Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe Covered Nursing Pillow, Enchanting Elephants

Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe Covered Nursing Pillow, Enchanting Elephants

mombo Deluxe in Enchanting Elephants The mombo Deluxe in Enchanting Elephants by Comfort & Harmony features adorable elephants on one side and a neutral modern design on the other. These two stylish fashions are sure to complement your home. Added Support It has a slightly larger surface to give baby some growing room and to help mom and baby both experience the ultimate in comfort and support when nursing. The pillow completely surrounds baby and adds the extra support mom is looking for when it’s time for baby to feed or relax. Soft & Firm Comfort Mombo features an improved shape – designed to fit better on your chair during nursing, and a two-sided design – one firm side for the perfect amount of support during breastfeeding, and a soft side to keep baby comfy for tummy time. Mombo Vibration Unit The mombo nursing pillow is the only pillow with a removable vibration unit to soothe baby when lounging. It adds another dimension of soothing comfort for baby while he or she nurses or plays. Assorted Slipcovers Available Customize your mombo with an assortment of stylish slipcover fashions. Be sure to choose multiple styles so you’ll always have a spare to keep your pillow safe from spills and dirt. From vibrant floral prints to animated jungle animals, our slipcovers will fit your style! Product Information: Mombo is mom and physician endorsed. One C battery is required, but not included. Product Details: Recommended for birth & up Removable mombo vibration unit Machine-washable slipcover Integrated two-sided brushed poly slipcover Fits mombo play Toy Bar Product dimensions: 23.75″w x 6″d x 18.75″h Packaging dimensions: 18.5″w x 4.75″d x 15.5″h

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Patent pending soft 2 firm comfort: 2 distinctly shaped sides firm side for improved nursing comfy side for infant support
  • Patent pending removable mombo vibration unit washable 2 sided brushed poly slipcover
  • Larger surface provides more growing room for baby

Verified reviews


For size 22 and below……Great for babies that love motion

My god daughter O is 3 months old and she loves motion. Car rides, rocking, bouncing are all things she enjoys. While her mom has the Boppy I thought this would be perfect for my house since she loves motion. I was right. The minute I put her on the pillow she began smiling. She loves it!. She likes laying on it, sitting on it and feeding on it.The difference from the Boppy and Mombo? Boppy is softer, no vibration and more flexible. Fitting and staying better on plus size moms and larger dads. I’m a size 24 and although this fit around me it fit barely and didn’t want to stay put. Lucky I didn’t buy it for feeding but for tummy time and for face to face interaction so I could show her some baby signs. My husband is a big muscular guy he is 5"11′ and 225lbs. This pillow just makes that and also has issues staying but is a bit better with him.I think this pillow is perfect if you are a size 22 and smaller. The vibration is smoothing. There is a firmer side and a softer side. If you have any doubts about sizing I say try it out in the store.

Georgette Lacrosse, WA

Not for the larger woman, but it’s a great pillow none the less

This is a great nursing pillow- it’s plush yet firm, and spit up wipes off easily 🙂 I especially love the classic gender neutral pattern.The issue that I have with it though, is that because it’s so firm and the gap so small, I can’t use it in the traditional way a nursing pillow is used (which is not the pillows fault by any means.)I have used a boppy, which has more ‘give’ however it isn’t as firm as this one. The mombo deluxe also comes with a vibrating feature which I haven’t used but looks like a great option to have.(it’s crazy how these baby accoutrements get fancier as the years go by!)With that said, when I am on the couch or glider, I can curl up and still use the pillow on one side. Baby is usually conked out before we can get to the other one anyway 🙂

Brandie Warsaw, NY

1.5 Volt Battery Not Included….Seriously?

The COMFORT and HARMONY MOMBO DELUXE COVERED Pillow has more uses than one. Great for neck pain and to use as a leg separater whilst you sleep. A great nursing pillow…I think not. The beaded cover is uncomfortable due to the beaded pillow cover. You’d think they would include a 1.5 Volt battery since they are not available locally. I did order for $8 via AMAZON and hope they work. Truthfully, I’d never knew a 1.5 Alkaline Volt battery even existed, so I have not say about the buzzy, comfort part of this package. For about 40-50 dollars, this battery needs to be included to experience the full experience. Only one side of the pillow cover is plush. I shall write more once I get this battery from Amazon. Overall, if you sell an item with a battery (which is not included in package), I will get back to this feature. There are several baby pillows out there and I am not impressed with this one.

