Comfort & Harmony Mombo Covered Nursing Pillow Slipcover, Vine and Whimsy

Comfort & Harmony Mombo Covered Nursing Pillow Slipcover, Vine and Whimsy

mombo Slipcover in Vine & Whimsy Staying stylish and clean has never been so easy! The mombo Slipcover in Vine & Whimsy from Comfort & Harmony offers two looks-in-one for your mombo nursing pillow. Fun whimsical dots with teal accents fit your style perfectly. Added Support Mombo completely surrounds baby and adds the extra support mom is looking for when it’s time for baby to feed or relax. The larger surface provides more room for your growing baby. Soft & Firm Comfort Made with brushed poly fabric that’s soft on baby’s skin, mombo offers a unique Firm2Soft design for better nursing support and positioning. The Firm2Soft feature means that one side is soft for baby to lounge on and the other side is firm, providing the optimum support for nursing. Mombo Vibration Unit With a battery-operated vibration feature, the mombo nursing pillow adds another dimension of soothing comfort for baby while he or she nurses or plays. Assorted Slipcovers Available This slipcover in Vine & Whimsy zips on and off with ease, and is machine-washable. Be sure to choose multiple styles of slipcover fashions so that you’ll always have a spare to keep your pillow protected from spills and dirt. From vibrant floral prints to animated jungle animals, our slipcovers will always fit your style. Product Information: Mombo is mom and physician endorsed. This slipcover fits all mombo feeding and infant support pillows. Product Details: Recommended for birth & up Mombo pillow not included Machine-washable slipcover Easy on and off with zipper Style complements mombo play Toy Bar Product dimensions: 23.75″w x 6″d x 18.75″h Packaging dimensions: 6.5″w x 2.375″d x 7.25″h

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Fits all mombo feeding and infant support pillows
  • “2 looks in 1” slipcover plush luxurious fabric
  • Easy “on and off” with zipper machine washable

Verified reviews


Gender neutral and Handy

This soft and neutral pillow case / slip cover fits the Mombo perfectly. Great to have an extra cover while one is in the wash or to change looks. Personal the Mombo gets used so often that a extra case was needed

Ethel Willow Beach, AZ

Fits the boppy too

Like a lot of people, I did not pay careful attention to this and ordered the cover rather than the pillow itself. It is a perfectly fine cover – nothing stands out as particularly amazing or terrible. One good thing is that it does fit on my boppy. I would probably buy it again even if I knew I was not ordering the pillow itself. (note that this isn’t waterproof)

Lina Hoskins, NE

Don’t like the feel of the fabric, not like what came with the pillow

I had really liked the soft slightly velvety side to the cover for theComfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe Covered Nursing Pillow, Enchanting Elephants. I was expecting this slipcover to be similar. It’s not. It has a slippery synthetic feel to it. It doesn’t feel nearly as comfortable for baby. I’m more likely to just do without the nursing pillow while washing the original cover rather than using this one.

Kaye Cottonwood Falls, KS

What I don’t love about it for nursing, it makes up for in having the baby play on it.

With my first child I exclusively used a Boppy pillow, with my second I gave this one a try. The opening that goes around Mama is a little bit wider than the Boppy pillow. It has a larger surface to place the baby on in the front but I didn’t necessarily love it for nursing. However, I do prefer it for having the baby play on it. It is a lot sturdier and doesn’t move around when the baby is on it. It is nice having the extra space when the baby is just learning to sit up, so when they topple over they land on the pillow.

Rosario Walden, NY

Exactly as expected

This cover was exactly how I expected it would be — cute! It washed well, and fits the Mombo as it should.

Madelyn Middle Falls, NY

A nice, gender neutral Mombo cover

I just received the Mombo Pillow Cover in the mail and I was very pleased!The packaging is very nice, sturdy and expensive feeling. It is in gender neutral colors and can be reclosed with Velcro. This makes it very nice if the parents have a few of these covers and want to change between them. The packing is also small, so it would not take up much room if kept.The pillow cover comes with two sides. One is a white background with orange, green and blue dots. The other side is gray with a more subdued pattern of gray, orange, and blue. The sides are light teal. The colors and pattern are 100% gender neutral making this perfect for any parent, including the rare ones who do not find out the gender of their child ahead of time.This cover is made of 100% polyester which makes it easy to wash. I will note it fells more like a cotton poly blend – not too slippery, not completely soft. Both sides feel like this – there is no ‘minky’ or super soft side like on some nursing pillow covers.It does fit all Mombo pillows and would make a nice add in if you are getting a nursing pillow as a gift for someone’s shower or would make a nice addition to your own purchase so you can keep one cover in the wash and use one.Recommended.

Merle Sharpsville, IN

Worth the extra money to be able to toss it in the wash

As we all know, babies leak. From both ends. 🙂 So once you’ve invested in the Mombo (which I also recommend—see that review), it’s worth the extra $ to get the cover. The fabric is really cute (and soft), and you have two patterns to choose from. It’s easy to put on the Mombo, and then you can toss it in the wash.Also, considering that the Mombo can be used later for tummy time and lounge time, it’s likely to be on the floor, so again, you’ll want to put it in the wash. If you plan to keep the Mombo for use with more than one child, the cover is a smart investment to make.

Leigh Sandy Hook, KY

A great slipcover, even for a Boppy!!

My daughter uses a Boppy, not a Mombo, and I ordered this thinking it was a whole nursing pillow, not just a slipcover. So it was a happy surprise to find that it works great on a Boppy! We love the cute pattern, and it breathed new life into a 3-year-old Boppy!!

Alexandra Booneville, KY