrain. We live in the country and I can’t take it on walks AT ALL. But for city or suburban use, it is fine.

Constance Lebo, KS

Great stroller!

This is the only stroller I have owned but so far I really love it (I have the 2009 version).Pros:-lightweight-easily fits through doorways and anywhere a wheelchair can fit-easy to recline each seat individually-quickly folds up compactly-my babies seem very comfortable in it and love to stare at the design on the inside of the sun shadesCons:-no parent cup holders (I overcame this by purchasing the JL Childress Double Wide Stroller Organizer)-sun shades are flimsy and not very protective (I overcame this by purchasing the Protect a Bub Classic Twin Sunshade **in my opinion a must-have accessory**)-the storage baskets aren’t very big and are hard to reach w/ the seats reclined-not good for uneven surfaces (like grass)UPDATE: After almost 9 months of heavy use, I still really like this stroller. It is easy to maneuver even though I now have well over 40 lb of baby inside. I have no problem folding/unfolding and loading/unloading it from my car. A few small things have broken like the velcro on the foot muff and a few pieces of plastic off of the recline adjust buttons. However, everything still functions. The straps are somewhat cumbersome to adjust but maybe this is the norm for strollers. I would still highly recommend this stroller (but the stroller organizer and sunshade accessories are necessary in my opinion).

Tommie Fulton, CA

Almost perfect

Ok, so I wish that the Combi company could take these next few points I’m about to write as notes for improving a great product. This double stroller is one of 3 that I have tried, including Graco Duo Glider and Chicco. I love the cup holders of the Duo Glider. I love the ease of reclining and sitting the seats upright in the Chicco, as well as the fact that the seat in the back fully reclines and lays to be a truly flat surface (since the Combi seats are still at a slight tilt when “fully reclined”).Now, onto the Combi review. I will note things as LOVE, love, LIKE, eh…, and HELP!! for the sake of making sure you get a good understanding of these features:- LOVE the ease of unfold (can do it one handed)- love the ease of folding (though not as easy as the unfold…wish they would connect the two side pullies into one for a one handed close option)- LIKE that it’s compact yet still spacious enough for my kids- HELP!! Earlier than 2010 models (which I have) had larger sunshades (bring them back Combi!) Though positives are…1) They are individual sunshades and 2) they give you a peak through window that isn’t mesh so even in the rain you can see your child. Bad points: 1) The sun shades though in earlier models were larger still do not extend far enough to provide enough shade when facing the sun, 2) the peak through window on the top is only for peaking. You can’t leave it open because while it can velcro shut, it cannot velcro open (easy fix though), 3) the back part with the fabulous mesh for air flow (when the zipper pouch is rolled up – good feature except you cant use it very often) is attached to the top of the seat. Great, except that this means you can’t push the shade as far forward without pulling the seat with it or putting the mesh right on top of your kids head. When the shade is as far forward as it can go the mesh is stretched straight from the top of the seat to the shade…no curve to allow for head room…and I have a 36″ tall 2 year old. Oh, side point, as a positive, the sunshades do have locks on the main part of the shade to keep it open, but not for when you try to push it further forward. Invest in a cheap bug netting that will stretch over the seats to provide some shade. That will fit into one of the small baskets and you can still fold up your stroller- HELP!! Parent/Driver conveniences…earlier than 2010 models included a two cup holder and zipper bag that attached to the stroller handle (bring that back too!!)- LIKE the breathable mesh fabric and that you can remove the seat cushions, strap pads and bar covers for machine washing.- love/HELP!! that the front bar detaches in all 3 connecting points as well as the bars can be removed while leaving the cup holders (this allows moms like me to remove the fabric bar cover to wash it and keep it clean. However, and the reason I can’t say I LOVE this is because 1) The cup holders are WAY too shallow, 2) the cup holders without the bars attached swivel. If Combi really wants to make a mom like me happy, they need to make the cupp holders deeper than 1″ for those crazy sippy cups that are narrower at the bottom than the top, and make sure the cup holders can be sturdy on their own so the bars aren’t always necessary for older kids.- eh…The infant “boot” is ok…it’s a piece of close that velcros below the pad when not in use and then can velcro to the front bar when needed. Not a bad idea, but when you fold up the stroller make sure you detach the “boot” so that it doesn’t detach itself.- eh…Baskets, aaaah, the baskets. I do like that they have elastic so they can stretch further open to put things in, but ultimately, they are small, flimsy since they are only mesh held up by clips and velcro fastenings. You cannot access items from the front, and the rear is tricky, but do-able from the back when the seat above the basket is “fully” reclined.- eh…The handle grip is not comfortable for long time pushing…like say, through an amusement park. If it were a strong foam (like any Chicco stroller) that would be much more comfortable. Instead, it’s a hard plastic type material that when wet get’s very slipper and when hot could hurt…be sure you will get calluses if pushing for a long period of time or up a slight slope on the ground.- LIKE that the wheels are all sturdy and doubled up! I would prefer that the back wheels were connected in some way for locking purposes. But they provide a smooth ride (keeping in mind this is NOT a jogging stroller…they are not like Bicycle tires)- LOVE how light weight it is.- LOVE that I don’t have to bend over, nor does my husband to push it (I’m 5’10” and he’s 6′)- Love the strap options – 5pt, 3pt, no pt…You can hide what you don’t want to use beneath the cushion, however and the reason it isn’t LOVED is because they are inconvenient to adjust. There’s no way to really describe how to adjust them, it’s just not as easy as it should be, especially for someone trying to strap in two kids…or a baby and toddler in my case. Granted, they don’t get adjusted often, but when they need to be, do it before you go out.- LOVE that it can stand on it’s own when folded. Great for traveling, especially in airports.- HELP!! The screws in the handle can be seen on the sides and mine are rusted.OK, it’s a lot, but hope it helps. I like details when reading reviews about a big purchase so hopefully you do two. After all, a stroller is supposed to last for years. I do love this stroller and with all the things I would fix about it, they are tolerable. Just wish Combi would let me test their products. HA!