Alexis Cal Nev Ari, NV

Thick and Soft

This is a thick, soft nursing pillow. Seems like it was made to hold up well – def seem like it could hold for more than one baby. Beautiful, netural design with orange and green elephants mixed with white and grey. The vibrator that it came with is a nice touch (you can remove it and choose not to use it).

Latasha Birchrunville, PA

Very Nice pillow

This pillow is big and comfy and such a cute pattern. I love that it’s firm on one side and soft on the other. The vibrations might be a gimmick, but could be a really neat feature. I’m glad to have the option and think this will be a really item in many ways!

Valarie Clover, VA

Small but Very Soothing!

The Comfort & Harmony Mombo Nursing Pillow is a nice nursing pillow that also doubles as a pillow so that the baby can lay down in your lap or on your stomach. I love the little elephant design and the softness of the pillow is also a plus. The baby loves the vibration and I think that soothes him and helps him relax while I feed him.The pillow vibration button is sometimes a little difficult but once you get use to pressing down on the button it becomes much easier. This pillow is a little small but with some adjusting you can still use it if you are a bigger person and we love it.

Noreen Hartfield, VA

Great quality

Aesthetically speaking we love the fabric designs that Comfort and Harmony offers with their nursing pillows; especially the fact that we found a pattern that fits with a boy’s nursery theme.We like the versatility of the nursing pillow.The kids like it best without the vibrations, but your little ones might like it; so, it is nice to have the choice. The vibration mechanism requires a “C/LR14” battery which is not included in the package.

Wanda Hartland Four Corners, VT

This is pretty much a Boppy with two exceptions

This is pretty much a Boppy with two exceptions: 1. it has a hard side used for supporting the baby while laying on his/her stomach and as they rich the sitting up stage and a soft side for use when feeding the baby. 2. It has a small device which vibrates to sooth a small baby. I would recommend this product over Boppy because it has more bells and whistles!

Lindsay Trenton, NC

Great for Tummy Time, Sitting Time, Nursing Time, and more!

Our baby loves using this pillow for tummy time. I was told that tummy time is really important for the baby. Basically, our girl would lay on her belly while one of us supervises the baby. I have read something along the line that because babies sleep on their back to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome, they need to spend some of awake time on their stomach to develop physically and mentally. We like that this pillow give a lot of support both for tummy time and sitting time. I also use it to nurse the baby. It helps support the weight of the baby to give mommy an easier time. I would recommend this pillow to all new moms!

Beverley Edisto Island, SC

Priceless Addition for New Moms and Babies!

The Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe Covered Nursing Pillow is first of all lovely with the cute elephants, and the yellow and green soft colors. This design fits perfectly in the baby’s yellow nursery. It is just the right size to support baby while nursing or for support “sitting” up. It fits well (but might be a bit small to be comfortable for larger women).I like the fact that it has one soft side and one firmer for extra support which we use for feedings. I think the best part is the removable vibration unit that easily slips in the zippered side. It is nice for calming baby and she seems to enjoy it. I have a bad back and also found when not holding the baby, I put it behind my back for support and the vibrator gives me some relaxing relief. I would suggest buying some extra covers to have on hand so if it gets dirty, you can replace it while you wash the other. Good price for a priceless addition for new Moms and their babies.

Elise Geuda Springs, KS

great pillow for nursing mothers

This is a novel idea for a nursing pillow with a vibration (removable) unit to soothe the baby. The pillow is made with a softer side, the one with the elephant print and a stronger side for more support. The vibrator is removable but really does a great job of soothing the baby. I highly recommend this nursing pillow for mothers and their precious babies.

Beulah Lerose, KY

Works as well as a Boppy

Having owned at least two bobbies over the last few years, my wife reported this works just as well if you accept that it is different that a bobby. Bobby’s are soft and cushy and pliable. This has a much narrower opening and is more rigid.

Constance Coarsegold, CA

Works best on a skinnier mom & for an infant or smaller baby

From my wife’s point of view:If you need a breastfeeding pillow, this Mombo pillow works. It works really well supporting the baby. Meaning that my baby’s weight doesn’t smash the material down when feeding. It has a firm frame shape that hasn’t changed. The pillow has not flattened over time. It has a soft cover (softest of my nursing pillows) that I love. The cover is machine washable. It also does a good job of supporting my son when propping him up.I would not be considered a thin woman nor am I plus sized. I would say I’m average size, with some pregnancy pounds still left to lose. This pillow has a narrow opening. I assume the reason being so that you don’t need a strap to keep it attached to your body. In that sense the narrow opening works perfectly. It actually stays in place better than my Boppy nursing pillow that has a strap (although I never use the strap because I find it annoying). The problem having the narrow opening is that because of my wider size, I can not easily put this pillow around my body with one hand. Anyone about to breastfeed a baby, normally has the baby in their arms. So trying to shove this pillow around my waist one handed is tricky.I don’t find the firmer side of the pillow more useful for feeding. It feels just like it is a slightly firmer piece of foam. My son does not seem to care for the vibration unit one way or the other. Although it is very easy to turn on and off. You just simply press on the center of the pillow where the vibration unit is located. In fact there have been times I have accidentally turned it on or off. I don’t find this pillow to be long enough. Wide enough, yes. Long enough, no. My son is now 5 months old and over 27" long. Yes he is larger for his age. His feet hang off the Mombo pillow when breastfeeding, which is a distraction for him.As a breast feeding pillow, the Mombo works. I just didn’t find the shape to work well for me or my baby. If you are thinner it will be easier to get the narrow opening around your waist. If your baby is an infant or on the smaller size they will fit the shape better than a longer baby. The vibration unit didn’t add much value for me. It does work well for tummy time but not so much for breast feeding.

Morgan Bruni, TX

Great nursing pillow.

I’d used the Boppy breastfeeding pillow when I nursed my first child and I literally couldn’t have breastfed without it. This pillow offers the same support as the Boppy with some minor improvements. First, I liked that this pillow was flat instead of rounded. I found that with the Boppy, the baby would always roll sideways. However, the flat design of this pillow helps avoid that problem. The vibrating unit is also a plus. The vibration isn’t too strong and it is a nice addition to helping the baby sleep. The colorful elephants on the pillow cover are cute and nicely gender neutral. Overall, definitely a good help for a breastfeeding mother.

Molly Crooks, SD

Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe Covered Nursing Pillow, Enchanting…

I love this little pillow. It takes a lot of the burden off your shoulder muscles while nursing your baby. As someone who has Fibromyalgia, that is such a huge relief. The vibration is perfect and soothing to the baby and is especially helpful for colicky babies. I also love that as the baby gets older it can be used to help prop the baby up into a sitting position.The only negative is the price. Really, why is baby stuff so expensive?

Trudy Glen Oaks, NY

A great addition to your toolbox

This pillow has nice, firm support. Makes it much easier to feed baby, and better tummy time. Flat design prevents "baby rolloff". Works well in many chair/sofa situations. Also, there are multiple uses, such as helping baby to sit up.The cover is soft, comfy, removable and washable, with a cute print besides. Extra covers are available for purchase.Vibration unit is useful (depending on interest level), but is sometimes turned on or off by mistake. You can remove it if desired.Narrow opening may be an issue for some that prevents comfortable use.

Francesca Millinocket, ME

A little too stiff, doesn’t adjust well for larger mothers

What I like about this nursing pillow. The removable washable cover and the adorable print. It’s also nice for propping up a little one. It’s a relatively supportive pillow.What I don’t like. The firmer side for nursing. I actually prefer to use the softer side for breastfeeding. I think adding that extra layer of firmness was unnecessary. Even worse, it makes the pillow too stiff to easily adjust the opening. I can understand the complaints from some reviewers about this seeming too tight. My skinny 10-year-old girl with a 23-inch waist can stand up with this around her waist, and it stays in place without her holding on. So, yes it’s on the snugish side. I actually would flat out not recommend it for a plus sized mother, and even others may find it too tight.The vibrating feature isn’t something I’m interested in using.So overall, I’m happy enough with this pillow as it was free in exchange for a review, but with the stiffness and difficulty adjusting the opening, I would probably be returning it for a refund and trying something else.