Stacie Mount Gay, WV

Lightweight and maneuvers great; but glad I bought it on sale!

Before I start, let me just say that I have used an umbrella stroller, single Evenflo stroller, double jogging stroller and double Graco stroller before purchasing the Combi Twin Sport.This stroller is great because it fits a Graco carseat (Snugride) as well as my 2 year old boy and still maneuvers / turns wonderfully! After folded (it takes longer than 3 seconds…) it fits in about the same space as my single Evenflo stroller does. I don’t like that the seat backing feels like cheap material and the wheels don’t look very promising. I am also purchasing a parent cupholder so I have a place for my water bottle! The storage baskets are not big at all — have no idea where I’m going to store my diaper bag while out shopping. That being said, I love how easy it turns and that the folding mechanism (once you figure it out) is really smooth. Just make sure you have all of the front wheels locked in a straight position first! It does fit through doorways nicely and am overall very pleased with the product. I’m just happy it was on sale; otherwise it would’ve been a disappointment and not worth the extra money.In comparison to other strollers:The double jogging stroller that I used before was great. However bulky when folded and the front wheel didn’t swivel and made the thing rather awkward to turn. I also felt like I was pushing a huge box. It wasn’t a natural feel.The Graco double stroller…….I would never recommend anyone purchasing it unless it’s from a yard sale. It’s a bus to turn and whoever thought of the front / back design was obviously not a mother. One kid kicking the other one and fighting over who sits in front. Not to mention the canopy being totally useless. It’s terrible. The folding mechanism on it sucks! If you want to be ticked off every time you have to unfold / fold it while in public with a screaming 2 year old in back who wants his munchies NOW; then go ahead and get it.I love umbrella strollers for the simple fact that they’re so easy to take with and just pop open at the mall! We plan on getting a double umbrella stroller as we’ve already worn out 2 single ones with all of the use we got out of them.

Brandie Florence, NJ