Heidi Hubbard, OH

Comfortable and Harmonious 🙂

Love the "technology" here. Comfort & Harmony have found a way to put several needs of mama and baby into one "tool."Breastfeeding requires lifting baby up and/or mommy bending forward (and we don’t want mama losing her posture). This sits nicely around my tummy and holds baby well. You can move it around to help with lifting in different positions. You might want another small pillow/towel to perfect the position. If you have a larger girth, it does have some give to it and I believe could be of value to you, too. It’s stiffer than most pillows and can serve as a solid base on which to ADD pillows and have them stay still. Do not forget to be extra careful with pillows since there is a possibility of suffocation.Babies can use support to sit up and play for a bit.The music sweet and it’s handy…right where you’re putting baby. She/he can associate playtime and feedtime with happy music. And I like playing just the music sometimes when baby is in bed.The design is modern, sweet, and gender neutral! It’s a fabulous baby gift. Mom will love it!UPGRADE idea: I would prefer a version with a velcro strap that goes across my back and holds together both ends of the curve so I could walk around with this on me. How could they do that and still have it as a sit-up device (since babies don’t want to sit on a strap)..separate covers??

Paige Millville, DE

A great pillow with some neat features

Smaller than the Boppy, but offers some interesting features you might like better. There is a firm side and a soft side to this. The firm side is great for keeping a snoozy baby from falling asleep while eating. The softer side is great for when they are learning to sit. I use both sides depending on the situation and like both sides. There is a small portable vibrating unit inside the pillow. You have to unzip the cover to turn this on and off which I found to be a nuisance. I took the vibrating unit in the car with me one day and put in in her carseat to soothe her, so that is a nice feature. The deluxe cover is fantastic. I really like the soft velour side. It not only looks great but it is so soft and comforting. A really great pillow that has some differences from others out there. I just wish they had a way to turn vibration on and off without unzipping the cover and reaching into the pillow.

Michell Furman, AL

Cute, simple print that is adorable in pictures.

This cover is so cute, and is perfectly unisex. With my first I never realized how much time my baby would spend in the Boppy. I love that the pictures that you take of the baby in Mombo are cute without competing with the baby or his or her’s outfit.

Wendi La Salle, CO

Mombo = Mom and baby both

When my daughter was a baby, I used a bed pillow or arm rest to assist in nursing, so receiving the Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe Covered Nursing Pillow was quite a thrill. For this next generation, it’s a welcome development which is not only attractive, but truly comfortable for baby, mommy, or any individual who is feeding a baby or supervising her/him. The little video included in Amazon’s listing is worth watching to get an idea of its functions, but I’d also recommend checking this out in a store to be sure you like it. With a softer/firmer side option and the removable vibration disk, this is a nice option, and the removable cover which can be washed is a definite plus. Our only problem in this home is that our little dog wants a pillow like this, so we must be careful that she doesn’t take it over from baby. I was expecting a pillow to be not much larger than a neck pillow, so it was a wonderful surprise to see it is much larger and more substantial. It is sealed in a plastic and lightweight cardboard package, so if you’re gifting the pillow and wanting to wrap it, be prepared to either have a soft package or you’ĺl need a box in which to put it. Unless we’re intending to use the vibration option, we keep it out of the pillow.

Marva South Milwaukee, WI

Cute, but not for me

I thought the pillow was really cute, and I liked that it had a soft side and hard side, but ultimately I prefer my Boppy. I am a larger lady (22/24), and it didn’t fit around my waist comfortably. The baby didn’t mind it for nursing on, but he didn’t like laying on it for play time. Not sure how useful the vibration is — I never used it.

Erma West Newton, MA

Nice, firm pillow; make sure design will work for you and chair first

The pillow is nice and firm. For me, it was the right height. I like how the sides cut in because it allows use in a narrow chair. Every person is different, so it may be worth trying one first to make sure the size, height, cut all work for you. The vibrating insert is a little weird in my opinion. What baby isn’t happy while eating? The vibration really isn’t necessary. Kind of a gimmick add-on in my opinion.

Leeann Queens Village, NY

A nice nursing pillow, but I prefer the Boppy

Nursing pillows aren’t just for feeding your baby, they’re also great for letting your baby lounge or have tummy time. This Mombo pillow is very similar in shape to a Boppy with a few distinct differences. The mombo has two sides with different levels of firmness. The one side is flat and feels like it is made of foam cushioning. That side gives you a nice surface for nursing your baby, but I wasn’t particualry impressed by it. The softer side is good for propping the baby up on the floor either to lounge or to have tummy time. This is how we’ve been primarily using this pillow. My son seems very comfortable hanging out on the mombo. The fabric on the soft side of the pillow is a nice smooth plush. I like the gender neutral elephant print.This pillow had the option of soothing vibrations. I don’t really feel like this is a necessary feature. My little one doesn’t really care for vibrating seats so this option in the Mombo isn’t used by us.Overall, it’s a nice nursing pillow but I prefer the Boppy pillow to this one. The boppy pillow is just more comfortable to me and my baby.

Ruthie Cornish, ME

Incredibly nice

This nursing pillow blew me away. It’s so plush and has many uses – it’s great for nursing, but also for letting the baby prop against it while I’m trying to put on makeup or clean. I also love the elephant pattern. I highly recommend buying this!

Cortney Scotch Plains, NJ

Way too small!

I realize I am in the minority here, but I really did not like this pillow. I know it is supposed to sit right under your chest for breastfeeding, but I found it to still be WAY too tight to wear comfortably. (For reference, I weighed 135 before pregnancy and gained 35 pounds. I’m only two weeks postpartum, but I still don’t consider myself to be exceptionally large at this point.)I do like that there is the option to turn the pillow upside down and use it to sit Baby up, though we haven’t used much of that side yet. And the optional vibration is also an interesting feature, though, again, my baby isn’t that interested in it yet.Overall, and especially for the price, I’m not terribly impressed with this pillow. If I can’t comfortably use it for breastfeeding, then what’s the point? I’d rather use myBoppy Pillow with Slipcover, Peaceful JungleorMy Brest Friend Original Pillow, Fireworkspillows. At least they fit around me.

Jaime Freeville, NY


I really enjoy this pillow primarily because of its multi-purpose use. It obviously works as a breastfeeding pillow, but the vibration component is also a useful feature to have (takes a C battery). Anytime you can pair down on baby supplies, or what you have to lug with you for travel is a win. As for the breastfeeding use, it supports the baby very well. However, the pillow isn’t for women who are on the larger or plus size (not awesome, I know). The print is really fun and neutral…great for parents doing the jungle theme.

Karen Hillsborough, NC

This is GREAT!!!!

I could go on and on about this one. It ROCKS. It can be used while nursing, but also in the sitting-up-stages. The two sides of it have different "feel.’ One is firmer. How ingenious is that!!! This is just the cutest little elephant print ever, and is soft to the touch. Much larger and nicer than I anticipated, too!!!Also, I did NOT note that it came with a little motion option! (There’s a vibrating attachment.)Comfort for baby and mommy. Highly recommended!!!Note: Covers for this are available for purchase. I recommend those as well.

Milagros New Milford, NJ

I could not be happier!

So soft and helpful, the Mombo deluxe covered nursing pillow is everything that mom and baby could want!The soft side of the pillow is there to help the baby in several ways. Baby can lounge, then when it is time they can use this for tummy time support and finally they can use this to help them sit. This soft side is covered in a soft fabric of elephants in orange, gray and green – gender neutral and perfect for a ‘zoo’ or ‘animal’ themed nursery.The ‘firm’ side is perfect for nursing support. It helps keep the baby in position and saves mom’s arms. This side is covered in a deep mint green but the fabric is a firmer weave for repelling little drips and drops.The cover is washable and more covers can be purchased on amazon, so you can keep one on the pillow and one ready for the laundry.It is also worth noting the Mombo pillows also come with a vibrator you may insert into the pillow to help soothe baby during cranky times.A perfect present for a new mom, or yourself if you are expecting. Highly recommended.

Geri Linthicum Heights, MD

not recommended

I was so excited about this pillow. The cover is adorable and both sides are so soft. The vibrate is a bit odd but I’m sure will be perfectly appropriate for some babes, just not my experience. The issue is what I’ve seen with other reviewers as well. Its too small and too hard. Immediately postpartum it is very uncomfortable. A week postpartum it is still not comfortable. I cannot even imagine it with a c-section incision!I gladly reach for my old Boppy pillow. It is far more comfortable and postpartum friendly.

Jami Big Rock, TN